Nature Inspired Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Earthy And Organic Names For Babies That Are Inspired By Nature

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Are you searching for the perfect “down to Earth” baby name? You’ve come to the right place!

Our list of nature inspired baby names for both boys and girls will add some character to your little one’s identity that they’ll embrace well into adulthood.

Are Nature Inspired Baby Names Popular?

More and more members of society are embracing eco-friendly living and minimalism, so it’s no surprise that expecting parents are leaning more toward earthy baby names to compliment a green lifestyle choice.

Earthy and organic baby names are also beautiful and rugged. They have a warmth about them that make a person approachable yet stand out amongst a crowd of cookie cutter names.


What Are Earthy Baby Names?

Earthy names represent many aspects of our environment—from the animals that inhabit our eco-systems to unique plants, landscapes and even gemstones that never cease to captivate the human eye.

When it comes to nature inspired baby names, unfortunately not all will have a cool ”meaning” and exotic origin—but that’s ok, earthy names are meant to be ”in the now” and minimalistic.

Below are our hand selected earthy baby names for both boys and girls to inspire you on your baby name search.

We wish you luck, and if you would like to share a name you’ve chosen (whether it’s from this list or another place), please let us know in the comments!

Earthy Baby Girl Names

Amber (English) fossilized tree resin

Aspen (English) a quaking tree

Autumn (English) fall season

Brooke (English) small stream

Celestine (English) a mineral

Daisy (English) flower; the day’s eye

Dawn (English) sunrise

Gemma (English) gemstone

Hazel (English) the hazel tree

Holly (English) plant with red berries

Iris (English) delicate blooming flower

Ivy (English) climbing vine plant

Jade (English) green stone

Layke (English) from the lake

Lilly (English) lily flower

Meadow (American) field of grass

Olivia (English) from the olive tree

Poppy (Latin) from the flower

Rose (English) woody perennial plant

Sage (English) herb or prophet

Savanna (English) tropical grasslands

Season (English) a period of the year

Sky (Scandinavian) atmosphere

Violet (English) fragrant blue flower

Willow (English) the Willow tree


Earthy Baby Boy Names

Arlo (English) a hill

Bear (American) bear-like

Briar (English) a thorny plant

Canyon (English) a large ravine

Clay (English) fine grained earth

Everest (English) Dweller on the Eure River

Ferris (English) he who is from France

Fields (English) lives near a clearing

Fisher (English) fisherman

Forrest (English) the woods

Fox (English) Wild animal, cunning

Halston (English) hallow stone

Harlan (English & German) rocky land

Hawk (English) like the bird

Jaden (English) from Jade; green stone

Jasper (English) a speckled stone

Knox (English) a small hill

Logan (Scottish) little hollow; basin

Ocean (Greek) the sea

Oliver (English) from the olive tree

Onyx (English) black gemstone

Parker (English) park keeper

Reed (English) a reed or red-haired

Ridge (English) mountain range

Rivers (English) the river

Rockwell (English) rock spring

Silas (Latin) man of the forest

Spruce (English) evergreen tree

Wolf (English) wild animal


All-Natural DIY Cleaning Recipes For The Kitchen

A Collection Of My Favorite DIY Cleaning Recipes For A Non-Toxic Kitchen

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As a society, we keep our homes as clean as possible to keep everyone in our family healthy, but ironically use unhealthy and even toxic household cleaners to achieve what we think is a healthy home.

Next in line to the bathroom, the kitchen is the most utilized space in the home—and because of that, it requires constant cleaning.

Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, many people are quick to purchase the “strong” multi-purpose cleaners and hand soaps, when instead they could be using safe, home-made alternatives that kill germs just as effectively without any harmful side effects.


While it’s important to keep our loved ones safe from dangers like viruses, it’s equally important to shield them from indoor dangers like cleaning products, which may contain dangerous carcinogens.

Even certain brands that present their cleaning products as “eco-friendly” are simply just green washing—passing off products as non-toxic even though the ingredient label insists otherwise.

That’s why I prefer home-made cleaning products. They’re safe, non-toxic and don’t smell like death.

With that said, below are my all-time favorite natural cleaning recipes for the kitchen that I’ve been using for a couple of years now—and I must say that they work extremely well and make worthy rivals to toxic store bought cleaning formulas.

You can certainly adjust the measurements to meet your workloads, and I hope that you will love these as much as I do.


This all-natural purpose cleaner will work on any surface of your home (except marble, stone and granite due to the acidity of the formula). Simply mix all of the ingredients in a [glass] spray bottle and use a cleaning cloth of your choice.

  • 1 And 1/4 Cups Of Water
  • 1/2 Cup Of White Vinegar
  • 10 Drops Of Preferred Essential Oil (Optional)


This home-made cleaning solution is perfect for when the garbage disposal develops a funky smell. Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl until it forms into a fizzy, paste-like consistency, then pour your mixture into the disposal and allow it to rest in there for around 5 minutes.

