Dreamiest tumblers on Etsy

Dreamiest Sippy Cups And Kids Tumblers On Etsy

13 Beautiful Tumblers And Sippies To Make Your Little Girl Feel Like A Princess

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If your little one is transitioning from a bottle to a sippy cup, or your older child needs a new reusable drinking cup, I’ve got some fabulous Etsy finds that you’ll fall in love with.

A tumbler is a convenient and stylish way to stay hydrated, and you’re never too young to have a stylish tumbler to help you do just that! Plus, it’s a great way to avoid to avoid disposable water bottles early on.

These dreamy stainless steel sippy cups and tumblers are found on Etsy and will make your daughter feel like a princess! They are adorned with girly designs, sparkles and fun, vibrant colors that are sure to make your daughter feel like royalty.

I am a huge supporter of small businesses, and Etsy sellers are no exception. Shopping on Etsy allows me to support independent artisans, crafters, and entrepreneurs who are passionate about their craft.

I love that I can find unique, handmade items, like these tumblers, that I can’t find anywhere else. Supporting Etsy sellers is a great way to help small businesses thrive and make a difference in the lives of the people who create these amazing products.

As a mom of a total girly girl who loves all things glitter and unicorns, I totally approve these dreamy tumblers, and I think your little ones will too!

13 Dreamy Tumblers And Sippy Cups On Etsy That Are Fit For A Princess

1. Starbucks Glittery Tumbler

This is such a cute “mommy and me” cup. Your little can enjoy their favorite drink (milk, juice, water) while you enjoy yours! This is a stainless steel sippy cup/tumbler, and it comes with sippy cup top and slide top and straw, so it can grow with your child—fabulous!

2. Unicorn Glitter Tumbler

This unicorn tumbler is the perfect accessory for any little girl who loves unicorns, and adds a bit of magic to their hydration routine. The tumbler is made of stainless steel, and features a cute unicorn design. It is sure to bring a smile to any girl’s face and make her feel like a fairy princess.

3. Disney Princess Glitter Tumbler

Your little one will totally feel like a Disney princess with this dreamy stainless steel princess tumbler. Its bright colors and fun design make it an eye-catching piece that is sure to bring a smile to any child’s face.

Glittery Opal toddler tumbler etsy

4. Glittery Opal Toddler Sippy

Life is better when you have a sippy cup covered in glitter! And how stunning is this glittery Opal stainless steel sippy. Opal glitter is beautiful and mesmerizing. It sparkles and shines in the light, creating a captivating display, and reflects the light in a rainbow of colors, from blues to greens and purples.

5. Glittery Unicorn Tumbler

Another fabulous tumbler for little girls who adore unicorns and glitter. Add in a reusable straw, or sip through the lid—either way, they’ll love this big kid tumbler and feel like an absolute princess drinking out of it!

Pink glittery

6. Glittery Dinosaur Tumbler

For the little princess who loves dinosaurs and all things prehistoric, this glittery dinosaur themed tumbler is the perfect companion for all day hydration. I love the pale pink, and the graphic continues throughout the bottom of the tumbler!

Fairy Ballerina

7. Fairy Ballerina Tumbler

These ethereal Fairy Ballerina tumblers are a dreamy gift for little girls who love fairies. The fairies can be customized to look like your little princess, and a name can be added to the bottom for even more personalization that will make her feel extra special.

8. Glittery Pastel Unicorn Tumbler

I can’t get enough of these dreamy unicorn tumblers—especially this one featuring pastel, cotton-candy like colors. Your little girl will feel extra girly drinking out of this cup, and she’ll enjoy showing it off to her very best friends.

9. All The Glitter Kids Tumbler

This stainless steel kids tumbler is all about holographic chunky glitter, and girls love it! It gives off mermaid tail vibes, and when you put it in the sunlight, the most beautiful reflection will occur! It’s a beautiful tumbler made for a princess.

Opal Fairy tumbler

10. Opal Glitter Fairy Tumbler

This beautiful chunky glitter and fairy graphic make the most magical tumbler. Little girls are often drawn to the magical world of fairies, and believe whole heartedly in their existence. If your little one loves fairies, then she’ll be delighted to own this tumbler.

11. Ice Cream Tumbler

Ice cream is a treat fit for royalty! Whether it’s a scoop of creamy vanilla, a scoop of rich chocolate, or a scoop of strawberry with sprinkles, ice cream is sure to bring a smile to any princess’s face. With that said, your little princess will adore this ice cream tumbler.

Toddler cupcake tumbler

12. Cupcake Sippy Tumbler

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess who had a deep love for cupcakes. She would often sneak away to the kitchen in the castle and indulge in the sweet treats. If this sounds like your little one, then she’ll delight in this cupcake themed cup!

Glittered baby elephant Sippy cup on

13. Glittered Baby Elephant Sippy Cup

Once upon a time, there was a princess who had a special bond with a baby elephant who she had rescued from a distant land. The princess and her elephant were inseparable and spent every day together, exploring the kingdom and making new friends. They were an unlikely pair, but the princess’ love for her elephant was undeniable, so she had a cup made!

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