Health guardianship book review

Health Guardianship by Firouz Daneshgari | Book Review

Do You Ever Wonder Why Our Healthcare System Is So Dysfunctional? Then You’ve Got To Read This Book!

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The healthcare system in the United States is super expensive.

In fact, it’s the most expensive healthcare system in the world, according to author and medical doctor, Firouz Daneshgari, who recently published a book titled “Health Guardianship: The Remedy To The Healthcare System”.

“The hospitals are financial institutions that benefit financially from people being sick,”

The healthcare system in the United States is disfunctional, to say the least. It is a complex system that is often difficult to navigate and understand.

Healthcare costs are rising, and access to care is becoming increasingly difficult for many people. The system is in need of reform to make it more efficient and affordable for everyone.

Unfortunately, the current healthcare system is not providing the necessary care and support that individuals and families need. This is leading to increased suffering and poorer health outcomes for many.

It is time for a change in the healthcare system to ensure that everyone has access to the care they need and deserve—and Dr. Daneshgari has a “proactive solution that creates more reasonably priced, accessible, equitable healthcare for everyone.”

A system that profits primarily from the sickness of individuals cannot be described as “healthcare.”

In Health Guardianship, Daneshgari details a framework for a new healthcare paradigm that prioritizes mitigation of health risks and elimination of chronic conditions, and rewards guardianship of health, not delivery of sick care services. 

“My aim is to generate a national dialogue and movement toward a path forward that will create the next model of healthcare delivery. A model that will have all the medical and technological advances, and yet it is accessible, affordable, high quality and consumer-centric and not provider-centric,” Daneshgari said.

He describes how this new model can be implemented using the existing primary care infrastructure, with the integration of virtual health and wellness services to make proactive, consumer-centric healthcare as convenient and affordable as shopping and banking.

So if you or a loved one would like to understand the healthcare industry in more detail, this book will be a very valuable read.

Publisher: Merack Publishing

Release Date: October 24, 2022

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1957048642

About the Author

Firouz Daneshgari, M.D., is a surgeon-scientist, educator and entrepreneur who has worked at the University of Colorado, Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University. He has published more than 200 scientific articles, led numerous scientific and clinical panels, and trained hundreds of students, residents, fellows and junior faculty. 

Following implementation of the Affordable Care Act and approval of its mandates by the Supreme Court during 2010-2012, he founded BowTie Medical to create systematic innovations for bringing efficiency and value into the healthcare delivery system.  

In addition to Health Guardianship, Daneshgari shares his views on healthcare and the path forward through his podcast, Why Can’t We Have it All? The Missing Pieces in Our Healthcare(

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