5 Eco-Friendly Valentine Ideas For Classmates

DIY Classroom Valentines With An Eco-Friendly Twist

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Every year, my child brings home a goodie bag full of cards, candy and disposable plastic trinkets that he collectively acquires from his classroom Valentine’s Day parties.

But, while those items may bring him joy for a day or two, they eventually join the rest of his bedroom clutter, or get discarded into the trash bin several days later. Either way, most valentines that your child gets from their classmates is junk. And we are guilty of contributing as well.

But this year, join me in being more sustainable by forgoing the disposable Valentine’s Day trinkets, and opting for some memorable home-made creations with an eco-friendly twist.

That’s why I’m sharing my top 5 favorite DIY eco-friendly Valentines that you and your child can easily make, and hand out to their classmates on Valentine’s Day!


Low-Waste Home-Made Valentines For A Sustainable Classroom Exchange


Plantable Heart Paper Valentine

By Kimberly | SerendipityRefined.com

For the ultimate sustainable Valentine’s Day card, consider adding plantable paper in the shape of a heart! In her blog post, Kimberly lists step by step instructions for creating heart-shaped seed paper that make fabulous party favors for your child’s classmates. So while plastic trinkets will be tossed out after Valentine’s Day, you and your child will be proud knowing that your eco-friendly Valentines will grow into something cool!


Valentine’s Day Paper Fortune Cookies

By Jackie | Happyhooligans.ca

These paper fortune cookies are a unique and memorable alternative to traditional Valentine’s Day cards that your kids will have a blast making, and their classmates will love opening! In her blog post, Jackie states that you can use any type of paper, and make these as little or as big as you’d like.


Cutie Valentine’s Day Gifts

By Karis | Nomakeupmama.com

I really love the idea of giving out some cuties for Valentine’s Day—especially with a little leaf shaped message attached to it! In her blog post, Karis lists all of the necessary supplies that you’ll need, as well as a link for the free leaf printables! This is a truly cute and healthy Valentine’s Day treat, and orange peels can always be composted!


Crayon Heart Valentines

By Heather | whipperberry.com

Those broken crayons you’ve been finding all over the house can finally be put to good use! In her blog post, Heather teaches you how to take broken, discarded crayons, and turn them into elegant Valentine’s Day favors for your child’s classmates. I love how cute these upcycled crayons turn out when attached with some string to card stock.


DIY Heart BirdSeed Ornaments

By Michelle | modernmomlife.com

How adorable are these birdseed ornaments in the shape of a heart? These all-natural valentines are easy to make, they’re eco-friendly, and they present a learning opportunity for your child and their classmates regarding nature, and caring for animals. It’s a sweet Valentine’s Day gift for classmates that even teachers love!


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