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5 Best Natural Face Washes For Kids

Best Non-Toxic Foaming Facial Cleansers For Your Little One’s Delicate Skin

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When kids reach adolescence, many parents wonder if their child should begin a skincare routine—and the answer to that is yes, they definitely should!

Kids play hard, and at the end of the day, their face is covered with all sorts of impurities that clog pores, and transfer onto pillow cases where bacteria lingers.

So in addition to brushing their teeth, you should encourage your little one to cleanse their face using a gentle face wash that’s suited for delicate skin.

Kids are never too young to learn healthy habits, and they’ll thrive from consistent daily routines.

What Should I Look For When Shopping For A Kid-Friendly Face Wash?

When shopping for a child-friendly facial cleanser, it’s important to remind ourselves that children have delicate, sensitive skin, and that certain products can be unsafe.

If your child is under the age of 12, you should choose facial cleansers that are plant-based and hypoallergenic—in other words, clean and non-toxic ingredients that are free from parabens, pthalates, and sulfates.

With that said, below are 5 of the most efficient yet gentle facial cleansers for little kids that are perfect for starting a consistent daily skincare routine.

5 Best Non-Toxic Facial Cleansers For Kids

Brand | The Natural And Organic Family

The award-winning Kids Foaming Face Wash by The Natural And Organic Family is 99% natural and over 80% organic. It contains biodegradable ingredients, a nice natural light floral scent from the Organic Neroli flower water, and is safe for all skin types.


  • Prevents Acne Spots and Pimple Breakouts
  • Easy-to-Use Pump Bottle
  • Fun Foaming Texture That Kids Love
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • No fragrance
  • Safe for All Skin Types

Brand | Evereden

The Evereden multivitamin face wash for kids is formulated with organic coconut water and coconut juice to deliver a rich foaming lather that rinses easily—leaving your child’s skin feeling balanced and refreshed. This gentle face wash also contains a MegaVitamin Complex which is a complete blend of organic ingredients, essential omegas, amino acids, and vitamins to help maintain the feel of hydrated skin.


• Contains a MegaVitamin complex
• Cleanses face gently, yet deeply
• Contains a rich, foaming lather
• 100% natural fragrance

Brand | I’m NOT A Baby

The I’m NOT A Baby facial cleanser is a Korean skin care product for kids that’s made with a combination of plant-based ingredients and goat milk (don’t worry, it’s PETA approved). It’s a hypoallergenic formula that provides enriched hydration, that’s especially great for sensitive skin. Some moms say it’s even better than Aveeno. The only downside to this gentle cleanser is that some parents don’t like the scent.


• Made With New Zealand Goat Milk
• Vitamins A, B2, B3, B6, B12, and E
• Maintains Oil/ Moisture Balance
• PETA approved

Brand | BongBong Friends

The BongBong Friends calming foaming cleanser for kids is made with green tea and has a lovely subtle orange scent. It’s also made with 98 percent natural, plant-derived ingredients that safely protect a child’s skin barrier. Green tea is also anti-inflammatory, so if your child has super sensitive skin or eczema, then this is a wonderful gentle cleanser.


  • Made from 35% green tea water
  • Contains 98% natural ingredients
  • Tear-free formula
  • Calms and moisturizes

Brand | MamaEarth

MamaEarth’s everyday foaming face wash for kids is tear-free, made-safe certified and pH balanced. This gentle formula is infused with coconut, calendula extract, aloe vera and lavender oil. It’s also hypoallergenic and contains no artificial fragrance. It’s gentle enough for baby’s skin as well!


  • Deep yet gentle cleansing
  • Maintains pH balance
  • Tear-free formulation
  • Made-safe certified

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10 Awesome Products To Try For Plastic Free July

Kick Plastic To The Curb With These Eco-Friendly Alternatives

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It’s that time of year again where people all over the world make a pledge to reduce plastic consumption: Plastic-Free July!