Turn on the water and allow the garbage disposal to run for at least 30 seconds. You can also throw in a couple of ice cubes or lemon wedges as the water pours down the disposal as well.

  • 1/4 Cup Of Baking Soda
  • 1/4 Cup Of Lemon Juice (Or White Vinegar)


This home-made disinfecting cleaning solution is a wonderful and effective alternative to commercial disinfectant sprays. It’s perfect to use on doorknobs, kitchen counters, kitchen sinks and refrigerator shelves.

Simply pour all of the ingredients into a [glass] spray bottle and mix. Spray freely and wait ten full minutes before wiping. It’s important to note that this particular vinegar-based cleaning solution is not suitable for granite, stone or marble.

  • 1/4 Cups Of Water
  • 1/4 Cup Rubbing Alcohol (Or Vodka)
  • 1/4 Cup White Vinegar
  • 10 Drops Of Preferred Essential Oil (Optional)


Home-made dishwasher tablets are a less expensive and much safer alternative to store bought dishwashing pods and liquids. For this DIY recipe, you will need a mixing bowl and a few [silicone] ice cubes trays.

Simply mix together the Baking Soda and Borax in a bowl of your choice, and follow by slowly adding in the vinegar. Mix all of the ingredients together until they form a crumble-like consistency and then stuff the mixture into your ice cube trays.

After you’ve filled your trays, place them outside in the sun to dry/harden (they’ll still be a little crumbly and that’s ok). Allow for 24 hours to pass until you remove them and store them into a tightly sealed [glass] container.

If you see white residue on your plates, simply pour some white vinegar or lemon juice into the rinse aid compartment of your dishwasher for a shiny rinse.

  • 2 Cups Of Baking Soda
  • 2 Cups Of Borax
  • 1/2 Cup Of White Vinegar
  • 25 Drops Of Lemon Essential Oil


This is my favorite way to clean grime and residue from my glass stove top (and it works pretty well for the inside of the oven and outdoor grill as well). Simply mix the ingredients together in a bowl of your choice and create a paste. Spread it onto your glass stove top in a circular motion with a rag and leave on for 15-20 minutes.

Later, wipe off with a warm, damp cloth. A little elbow grease may be necessary, but this recipe gets the job done and leaves your glass stove top really shiny. I don’t recommend cleaning your glass stove top while it’s warm/hot because it can cause damage to the glass.

  • 1 Of Cup Of Warm Water
  • 1 Cup Of Baking Soda
  • 2 Tablespoons Of Organic Liquid Castile Soap (Dawn Will Work Great If You Don’t Have Castile)


This non-toxic method is an awesome way to clean your microwave as effortlessly as possible. Simply mix the ingredients in a glass bowl and microwave the contents for 4-5 minutes.

Not only will the steam help break apart all that food gunk, it will also deodorize and eliminate stinky lingering odors. When you’re done microwaving the contents, simply wipe everything with a damp cloth. You can wipe dry or unplug the microwave and leave the door open to air dry.

  • 1 Cup Of Water
  • 1/4 Cup Of Lemon Juice (You Can Add Or Subtract This Amount To Achieve Desired Strength Of Scent)


For this recipe, you can use any reusable soap dispenser—kids especially will love one with a foaming pump. Simply add the ingredients into a water-filled soap dispenser and shake it all up!

Although you can add just about any essential oil into this soap recipe, citrus is recommended for the kitchen because it neutralizes odors—especially if you’ve been working with fish, onion and garlic.

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GroVia My Choice Trainers Review

A Guide To The GroVia Cloth Diaper Trainers For Sustainable Potty Training

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My 3 year old just recently mastered potty training, but unfortunately, nighttime accidents sometimes still occur.

For a while we’ve had her in disposable nighttime diapers, but eventually I decided that investing in a few cloth diaper trainers was a better alternative.

Disposable diapers, no matter how ‘sustainable’ or ‘biodegradable’ they are, still contribute to landfill waste. Unless something is compostable and is actually placed into a compost bin with the necessary components to help break it down, it’s just going to sit on top of trash along with everything else.

Then there’s the money issue—as a society, we’re literally buying a product that we throw away the very same day. It makes much more sense to invest in a few cloth diapers to save money and reduce waste.

So after researching a bunch of different cloth diaper brands, I decided to order a few from a cloth diaper company called GroVia, who specializes in a modern and eco-friendly diapering system, and sell the Grovia My Choice trainers.

The GroVia My Choice cloth diaper trainer is similar to a pocket diaper, but differs in that it features a unique pull up design with interchangeable Side-Flex panels. It has a hidden layer of hemp/cotton blend with a pocket for adding extra absorbency and an exclusive GroCool™ lining. 

First Impressions Of The GroVia My Choice Trainers

I ended up ordering 3 pairs of the GroVia My Choice Trainers—plus two additional organic cotton inserts (boosters) for extra nighttime protection.

