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Best Sustainable Homework Desks For Kids

The Best Children’s Desks For Home Study

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If you want to give your kids the best advantage when it comes to academic learning, a good quality homework desk is a great investment to help a child excel.

Homework desks aren’t just for homeschooled children who participate in remote learning, they’re also a wonderful workspace for children who go to school and return home with homework assignments.

What To Look For In A Homework Desk

Finding an age appropriate desk is important because you want your child to be seated comfortably and have their supplies within arm’s reach. The recommended homework desks in this article are perfectly suited for children ages 5-12.

It’s up to you on whether you would like to purchase a desk made of wood, metal or hard plastic, but we recommend a homework desk made out of wood. Wooden desks are more sustainable, durable, less wobbly and more inviting.

All of the recommended homework desks in this article are made of different types of wood—from bamboo to engineered wood (which is eco-friendly because engineered wood utilizes less tree material per plank).


Benefits of Homework Desks:

Promotes Concentration

Homework desks are a personal safe space that allow your child to concentrate and focus on their learning. Kids need a distraction free workspace that will help them retain what they’re learning.

Teaches Organization

Most homework desks come equipped with open and closed storage features which help your child learn to organize their learning material. It’s a great way to store writing material, books, and even a laptop while having it within arm’s reach yet out of the way to prevent clutter.

Provides Structure

Kids (and students) do best when they have structure, and a homework desk provides them with a familiar study space that belongs to them. Instead of bouncing around from doing written work at the kitchen table and reading a chapter book on the couch, a child can focus on those tasks in one area—their desk.

If a homework desk sounds good right about now and you’d like to get one for your child, then check out our 10 recommendations below!



KidKraft homework desks are especially great for children as young as 5 because they’re so low to the ground and have perfect sized chairs for little bodies. This particular homework desk is one of their best models and contains a nice amount of shelving and storage.



GuideCraft creates really lovely homework desks in multiple colors. And we really love the multiple storage compartments that this desk has to offer—perfect for separating homework assignments.

Melissa And Doug

Melissa & Doug

Melissa and Doug is household name for many families who have purchased the brand’s wooden toys throughout the years. This homework desk contains storage space for all of your child’s homework essentials and is great for small spaces.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

The Martha Stewart brand creates really lovely and durable furniture—and this homework desk is no different. It contains nice shelving and storage space for your child’s supplies and still has plenty of room for a laptop.

Lipper International

Lipper International

This homework desk by Lipper International is great for when you have more than one child. It has storage space all around and comes with two chairs. It’s also nice spacious up top which is perfect for puzzle building, arts and crafts and board games.



This sturdy homework desk by Unicoo is made from sustainable bamboo and contains a nice amount of shelving. It’s a great fit for any space in the home and perfect for either gender.



If space is lacking, then consider this floating homework desk by PrePac. It has a good amount of storage shelving and looks functional in any room of the house. The only con to this floating desk is that it does not come with a chair like other homework desks do.

Best Sustainable Wood Bunk Beds For Children

Non-Toxic And Safe Bunk Beds For Your Child’s Bedroom

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By now you’ve most likely heard of fast fashion. It’s cheap, it’s mass-produced, and it’s loaded with unhealthy chemicals. The same goes with furniture.

New furniture tends to off-gas unhealthy fumes which fill the air and dust particles within your home. That’s why the inside of our homes are actually more polluted than the outside.

To make your home (and particularly your child’s bedroom more healthy) it’s best to purchase eco-friendly furniture made with non-toxic materials.

Hence, if you’re shopping for a bunk bed, sustainable brands are the best choice, and many of them are responsibly sourced solid wood with non-toxic finish.

The Benefits Of Solid Wood Bunk Beds

Solid Wood Is Sturdier & Safer

When it comes to choosing a frame, you should definitely go for solid wood. That’s because solid wood bunk beds are sustainable and sturdy, won’t wobble like some metal frames can, and will withstand the test of time.

Wooden bunk beds are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye and make a room look more inviting as opposed to a bed with a metal frame. That’s why wooden bed frames are better suited for young children who naturally don’t care so much about “contemporary” aesthetics.

Bunk Beds Are Convenient For Visiting Guests

Bunk beds are perfect for when you’re hosting a sleepover or need someplace for a visiting family member to sleep for a couple of days! That’s because most bunk beds have an extra ‘pull-out’ bed that you can store underneath the bottom bunk. It’s an incredibly convenient feature.