Every year, tons and tons of plastic waste ends up in landfills, on the streets of our local communities, highways and major water ways, where its presence poses a major threat to wildlife.

We are also unknowingly consuming plastic on a daily basis. Every time we sip through a plastic straw or swig water from a disposable bottle, we are allowing micro plastic to enter our bodies.

According to the Guardian, studies have even proven the existence of micro plastic in the placenta, which means that babies are being born pre-polluted with effects like reduced fetal growth.

Those reasons and more are why the Plastic-Free July movement is so critical. If we can challenge ourselves to use less plastic for at least a month, then we should be able to continue doing so well beyond the month of July.

With that said, we’ve hand selected 10 fabulous eco-friendly products that you can splurge on in honor of Plastic-Free July [and beyond], to help reduce plastic consumption in your community.

10 Swaps For A Successful Plastic Free July And Beyond

Outlery Portable Utensils

Plastic straws and disposable utensils are one of the biggest contributors to landfill waste and water pollution. That’s why the Outlery portable travel utensils are number one on our top 10 list of items to try during plastic-free July—and beyond!

Zero Waste Store Reusable Organic Tote Bag

One of the best ways to reduce plastic bag pollution is to bring reusable bags to the store with you. This month, we are loving the organic cotton tote bags by Zero Waste Essentials which are sustainably sourced and made to last. Each bag features Earth-loving artwork, and can be used at the store or even the beach!

Febu Laundry Detergent Sheets

Laundry sheets pack a ton of plant-based cleaning power into tiny, pre-measured strips of detergent. And the best part is that they’re housed in zero-waste packaging! So this July, skip the plastic jug full of harsh chemicals, and try a pack of eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets! They might become a keeper!

Guppy Friend Microplastic Catcher

With each wash, a good amount of plastic fibers from synthetic textiles make their way from our washing machine into rivers and oceans. The Guppyfriend Washing Bag reduces the amount of microfibers that may enter these major waterways. That’s why it’s a great buy for Plastic-Free July and beyond!

SpaZa Cotton Bowl Covers

Cotton bowl covers are a breath of fresh air! Instead of utilizing cling wrap or aluminum foil, stretchy cotton bowl covers will do the job so much better, without creating waste. Plus, they’re breathable—so no more condensation, which is perfect for storing those leafy greens!

Freedom Natural Deodorant

One of the best plastic swaps that you can make when it comes to the planet and your health is to switch to a natural deodorant that’s housed in compostable packaging. Freedom deodorant is one of the finest aluminum free deodorants on the market that’s cruelty-free and women owned!

B.O.B Bars Over Bottles Shampoo Bars

If you’ve always wanted to try a shampoo bar, then we’ve got the perfect trial pack for you! The B.O.B kit is the perfect way to sample shampoo and conditioner bars, and even comes with a mini bar holder. After you try these, we’re confident that you’ll say goodbye to shampoo bottles!

Tirtyl Handsoap Kit

Save the planet and save money by purchasing a nontoxic and plastic-free hand soap kit. With Tirtyl, you’ll get a stylish glass dispenser, and 4 tablet refills which create a full 8 ounces of soap each. It’s a great addition to a zero-waste kitchen, and we think you’re going to love this product!

Love Bottle

One of the easiest plastic swaps to make is ditching disposable water bottles for a reusable one. It’s much healthier for you as well. Aside from its unique look, each Love Bottle is 100% plastic free, completely nontoxic and made with about 40% recycled glass.

Uproot Clean Reusable Lint Remover

Did you know that lint roller companies make a whopping $50 million a year? Consumers are literally making these guys rich while contributing to pollution. Lint roller sheets cannot be recycled, so one of the best swaps you can make is switching to reusable lint removers—and brands like Uproot Clean is a must-have!

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5 Reasons To Love Baubles + Soles

Multipurpose Children’s Shoes That Are Good For The Planet


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In an effort to cut down on clutter and save money this year, I’ve chosen the minimalist route when it comes to shoe shopping for my four year old daughter.

