Hello and welcome to my sustainable living blog!

My name is Angie and I am a military spouse, Army Veteran and mom of two young kids.

We’ve been in the military lifestyle for almost 20 years now and will be retiring soon! With that said, we’ve moved around the country a lot—having lived in States like Tennessee, North Carolina, Colorado and now, Florida.

I am originally from Phoenix, AZ and have a Master of Arts degree in Behavioral Health.

We currently reside in Northwest Florida on the Emerald Coast, and we love exploring all of the local gems and hideaways.

What Is My Blog About?

When I had my first child, I became more mindful about our lifestyle, and I did a lot of research about what we (as a family) put in and on our bodies.

Reading about processed foods, pesticides, fast fashion and mainstream home cleaning products really opened my eyes to all the health hazards that we encounter on a daily basis, and a lifestyle change was necessary.

A few short years later, I decided to start this blog and make it my mission to share my passion for eco-friendly and non-toxic living.

No matter what phase in life you are, what your budget is, or how many kids you have, it’s never too late to make some healthy lifestyle changes. And that’s the purpose of this blog.

It is my absolute pleasure to share eco-friendly product recommendations, lifestyle tips and natural cleaning hacks with you, and I hope that you find them helpful and useful!

Because it’s never too late for parents to make eco conscious lifestyle choices

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