When they arrived in the mail, my initial reaction to seeing these reusable trainers for the first time was “wow—these are really good quality training pants”.

The colors are warm and earthy, the fabric is well sewn together and soft to the touch, and they contain snap buttons in several key areas which allow for alterations as baby grows.

The GroVia cloth diaper trainers also contain an inner pocket with an absorbent layer of cotton/hemp blend, where you can add an insert for extra absorbency.

Features Of The GroVia My Choice Trainer

  • Convenient pull-up design
  • Contain a hidden layer of hemp/cotton blend for absorption
  • Contains a pocket for inserts / soaker pads
  • Waterproof outer layer and absorbent inner layer
  • Available upgrade: Interchangeable Side-Flex panels for a custom fit in a variety of stylish colors for mixing and matching (must be purchased separately)

Do The GroVia Trainers Have A Comfortable Fit?

The Grovia reusable training pants come in one size and they run small—if your child is over 25 pounds, they will be really tight around the waist, and it will be difficult for your child to pull them up. This is why GroVia sells the interchangeable Side-Flex panels, which offer a roomier fit.

That’s why you’ll also see a lot of reviews by other moms saying that these trainers have a “weird fit”, and they’re correct. But in my opinion, they’re a bit snug to prevent leaks, and so that you can use these for younger babies and adjust as baby grows.

My 3 year old is really slender (under 30 pounds) and these trainers are a bit snug. Hence, I definitely recommend purchasing at least one set of their side-flex plus panels which attach via snap buttons to the side of the trainers and comfortably expand the fit.

My daughter sleeps comfortably in these trainers with added organic inserts, and she loves that she can choose which color she wants to wear.

GroVia My Choice Trainers

Do The GroVia My Trainers Leak?

From my experience, these cloth trainers have not leaked yet. I find them to be very absorbent and the waterproof outer shell does its job. In fact, when I first got them, I ran to the sink and filled one with water, just to see how well they retain liquid without an insert—and sure enough, no water escaped through the outer shell. The absorbent hidden layer of cotton/hemp blend helps catch the liquid as well—and it gets more absorbent with every wash.

*If baby is laying sideways, pee could leak out of the sides, so for nighttime, an insert is recommended for younger babies*.

How Many Cloth Trainers Do I Need?

This all depends on how advanced your child is in their potty training. If your child is doing pretty well and only has occasional leaks, then I would recommend about 10-12 trainers—it all depends on how often you prefer to do laundry. Don’t forget that you might also need inserts. I would purchase at least 2-4 inserts to experiment with and then adjust as you go.

Personally, My daughter uses hers at nightime only, and rarely has accidents anymore, so for us, 3 cloth trainers and 2 inserts was all I needed to purchase. The GroVia trainers are also durable and excellent quality, and I will be able to hand them down to an expecting family member later down the road.

Don’t Miss!

Final Thoughts On The GroVia My Choice Training Pants

The Grovia My Choice Trainers are a great way to help your little one transition from diapers to using the potty like a big kid.

Your little one is also at a stage in their life where making choices is a big deal for them! The GroVia trainers are available in many colors, so watching your child pick and choose which cloth trainer they want to wear is really fun!

The only downside to these trainers is the small fit, and may not be suitable for husky toddlers; but as mentioned above, the Side-Flex panels will generously expand the fit, and you can always return the product if it’s not the right fit for your child.

Reusable cloth training pants are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and help save money that can be better spent on other necessities.

So if you’re tired of spending money on disposable nighttime diapers and want a more sustainable way to potty train your little one, then I definitely recommend giving the Grovia My Choice Trainers a try!

GroVia My Choice Trainers

I hope you found this GroVia My Choice Trainers review helpful, and I will leave you with a slide show of their cute color options!

And if you’d like to read more about cloth diapers, Don’t miss my article on Best Cloth Diaper Brands which includes an ultimate guide to cloth diapers.


The Best Minecraft Alternatives For Kids

Fun And Free Downloadable Apps For Kids That Are Just Like MineCraft

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When I was a kid, my classmates and I were obsessed with Mario, Zelda and Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, lol. Now I’m raising children who are obsessed with pickaxes and cement blocks.

How times have changed.

When my son turned 7, he came home from school one day and asked if I can download an online game for him called ”MineCraft”.

Now, I had heard about MineCraft, but I had never played it myself, so I had no idea what this online virtual game was all about, let alone if it was safe for a 7 year old child to play—and I definitely did not want to pay for an app that I wasn’t sure he was going to enjoy.

However, while at the app store, I noticed free apps with similar aesthetics to MineCraft—and I ended up downloading a gaming app called MultiCraft and other Minecraft “clones” that both of my kids enjoy to this day—even more than traditional video games.

What Are Build And Craft Games All About?

As I’ve watched [in awe] my son play MultiCraft [in particular] for the past year, I’ve come to the conclusion that MultiCraft and similar apps are basically virtual LEGOs with endless possibilities.