Girls need a variety of shoes for different occasions, and all of the different styles that you acquire throughout the year result in a massive pile that will ultimately get discarded (via either donation or trash).

Frustrated by this scenario, I became inspired to go on the hunt for the ultimate sustainable shoes that my daughter would able to wear on different occasions, and that I wouldn’t have to throw out once she outgrew them.

And after hours of searching, I found Baubles + Soles. A sustainable shoe brand whose founders appeared on an episode of Shark Tank, and there are 5 very good reasons to choose these shoes for your little one.

Baubles + Soles


One of the first things that caught my eye about these shoes was the aesthetics. These shoes are adorable! They look like silicone, but are actually made from a vegan bio-based material derived from soy—making them 100% recyclable. According to Baubles + Soles, they source materials from scraps and discarded shoes to create brand new pairs, which saves tons of excess materials from reaching the landfill each year!


As mentioned earlier, one of my pet peeves is buying shoes for different occasions, which means that you’re forced to buy multiple shoes—and some will barely get worn.

So the second thing that I love about Baubles + Soles is that these shoes have an interchangeable bauble which basically allows you to create a brand new style for different occasions. Your child can literally wear these shoes on the playground, and then later on at a fancy dinner party or church service—and friends and family will think you own multiple pairs.

The baubles range from pompoms, hearts, and bows to cute avocados, tacos and sloths! And the best part is that even if your child outgrows their current shoe, the baubles can be used to accessorize a new pair!


It’s nearly impossible to find a pair of children’s shoes that are 100% recyclable, so I love the fact that Baubles + Soles has a mail-in recycling program that awards you with a 15% off promo code for doing so! What’s better than saving the planet while earning some savings on your next purchase? It’s a win-win!

“If you return your well-loved and worn soles to our factory, we will recycle them. Shoes that are free from contamination are recycled for use in new Baubles + Soles products. Shoes with contaminants are processed and recycled for use in non-apparel goods.”

Slip Resistant

Baubles + Soles are the perfect shoes for first time walkers! They are lightweight, flexible, and most importantly, slip resistant. These sustainable shoes are also made from one-piece construction, which means that you won’t need to worry about laces, velcro, buckles, or toxic adhesives!

Easy To Clean

Lastly, Baubles + Soles are both machine washable and dishwasher safe! No more scrubbing mud off of canvas when shoes get muddy at the playground, just rinse them off with water and be on your way!

You can currently save 20% off of your first order by signing up to be an insider on their website!

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Free Printable 4th Of July Coloring And Activity Pages For Kids

Have Some Patriotic Fun With These 4th Of July Coloring And Activity Pages

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My family looks forward to celebrating the 4th of July every year! But until it’s time to watch the fireworks, I like to keep my kids entertained with some hands on activities that help them celebrate Independence Day!

With that said, below you’ll find several fun patriotic coloring pages and fun activity sheets that consist of a word search, a maze, and a jigsaw puzzle that you can laminate and cut out.

These patriotic coloring pages and activity sheets are also great to hand out to kids at campouts or cookouts to keep them entertained so that adults can relax a little bit.

Create a coloring contest, or give a prize to whoever completes the word search first!

How To Download The Free 4th of July Coloring And Activity Pages

To download the free 4th of July printables, simply right click the image and select print, or save it to your desktop and print later. You can also click on the image to open it on another tab and print from there.

The printables below are in PNG format and suited for the standard 8.5 x 11 paper.

