About Me

Angelika Arroyo

Founder, Eco Mom Diaries

Hi, and thanks for joining me on a journey to live a greener lifestyle! Let me tell you a little more about myself:

I am a military spouse, Army Veteran and mom of two (age 3 & 7). I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona and miss the dry heat.

We’ve been in the military lifestyle for almost 20 years now and will be retiring soon! With that said, we’ve moved around the country a lot—having lived in States like Tennessee, North Carolina, Colorado and now, Florida.

I have a Masters of Arts degree in Health And Human Services, and have a huge passion for writing.

We live in a beach town, so I’m fortunate to always be near the ocean and that I am able to teach my kids about the beauty of marine life!

Our family also loves dogs and we have a female German Shepherd puppy named Luna who’s an excellent family dog.

Luna (6 Months Old)

Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog, as I really enjoy helping you find ways to go plastic free and live a healthier, nontoxic lifestyle.

I hope you come by often!

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