Though these games allow you to choose between survival and craft mode, my son seems to enjoy the latter—he enjoys creating homes and building structures that never cease to amaze me. And I think it’s really neat that he’s found this love for engineering and architecture that I didn’t know he had.

In fact, one of my son’s favorite things to build in MultiCraft are treehouses.

These kid-friendly building apps also do not have any missions like MineCraft offers. And while there is a chat option to communicate with other players, my son doesn’t have a need to use it, and the kids that are on chat mode simply ask for help or tips on building stuff—it’s very rated G.


What Are The Benefits Of Build And Craft Apps?

I have noticed several benefits to allowing my child play with building apps that consist of the following:

A Better Understanding Of Math And Engineering

I have noticed that since my son started playing MultiCraft, he’s more aware of and quick to point out geometric shapes everywhere we go. He’s also problem solving and figuring out how to make things fit together.

Developed Interest In Science (Particularly Geology)

MultiCraft has taught him all about different rocks and mining elements like obsidian, coal, iron, quartz, etc., and it’s really neat that he likes to research and learn more about these when he’s not on the app.

Fosters Creativity

As I’ve mentioned earlier in this post, my son’s newfound engineering and design skills have surprised me on many levels. He’s able to express his creativity in a safe and controlled virtual environment, and the pride that he has in his creations are priceless.

Helps Him Destress And Unwind

Building apps are a great way for your child to relax and unwind after a long day at school. When my son comes home from school, we allow him around 30 minutes of iPad time—which he really looks forward to.

These kid-friendly building apps are really great outlets, and I think that they are awesome alternatives to not only Minecraft, but traditional video games as well.

Some of these recommended apps are even made for players as young as 4 years of age, while most others are recommended for ages 9 and older—this is based on difficulty level, but my daughter was able to use the apps at age 3.

Without further ado, below are some of our family’s favorite Minecraft game alternatives for young children that your kiddo(s) will really enjoy.

Free Downloadable Minecraft Alternatives For Kids

MultiCraft: Mine And Build

Developer: MultiCraft Studio

Age: 9+ (but, my 4 year old plays this too cause its so easy!)

Tagline: “World of unlimited opportunities.”

MultiCraft is the very first buidling app that I downloaded for my son and I honestly could not tell the difference between the actual MineCraft game and this free [copycat] version because the aesthetics are so identical.

This virtual building game contains almost the exact same features like: mobs, animals and building tools.

Like MineCraft, MultiCraft can be played in both survival and creative mode, and the only difference is lack of the infamous creepers. You do, however, get to spawn animals and villagers.

This game is for age 9 and up, but in my opinion it’s easy enough for a child as young as 3-4.

DINOCRAFT: Survive & Craft

Developer: Survival, Explore and Craft Games, LLC

Age: 9+

Tagline: “Dive into the world of prehistoric times with dinosaurs nearby. ”

In this app, your child is basically a caveman (or cavewoman) that can either build or play in survival mode.

This app is no different than all the other Minecraft alternatives with the exception of some really cool dinosaurs walking around.

Hence, if your child is into dinosaurs as well as virtual building, then this is a great app to download. This app is easy-going, easy to navigate, and the prehistoric theme is really cute. It’s available for free download on Amazon for android devices, and free for all devices at the apple AppStore.

BOOMCRAFT: Adventure & Building

Developer: Big8 Labs LTD

Age: 4+

Tagline: “An endless environment for building all your perfect buildings.”

Out of all the Minecraft clones, BoomCraft is perhaps the most basic and “little kid” friendly. It’s strictly all about building and doesn’t involve any mobs or weird creatures that try to raid your home.

BoomCraft is a very easy-going virtual game for kids, and easy enough for my 3 year old to navigate.

So if you’re looking for the most “rated G” building app out there, this is the MineCraft clone that you want to download. It’s available on the Apple AppStore and Google Play.

KAWAII WORLD: Craft & Build

Developer: Bohdan Khylko

Age: 9+

Tagline: “a world of unlimited opportunities”.

Kawaii World may look feminine due to the pink color scheme, but both girls and boys, really enjoy playing this app.

This particular app begins with a pre-built house that your child can furnish and decorate, or you can venture out and build a whole new one.

Kawaii World gives your child the option of playing in both survival and builder mode, and your child can spawn a lot of really cute animals, villagers and traders.

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Best Reusable Toddler Snack Containers

The Best Non-Toxic Reusable Snack Containers For Busy Toddlers

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When my children were toddlers, there were several essential items (besides diapers) that I absolutely had to have with us during outings at all times: a change of clothes, reusable sippy cups and snack containers.

Reusable snack containers are a wonderful feeding tool for older babies and toddlers that is often overlooked when parents shop for feeding supplies.

Snack containers are great for both indoor snack time as well as travel. It’s a great way for little ones to feed themselves in between main meals, and offers a chance for them to strengthen motor skills.