Free Printable Independence Day Activity Sheets

4th Of July Maze

4th Of July Word

4th Of July Scavenger Hunt

(Little Kid Edition)

July 4th Jigsaw Puzzle Page

(Laminate And Cut Out)

American Flag Jigsaw Puzzle Page

(Laminate And Cut Out)

Winnie The Pooh July 4th

Fireworks Coloring Page

Patriotic Bear Coloring Page

American Flag Coloring Page

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3 Best Water Saving Showerheads To Own In 2022

Conserve Water And Save Money With These Easy To Install Low Flow Shower Heads

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The average American will use close to 20 gallons of water per shower when using a standard 2.5 gallons per minute showerhead—but it doesn’t have to be that way.

By switching to a low-flow showerhead, the average American household can save up to 10,000 gallons of water a year! Not only is this beneficial to the environment, it’s also a nice reduction in your utility bills—especially if you live in a location where water is expensive.

And with so many innovative low-flow showerhead models to choose from, you will really enjoy the eco-friendly upgrade in your bathroom, and get a better shower experience.

How Does A Water Saving Showerhead Work?

A water-saving showerhead works by restricting the volume of water that is expelled—and depending on the showerhead, it does so by either regulating the flow or aerating the water (and some come equipped with settings that can do both).

The standard for low-flow showerheads is 2.0 gallons per minute or less. And today, some ultra low-flow showerheads offer as little as 1.2 GPM without sacrificing high pressure—incredible! Spoiler alert: one is on this list!

What To Consider When Buying A Water-Saving Showerhead

When considering a good-quality water-saving showerhead, you should consider important factors like flow rate, pressure, easy install, and aesthetics.


There are several types of water-saving showerheads which consist of: fixed, handheld, and a combination of both. Each characteristic affects functionality, so it’s important to weight the pros and cons of each style. For example, a handheld showerhead would probably be more practical for children, and individuals with disabilities than a fixed design.

Flow Rate

A good quality water-saving showerhead should use less than 2 GPM, but shouldn’t sacrifice strong pressure. Most people opt for showerheads with diverse setting options that range from soft mist to a hard spray, with some even containing a handy pause button which temporarily halts water flow while you lather.


All showerheads (not just low-flow showerheads) come in a wide variety of finishes such as matte, stainless steel, chrome, bronze, brass, nickel and more. And you’ll most likely want a finish that complements the rest of your bathroom decor.

Easy Install

Installing a showerhead is actually quite an easy DIY project that requires basic tools such as a screwdriver, wrench and a bit of plumbers tape. And low-flow showerheads are just as easy to install as standard varieties.

With that said, if you think that a low-flow showerhead is right for you, read on for our top 3 recommendations. Each one is super easy to install, and all are renter friendly!

Top 3 Best Low-Flow Showerheads For An Eco-Friendly Bathroom Upgrade

Nebia By Moen Quattro Rainshower Showerhead

✅ Low Flow Rate: 1.2 GPM

✅ Type: Fixed (Available in Handheld as well)

If you want a water saving showerhead, but don’t want to sacrifice high water pressure, then let us introduce you to the Nebia [By Moen] Quattro Rainshower Showerhead, which saves you up to 50% of water during your standard shower experience.

At only 1.2 GPM, this eco-friendly yet satisfying showerhead is the world’s best high-pressure water-saving showerhead, and features four unique and powerful spray modes to satisfy all types of shower preferences: Angel Hair, Hard Spray, Super Saver, and Soft Spray.

Saving water is easy thanks to Nebia’s atomizing spray nozzles that use a patented H2Micro technology to produce smaller, faster droplets than standard showers.

We also love that this showerhead comes in two styles to suit you: fixed and handheld—both elegant and both with unique and durable features that will last for years.

Top Features

  • Up to 50% water savings compared to a standard shower
  • Up to 60% more force than standard showerheads 
  • Universally compatible + Easy DIY Install 

Hai Smart Showerhead

✅ Low Flow Rate: 1.8 GPM

✅ Type: Handheld

With a low flow of 1.8 gallons per minute, and vibrant color options that elevate any shower space, The Hai Smart Showerhead is your new sustainable in-home spa that you won’t be able to stop showing off to friends.

