Little & Lively Clothing Review

Little & Lively Sustainable Kids Clothing Review

Shopping For Sustainable Kids Clothing? Read On For An Honest Review Of Little & Lively + Coupon Code

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Little &

When you come across a family owned sustainable fashion brand with amazing designs, you have to give it a chance and add a piece or two to your child’s capsule wardrobe—which is what happened when I came across the adorable Little & Lively kids’ sustainable fashion line from The Kindred Studio.

This year as I went through and decluttered my daughter’s closet, I took a long hard look at all of her apparel and realized that much of it wasn’t even put to use. Many of her items were impulse buys, and after going through a lot of washes, the colors had faded, and the overall quality of the fabric had diminished. I couldn’t even donate much of it.

So I decided that in 2023, I am going to go the minimalist route, and slowly replace the items in her closet with high quality sustainable apparel that not only lasts longer than traditional fashion, but is much gentler on her skin and the environment. And I was going to start this endeavor with Little & Lively.

A Quick Background On Little & Lively

Source | Little & Lively | YouTube

Little and Lively is a family-owned, sustainable baby & children’s clothing line from The Kindred Studio that is based in Canada. Their clothing is made from a buttery soft blend of durable bamboo / cotton, and each piece contains vibrant earthy colors with whimsical designs that both parents and children adore.

In recent years, bamboo has skyrocketed in popularity as fabric of choice amongst eco conscious designers and consumers alike. And it’s no surprise considering the many economic and health advantages that this resource offers. In fact, there are so many wonderful benefits to dressing your child in Bamboo fabric that I’ve made a list below to show you why companies like Little & Lively (who utilize bamboo) are a great alternative to many popular fast fashion brands.

What Are The Benefits Of Bamboo Clothing?

  • Bamboo fiber is naturally porous and breathable, which keeps your child from overheating. It also absorbs sweat and allows it to evaporate at a faster rate than cotton.
  • Unlike other fabric, research confirms that bamboo is antibacterial, and keeps your child’s sweat odorless because it can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria.
  • Bamboo fabric offers natural UV protection, which is great during those hot summer months when children play outside.
  • Bamboo fabric is buttery soft and hypoallergenic, which is perfect for children with sensitive skin, allergies and conditions like eczema, keratosis pilaris and others.
  • Bamboo fabric is very durable, and can withstand a ton of washes and not fade. The colors remain vibrant, and the material remains buttery soft to the touch.
  • Lastly, bamboo is an eco-friendly and sustainable resource that grows back incredibly fast, doesn’t require the use of pesticides, and produces a lot less pollution than other fabric such as cotton.

Little & Lively Fashion Pieces We Love!

When I received my shipment from Little & Lively, I noticed right away that the bamboo fabric was a little heavier than your typical cotton outfit—in a good way. The fabric also felt silky smooth, the colors looked vibrant, and the stitching was high quality. These were definitely not your typical fast fashion disasters that would last for a limited amount of time. It was obvious that Little & Lively are “heirloom” quality, and could be handed down to younger siblings while still looking new years later.

Below are a few items that we received from Little & Lively to try out, and I’m looking forward to purchasing more pieces in the future. It’s important that my children love their clothing as much as I do, so I was very happy that my four year old daughter enjoyed trying these on and asked to wear them on a regular basis. Luckily, we currently live in Florida, so the dress is a piece that she can wear year round.

The Clementine Dress In Purple Daisies

Eco Mom Diaries Rating: 5/5

One of the items that we received from Little & Lively was this adorable Clementine dress with 3/4 inch sleeve and two front pockets that my daughter thought were very fun. This pattern can literally be worn in the spring, summer and fall, and can be paired with leggings or tights during the colder months (as seen in the photo).

Little & Lively Clothing Review

Baby/Kid’s Overalls In Burgundy + Cardigan In Caramel

Eco Mom Diaries Rating: 5/5

Quite possibly our favorite, these overalls are as comfortable as wearing pajamas, and the straps can be adjusted to grow with your child. I see my daughter wearing these for at least two more years, and I LOVE that I can pair them with any shirt. I also love the earthy burgundy color and big front pocket. We paired these overalls with a Little & Lively caramel cardigan, and a Little & Lively caramel pompom beanie.

Little & Livey p

Little & Lively Pompom Beanie In Caramel

Eco Mom Diaries Rating: 5/5

Speaking of beanies, how cute is this sustainably chíc caramel colored pompom beanie? It’s lightweight and stretchy with a fun faux fur pompom that looks fabulous with just about any outfit. It’s definitely a must-have accessory for the colder months.

With that said, Little & Lively is a sustainable clothing brand worth buying from. And if you decided to visit their online shop, please take 10% off with our special promo code ECOMOM10 at checkout.


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