Rainy Day Indoor Scavenger Hunt For Preschoolers: Free Printables

Don’t Let A Rainy Day Ruin Your Fun! Your Preschooler Will Have A Blast With This Indoor Scavenger Hunt!

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Rainy days can be a lot of fun if you have some fun indoor activities planned—like board games, arts and crafts, and my personal favorite: an indoor scavenger hunt!

Indoor scavenger hunts have always kept my kids busy during days when playing outside wasn’t an option.

How To Do A Rainy Day Indoor Scavenger Hunt

To do the rainy day scavenger hunt, the participants will need a scavenger hunt worksheet that lists all of the items they’ll need to find in and around your home.

We’ve created four (4) types of printable worksheets for four different rooms within your home (living room, kitchen, bathroom and your child’s bedroom).

The images are simple and age appropriate for 3-6 year olds.

As each item is located, you can help your child circle the item on the worksheet.

Optional Rules

To make this scavenger hunt a little more challenging, set a time limit.

You can also choose to give a participation prize regardless of the number of players involved.

How To Download The Free Printable Rainy Day Indoor Scavenger Hunt Worksheets

To download the free rainy day scavenger hunt worksheets, simply right click the image, and save it to your desktop. You can also click on the image to open it on another tab and print from there.

Have fun, and remember to stay safe!

Free Printable Rainy Day Indoor Scavenger Hunt Worksheets





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