This showerhead allows you to easily customize your experience using a seamless slider for the easiest spray setting adjustment that goes from a high-pressure stream to a spa-like mist.

We also love this eco-friendly showerhead because it uses water-powered Bluetooth technology, which connects with the Hai app, to track your water usage and shows your environmental impact over time. As a result, you are able to customize your duration in the shower and can actually set a timer on the showerhead itself.

With that said, Customizable LED lights let you know when the water is warm or if you have reached your target water limit—pretty cool, right!? We sure think so.

Top Features

  • Water-powered Bluetooth technology tracks water usage
  • Customizable LED lights
  • Seamless slider for easy spray setting adjustments
  • Each hai shower houses a hydro-powered micro-turbine which generates energy from water flow alone!
  • Easy DIY install which is perfect for apartment-hopping nomads

Delta Faucet 5-Spray H20Kinetic In2ition Showerhead

✅ Low Flow Rate: 1.75 GPM

✅ Type: Combination

For being a water-saving combination, the Delta Faucet 5-Spray H20Kinetic In2ition Showerhead provides a high-quality sensory experience using just 1.75 gallons of water per minute.

Both the fixed and handheld showerhead can actually be used at the same time without sacrificing water pressure. So even though water is being diverted between two shower heads, you can still get the full experience of the several awesome spray settings that this combo has to offer which include: power drench spray, full body spray, massaging spray, and full body spray with massage.

The Delta low flow showerhead also comes with a Monitor Pressure-Balanced Valve Cartridge which ensures a consistent shower temperature by balancing the pressure of both hot and cold water. Hence, the next time someone flushes the toilet, you won’t get any surprises.

Lastly, we love the pause feature, which reduces water to a trickle and maintains temperature while you lather up that hair and bod. It’s a fantastic way to conserve water usage even more, and for that, we think this showerhead is worth every penny.

Top Features

  • Detachable handheld sprayer
  • Contains a pause function
  • Protection from sudden temperature changes
  • Handheld showerhead is attached using a magnetic connector

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Best Sustainable Toddler Beds

A Guide To Non-Toxic And Sustainable Beds For Toddlers And Little Kids

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If your little one is starting to climb out of their crib, and you’re worried about their safety, it might be time to transition them to a toddler bed!

With that said, most toddlers are ready to transition to a toddler bed between the ages of 18 months and 3.5 years of age.

This may seem a bit early for most parents, but most toddler beds offer safety and security that puts many parents at ease.

With features like a low to the ground design, and guard rails to prevent falls, it makes sense that most toddler beds are actually a safer choice than cribs when it comes to active toddlers.

Why Should You Buy A Non-Toxic Toddler Bed?

Many people aren’t aware that mainstream furniture actually contain chemicals like formaldehyde, phthalates, heavy metals, and other carcinogens that can harm the central nervous system and cause long-term problems.

That’s why it’s so important to purchase a non-toxic toddler bed that is free from harmful chemicals, and will instead contribute to cleaner indoor air, creating a healthier space for your child (especially since they’ll be spending a large majority of their time in their room).

What Should You Look For In A Non-Toxic Toddler Bed?

Non-toxic toddler beds should be constructed from sustainably sourced wood—such as New Zealand Pine Wood—a fast growing pine known as the “super soft wood” of the 21st century, or birch, which can be sourced locally and has a very low carbon offset.

They should also be made using glue, paint and finish that are strictly non-toxic. Not only is this important for healthy air quality in the room, it’s also important because your little one will be making contact with the headboard and guard rails.

With that said, we encourage parents to purchase toddler beds that are GREENGUARD Gold certified, which means that they passed the most stringent emission standards and have been tested for over 10,000 volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

If you’re looking for top notch recommendations, below are several non-toxic toddler beds for every budget that are not only Greenguard Gold Certified, but are also very stylish, and contain other important key features like guard rails, and a low to the ground design.