When I’m out and about, I often see a majority of parents hand their little ones snacks in single-use plastic snack bags—which are neither healthy for the little one, nor the environment.

I also see a lot of reusable plastic snack containers, but those also contain chemicals that can leach onto food—even though they’re labeled as “BPA” free, companies always find loop-holes in manufacturing, and unfortunately, trade BPA in for other estrogen mimicking chemicals to create their product.

That’s why when it comes to snack containers—I prefer silicone, plant-based, cloth and stainless steel containers. And luckily, some of the best toddler snack containers are made from these types of material(s).

With that said, below are my top picks for the best plastic-free snack cups for toddlers that are perfect for both indoor snack time as well as outdoor adventures.

Some of these recommended toddler snack cups are multifunctional and can be used interchangeably as beverage containers as well.

Another feature that I really love about some of these eco-friendly snack containers is a soft flap lid that prevents spills, yet is gentle enough to allow little hands fo reach in and grab a healthy amount of food.

You’ll find that some come in the form of reusable pouches, resealable bags and collapsible cups—giving you several zero-waste options to choose from.

Brave Kids Justice Co Non-Toxic Snack Cup
Brave Justice Kids Co

1. Brave Kids Justice Collapsible Silicone Snack Cup

The Brave Kids Justice Co silicone snack cups for toddlers have two unique features: a collapsible frame and a textured [easy-grip] handle—making these cups very convenient for travel.

It’s also important to point out that these plastic-free snack cups are also especially great for older babies who are teething because the textured handle can double as a teether.

Zip Top Reusable Silicone Snack Containers For Toddlers
Zip Top

2. Zip Top Reusable Silicone Snack Containers

The Zip Top silicone snack bags for toddlers are an awesome alternative to disposable plastic snack bags! These reusable silicone bags stay open and zip shut—making it easy for your little one to grab food while preventing spills! These bags also come in assorted colors and each contains a different animal.

Mushie spill-proof reusable silicone snack cup for toddlers

3. Mushie Spill-Proof Silicone Snack Cup

The Mushie cup is the perfect self feeding container for toddlers on the go. It contains two easy grip handles and a flappy lid to prevent spills. I also really love the earthy colors that this cup is available in!

Haakaa reusable silicone snack pouches for toddlers

4. Haakaa Reusable Silicone Snack Pouches

For a delicious snack on the go in the form of rice cereal, yogurt or smoothie, the Haakaa reusable silicone pouch is the perfect container! This reusable snack pouch is made from food grade silicone, and has a slow flow which helps your baby or toddler get just the right amount of food to prevent choking.

PlaaDesign Reusable Silicone Snack Cups

5. PlaaDesign Reusable Silicone Snack Cups

This spill-proof snack cup for toddlers is made from silicone and is incredibly easy for little ones to hold and grab out of. The silicone flaps keep food from spilling out while the inside contains measurements that allow for a precise fill!

Stasher silicone snack bag

6. Stasher Reusable Silicone Snack Bag

The Stasher reusable silicone snack bags are the perfect size for little hands. These zero waste snack bags contain a ‘pinch loc’ seal and can even be written on. You can find these cute little reusable snack containers at The Natural Baby Co! They’re also great for mom’s snacks too!

Collapsible Silicone Snack Cup For Toddlers With Lanyard

7. Collapsible Silicone Snack Cup With Lanyard By Generic

The Generic collapsible silicone snack cup for toddlers is multifunctional and comes equipped with a lanyard, which is perfect for travel! This plastic-free cup can be used as both a snack container as well as a sippy cup, and also includes a lid as well as a reusable straw.

Spill-Proof Silicone Flower Snack Cup For Toddlers
Jamie Kay

8. Silicone Flower Snack Cup By Jamie Kay

Made from food grade silicone, the spill-proof flower shaped silicone snack cup by Jamie Kay is perfect for young babies and toddlers because it’s flatter than most other silicone snack cups—making reaching for finger foods so much easier!

Silicone Acorn Snack Catcher Cup
Carrot’s Den

9. Acorn Snack Catcher Cup

These super soft acorn-shaped toddler snack containers come in a pack of two and contain removable flappy lids and two easy grip handles—making these silicone cups multifunctional. Place water in one container and crackers in the other.

Amalka + Albert

10. Amalka + Albert Silicone Snack Bag

The Amalka + Albert silicone snack cup stands on its own, easily snaps together for secure closure, and is extremely tough and durable with endless use options for other than snacks!

Best Sustainable Holiday Gifts For Him | 2022 Edition

Shopping For The Eco-Conscious Man In Your Life? Here’s Our Complete Guide To Ethical And Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifts That He Will Really Dig

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If you’re shopping for a sustainable Christmas gift to give to the special man in your life, you’ve come to the right place! 

Holiday gift giving can be tough for many people—especially when you’re challenged with purchasing a present for a man who has everything.

