10 Best Non Toxic Products For Morning Sickness Relief

10 Morning Sickness Must-Haves For Rapid Relief!

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A majority of pregnant women experience morning sickness primarily in their first trimester. For some, it’s severe enough to require medical intervention, but for most, pregnancy nausea is tolerable, and can be relieved with over the counter candies, supplements and gadgets.

For many moms-to-be, morning sickness kicks in at around 6-9 weeks, and can linger into the second trimester. Once the placenta is fully formed in the second trimester and takes over the production of progesterone, many pregnant women finally get nausea relief and regain energy.

What Can I Take To Relieve Pregnancy Nausea?

Below is my top 10 list of recommended products for morning sickness relief that may help you tolerate the first trimester a little more.

They consist of safe, non-toxic, and organic supplements, aromatherapy products and even a couple of gadgets that offer quick and effective nausea relief.

All women are different, and what may work well for one pregnant mama, may not work so well for another. So it’s best to experiment with various products to see what gives the best results.

And if none of these over the counter remedies offer any relief, it may be time for you to consider professional medical intervention—and that’s perfectly ok!

10 Helpful Non Toxic Remedies For Pregnancy Nausea

Pink Stork Pregnancy Nausea Tea

Pink Stork Morning Sickness Tea

Why This Might Help:

The Pink Stork Morning Sickness Tea contains a certified organic herbal blend of ginger and rooibos—both of which are very effective at calming an upset stomach. This tea is de-caffeinated, makes about 30 cups, and you’ll be pleased to know that the sachets are biodegradable. This tea has mixed reviews, but a majority of pregnant women enjoy the flavor and nausea relief that this tea gives them.

What Moms Are Saying:

This tea is INCREDIBLE!! It’s delicious and soothing and has helped to settle my stomach right away.

Bamboobies Morning Sickness Relief Drink Mix

Why This Might Help:

If you’re not a fan of tea, then you might enjoy the caffeine-free, Morning Sickness Relief Drink Mix by Bamboobies. This lemon-ginger drink mix contains B vitamins which are known for relieving pregnancy nausea, and it’s a great way to stay hydrated in early pregnancy. One box contains 10 packets, and each can be mixed with 6oz of water.

What Moms Are Saying :

I really able to notice the difference in how I was feeling within about 30 minutes time.”

Mindful Mixtures Aromatherapy Roller

Mindful Mixtures Nausea Relief Aromatherapy Roller

Why This Might Help:

The Mindful Mixtures Nausea Relief Aromatherapy Roller is a fantastic way to relieve nausea naturally. The all natural essential oil blend includes ginger to neutralize stomach acid, peppermint to relax stomach muscles, and fennel to reduce muscle spasms and pain. It’s an effective and safe way to bring balance to the digestive system without any unwanted side effects. You’ll also be pleased to know that a portion of each sale is donated to 1% For The Planet.

What Moms Are Saying :

I originally bought these to help with queziness since I get them alot. But truth be told I love it so much I have been using it as perfume!

Earthly Wellness Mama’s Tummy Relief Tincture

Why This Might Help:

The Earthly Wellness Mama’s Tummy Relief tincture contains a blend of organic herbs that help soothe stomach upset, get rid of gas, support the liver, and reduce occasional constipation. It was made primarily for pregnant women, but can work for anyone who suffers with nausea, heartburn and indigestion—so if dad is experiencing sympathetic pregnancy nausea, he can certainly use this product!

What Moms Are Saying:

So helpful with morning sickness. I had to take it as soon as I woke up to make sure it helped. I still had a hard time eating or drinking, but this definitely helped me not get to the point of throwing up.”

Organic Preggie Pop Drops

Why This Might Help:

These sour-tasting, Organic Preggie Pop Drops have been around for years, and are made with botanicals and essential oils that help calm nauseous pregnant bellies. The only downside to this nausea candy and many others like them, is that the effects wear off once you are done sucking on them. The upside to having these around is that they are individually wrapped, and can be stashed in your purse, and easily accessed when you’re feeling queasy in public.

What Moms Are Saying :

The perfect pocket candy if you’re feeling the need for a quick fix when you’re out and about”.

Sea Band Mama Acupressure Wrist Band

Why This Might Help:

The Sea-Band [mama edition] is a knitted elasticated wristband which contains a plastic knob sewn into the side of the inside of the wrist-band, and exerts pressure which stimulates the P6 (or Nei-Kuan) acupressure point. It has been proven that pressure on this specific point relieves pregnancy nausea and vomiting.

What Moms Are Saying :

I was insanely nauseous this pregnancy and tried a lot of options, this one helped a lot. It wasn’t instant magic but after a few minutes you can definitely see a difference in nausea relief! Highly recommend!

Nature Made Vitamin B-6

Why This Might Help:

Vitamin B-6 has been prescribed for morning sickness by obstetricians for many, many years. That’s because women who exhibit severe morning sickness have shown to have a low amount of B6 in their blood, thus a supplement helps make up for the loss, easing pregnancy nausea and adding a boost of energy that tired mamas need! Vitamin B-6 can also be combined with Unisom for even more effective nausea relief.

What Moms Are Saying:

I was recommended to try this paired with unisom sleep gels. And it definitely worked after a week of consistency!”

Peppermint Essential Oil

Why This Might Help:

The scent of peppermint oil relaxes the gastric muscles and calms cramping which results in nausea. I personally used this remedy not just during my two pregnancies, but whenever I had a medical procedure or surgery which required anesthesia. Sniffing peppermint made my nausea disappear almost instantly. It’s my favorite pregnancy nausea hack, and doesn’t require ingestion.

What Moms Are Saying:

This was a lifesaver whenever I felt the urge to vomit. I poured a few drops onto a cotton ball and sniffed it until the nausea went away”.

Motherlove Morning Sickness Herbal Supplement Blend

Why This Might Help:

When taken first thing in the morning, the Morning Sickness Blend by Motherlove helps combat queasiness from all angles. Made with all organic ingredients consisting of ginger, peppermint, lemon balm, marshmallow root and red raspberry, this blend relieves nausea, and soothes indigestion and heartburn. This product does have mixed reviews, and some pregnant women recommend taking it after a meal rather than on an empty stomach.

What Moms Are Saying:

Took it for a while and it works, especially when you take it after the food.“

EmeTerm Electric Stimulator For Nausea

Why This Might Help:

This wearable wrist band is an electronic version of the Sea Band. It attaches to the the wrist via electrode pads and releases a low frequency pulse which adjusts nerve signals that travel to the brain and stomach. The brain is then tricked into postponing nausea signals to the belly, limiting the cramping which results in nausea. It’s a great and effective product, but it’s also expensive. The upside to this purchase is that if you suffer from motion sickness in general, you’ll still be able to use this after pregnancy.

What Moms Are Saying :

I have terrible morning sickness and it gets much worse in the car. I put this bracelet on before I go and don’t even notice the sickness anymore”.


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