Best Non-Toxic Toddler Beds For Healthy Sleep

Brand | Delta Children

✅ Greenguard Gold Certified

The mint-colored Logan Wood toddler bed by Delta Children is a stylish and safe toddler bed that’s low to the ground, and sustainably built from New Zealand pinewood. You have the option of purchasing just the frame, or with a Delta Children organic mattress.

Brand | Stork Craft

✅ Greenguard Gold Certified

The Stork Craft Slumber toddler bed contains a modern design, and is made from a blend of New Zealand Pinewood and engineered wood. It comes with guard rails which provide safety and security, and can fit a standard crib mattress.

Brand | Dream On Me

✅ Greenguard Gold Certified

The Dream On Me toddler day bed is made from sustainable pinewood, and contains a removable guard rail as well as roomy storage drawer underneath. It’s available in several non-toxic finishes, and makes the perfect transition bed for your little one!

Brand | Graco

✅ Greenguard Gold Certified

The Graco Bailey toddler bed is made from a combination of pine and engineered wood, and includes two guard rails on each side for safety and security. This eco-friendly toddler bed is available in several colors, and fits a standard crib-size mattress—facilitating an easy transition from crib to big kid bed!

Brand | Oeuf

✅ Greenguard Gold Certified

The Sparrow twin bed by Oeuf is sustainably produced in Europe in a FSC certified facility, and constructed from a combination of solid birch and Baltic birch plywood along with a water-based and non-toxic finish. It also has a unique yet minimalist design that parents adore.

Brand | Ti Amo

✅ Greenguard Gold Certified

The Ti Amo Teepee Bed & Trundle contains a minimalist yet dreamy design that brings all the joys of camping under the stars, without the inconvenience of mud, bad weather or wild animal encounters. It is made from solid wood, and contains a comfy pull-out trundle that’s conveniently stowed beneath!

Brand | Davinci

✅ Greenguard Gold Certified

Charming and classic, the Jenny Lind Twin Bed by Davinci is made from sustainable New Zealand pinewood, and its vintage inspired design is perfect for families who prefer classic and contemporary style furniture. This bed contains a non-toxic finish, and fits a standard twin size mattress.

Brand | Kalon

✅ Greenguard Gold Certified

The Caravan Divan twin bed by Kalon is made by European woodworkers from 100% sustainably harvested European Ash. This eco-friendly bed can double as a day bed, couch, or be used for lounging, seating or for sleeping.

Brand | Delta Children

✅ Greenguard Gold Certified

The Delta Children Paw Patrol toddler bed contains a low to the ground design and high sides that serve as guard rails. We think it’s great that it adds a sense of adventure into your child’s bedroom while contributing to clean and healthy air quality!


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Cutest Boho Baby Girl Rompers On Amazon

Whimsical Baby Girl Boho Rompers For Summer Time Fun!

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Summertime is here, and there’s no cuter summer baby fashion than boho-themed rompers for baby girls!

From the cute little ruffles, to rainbow patterns, boho-themed baby clothing gives your little one a free-spirited look that simply stands out!

Boho baby rompers also make the most adorable and whimsical-looking photoshoot outfits!

Is your baby’s first birthday coming up? Boho rompers make the perfect smash cake attire!

With that said, below are some of the most adorable Boho-themed baby rompers that we’ve found on Amazon!

Image by | Ciycuit on Amazon

The Cutest Baby Girl Boho Rompers On Amazon For Summer!

  1. Brand | Pcunitly
  2. Brand | Simplee Kids
  3. Brand | YoungerTree
  4. Brand | Ma & Baby
  5. Brand | KM Bangi
  6. Brand | Ciycuit
  7. Brand | KCSLLCA
  8. Brand | Engofs
  9. Brand | Gulirifei

If you loved these outfits, share this article on Pinterest by pinning the image below!