With that said, we’ve created a sustainable gift guide for men that contains ethical and environmentally-friendly gift options that serve a purpose and are pretty cool at the same time.

What Are The Advantages Of Sustainable Gifts?

  • All men are minimalists at heart. They prefer quality over quantity and a majority of the time need over want—which falls perfectly in line with environmentally friendly gift options because sustainable products serve a purpose.
  • Sustainable men’s products are often safer for your health because they aren’t made with toxic chemicals.
  • Sustainable men’s gifts are also better for the planet because they can be reused, repurposed, recycled, or composted.
  • Sustainable men’s products are higher quality and last longer. While green products do cost a little extra, they outlast their plastic competition because the parts (or ingredients) had to be sustainable sourced, and workers had to be paid fair wages.
  • Sustainable men’s gifts are more thoughtful. When you purchase an eco-friendly gift, it shows that you were mindful of your selection.

So whether you’re shopping for your husband, dad, son, grandson or boyfriend, we’ve got you covered with sustainable gift options for him that are low-waste and cool—especially if you pair them with some  zero waste gift wrapping!

Source: Lindi & Russ | YouTube

Eco-Friendly Gifts For Him That He Will Actually Feel Excited About!

Grown ass man solid soap and shampoo bar set

1. Grown Ass Man Solid Soap And Shampoo Bar Set

This holiday season, gift the man in your life with an alternative to bottled shampoo and body wash. Grown Ass Man solid shampoo bars and soaps are made from all organic, biodegradable ingredients and make really great gifts for teens and men of all ages. Perfect to give as gifts or as stocking stuffers.

Circle Elephant Biodegradable Electric Toothbrush

2. Circle Elephant Biodegradable Electric Toothbrush

The Circle Elephant electric toothbrush is made from bamboo and contains plant-based bristles; making this electric toothbrush totally compostable and biodegradable. If you were already thinking of gifting the man in your life with some bamboo toothbrushes this holiday season, you should definitely think about upgrading to this!

The coldest water bottle 64oz

3. The Coldest Water Sports Water Bottle 64oz

Whether he’s a gym rat, works construction or just likes to hydrate throughout the day, the Coldest Water Sports water bottle will help quench his thirst and keep his water icy cold for hours! It’s a good looking water bottle and a fantastic alternative disposable water bottles.

Pela Compostable Phone Grip And Stand

4. Pela Compostable Phone Grip & Stand

The man in your life will never lose grip on his smart phone again with the compostable and plant-based, Pela Grip. With a comfortable and adjustable loop, this little device secures firmly to any phone case and protects your phone from accidental drops. It also does double-duty as a stand for horizontal viewing on the go. It’s the perfect eco-friendly gift for the man who has everything.

Great Earth’s Organic Shredded Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

5. Great Earth’s Organic Shredded Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

The Great Earth’s Organic Shredded Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow is breathable, cooling and adjustable! You can remove a certain amount of stuffing from the pillow to better suit your sleeping style! This a great gift for those seeking a healthier and more comfortable sleep at night!

6. Step One Anti-Chafe Bamboo Boxer Briefs

Bamboo boxers are incredibly soft, durable and maintain their color through numerous washes. If the man in your life hasn’t experienced the luxury of bamboo viscose boxers yet, then he is in for a treat! These bamboo boxers by Step One are also anti-chafe and contain a 3D comfort pouch.

7. Arcadia Natural Zero Waste Deodorant, Solid Cologne And Soap Bar Gift Set For Men

This hand-made holiday gift set for men consists of an all-natural plastic-free deodorant, solid cologne and a natural soap bar—all of which smell like dreamy sandalwood. The entire package is plastic-free, and it makes a charming gift for men who want to ditch plastic hygiene products.

Big Boy Bamboo T-Shirt

8. Big Boy Bamboo Bamboo Viscose T-Shirts

For the man who needs a few new organic t-shirts in his sustainable closet, consider gifting him with the softest, hypoallergenic t-shirts made from organic bamboo viscose. Big Boy Bamboo is your one stop eco-friendly shop for men’s organic bamboo t-shirts at affordable prices, and carries an impressive size range for regular as well as big and tall men (up to size 8XL).

TOPBOOC reusable utensil kit for men

9. Topbooc Reusable Travel Cutlery Set

Help the man in your life minimize his dependence on single-use cutlery whenever he eats out with this good looking and budget-friendly portable utensil kit by Topbooc. This kit contains a generous amount of utensils, and you can choose from a variety of colors. Give as a gift or use as a stocking stuffer!

10. Wooden Bow Tie Set By Elountik

Do you have a man in your life who loves quirky and fun fashion? Elountik bow ties are hand-made from ethically sourced wood and make fantastic eco-friendly Christmas gifts for men. They’re recyclable, biodegradable, energy efficient, non-toxic and hypoallergenic, and stylish.

