Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Cat Lovers

Sustainable Gift Ideas For Cats And The Cat Lover In Your Life

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If you’re shopping for the cat lover in your life, then you’ve come to the right place!

As much as I love them, cats don’t exactly have the best reputation when it comes to being green. However, with small swaps and changes, cat owners can minimize their cat’s carbon pawprint—and so can you—by choosing environmentally friendly gift options!

So whether you’re an eco-conscious gift giver or shopping for a cat lover who prefers eco-friendly cat products, then you will love this gift guide which contains some really cool sustainable gift options!

With that said, keep reading to see our pawsome eco-friendly gift ideas for cat lovers and their cats! But first, check out these fun facts about cats you probably didn’t know!

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Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Gifts For People Who Love Cats

Kawaii Ceramic Cat Mug By Feify In Blue

Kawaii Ceramic Cat Mug By Feify

The cat lover in your life will adore this totally cute and eco-friendly mug which comes with a stainless steel spoon, wooden lid and wooden coaster. The entire aesthetic of this cat mug is absolutely adorable and if you’re going to opt for a mug, this is the one you want to gift.

Organic New Zealand Wool Cat Bed By Chiby

Organic New Zealand Wool Cat Cave By Chiby

This snug yet spacious cat cave by Chiby is stylish and sustainable. New Zealand wool is easily replenished and planet-friendly because it’s biodegradable, and your favorite cat enthusiast will love that it’s ethically handmade in Nepal by local artisans.

Wooden tic tac toe set with cat heads

Cat Themed Wooden Tic-Tac-Toe Game Set

This adorable cat themed tic-tac-toe game set is made from all-natural wood, and the playing pieces consist of cat heads and paws. This gift will delight any cat lover, no matter what age they are! (Perfect for road trips if you have kids).

Porcelain pour over cat coffee

Porcelain Cat-Themed Pour Over Coffee Brewer

This pour over coffee brewer and mug set is a cozy way to begin each morning with your furry friend! This set is made from porcelain and can hold 12 ounces of your cat lover’s favorite brew!

Sustainable Wood Cat Roller Ball Toy

This bamboo turntable cat toy is not only eco-friendly, but also provides hours of fun for your cat! Made from sustainable wood, this simple toy will keep your cat entertained for hours and they’ll keep coming back for more.

Ceramic cat treat jar

Ceramic Cat Treat Cookie Jar

Store your cat treats (or human cookies) in this adorable ceramic cat-themed cookie jar that blends in fabulously with any kitchen decor. No matter what treats you decide to store, this ceramic canister will keep everything fresh and add cute vibes to your kitchen space.

Certified Recycled Polyester Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags By Momiji

Recycled Polyester Reusable Cat Themed Grocery Bags

Help the cat lover in your life say goodbye to single-use plastic grocery bags by gifting them with these recycled polyester reusable shopping bags by Momiji. Each bag can carry up to 55lbs and can fold into a square the size of your palm. They also have super cute designs that will get compliments anywhere they go.

Ceramic succulent Planter pots

Ceramic Planter Pots For Succulents

For the cat mom who’s also a plant mom, this set of ceramic planters is a fantastic gift idea. They’ll get a total of six cat-themed planter pots, and can arrange them anywhere and anyway they like. Perfect for both the home or office.

Uproot clean before and after car photo

Uproot Clean Reusable Pet Hair Remover

If you or the cat owner in your life needs an effective solution to cat hair, you need to check out the Uproot Cleaner! It’s a reusable lint and pet hair remover that works miracles, and it comes in various sizes! As someone who owns this handy tool, I 100% recommend it! Also, take 10% off with code ECOMOM10

Organic pet grass kit by the cat ladies

Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit

This organic cat grass growing kit by the Cat Ladies, is a great gift for cat owners because it provides cats with important nutrients, and keeps them from digging up household plants—which can be toxic. It’s a fun DIY kit that’s stylish, sustainable, and cats will love it.

Metal Cat Wine Bottle Holder

Metal Cat Wine Holder

For the cat lover who also loves wine, this metal wine holder featuring a cute feline is always a great go-to gift. It’ll look fabulous as home decor in any room, or as a centerpiece for a party. It can be reused countless times, and makes an awesome zero waste gift for cat enthusiasts.

Eco-Friendly Cat Scratcher With Organic Cat Nip

Eco-Friendly Cat Scratcher With Organic Cat Nip

A cat owner can never have too many cat scratchers, and this particular one by Way Basics, is not only made from recycled material, but is infused with organic cat nip that helps put your feline friend in a happy mood. (Available in various colors).

Ceramic Tilted Cat Bowl

This pretty ceramic cat bowl is raised and tilted at an angle to prevent regurgitation. It’s also healthier and much more eco-friendly than plastic because it won’t leach micro plastic into food which can make cats sick. Both the cat lover and their cat will love this sustainable bowl.


Stemless Wine Glass By Mienno

This cute “I’m Not Kitten You! Your Perfect” cat-themed stemless wine glass is perfect for a cat mom, cat dad, cat enthusiasts and wine lovers. It’s made from dishwasher safe borosilicate glass, and comes in a cute gift box.

Pettsie Cat Collar With Matching Friendship Bracelet For Owner

Cotton Cat Collar With Matching Friendship Bracelet

This charming cat collar with matching friendship bracelet for owner is very sweet! Both are made from 100% cotton, have a boho vibe, and the collar contains a cute little wooden heart. It’s a great sustainable gift for a cat owner who’s BFF’s with their cat.

Muanns’s 20oz Pink Cat Tumbler

20oz Stainless Steel Cat Tumbler With Reusable Straw

How do you help the cat lover in your life be more eco-friendly? By gifting them with a reusable travel tumbler! This super cute travel mug is 20 ounces and comes with a reusable metal straw and cleaning brush. Plus, it has really cute kitty graphics that you just can’t pass up.

Cat-themed Wooden

Cat-Themed Wooden Incense Holder

Bring some calm and relaxation into your friend’s life with this adorable hand-made wooden incense stick holder. They’ll love the cute Kawaii cat made from ceramic—adding charm to the entire gift!

Ceramic measuring spoon set

Ceramic Measuring Spoon Set With Spoon Rest

This ceramic measuring spoon set that comes with an elegant spoon rest is a great gift for any occasion, especially if it’s a housewarming party you’re attending. It’s an eco-friendly cat lover gift that’s not only functional, but super stylish.

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