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10 Cutest Boho Toddler Dresses For Summer

10 Best Linen Dresses For Your Free-Spirited Toddler!

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Whether you’re looking for the perfect summer photoshoot outfit, or you just want a comfortable summer dress for your little one, boho-style dresses are the way to go!

Boho dresses are characterized by free flowing, breathable fabric that often times contains a hint of ethnic charm—minimal yet fashionable. Perhaps that’s why they’re a perfect addition to any minimalist or sustainable wardrobe.

With that said, below are 10 cutest boho dresses for toddler girls that look absolutely adorable for summer.

They’re made from light weight, breathable cotton/linen, and they pair really well with any sweater, jacket, tights and leggings.

10 Must-Have Boho Toddler Dresses

Brand | IzyJoy

Your toddler will get tons of compliments in this crewneck-style linen boho dress by IzyJoy! It’s lightweight, free-flowing, and comes in really soothing earthy colors.

Brand | KissOurBaby

We are loving this sleeveless floral dress by KissOurBaby! Pair it with some sandals or MaryJanes, and you’ve got an Instagram worthy outfit!

Brand | C&M Wadro

This sleeveless linen halter neck dress for toddlers by C&M Wadro is perfect for the beach, a cookout or the playground!

Brand | Jeelligular

How cute is this linen button-down dress for toddlers by Jeelligular? We especially love the little floral design!

Brand | Dutebare

Your little can one look stylish and boho in this front-bow linen dress by Dutebare! We particularly love it in this sage color!

Brand | Kekemi

For the little girl who loves collecting wild flowers and spending time outdoors, this adorable rainbow dress by Kekemi is a great addition to her wardrobe.

Brand | YoungerTree

One of our favorite boho-style dresses for toddlers is this design by YoungerTree. The sleeveless style with little flowers simply represents summer, and is so fun to twirl in!

Brand | Anata

This charming boho-style dress for toddlers by Anata is especially perfect for photoshoots! We may be a little biased, but it looks especially cute in a slate color!

Brand | Mightly

We are in love with this organic cotton, boho-themed dress by Mightly! It’s breathable, hypoallergenic, and has the cutest little feather designs.

Brand | Mubineo

This boho-style toddler dress by Mubineo is perfect the free-spirited child! It’s great for tropical vacations, attending church, or simply playing in the backyard.


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Top 10 Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gift Ideas For 2022

10 Sustainable Gift Ideas For The Eco Conscious Father Figure In Your Life

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What do you get a dad for Father’s Day who has everything, and says that he wants “nothing”? Well, at Eco Mom Diaries, we have a few great Father’s Day gift suggestions that dad didn’t know he needed.

Whether he’s an eco-warrior, or you just want to get dad something sustainable and environmentally friendly this Father’s Day, out gift suggestions are a fantastic way to celebrate dad on his special day while being kind to the planet.

With that said, check out our top 10 eco-friendly Father’s Day gift ideas to help you find that perfect gift that will keep giving long after the holiday has ended!

10 Ethical And Sustainable Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Dad!

ZGrills Wood Pellet Grill

If your dad is a backyard warrior and loves to grill, then consider an eco-friendly grill that uses wood pellets as an alternative to coal and gas—like the ZGrill! Wood pellets are a renewable energy source, making the ZGrill a top environmentally friendly grill choice for Father’s Day.

GreenWorks Cordless String Trimmer And Leaf Blower Combo

If dad loves doing some yard maintenance, then he’ll love these eco-friendly lawn tools that require no gas! The GreenWorks leaf blower and string trimmer are virtually maintenance free, with no gas, no oil, and no emissions. They start instantly, are quiet, and deliver the power you need—making this combo set a truly eco-friendly Father’s Day gift!

Ancheer 350W Electric Mountain Bike

With gas prices going up, dad might need an alternative to get around town. He might also be an avid outdoorsman, but weary to ride a bike due to health issues like arthritis—that’s why an e-bike is perfect. Though you might need a few siblings to pitch in, the Ancheer 350W electric mountain bike is a great beginner e-bike, and is a practical yet fun gift for dad that he will enjoy using for years to come!

