How To Make A Child’s Bedroom Look Rustic

Fun Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas To Turn A Kid’s Room Into A Cabin Oasis

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Rustic room decor is so homey and welcoming—no wonder many parents are choosing this route when decorating or making over their child’s bedroom!

The best thing about rustic bedroom decor is that for the most part, it’s gender neutral. Both boys and girls can enjoy a room where the great outdoors and cabin simplicity meet under one roof.


Rustic room decor consists of many natural elements like wood and metal. To give a bedroom a cabin feel, you should incorporate a lot of wooden furniture that contain a warm brown tone, and metal wall decor to add some nice charm.

One trend that we see a lot of in rustic-themed kid’s rooms are woodland creature decorations. Bears, moose, pine trees and mountains give a room a special “feel” of being part of the outdoors—or in a lodge.

Below you’ll find furniture pieces, bedding and wall decor that give a room that cabin feel.

A Rustic Driftwood Bed

Donco Kids

A bed is the heart of the bedroom—it’s the first thing you see when you enter a room. That’s why wooden beds are an excellent option when creating a rustic theme in any bedroom, and we particularly love the Donco Kids driftwood bed frames that resemble front porches. Donco has many variations of these frames and they’re such fun pieces for kids rooms.

Rustic Lodge Pattern Rug


The right rug pattern can really help bring out a rustic theme to any room of the house, and looks great next to a rustic wooden bed! We love this lodge pattern rug by NiYoung. The woodsy colors, the pine trees, the forest animals—it alls ties together!

Rustic Toy Storage Cubby


Whether it’s book or toy storage you’re looking to incorporate into your child’s rustic themed bedroom, go for brown-toned wood which adds to a lodge look. We love this rustic wooden cubby by Hoobro. It has a warm and inviting look, plus plenty of storage space for both books and toys.

Rustic Lodge Quilt Set

Great Bay Home

Quilts make the perfect bedding when you’re designing a rustic style kid’s room—especially one with a forest theme which gives a cabin look to your bed. We love this gender neutral quilt by Great Home Bay. It’s light and airy yet works perfectly for a rustic theme.


Rustic Floating Shelves


A couple of wooden floating book shelves add charm to a rustic themed bedroom. We love these rustic looking shelves by Sainthood—made from a combination of wood and iron combined with some forest theme images.

Indoor Teepee Tent


Kids love building forts and having their own little hideout for quiet time and imaginative play. That’s why we love this cotton canvas teepee style tent by TreeBud, which is perfect for an outdoor and rustic themed kid’s room!

Rustic Nightlight


Every child’s room contains a nightlight, and this rustic themed lamp with a woodland creature by Ebros is too cute! The outer frame itself looks like a little tree stump and looks beautiful in both daylight and night time.

Mountain Range Coat Rack

Okuna Outpost

A wooden coat rack doesn’t just belong in the mudroom—they can be mounted onto the back of your child’s bedroom door as well! We love this wooden mountain range coat rack by Okuna Outpost because it’s perfect as a mask station and blends perfectly into an outdoor themed room.

Metal Wall Art

Adventure Awaits| Bear Head| Airplane Propeller

Lastly, add some rustic metal accent pieces to your walls which add unique charm to a rustic-themed bedroom. You can go for woodland creatures or anything that looks like a piece of the outdoors: mountains, cabins, trees, etc. Above are some of our favorite metal art designs that make fabulous wall decor!

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