No Need For A Box Spring Mattress

A bunk bed doesn’t require a box spring mattress because a box spring is far too bulky for a bunk bed frame and can actually be dangerous. So you’re actually saving money by not having to buy a box spring—which is way more expensive than a regular mattress. And if you’d like a recommendation for an organic mattress, check out our article on the best organic mattress brand!

Bunk Beds Save Space

You could have two separate beds in your children’s room, but that takes up a lot of space that could otherwise be useful for more activities! Some bunk beds even come with storage shelves which help keep a room clutter free.

Bunk Beds Are Great For Creative Play

Bed beds are great for creative play, especially since some come with additional features—like a slide, a cabin-style design and staircase. All of these features are practical, functional, and best all, fun! Your child can sleep at night and pretend play during the day.

Below are several non-toxic bunk bed brands made from sustainably sourced solid wood and safe finish. These bunks are a healthy choice to have in your child’s bedroom, and although all meet or exceed safety standards, a few are also Greenguard Gold Certified, which means that they’ve been tested for over 10,000 volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) such as benzene, ethylene glycol, formaldehyde, methylene chloride, tetrachloroethylene, toluene, xylene, and 1,3-butadiene.

Best Eco-Friendly Bunk Bed Brands For Children

Max & Lily

Max & Lily

Material | New Zealand Pine

Weight Capacity | 400 Pounds

The Max & Lily twin over twin bunk bed is made from sustainable New Zealand pine wood. This bunk bed is unique because it’s low to the ground, making it ideal for low-ceiling bedrooms and younger children. This bed can hold 400 pounds, and the frame is durable, non-toxic, and has a low VOC finish.

Source: Max & Lily


Material | Eco MDF

Weight Capacity | 250 Pounds

The unique Perch bunk bed by Oeuf is compact by design and is Greenguard Gold certified. It’s made of FSC Certified Baltic birch plywood and low emission E1 certified MDF. The finishes are non-toxic, water-based, and VOC health hazard-free. 

The Perch Bunk Bed can be separated into a loft bed and a standalone twin for new room configurations as your child grows and changes. It has a weight limit of 250 pounds, and ships in recycled packaging.



Material | Spruce wood, CARB II TSCA compliant MDF, CARB II TSCA compliant plywood and rubber wood

Weight Capacity | 250 Pounds

Babyletto TipToe Bunk Bed in White and Washed Natural fits a standard twin-size bed mattress and converts into two individual twin size beds. It’s Greenguard Gold certified and made with eco-friendly non-toxic materials. The rounded edges make for safe fun, and the ladder can be placed on either side.

Ti Amo

Ti Amo

Material | Solid + Engineered Wood

Weight Capacity | 225lbs (TOP) 350lbs (BOTTOM)

The Ti Amo Adirondack Cabin bunk bed is made from a combination of solid and engineered wood. It is a skillfully crafted bunk bed that combines a sleek, contemporary design with a creative and inspiring space for your kiddos. The weight capacity for this Montessori style bunk bed is 225lbs for the top bunk and 350lbs for the bottom bunk.

Walker Edison

Walker Edison

Material | Solid Pine Wood

Weight Capacity | 250 Pounds

The Walker Edison Della is a classic twin over twin bunk bed made from responsibly sourced pine wood. It can hold 250 pounds on both top and bottom bunk and can be converted to two single twin beds. This bunk is great for small bedrooms, and has a minimalist style that parents like.



Material | Solid + Natural Wood

Weight Capacity | 650 Pounds

The EcoFlex full on full bunk bed is great for kids for want a little more space, and includes a trundle. The frame is made from verifiably sustainable wood and can hold up to 650 pounds. Parents love the easy assembly and Pottery Barn quality at 1/4th the cost!

Ti Amo

Ti Amo

Material | Solid + Engineered Wood

Weight Capacity | 225lbs (TOP) 350lbs (BOTTOM)

This minimalist style teepee and trundle bed by Ti Amo is perfect for younger children who are afraid of heights. It’s also great for little outdoor enthusiasts who love camping under the stars, without the inconvenience of mud, bad weather or wild animal encounters. The weight capacity for this minimalist gem is 225lbs for the top bunk and 350lbs for the bottom bunk.


Must-Have Beach Essentials For Young Kids

5 Beach Essentials For Toddlers That Make Life A Lot Easier

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Whether you’re on a vacation or a staycation, the fact is that parenting doesn’t get any easier. And in some circumstances, things can get a little stressful, especially if you’re not prepared.

I live close to the beach, so my kids and I spend time on the beach on a regular basis, and each time we go, I get a new idea for an essential item that makes the next trip much, much easier.

