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The Best Sustainable Kids Clothing Brands

A Guide To Ethical And Eco-Friendly Children’s Clothing

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If you’re looking for the best sustainable children’s clothing brands, you’ve come to the right place!

As a mom of two, I’ve become quite familiar with a few sustainable clothing brands that make fabulous organic and eco-friendly kids’ clothing for every type of budget.

With that said, I’ve put together a list of all my favorite sustainable children’s brands to help guide you on your quest!

What Is Sustainable Children’s Fashion?

Sustainable children’s fashion is anything that has been purchased secondhand, or made ethically, responsibly and doesn’t add to pollution.

In other words, sustainable fashion for kids has been created in a way that is mindful of environmental issues, and ensures that all workers involved are paid fair wages.

Sustainable children’s fashion is also made to last, can be re-used or re-sold, and is hypoallergenic because of the organic material that was used in making each piece of fabric.

What Eco-Friendly Fabrics Are Best For Children?

Since babies and toddlers have delicate skin, it’s best to choose eco-friendly fabric that’s as natural and organic as possible.

Baby skin is thinner than that of an adult, and children in general don’t develop that thick adult-like skin until they reach puberty. So, until they do, their delicate skin is more susceptible to a plethora of hormone disrupting chemicals that can be found in many popular clothing brands.

Natural plant-based fabric such as organic cotton, hemp, linen and bamboo are all excellent choices when it comes to dressing your children because they are all breathable, don’t require the use of pesticides, and are hypoallergenic.

Bamboo viscose is a personal favorite of mine because in addition to being hypoallergenic, it is also anti-microbial and naturally uv resistant.

Why Is Sustainable Kids’ Fashion So Expensive?

If you’ve noticed that sustainable fashion brands are a bit more expensive, there’s a good reason behind that!

As consumers, we are accustomed to paying very little for fast fashion, so when we see an ethically made item for double (or triple the cost), we become almost offended.

The reality is that sustainable fashion is more expensive because the costs need to cover the responsibly sourced material and fair wages of workers (who are oftentimes taken advantage of by fast fashion brands).

How To Buy Sustainable Kids’ Clothing On A Budget

Buying sustainable children’s clothing on a budget is easier than you think, and there are several things you can do to snag some great ethical fashion at a low cost!

One of my favorite ways to acquire sustainable children’s clothing is by shopping for it secondhand—whether it’s a local thrift store or an online secondhand boutique—then filling in the gaps with new pieces as part of my child’s capsule wardrobe!

And when it comes to new pieces, I only shop the sale or clearance items. So if there’s a sustainable fashion brand on this list that you really like, sign up for their newsletter, and you’ll be notified of all future sales and clearance events!

With that said, keep reading for the best children’s clothing brands that focus on sustainability!

Fair-Trade Children’s Clothing Brands That Focus On Sustainability


1. Mightly

Size Range | 2T — Age 14

Mightly is a certified organic and fair trade children’s clothing brand with tons of neutral fashion outfits to choose from.
And for every Fair Trade Certified product sold, Mightly pays an additional Fair Trade Premium directly back to the workers who make the clothes.


2. Beya Made

Size Range | 3 Months — 4T

Beya Made is a children’s sustainable fashion brand founded by a mom who used to work in the fast fashion industry. After realizing that disposable clothing is horrible for the environment, she launched a sustainable clothing line with ethically sourced stain-resistant fabric that grows along with your baby.

Video by Beya Made

Beya Made is all about linen—and you can choose from the most adorable tops, pants, and rompers that were designed to last and make awesome hand-me-downs. You can also take part in their trade up program and receive a $15 credit toward a new purchase when you send in your used Beya Made apparel (provided it’s in great condition).

Bamboo little

3. Bamboo Little

Size Range | Newborn — 9 Months

Bamboo Little was founded by a mom who believes that comfort and conservation should go hand in hand. So she developed a sustainable clothing line for babies made exclusively from bamboo.

This sustainable fashion brand for babies carries footies, rompers, bath towels, wash cloths, swaddles and baby blankets that are always gentle on your baby’s skin. The fabric colors are really adorable too!

