How to make an eco-friendly easter basket

How To Make An Eco-Friendly Easter Basket | 2023 Edition

Tips For Going ‘Green’ With Your Easter Basket | 2023 Edition

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With Easter just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how to make your Easter celebrations a little more sustainable.

From reusable eggs to organic candy and toys, there are plenty of ways to make your Easter baskets a little greener!

Like any major holiday, Easter tends to accumulate a lot of single-use waste—from the shredded plastic grass that fills Easter baskets, to the small plastic eggs that you hide around your yard, and everything in between.

And then there are those over-priced pre-made Easter baskets that you see in stores. You’ve seen them, and I bet you agree with me that they are a total waste of money.

Those things are wrapped in a ton of plastic cellophane in an attempt to look elaborate, but the gifts within are just cheap plastic trinkets that won’t last more than a week.

Now here is the good news. If you plan ahead, you can most definitely go green this Easter, and create the most sustainable Easter basket of your child’s dreams!

What Are The Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets?

Easter is a time for celebration and fun, but it’s also important to consider the environment when making your Easter preparations for several reasons:

  • Going green with your Easter basket helps cut down on landfill waste.
  • Eco-friendly Easter baskets are filled with plastic-free and non-toxic goods, which are much healthier for your children.
  • Eco-friendly Easter baskets are sustainable—the baskets can be re-used, and the contents are often times recyclable and zero-waste.
  • Eco-friendly Easter baskets are more thoughtful because you, the parent, is customizing it.

What Do You Put In An Eco-Friendly Easter Basket?

Easter basket goodies can still remain traditional, but with an eco-friendly twist (think reusable, biodegradable and compostable items). Below are some healthy green swaps that you can make for your Easter basket:

  • Reuse an old easter basket or purchase a wicker basket instead of a plastic pale. If you’re attending an Easter egg hunt, you can buy cute Easter-themed jute bags as well.
  • Give wooden, fabric or silicone toys and books instead of plastic trinkets.
  • Use wooden eggs instead of plastic eggs (or re-use last year’s plastic eggs). They’re re-usable, non-toxic, and can be painted.
  • Give home-made baked goods instead of store-bought candy. You can pack them in these adorable Easter-themed burlap drawstring bags.

With that said, I am so thrilled to be able to share these eco friendly Easter basket filler ideas with you. I hope you find these ideas helpful and that they inspire you to make your Easter celebrations a little more greener.

Ideas For A Sustainable Easter Basket

Rattan Easter Basket On Etsy
Shop On Etsy
Burlap easter basket on etsy
Shop On Etsy

Invest In A Reusable Easter Basket

One way to be more eco-friendly is to choose a reusable Easter basket.
Reusable baskets are available in a variety of styles and colors, so you can find one that fits your holiday décor. Not only are reusable baskets more eco-friendly, but they can also be used for years to come.

Some of my favorite sustainable easter baskets are on Etsy. There are a ton of beautifully handmade baskets and some of my favorites are made from of jute and rattan—two sustainable materials that grow back as fast as bamboo.

Add a personalized wooden name tag, and you’ve got a gorgeous aesthetic basket that’s Instagram-ready!

Personalized wooden Easter Basket tag on Etsy
Available On Etsy

Choose Biodegradable Grass As A Basket filler

Sisal grass for eco friendly easter basket
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Shop On Etsy

When choosing items to fill your basket, consider natural grass like prairie or sisal. Natural grass is a great option because it is biodegradable, and can be used to line the base of the basket for a natural and festive touch.

Natural grass is easy to find and can be purchased at most craft stores or online at places like Etsy or Amazon. I personally do not like the edible grass that many other people recommend because it has a horrible taste, and natural grass looks more aesthetic.

Hollow wooden eggs Etsy
Shop On Etsy

Opt For Hollow Wooden Eggs

Wooden hollow easter eggs are a great way to celebrate the holiday season in an environmentally conscious way. With that said, they are becoming an increasingly popular choice for those who are looking for a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic eggs.

Wooden eggs are compostable and more durable than plastic eggs, meaning they can be used for many years to come. I also love that you can decorate them yourself with some paint, and turn them into heirlooms. Wooden eggs can be found both on Amazon as well as Etsy.

Choose Plastic-Free Toys And Practical Gadgets

Bath Bombs | Shop On Etsy
Peeps Bath Bombs | Etsy

Organic bath bombs are a great way to add a special touch to any Easter basket for kids. Not only are they fun and colorful, but they are also made with natural and organic ingredients, making them a safe and healthy choice for water play!

Some of the most unique and adorable Easter themed bath bombs can be found on Etsy, and above are two of my favorite bath bomb picks to add to your Easter basket. Organic bath bombs are a great addition to any Easter basket and will be sure to put a smile on your little one’s face.

Easter Bunny Lacing Toy | Etsy

This wooden bunny lacing toy is a great addition to any Easter basket, and is a fun and creative way to keep kids entertained while they enjoy the holiday. It is also a great way to help children develop their fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination.

Handmade Easter Doll | Etsy
Personalized Bunny | Etsy

Dolls and stuffed animals make really sweet Easter gifts for kids, and they will be cherished for many years. These two dolls from Etsy caught my eye right away—they’re just so pretty and you can have your child’s name stitched on them.

ABC God Loves Me Book By Rose Rossner

Books make a great addition to any Easter basket for kids! Not only do they provide hours of entertainment, but they can also help to foster a love of reading in young children. Easter / Christian books in particular can help teach children about the meaning of Easter. Our current favorite is “ABC God Loves Me” and the illustrations are beautiful.

Easter tic tac toe game etsy
Wooden Game | Etsy
Egg sortinf
Eggs & Bowls Sorting Game

You can include fun little wooden games or Montessori style activities and crafts into your child’s Easter basket for added fun. I love these two wooden games on Etsy which consist of a wooden egg sorting set, as well as a wooden tic-tac-toe game and DIY paint kit.

Personalized Bunny Tumbler | Etsy
Easter Sippy cups etst
Easter Sippy Cups | Etsy

Easter themed tumblers and Sippy cups are practical gifts that can be enjoyed for years to come. I love that you can personalize tumblers and sippies on Etsy, and they’ve got some super cute bunny designs available.

Wooden toys are also a great Easter basket gift idea for younger kids. Not only are these toys great for entertaining children, but they also help to encourage physical activity and motor skills development.

Wooden push toy
Etsy | Wooden push toy
Play dough Tools | Amazon
Wooden Puzzles | Amazon
Crochet Bunny Teether | Amazon

In conclusion, eco friendly baskets are a great choice for those looking to make a positive impact on the environment. Not only are they made from sustainable materials, but they are also often made by hand, and are of a higher quality than their non-eco-friendly counterparts.

Let me know in the comment section if you chose any of these fabulous items for your child’s sustainable easter basket!

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