Best Sea Turtle Gifts For Her

27 Best Sea Turtle Gifts For Her

Sea Turtle Gift Ideas That Are Guaranteed To Make A Splash With Any Turtle Lover!

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Are you shopping for someone who’s obsessed with sea turtles? You’ve come to the right place!

Sea turtles have been around for over 110 millions years! They’re graceful, beautiful and fascinating creatures—no wonder that so many people are in love with them!

I happen to be a sea turtle nerd myself, and I’ve put together a gift guide full of unique sea turtle gifts for her that she will absolutely adore!

What Do Sea Turtles Represent?

Sea turtles are super laid back and have a really long life span, so it’s no surprise that they represent patience, wisdom, endurance and good fortune.

As a society, we can help ensure that sea turtles continue to thrive and live long healthy lives by making a few simple lifestyle changes—like ditching disposable plastic. Plastic straws, utensils and bags often get mistaken for food, and pose a huge health hazard to sea turtles.

Hence, you will see a lot of reusable and eco-friendly products in this gift guide that help keep our waterways clean, while still allowing us to enjoy our favorite marine creature.

With that said, scroll down for sea turtle gift inspirations that the woman in your life will love! But, before you go, don’t forget to check out 10 amazing facts about sea turtles!

Source | Fact Retriever | YouTube

Unique Sea Turtle Gifts For Sea Turtle Lovers!

Sea Turtle Plug In Night

1. Sea Turtle Plug-In Night Light

This beautiful night light is truly a beautiful sea turtle gift that’s made from hand-crafted resin, and looks gorgeous when activated. It’ll look absolutely whimsical in the hallway, or along side any sea turtle themed bathroom decor!

2. Sea Turtle Reusable Water Bottle

How can the woman in your life help save the sea turtles? By drinking from a reusable water bottle! This super cute water bottle has very pretty sea turtle graphic art and helps keep disposable plastic bottles out of the ocean!

Aluminum Sea Turtle Wind Chimes By Lesus

3. Aluminum Sea Turtle Musical Windchimes

These soothing hand-made aluminum wind chimes make a beautiful gift for any sea turtle enthusiast! She can hang it on her porch, a tree in her yard, or anywhere else that will allow her to hear some gentle wind chime sounds.

Sea Turtle Beach Blanket

4. Sea Turtle Microfiber Beach Blanket

If the turtle lover in your life is a beach bunny, or travels a lot, this beautiful boho-style beach blanket/towel is a unique gift that they will adore! This blanket has a beautiful design, resists sand, and dries fast—plus, it has fun fringe!

Fahlo Sea Turtle Tracking Bracelet

5. Fahlo Sea Turtle Tracking Bracelet

This pretty bracelet is a very charming and thoughtful sea turtle gift for her. Every bracelet will allow her to track a specific sea turtle, and a portion of the proceeds get donated to a sea turtle conservation and research program! (Available in more colors!)

Glass sea turtle cup with lid and straw on etsy

6. Glass Sea Turtle Cup With Lid And Straw

This adorable 20oz skinny tumbler with included straw has a gloss finish with graphics that will never fade, peel or crack. It has a beautiful image of a sea turtle, and is great for everyday use.

Sea Turtle

7. Sea Turtle String Lights

Turn your bedroom or patio into an ocean oasis with these soothing sea turtle string lights. These whimsical string lights measure at 10ft long and make any space look really pretty and make a gorgeous backdrop for social media photos or TikTok videos.

8. Sea Turtle Hatching Jewelry Box

This hand-painting enameled jewelry box is visually stunning, and can be used to store jewelry and other trinkets. It’s a beautiful sea turtle gift for women that they can treasure for a lifetime and even pass down to their children.

Sterling Silver Sea Turtle Heart Locket Necklace By Durunmo

9. Dorunmo Sterling Silver Sea Turtle Locket Necklace

This sea turtle themed sterling silver locket necklace is a beautiful gift that’s customizable. It allows you to DIY your own photo, which makes this gift even more thoughtful and special.

Chala Sea Turtle Cross Body Bag

10. Vegan Sea Turtle Cross Body Cell Phone Purse By Chala

Chala is one of my favorite vegan brands that makes absolutely beautiful bags and purses—and this sea turtle cross body cell phone purse is one of their cutest designs! It makes a stylish and unique sea turtle gift for both young girls and women.

