Is Shaving With A Safety Razor Better?

Why This Antiquated Zero Waste Shaving Tool Is Better For The Environment And Your Sensitive Skin!

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Those old fashioned safety razors that grandpa once used are making a come back! And it’s so refreshing to see people making a switch to these because they have so many benefits for both your skin, your wallet and the environment.

Razors today are too complicated. They contain more blades than necessary and we’re really paying for the elaborate aesthetics rather than the quality of the shave—no wonder so many people have skin issues. All the more reason to return to a simple and minimalistic shaving regimen with….a safety razor.


What Is A Safety Razor?

A safety razor is a shaving tool that contains a protective device between the skin and the [double edged] blade itself—in other words, it allows you to get a close shave without cutting yourself.

This old-timey looking razor resembles a miniature mallet, and the head, which is slightly curved, unscrews to reveal a peg which lines up with the hole in the middle of the double-edged blade. Once seated in place, the head is screwed back on, exposing a thin, and every sharp portion of the blade that results in a close (yet safe) shave.

Safety razors have been around since the 1880s and the purpose of safety razors was to reduce the dependence on barbers while still getting a good quality shave.

Both men and women can use safety razors. In fact, some companies even make safety razors with feminine aesthetics in an effort to appeal to the female consumer and make her feel included—as they should. Because let’s face it, both genders engage in a shaving regimen on a daily basis—just different body parts.

Are Safety Razors Affordable?

Heck yes, they’re affordable! Your typical 12 pack of disposable plastic razors goes for around $12 or more, that’s 1.00 per razor. When you invest in a safety razor, you’re paying a one time fee of around $20 (depending on brand) for the razor itself, and around $10 for a pack of 50 stainless steel blades that can also be recycled—resulting in a money-saving and zero waste shaving routine.

Are Safety Razors Better For The Skin?

Yes! Safety razors are definitely better for your skin because they don’t cause irritation and razor bumps like the modern day razor does. In fact, some even call safety razors the century old remedy for razor bumps and ingrown hair.

Why Is That?

Well, safety razors contain only one blade, which means that it stays clean. Modern razors on the other hand, typically contain 2, sometimes 3 blades which not only snag and drag your hair, but collect debris in between the blades—resulting in a buildup of bacteria that makes contact with your skin the next time you shave.

People of color (particularly African Americans) benefit greatly from shaving with a safety razor because they tend to have the most ingrown hairs out of any other demographic. A single sharp blade from a safety razor cuts hair in one swipe as opposed to a fancy modern razor with multiple blades that snags.

So if you’re someone who has sensitive skin and constantly ends up with razor bumps, ingrown hair, or cuts on their face and legs, the problem is not you or your skin type—it’s your razor. Making the swap to a safety razor will more than likely eliminate those problems.


Pro Tip

One major recommendation that I do have (for the women especially) is that you use a very VERY rich shave cream, because these blades are super sharp and you will get razor burn! You have to remember that safety razors do not have that little strip of moisturizing product that disposable razors have.

You should also take the safety razor apart after each use and let it dry to prolong its lifespan. A change every 5-6 days is ideal.

What Is A Good Quality Brand?

There are many, many fine safety razor brands out there, and I personally really like the Jungle Culture zero-waste safety razor.

The biggest reason for loving this brand is that their products are sourced and manufactured ethically and sustainably—they give locals in foreign countries a chance to work and earn money in humane conditions with fair wages. And these artisans do an amazing job at creating top notch products with amazing attention to detail.

Jungle Culture Bamboo Handle Safety Razors

Jungle Culture has both masculine and feminine designs available, and they come with a set of blades and a travel pouch that’s made from a blend of organic cotton and jute. The bamboo safety razors above are one of their most popular razors!

I own a reusable safety razor by Jungle Culture myself and can never see myself going back to disposable razors ever again. Below you’ll find some photos of my razor along with a tutorial video on how to put the blade onto the safety razor.

So again, it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman; if you’re wanting a better shave and healthier skin, definitely consider switching to a safety razor, and let me know if it made a difference for you! I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

My Jungle Culture Safety Razor
My new zero-waste safety razor from Jungle Culture
Safety Razor Tutorial

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