Enjoying the beach can be especially tricky if you have very young children. It can down right even be exhausting. Hence, preparation is key in order to have a stress-free time.

So, as a mom of two young children who have visited the beach many times, I’m going to list my favorite tips and must-have items that help me enjoy the beach every summer.

Destin, FL 2021

Travel Potty

Unless your little one is still in diapers or training pants, it’s a great idea to bring along a portable potty with disposable liners. It personally took me a very long time to potty train a stubborn 3 year old, and there is no way I’m letting her revert back to a diaper—so I pass on the swim diapers.


I really love and recommend this portable potty chair by Tinukim because it’s compact and small enough to fit in any tote bag, and it’s awesome for road trips when you don’t want your child to sit on public toilets. I keep my portable potty in the trunk of my SUV and it’s so convenient.


An Inflatable Swimming Pool

Many young children are terrified of going near the ocean water—and they’d much rather stay on the sand where it’s safer and less intimidating. But, the problem is that they still long to play in water—especially because it’s hot and they want to feel like they’re still experiencing the water.

So I bring along a small inflatable swimming pool and fill it up with ocean water using one of my daughter’s sand buckets. And if you don’t feel like blowing anything up (you’re tired from all the walking, I get it), you get can a pop-up tent & pool combo made just for toddlers.

Intex Baby/Toddler Pool

Sand-Proof Beach Towels

I’ve been to the beach enough times to know that regular beach towels are a complete nightmare because they trap sand. So if your child gets out of the water and they want to wipe their face—they get an eyeball full of sand—even if the towel was nowhere near it, the wind will find a way to get some on it.

I recommend getting sand proof towels which are ultra thin, ultra smooth microfiber towels that basically repel sand instead of trapping it. Plus, they dry you off better, and also dry fast as well—so you’re not stuck with a wet and sand-filled towel on the drive home.

Decomen Sand-Proof Towel

A Beach Umbrella That Won’t blow Away

If you don’t go to the beach very often, then you’ll be in for an unpleasant surprise when your beach umbrella gets picked up by the wind and you’re chasing it up the beach while trying to keep an eye on your stunned kids. This would happen to me every time and one day I got fed up and ordered a special umbrella that came with an anchor. Sandbags are also a great way to keep your umbrella in place.


A Beach Wagon

When you have kids, let me tell you, it’s exhausting trying to guide or carry them from the parking lot to the shore along with all the other necessities that you’ve packed (beach tote, food, snacks, water, umbrella, chairs, towels). I mean, it really is a lot of work. There were times walking back to the car when I though I would pass out not only from the heat, but because I had to carry a heavy backpack and a crying toddler in my arms. So I highly, HIGHLY recommend a beach wagon!


Best Non-Toxic Teething Toys For Babies

BPA-Free Teething Toys That Help Baby Relieve Sore Gums Quickly!

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Teething is one of the most unpleasant experiences that both baby and mom go through together.

When a baby is teething, the gum pain can disrupt their sleep cycle, their temperature can spike, they drool excessively, and it just makes them oh so irritable.

That’s why teething toys can be such a life saver for babies—and mom’s sanity.


Babies find relief in biting and chewing, so teethers are naturally the best pain relievers for your little one’s aching gums. It’s like scratching an itch.

When buying a teething toy for your baby, you must always make sure that they’re BPA-free, BPS-free, Latex-free, phthalate-free and lead free—those are harmful to your baby’s health.

Below are our recommendations for some of the best non-toxic teething toys that are 100% safe for your little one’s gums.

And they’re super cute too!


Bambeado Natural Rubber + Natural Amber Teething Toy

This adorable teething toy is “Little Bamber”, and moms everywhere are LOVING IT! This teether is made from a combination of natural rubber and natural Baltic amber—and is perfect for parents who love the concept of Amber as a soother, but don’t feel comfortable using a necklace. With Amber infused into the rubber, this teether is a safe and effective gum soothing device.

Baby Elefun Silicone Teether

The Baby Elefun silicone teether is made from food grade silicone and is super easy for your little one to hold. We love this teether because it has 5 different textures for your child to nibble on, and even reaches the back molars. Even the packaging is cute and giftable!

Green Sprouts Organic Cotton Blanket + Teething Ring

Green Sprouts

Give baby the best of both worlds with this nontoxic silicone teether and organic Cotton blanket in one by Green Sprouts! The soft organic cotton muslin blankie is great for cuddling with or chewing on, while the silicone teething ring massages gums and promotes healthy oral development. This combo makes your baby feel safe and secure and is perfect for road trips and travel!