The Queen’s Jewels Sea Turtle Bejeweled Wine Glass

11. Jeweled Sea Turtle Wine Glass By The Queen’s Jewels

The woman in your life will have the cutest wine glass ever! The Queen’s Jewels is a company that makes beautiful bejeweled wine glasses, and this sea turtle wine glass is my favorite! It’s also available in two different styles!


12. Dancing Sea Turtle Wine Bottle Holder

This quirky wine holder of a dancing sea turtle makes a super fun gift that adds style to her kitchen or wine cabinet! It’s especially great for when she’ll be hosting a wine and cheese party and everyone will want to know where she got it!

Sea Turtle Pajamas For Women By Lazy One

13. Sea Turtle Pajamas For Women

These sea turtle cotton pajamas make cozy gifts for women! There is also a gender neutral matching pajama set for little ones so you have a mommy and me movie night!

Color changing sea turtle night light

14. 3D Sea Turtle Night Light

This fun 3D night light is a great gift idea for kids as well as adults who love sea turtles! You can change it to display several different colors with a remote control, and it adds soothing light to any room!

Sea Turtle Blanket

15. Sea Turtle Blanket Hoodie

There’s no comfier gift for a sea turtle lover than this super warm Sherpa blanket hoodie. It’s also available in four different colors, and they’ll love it so much, they’ll wear it every night during fall and winter!

16. Hand-Made Gold Sea Turtle Earrings

These beautiful handmade earrings are made from gold and resin—making them hypoallergenic and safe for people with sensitive skin. They’re hand made in Hawaii and make an absolutely gorgeous gift for women who love sea turtles.

Personalized sea turtle tumbler

17. Personalized Stainless Steel Sea Turtle Tumbler

Personalized sea turtle lover gifts are the best! You can personalize this tumbler by adding her name to it (which she’ll love). This stainless steel tumbler is also aesthetically pretty, fun and she will love taking it everywhere with her!

Sea Turtle Stoneware Mug

18. Sea Turtle Stoneware Mug By Cape Shore

This adorable mug is a charming gift for sea turtle enthusiasts who enjoy tea or coffee. She will really love this mug because it’s crafted to match the subtle beauty of sand and earth tones, giving the mug a beautiful texture!

19. Cozy Flannel Sea Turtle Blanket

This fun and feminine flannel blanket is perfect for girls and women who love sea turtles! It’s full of vibrant colors and softness that they will love to snuggle up with!

20. Layered Sea Turtle Wood Decor By Leogor

Better than a poster or painting, this layered wood decor is a beautiful way to display one’s enthusiasm for sea turtles. It’s made from sustainable birch wood, and gives a rustic touch to any space!

21. Solar Powered Sea Turtle For Garden

This eco-friendly sea turtle runs on solar power and adds unique decor to any lawn or garden! It’s also a wonderful way to light your walkway. The sea turtle lover in your life will love displaying this little guy!

22. Sea Turtle Light Projector

This charming sea turtle lantern is a nice gift for any turtle lover who’s been looking for that perfect night light to relax to in the evening. Turn it on and enjoy the sea turtle shadows all around the room!

Miniature Glass Sea Turtle Figurine By Sara’s Art

23. Miniature Glass Sea Turtle Figurine By Sara’s Art

Perfect as a display piece or paper weight, this adorable miniature glass sea turtle is handcrafted in Thailand and makes a charming gift for any woman in your life.

G6 Collection Hand Carved Sea Turtle

24. Hand Carved Sea Turtle By G6 Collection

This gorgeous rustic sea turtle is a hand-carved work of art by the G6 Collection. It’s made from sugar wood and makes a beautiful gift for sea turtle enthusiasts who need a little tropical vibe in their homes.

Recycled Sea Turtle Sailcloth Tote Bag

25. Recycled Sail Cloth Sea Turtle Tote Bag

Durable and water resistant, this beautiful sea turtle tote bag is made from recycled sail cloth, and hemp rope! Perfect for the traveler in your life who loves to travel sustainably.

Sea Turtle Coloring Book

26. Sea Turtle Coloring Book For Adults

The sea turtle lover in your life can de-stress after a long day at work with this adult coloring book featuring beautiful sea turtles. This book contains 30 curated images and supplies you with hours of fun and relaxation.

27. Personalized Sea Turtle T-Shirt

This personalized sea turtle t-shirt makes the sweetest gift for a mama or grandma! And there are tons of colors to choose from that look fabulous either way!

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