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Best Eco-Friendly Online Stores

See Some Of The Best Places To Shop Online For Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Products!

This post contains affiliate links which may earn us a commission.

Consumers have had the convenience of online shopping for years! But it wasn’t until the last few years that ‘specialty’ online stores appeared on the scene, which allowed us to shop more ‘responsibly’.

When we choose to shop eco-friendly online stores, we get transparency. We get the raw details of how a product was sourced, how and where it’s manufactured, and what exactly is in it. In fact, most of these specialty online retailers have an entire “about us” page devoted to giving you as much detail as possible about the company and their products—something you don’t see in a physical store, or even Amazon.


Another great thing about eco-friendly online stores is their commitment to the planet. Some brands for example, are part of ‘1% For The Planet’, which is a nonprofit organization where members contribute at least one percent of their annual sales to environmental causes. 

Unfortunately, not many people are familiar with many of these amazing online retailers that are committed to helping you on your path to sustainability. But hopefully, with time, that will change—as more and more shoppers are searching for alternatives to mainstream products that aren’t so kind to the environment.

So, honor of Plastic-Free July, I’d like to showcase some of my favorite eco-friendly online stores that sell wonderful, sustainable and ethically sourced products.

Earth Hero (Best overall One-Stop Online Shop)

Earth Hero

Earth Hero is my all-time favorite eco-friendly online marketplace and some call it the greener version of Amazon. At Earth Hero, you can find hundreds of brands that source, manufacture and ship in the most environmentally friendly way possible. The company is a certified B-corp, a member of 1% For The Planet, and are fully carbon-neutral through CarbonFund!

Apple Valley Natural Soap (Best Online Bath & Body Shop)

Apple Valley Natural Soap

If you’re looking for all-natural, organic and hand-made skin care products, then you need to visit Apple Valley Natural Soap! This online shop is family owned and all of their shampoo bars, facial bars, body bars, scrubs, beard soap and more are hand-made, cruelty free and smell absolutely heavenly. Their products are for both men and women, and you won’t find this amazing quality anywhere else! Even the packaging they use for shipping is 100% compostable.

Saola Shoes (Best Sustainable Shoes Online Shop)

Saola Shoes

Saola shoes is the online shop to visit if you are looking for a sustainably and ethically made pair of shoes. Saola crafts shoes for both men and women using vegan material that’s environmentally friendly and oh so comfortable to wear! Their shoes are durable, stylish and perfect for casual wear. So if you’re planning on getting some a brand new pair of urban-style shoes, then check them out!

Jungle Culture (Best Online Shop For Bamboo Straws And Utensils)

Jungle Culture

Jungle Culture is an incredibly unique eco-friendly online shop because they source and hand-make their products by skilled Artisans in Vietnam. They even make regular visits to Vietnam to make sure that the workers are treated fairly and humanely. Jungle culture specializes in bamboo products such as reusable straws, wooden cutlery, coconut bowls and their newest addition—hand crafted soap bars. The company itself is sourced in the United Kingdom, but ship their products to anywhere in the world! (They accept PayPal which converts British pounds to U.S. dollars).

NOICE (Best Online Shop For Natural Toothpaste)


For a zero-waste, all-natural toothpaste, we encourage you to check out NOICE dental care! This online shop sells the coolest eco-friendly toothpaste gel that not only cleans exceptionally well, but whitens your teeth due to the activated charcoal as an ingredient. The packaging is a recyclable glass bottle, and this dental product is available in a single purchase as well as a budget friendly subscription plan!

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