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How To Treat Back Acne

Natural Products That Effectively Treat Stubborn Back Acne

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Many people suffer from back acne—especially athletes and teenagers going through hormonal changes. Nobody likes it—it’s painful and it’s embarrassing.

But what exactly causes back acne, and how can you treat it effectively?

Just like the face, the back is prone to redness, inflammation and blemishes as a result of excess sebum, bacteria, and dead skin cells building up in the pores. The only difference is that the back is much harder to treat—because the skin is much thicker.


Another reason that back acne occurs and is more stubborn to get rid of than face acne is because it’s covered with fabric all-day—unlike the face which has access to fresh air 24/7. As a result, oil, sweat and dead skin cells get absorbed by what we wear and rub back onto our skin—suffocating the pores in the process. Your skin literally cannot breathe.

So now that you know the basics of why and how back acne occurs, let’s take a look at some ways that we can treat it effectively.


Swap Out The Body Wash And Get A Salt Bar

Traditional body wash contains harsh ingredients that can actually irritate the skin and make your inflammation even worse. So what cleanser should you be using instead? I’ll tell you—a Salt Bar. A good quality salt bar.

Salt bars are soap bars that contain a generous combination of sea salt and rich moisturizers like coconut oil and Shea butter; and you’ll often hear people referring to them as “Spa Soap” because of the luxurious benefits that they provide for your skin.

Contrary to what many may think, salt bars do not dry out your skin. It’s quite the opposite. Because salt bars contain rich moisturizers, salt bars produce a very creamy lather that works extremely well in combination with the exfoliating texture of the soap.

Salt is also extremely hostile to bacteria, which is what causes and sustains back acne. So when you ‘exfoliate’ with salt bars by gently rubbing it on the skin, you’re drawing out and killing all the toxics and bacteria that lurk within the pores. Does it work on the face too? You bet.

I highly recommend salt bars made specifically by Apple Valley Natural Soap for back acne treatment. It’s a family owned online shop where they hand-make their salt bars right here in the U.S. with all-natural and organic ingredients, and sell inexpensive yet generous sized bars.

The problem with buying most salt bars online is that they can be over $25 and typically made overseas in countries like China. Why do that when you can get a Pink Himalayan Salt Bar by Apple Valley Natural Soap with a transparent ingredient list at a whopping 9 ounces for less than $12 (plus more varieties).

The Pink Himalayan Salt Bar

Let Your Skin Dry After A Shower And Dab On Some Spot Treatment

It’s perfectly fine to place acne cream or serum onto back acne—but why use a harsh solution that’s only going to dry it out? You want to ease the swelling and redness, not make it crusty.

A natural spot treatment like the Organic Clean Skin Advanced Spot Concentrate by Province Apothecary purifies blocked pores while easing swelling and redness. It also evens the skin tone and lightens the appearance of scars—which acne tends to leave behind.

Organic Acne Spot Treatment

Stop Wearing Fancy “Moisture Wicking” Athletic Fabrics

You’re going to hate me—especially if you just went shopping for new gym clothes. However, fancy “dry fit”, “moisture wicking” and “heat gear” apparel are actually causing your back acne. Unlike cotton, for example, these new “tech” fabrics obstruct air flow and help bacteria to breed.

What you should be wearing instead is organic cotton. Unlike other fabric, cotton is very forgiving to the skin and allows ventilation—even if it’s plastered to your back from a good workout.

Eco-friendly online marketplaces like Earth Hero have a nice selection of organic fabric clothing for both men and women that you can swap out for a clearer back.


Swapping to these natural products will definitely help you treat and prevent further back acne. And our last piece of advice is to switch out your bedsheets and pillow cases more regularly since they too, are a catch-all for sweat and dead skin cells that linger, irritate your skin and cause breakouts on both the face and back.

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