5 Valentine’s Day Tips For Dads

5 Fun Ways That Dads And Their Kids Can Celebrate Valentine’s Day


There’s more to Valentine’s Day than just romance. It’s a day where you can appreciate all the people in your life that are special to you—and one of the most important ones are your kids.

So if you’re wondering whether or not you should get your child a Valentine’s Day gift, the answer is that, yes, you can. However, I recommend skipping the store-bought gifts and planning an experience instead—maybe even starting a Valentine’s Day tradition.

What Can I Give My Child On Valentine’s Day?

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, your kids will remember the special moments you spent together rather than what they were given.

And whatever you plan, keep it simple. Too many people are conditioned to “expect” material gifts on Valentine’s Day, instead of appreciating what they already have.

Teaching your kids about the importance of family and spending time together is a far greater gift than any plush toy or box of chocolates.

So whether you’re a single dad trying to figure out the whole parenting thing, or a seasoned dad who’s just looking for new ideas to make Valentine’s day more memorable, here are 5 ways that you can spend February 14th with your child!

Start A Breakfast Tradition

A fun tradition that dads and kids can start together is to make heart shaped pancakes every Valentine’s Day for breakfast! You can even let your kids add some of those conversation heart candies for extra fun!

Don’t like pancakes? Make some waffles! You can find a ton of heart-shaped waffle makers online. Whatever you choose to make, involve the kids, and spend the morning cooking together— it’s a fun bonding experience for all of you!

Image Credit | Selahchristeen | Instagram

Take Her To Get Her Nails Painted

Every little girl wants to be like her mom; and getting their nails done is one of those experiences that make them feel like mommy.

So if you’re up for it, take her to the nail salon and let her experience a manicure. Many salons have non-toxic, water-based nail polish in stock, so don’t worry dads! It will easily wash off the next day!

Oh, and if you have a son instead of a daughter (or one of each), you can take your son to get a fresh new haircut—that way he feels pampered too!

Image Credit | Kids Pamper Parties | Instagram

Dress Up & Go Out To Eat

Let your kiddo decide where she wants to eat, and dress up in your finest! If you have a daughter, let her get dressed up like a princess! She will be smiling all night!

If you have a son, you two can go out to eat at his favorite place, and then head over to ride some go-carts, play some old-fashioned arcade games, do some bowling or play some mini golf. Many girls enjoy these activities as well!

Take Her On A Picnic

If restaurants aren’t an option, and it’s not too cold outside, then opt for a good old fashioned picnic in your backyard, the park, or a beach. Picnics are a fun way to connect with your child while getting to eat your favorite snacks.

You can pack all of your child’s favorite foods, and have a lovely time enjoying nature and having a conversation. Picnic sets are available online, or you can pack everything into lunch boxes and just grab a throw blanket.

Image Credit | MemoryDate.Picnic | Instagram

Enjoy A Movie Night With Some Popcorn

You can end your fun Valentine’s Day at home with a movie night and some popcorn; and you can take it up a notch by using a projector instead of the television for a theater-style experience.

However, don’t just stop there! Make a fort or camp out in the living room with some sleeping bags to make movie night super cozy. Let them pick out what movie they want to watch, and just enjoy the whole experience!

Image Credit | Raisinggirls_ | Instagram

Remember, Valentine’s Day is a day to connect with those you love—so make it a great one and stay safe!

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