11. Jockey Men’s Sustainable Eco Terry Jogger

Made from a blend of cotton and recycled polyester, these warm and comfortable Eco Terry Joggers by Jockey are a great addition to any man’s sustainable wardrobe. Available in various colors and sizes; and the best part is that they are very budget-friendly.

YouTube | Greenworks

12. GreenWorks 40V Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

If the man in your life needs a new lawn mower, consider an electric option that requires no gas—which means no emissions. The GreenWorks electric lawn mower is a top selling rechargeable eco-friendly mower that runs for 45 minutes (fully charged) and comes with an interchangeable lithium ion battery. It’s a sustainable holiday gift that will win Christmas.

13. Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Set

If you’re shopping for a man who loves to cook, or for a bachelor who’s moving into his own place for the first time, then a pre-seasoned cast iron skillet set by Utopia Kitchen is a fantastic zero-waste gift that will last a lifetime. Cast iron skillets are great for both indoor use as well as when you’re out in the wilderness camping.

Green Guru Recycled Tube Wallet

14. Green Guru Recycled Tube Wallet

If the man you’re shopping for is a minimalist (and in need of an ID card holder), then he’ll love this slim recycled bike tube wallet. It’s constructed in Colorado, and makes a really unique holiday gift that’s highly functional.

15. Traeger Grills Pro Series 575 Wood Pellet Grill And Smoker

Traeger reigns supreme when it comes to eco-friendly grills and smokers. It boasts a generous 572 square inches of cooking space, features WiFIRE Technology, and comes with meat probes, top-shelf porcelain-coated grill grates, and all-terrain locking caster wheels. So if you have a BBQ master in your life that’s been hinting at a new grill, check out the Traeger Grills Pro Series 575 Wood Pellet Grill And Smoker.

Bodum Pour Over Glass Coffee Maker

16. Bodum Pour Over Glass Coffee Maker

The Bodum Pour Over glass coffee maker has an included stainless steel permanent filter that eliminates the need for wasteful paper filters and is dishwasher safe. It also makes your coffee tastes much richer! So if the man you’re shopping for is a coffee lover, this is the sustainable holiday gift for him.

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The Best Sustainable Holiday Gifts For Her | 2022 Edition

Not Sure What To Get Her This Holiday Season? Here Are Some Must-Have Sustainable Gift Ideas For Women That Really Impress

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

If you’re shopping for a sustainable Christmas gift to give to the woman in your life, you’ve come to the right place!

Now more than ever, people are choosing to gift their loved ones with green holiday gifts that have meaning, outlast plastic, and are kind to the environment.

With that said, we’ve created a sustainable gift guide for women which contains unique eco-friendly items that she will absolutely love.

What Are The Benefits Of Purchasing Sustainable Gifts?

  • Sustainable products are often safer for your wellbeing because they aren’t made with toxic chemicals.
  • Environmentally-friendly gifts are also better for the environment because they can be reused, repurposed, recycled, or composted.
  • Sustainable products are higher quality and last longer. Sure, you may have to spend a little more on an item that was sourced and manufactured ethically and sustainably, but it will outlast its disposable competition, saving you money in the long run.
  • Sustainable gifts are more thoughtful. When you purchase an eco-friendly gift, it shows that you were mindful of your selection.

So whether you’re shopping for your wife, mom, daughter, grandmother or girlfriend, rest assured that there are many sustainable gift options for her that are low-waste and don’t have a negative impact on our environment—especially if you pair them with zero waste gift wrapping!

With that said, below is our sustainable gift guide for the eco-conscious woman in your life that’s full of must-have eco-friendly items she will absolutely love!

And if you’d like pair these gifts with sustainable gift wrapping, here is a video on the Furoshiki wrapping method using cloth!

Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts For Women

Caraway Nonstick Ceramic Cookware Set

1. Caraway Cookware Set

Every woman deserves a high quality, non-toxic cookware set, and Caraway not only contains an attractive design, but is very safe to cook on.

The Caraway cookware set is made without PFOA, PTFE, and other PFAs, and feature a non-stick ceramic coating to make cooking and cleanup easy and enjoyable.

2. Beehive Beeswax Candle By Candle By The Hour

Did you know that beeswax candles have a ton of health benefits and are excellent for allergy sufferers? Get her a beeswax candle and not only will she enjoy naturally purified air inside of her home, she’ll always de-stress thanks to the subtle honey aroma and 70 hours of burning time. Plus, it’s the most unique and eco-friendly candle she’ll ever own!

Boody Bamboo Viscose Leggings For Women

3. Boody Bamboo Viscose Leggings

Leggings are a wardrobe staple, and the woman in your life might already have a few, BUT what she doesn’t have is a pair of eco-friendly bamboo viscose leggings by Boody.

These leggings are fade-resistant, buttery soft, and breathable—the perfect sustainable fashion gift for her that she will love wearing to the gym, grocery store or even as loungewear!