4. Little & Lively

Size Range | Newborn—14Y

Little and lively is a small family owned business in Canada, who use sustainable and ethically sourced fabric, like cotton and bamboo, to create an adorable clothing line for babies, toddlers and young children.

When it comes to style and design, Little and Lively is a perfect blend of cottage core and boho chíc. From soft, earthy color tones to nature inspired graphics and patterns, this sustainable kids’ clothing brand is a must-see!

Rylee + Cru

5. Rylee + Cru

Size Range | Newborn — 14 years

Rylee + Cru is a small business who takes the ethical manufacturing process very seriously—from sustainably sourced cotton fabric to fair wages and beyond—this company plays by the rules big time.

When it comes to style, I particularly love this brand’s earthy tones, patterns and graphic designs. Riley + Cru has the cutest boho style designs that many minimalist moms love. The warm tones of each piece are also a must-have addition to your child’s closet and look fantastic in photo shoots.

Kyte Baby

6. Kyte Baby

Size Range | Newborn — Size 7

Kyte baby was founded by a mom whose child had chronic eczema, and traditional fabric only made things worse. This mom went on to create a natural children’s clothing brand made from eco-friendly and hypoallergenic bamboo.

This all-natural children’s fashion brand carries all of the basics for babies, plus some really cool all-natural apparel for mom and dad! In addition to clothing, Kyte Baby also carries eco-friendly ring slings if you happen to be searching for organic babywear.

Free Birdies

7. Free Birdies

Size Range | Newborn—Age 12 (plus mom & dad)

Free Birdies is a family-owned company that makes really soft, comfortable and stylish children’s clothing made from hypoallergenic bamboo viscose.

This eco-friendly and organic clothing line was inspired by the creators’ own two children, who benefited greatly by switching over to organic sleepwear. From there, the company grew, and Free Birdies has now extended their clothing line to fit moms too!

Posh Peanut

8. Posh Peanut

Size Range | Newborn — Age 12 (mom and dad too!)

Posh Peanut is a charming family-owned online boutique that sells clothing made from sustainable bamboo viscose in sizes ranging from newborn, all the way to size 12. They even have matching outfits for the entire family, and shipping is always free!

This sustainable children’s clothing brand carries everything from bodysuits to fun dresses and more. And because each fashion piece is made from hypoallergenic bamboo, you’ll never have to worry about your little one feeling itchy or uncomfortable.

Hanna Andersson

9. Hanna Andersson

Size Range | Newborn — 14T

I love Hanna Andersson and my children own a few organic pajama sets from her line Moon and Back collection. The clothing feels like hands-me-downs, but in the best way possible, and you can find all sorts of designs from solids to graphics.

Burt’s Bees

10. Burt’s Bees

Size Range | Newborn — Size 7

As a mom of 2, I’ve definitely owned a few clothing essentials from Burt’s Bees! This eco-friendly baby brand makes all of their apparel from organic cotton, and gives back to charity organizations like Save The Children.

Burt’s Bees carries your everyday baby essentials consisting of body suits, rompers and pajamas. Their organic cotton fabric is durable, high quality, and available in soothing neutral colors and patterns that are perfect for both boys and girls.

Finn + Emma

11. Finn + Emma

Size Range | Newborn —4T

Finn and Emma is an eco-friendly children’s fashion brand that uses only the finest organic cotton and natural dyes to make the cutest clothing for babies, toddlers and preschoolers .

From super comfortable onesies to a large selection of fun and whimsical graphic t-shirts, Finn and Emma is a wonderful place to shop for your little ones’ sustainable outfits!

Soul Flower

12. Soul Flower

Size Range | 3M — Size 8

Soul Flower is a really cool eco-friendly fashion brand that’s perfect for minimalists modern hippies. All of their baby and little kid clothing is made from GOTS certified organic cotton and made in the U.S.A.

Soul Flower was founded by Mike and Peggy as a way to promote a peaceful, positive and eco-friendly lifestyle through funky clothing. Since then, the shop has expanded from a small boutique to a full-fledged online store.


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