Eco Inspired Silicone Teether

The Eco Inspired silicone baby teether doubles as a feeder! So go ahead and throw in some frozen breastmilk cubes or frozen fruit, and help baby relieve his or her gum pain while sneaking in some nutrients! The aesthetics are incredibly cute, and these come in a pack of 2 or 3, and each one is for a different age group!

Natural Wooden Keys Teether


These non-toxic wooden keys by PlanToys are made from pesticide free rubberwood which is completely sustainable, and makes a soothing sound when baby rattles these keys around. It’s the perfect teether and entertaining toy in one.

BookWorm Baby Silicone Teether

Let’s face it, babies LOVE chewing on books! And this non-toxic silicone teether by Bookworm Baby is the perfect solution to both painful gums and keeping your little one’s real books in-tact! We love that this teether contains little bumps, and is tear-resistant to prevent bacteria growth! Plus, Basil the bookworm is super adorable.


Biter Teether Natural Wood + Silicone Teething Toy

This non-toxic teething toy by Biter Teether is made from a combination of natural beechwood, maple wood and silicone. We love all the fun shapes that this little teether has—especially the feathers!

Green Sprouts Silicone Front And Side Teether

This front and side teether by Green Sprouts is made from non-toxic silicone that’s hypoallergenic, BPA, and PVC free. It’s great for easing pain while cleaning baby’s gums thanks to a variety of textures and shapes. This silicone teether is also easy-to-grip for little hands and is dishwasher safe! Great for 6 months and up!

Green Sprouts Silicone Molar Teether

This silicone molar teether by Green Sprouts is perfect for babies age 6 months and up who are cutting those painful back teeth! This teether is easy to grip and made from non-toxic silicone that’s hypoallergenic, BPA, and PVC free, and offers baby a variety of textures to munch on.

Promise Babe Hedgehog Wooden Teether

This chewable charm bracelet teether by Promise Babe is made from a unique combination of eco-friendly organic Maple wood, beech wood and non-toxic cotton crochet beads. This teether has beautiful details and the fabric beads are hypoallergenic.

Mali Wear Natural Teethers

The Mali Wear natural teething toys are made from natural wood and natural cotton, and double as a rattle. These non-toxic teethers are hand-made in the State of New York by a family owned shop, and babies love the aesthetics of the sweet rabbit!

Haba Clutching Rainbow Caterpillar


The Haba natural wooden baby teether is made from non-toxic wood with a non-toxic finish and is incredibly easy for your little one to grab and hold. It’s also a great shape that helps develop sensory motor skills!


The Best Alternative To Single-Use Pet Pads

This Natural And Eco-Friendly Pet Pad Replaces Around 60 Disposable Pet Pads

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If you have a new puppy, a senior dog who’s accident prone, or you’re an individual with mobility issues and can’t take your dog out as often as you’d like, then you know just how important it is to have pee pads around the house.

When shopping for pet supplies, pet owners typically gravitate toward single-use disposable pee pads. And that’s because they’re viewed as convenient. I mean, who wants something that you have to clean all the time and that’s going to stink, right?

I’ve been there. My family has fostered A lot of dogs over the years and single-use disposable pads were always a big part of our pet supplies stash. But I have to admit—disposable plastic pet pads are not eco-friendly, and they’re not effective with all dogs—in fact, most the dogs I’ve owned in my lifetime ignored the pads.


With that said, there are much better alternatives when it comes to single-use pet pads—and one of those better alternatives is the Bark Potty.

Bark Potty

Dubbed the nickname “dog park in a box”, the Bark Potty natural pet pad can be used for one month, is made from FSC Certified redwood chips, plus a durable and recyclable plastic tray, and replaces up to 60 single-use pads!

What about the smell?

When it comes to the Bark Potty, you don’t have to worry about unpleasant odor. The anti-microbial redwood chips absorb liquids, breaking them down naturally so that the pad has little to no smell – and the plastic tray at the bottom keeps everything contained and mess-free.

Bark Potty

How about dog poop?

Each Bark Potty pad also comes with a handy roll of biodegradable waste bags for easy clean-up when it comes to solid waste. As you can see in the photo below, the waste bags are conveniently placed into the side of the cardboard box and can easily be pulled out.

Bark Potty

The Bark Potty is definitely a great purchase and is easy to maintain—making it ideal for pet owners with brand new puppies, disabilities or mobility issues.