Coldest Water Reusable Water Bottle In Pink

4. The Coldest Water Sport Water Bottle

Help the woman in your life ditch the disposable water bottles by surprising her with this super durable and stylish stainless steel sports water bottle by The Coldest Water.

One of the best brands on the market, this water bottle will keep her water ice cold for over 36 hours! It’s also available in various sparkly colors, so she’ll be sure to love this sustainable holiday gift.

Hem & Harvest Reusable Grocery Bag Set

5. Hem And Harvest Reusable Shopping Bag Set

The 5-piece grocery bag set by Hem and Harvest comes with two-eight pocket canvas tote bags, two mesh bags with pockets and a reusable packaging bag. The entire set looks really chic, and it helps the woman in your love pass on the plastic bags in the grocery store.

Vitamix Indoor Composter

6. Vitamix Indoor Composter

If the woman in your life dreams of having a more sustainable kitchen, then the Vitamix FoodCycler is the perfect holiday gift! Unlike other countertop compost bins, the Vitamix will turn food scraps into rich dirt in just hours (including poultry bones). Then simply take your nutrient rich soil and add it to house plants, garden or lawn!

Frank Green Ceramic French Press

7. Frank Green Ceramic French Press

Created with the coffee enthusiast in mind, this french press was produced with a revolutionary triple-wall vacuum insulation that will keep her coffee piping hot or icy cold as she powers through her day. 

The integrated stainless steel mesh plunger ensures that every sip is sediment free, and the purposefully designed pouring hole smoothly transfers every last drop into her reusable cup; plus, she’ll love the attractive design!

Viori Citrus Yao Shampoo And Conditioner Bar Gift Set

8. Viori Shampoo And Conditioner Bar Set

Help the woman in your life ditch bottled shampoo by gifting her with solid shampoo bars. The Viori shampoo bar and conditioner set are handcrafted with ethically sourced Longsheng Rice from the Red Yao tribe in China, and leave your hair frizz-free and shiny!

9. TopBooc Portable Flatware Set

For the woman who’s always out and about or traveling, consider getting her a stylish portable utensil set to help her avoid single use cutlery. Topbooc stainless steel portable utensils are attractive, eco-friendly and easily fit into a handbag. It’s a sustainable gift for her that’s functional, reusable and fun to show off!

Heather and Willow Glass Coffee Container

10. Heather And Willow Glass Coffee Cup

If the woman in your life needs a new coffee cup for her favorite iced lattes, then she’ll love this beautiful glass cup by Heather and Willow. It comes with a bamboo lid, metal straw and a fun Rae Dunn style graphic.

Chunky Merino wool blanket

11. Merino Wool Chunky Blanket By Clootess

Winter time is a great time to snuggle with a cozy, handmade blanket made from sustainable resources—like wool. This chunky merino wool blanket makes the perfect sustainable gift for women who love to “Netflix and Chill”, and can be used year round.

Sustainable Gifts For Her Original Earthlings Sitting Plant Pot

12. Original Earthlings Sitting Plant Pot

For the self-proclaimed plant mom, you can’t go wrong with an adorable sitting plant pot by Original Earthlings. This plant pot is made from compostable PLA, and can hold anything from succulents to pothos plants.

13. Zero Waste Chef Cookbook

Whether she’s a home chef or simply trying to minimize food waste, this cookbook by the Zero Waste Chef has all the best ways to do it! Anne-Marie Bonneau shows you how to use food scraps to create some pretty delicious meals to minimize food waste—making this book an awesome zero-waste gift!

Zero waste dishwashing set

14. Zero Waste Dishwashing Kit By Re:

This zero waste dishwashing kit is a high quality and charming holiday gift that contains all of the essentials for sustainable dishwashing. Everything in this kit is plant-based, and made from hemp and vegetable cellulose—all of which are biodegradable.

Geometric cork earrings

15. Geometric Cork Earrings By Riah Fashion

Add a little fun to her sustainable wardrobe with these lightweight geometric cork earrings by Riah Fashion. There are several colors to choose from, and she’ll love accessorizing these with all of her outfits!

16. Organic Skin Care Gift Set By Apple Valley Natural Soap

Apple Valley Natural Soap makes the best hand-made organic skincare products—including decadent shampoo bars! Their gift boxes sell pretty quickly, so snag one for her today! She might even enjoy some shampoo bar samples for her Christmas stocking while you’re there!

17. BureBure Handmade Wool Slippers

Help her keep her feet cozy this winter with some handmade boiled wool slippers. These shoes are totally customizable and you can choose from several outer sole options such as cork, suede or leather. These are also packaged in linen instead of plastic, making for a beautiful sustainable gift for her.

Circle Elephant Compostable Electric Toothbrush

18. Circle Elephant Compostable Electric Toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrushes are a great alternative to traditional plastic brands, but even cooler is a compostable electric toothbrush which also is made from bamboo and contains plant-based bristles. So this holiday season, surprise her with the coolest planet-friendly toothbrush she’ll ever lay eyes on!

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