5 Best Reusable Face Masks For The Gym

Best Breathable Face Masks For Athletes And Gym Enthusiasts

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2020 may be over, but the Corona virus isn’t letting up anytime soon. That’s why many States continue to enforce a mask mandate to keep everyone safe.

And even if you reside in a state where face masks are a personal choice, many gyms and fitness centers may still enforce a mask rule. That’s because a gym is one of those places where are people are packed together, breathing heavily and sweating like crazy.

However, when it comes to playing sports or working out, no face mask is going to be 100% comfortable—that’s just the reality. You can, however, find a descent face mask that’s tolerable, and allows you to power through your workout without making you feel as though you’re suffocating.


Features To Look For When Choosing A Fitness Mask

Moisture Wicking Fabric

When shopping for a sports mask, one of the most important features you should look for is moisture wicking and anti-microbial fabric—because you’re going to sweat. And when you wear a mask, all of that sweat (along with the dead skin cells, oil and bacteria that you already have on your face) is going to clog your pores even more—resulting in acne.

With that said, you definitely don’t want a mask that sits flat against your face and collapses against your mouth when you’re inhaling.


Face mask filters aren’t needed, but they are a plus when it comes to working out—they’re great for preventing moisture build up, and they offer extra protection against pathogens.

Nose Bridge Wire

Not all sports masks have adjustable nose bridge wires, but the ones that do are best for athletes who wear glasses. A nose bridge wire can keep your mask from sliding off and keep your sunglasses or eyeglass lenses from fogging.

UPF Protection

If you’re planning on playing outdoor sports or doing outdoor cardio, you might want to consider a face mask with UPF protection. It’s not an essential feature, but definitely something to consider—especially during the summer time.


Below are 5 face masks that are excellent for gym goers and athletes. They all have unique features, and they all get the job done when it comes to keeping you safe from air borne pathogens.

FluShields N95 Reusable Sports Face Mask

N95 Reusable Sports Mask

The N95 reusable sports [face] mask by FluShields contains (2) PM2.5 filters which filter tiny particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers in diameter—about 3% the diameter of a human hair. These are great masks for sports and recreation—providing extra protection while allowing you to breathe comfortably throughout your workout.


  • PM2.5 Filters
  • Moisture Valves Prevent Moisture Build-Up In Mask
  • Adjustable Nose Guard And Strap
  • One Size Fits All

HaloLife Black Mesh Sport Mask


HALOLIFE is perhaps one of the best masks on the market right now due to their trademarked nanofilter technology.

The nanofilters within these masks are composed of strands that are smaller than a strand of hair, capturing the tiniest of particles and pathogens while still allowing the maximum airflow. The masks also contain moisture wicking bamboo lining which greatly reduces condensation—great for working in a hot environment or lifting weights in the gym.

Their masks are available in sizes small to extra large and HALOLIFE is currently running a sale which consists of getting a free mask when you buy 2.


  • Includes 1 replaceable HALO Nanofilter™ good for 200+ hours. 
  • Replaceable latex nose pad prevents fogging and air leak
  • Chin wrap provides an air-tight seal, even with facial hair & beards
  • Super-breathable poly-blend outer material (80% Polyester, 20% Lycra)
  • Soft moisture-wicking Bamboo lining is ultra-comfortable, even for long wear  
  • Adjustable embedded nose clip and ear-loops make a perfect fit
  • Antibacterial and hypoallergenic materials used

AstroAI Face Mask

The AstroAI face mask has been around for quite some time and was originally meant for construction work because it magnificently filters out dust particles and pollution. However, more and more athletes and gym enthusiasts are using this particular face mask for gym and outdoor workouts due to comfort and functionality.


  • Excellent airflow
  • Elastic ear loop strap
  • 4-layer filter for better protection
  • Comfortable design for extended use

Under Armour Sports Face Mask

Under Armour

The Under Armour Sports face mask provides 3 layers of protection and molds to your face—making this a great performance mask. The first layer is light with air pockets to create structure, so it can stay off your mouth and nose for better airflow. The breathable middle layer lets air through but makes it hard for moisture and sweat to pass. And the third layer contains a stretchy Iso-Chill fabric which actually feels cool against your skin.


  • Made with high-performance UA materials, designed to be worn all day & when playing sports.
  • Structured design sits up off the face & lips for added comfort & airflow
  • Adjustable nose bridge
  • UPF 50 Protection
  • Anti-Microbial

Reebok Breathable Sport Mask


The Reebok face mask is a 2-layer mask that’s designed for sports and workouts. It’s soft, it’s breathable, and it doesn’t suck in as bad as most other cloth face masks. It also doesn’t get heavy and weighed down when wet.

This mask does its job at preventing droplet transmission, but it’s not as protective as an N95. These masks also run small (even for a large), and may be a little tight for people with beards or larger than average faces because the ear loops are not adjustable. It also does not have an adjustable nose wire.


  • Soft, Breathable Fabric
  • Lightweight

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