Hai Smart Luxury Shower Head

This Father’s Day, help dad save on his water and energy bill with the Hai smart luxury shower head! With Hai, your dad can transform his bathroom into a smart, sustainable, in-home spa! This eco-friendly hand-held shower head features multiple spray settings, customizable LED indicators, and built-in Bluetooth technology that helps you track water usage. It’s also renter friendly, and makes an awesome sustainable Father’s Day gift!

BrüMate NOS’R Insulated Whiskey Glass

If dad enjoys a glass of whisky, he’s going to be impressed with the BrüMate stainless steel insulted whiskey glass. It has a sleek tulip shape which locks in flavor and highlights the complexities of fine whiskey, and keeps your drink 20x colder than other containers.

CHAMP Compact Portable Tech Charger

Using high density batteries, with fewer cells and materials, this ultra compact charger is capable of an 80% charge in 30 minutes and holds three days worth of power.  Dad will also love that it’s encased in 72.5% post-consumer plastic! It’s the perfect eco-friendly Father’s Day gift for the dad who’s phone battery life is always low when he’s out and about!

NorthFace Eco Trail Sleeping Bag

If dad loves to camp, and he’s been in need of a new sleeping bag, then check out the North Face Eco Trail. Both the outer shell, and the insulation consist of recycled material that will keep dad nice and warm throughout the night!

Terra Thread FairTrade Certified Gym Bag

If dad is in need of a gym/travel bag, then the ethically and sustainably made Terra Thread duffel bag is the perfect Father’s Day gift. It’s made from durable organic cotton canvas, and has plenty of space for dad’s personal belongings.

UpRoot Clean Reusable Lint Remover Set

For the dad who’s constantly cleaning pet hair off his clothing, car seats, and couch cushions, the UpRoot Clean is an awesome alternative to single use lint rollers (see my in-depth review here). It’s one of the best eco-friendly products of the year, and the set makes an awesome sustainable gift for Father’s Day!

Big Boy Bamboo T-Shirts

For the dad who needs a few new t-shirts in his closet, consider opting for ultra soft, sustainable and hypoallergenic tees made from organic bamboo viscoseBig Boy Bamboo is your one stop eco-friendly shop for men’s organic bamboo t-shirts at affordable prices, and carries an impressive size range for regular as well as big and tall men (small to size 8XL). These t-shirts make excellent sustainable gifts for Father’s Day, and every new customer gets 10% off of their first order!

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Free Printable Doctor Pretend Play Set

Keep Your Kids Entertained And Help Build Their Cognitive And Emotional Empathy With These Adorable Doctor-Themed Printables

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Some of my favorite memories from childhood involve pretend play (also known as dramatic play). And one of my favorite pretend play games involved playing doctor with my stuffed animals.

Both of my kids have carried on that tradition and my youngest continues to do so to this day. But, although she has the pretend play instruments, it is a struggle to find pretend play paperwork—and most kids love filling out paperwork!

So I made my own! And sharing with all of you!

What Are The Benefits Of Pretend Doctor Play?

There are so many benefits of pretend doctor play! For one, it teaches both cognitive as well as emotional empathy, and second, it helps kids overcome a fear of going to the doctor.

There are also other important benefits to pretend play such as learning, thinking and problem solving abilities—in other words, all of the important skills that will be needed once your little one starts attending school!

How To Download The Free Doctor Pretend Play Printables

To download the free doctor pretend play printables, simply right click the image, and save it to your desktop. You can also click on the image to open it on another tab and print from there.

The printables below are in PNG format and suited for the standard 8.5 x 11 paper.

You’ll find fun worksheets such as a patient chart, RX prescriptions, eye charts and more!)

You can either print these numerous times, or laminate them and use a dry erase marker to save on ink!

Free Printable Doctor Pretend Play Worksheets





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