Let’s Recap:

Lasts For 30 Days

Easy Maintenance

Anti-Bacterial & Odor Control

Comes Equipped With Compostable Solid Waste Bags

Made from Natural And Recyclable Material

Budget Friendly

Source: YouTube Bark Potty

10 Must-Have Solar Powered Gadgets For Your Home And Lawn

Unique Solar Powered Gadgets That You You Can Use Around Your Home And Garden For Decor, Pest Prevention And Home Security

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When you think about it, many of the products that you use outside of your home can be powered with solar energy—which is a great way to save money and lower your carbon footprint.

Solar power is free, plentiful and great for the environment, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of such a wonderful power source.

Aside from adding solar panels to your roof, you can also purchase solar powered gadgets in the form of security cameras, bird baths, mole repellents, pathway lights and much more. And the best part is that using those solar powered items won’t contribute to your power bill because they harness [free] energy from the sun.


The only downside to solar powered products is that you need sunlight for them to work, and on cloudy days, you won’t get as good of a charge. Still, the functionality, eco-friendly and money saving benefits of solar powered gear and gadgets outweighs the tiny inconvenience that might only happen if you live in states where it’s constantly cloudy.

If any of that sounds good, then let’s take a look at 10 brilliant solar powered gadgets that will help enhance your living space, deter some unwanted pests and help lower your electric bill.



To keep from having to have the porch light on all night, many home owners install motion sensor lights around their homes to save money and for added security because they discourage unwanted visitors like prowlers and thieves. They’re also convenient for people with disabilities and for delivery drivers who may need to find your front door.

Motion sensor lights come in 3 varieties when it comes to power source: battery operated lights, wired lights or solar powered lights. And in our opinion, solar is the way to go—the power source will charge during the day and go to work at night (without costing you anything). AmeriTop is a great brand that sells solar powered lights in pairs of 2 with easy install.



Cooling your house during summer months can really raise your electricity bill. By cooling your attic with a solar fan, you’ll essentially be cooling your entire house, and saving money in the process.

Solar attic fans like Amtrak will quietly cool your house, ventilate your attic, garage or RV and simultaneously protect against moisture. So as you can see, it’s a very versatile solar gadget that’s very useful.



Solar-charged, underground critter repellents like the ones by Thanos are an effective and humane way to keep your lawn from being repeatedly destroyed. They emit ultra-low frequency sonic pulses that penetrate the soil, every 30 seconds.

The sound is extremely irritating to moles and other burrowing critters because they are virtually blind and thus extremely sensitive to sound and vibrations. The sonic pulses encourage underground varmints to vacate the property and also discourage return visits.



Light up your beautiful walkway with free energy! These elegant solar pathway lights are waterproof and easy to install. They also add style to your landscape design.

The solar panels absorb sun light during the daytime and convert it into electricity to light up your pathway at night. The lights automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn which preserves battery life.



Millions of American households have a security camera installed somewhere outside their home. And many require an electrical power source or batteries in order to do their job. But with a solar powered security camera system, you don’t need to worry about such things.

YESKAMO is a really great brand when it comes to solar powered security cameras and I encourage you to read the positive reviews. This camera is weatherproof and requires only a short amount of sunlight to work for a very lengthy amount of time. It’s one of the best solar security cameras on the market.


Pic Solar

When it comes to mosquitos, citronella candles, tiki torches and bug sprays can only do so much. They deter—not eliminate. That’s why it’s ideal to incorporate a bug zapper to your outdoor living space.

Solar Bug Zappers give off zero air pollutants, and require no fuel replacements compared to standard oil-burning torches. A bug zapper, like the one by Pic Solar, can replace up to (90) refills of torch fuel (projected consumption based on 4-months of an average evening of use). It’s a wonderful eco-friendly and effective swap.



If you own a birdbath, or are considering getting a birdbath for your yard or garden, installing a solar pump is a smart way to recycle water. It can also be placed into a pool, pond or traditional birdbath.

The Viajero solar fountain features a powerful 2.5W solar panel and long lasting 800mAh battery—working together they provide continuous power and ensure stability of the pump throughout the day when it’s sunny or cloudy out.



Solar powered garden lights are an awesome way to spruce up any outdoor space—especially your garden. And there are so many beautiful solar garden lights to choose from! For the 20 most beautiful solar powered garden lights, see our article here.

Solar powered garden lights are waterproof and this particular one comes with an upgraded solar monocrystalline panel which enhances the brightness of the little globe within the crescent moon.



Havig a solar powered address sign is a great way to make your address visible. It’s a convenient for visitors, delivery drivers and emergency responders to find your home in a more timely manner.

Solar powered address plaques such as this one by Greluna, come with number decals for personalization and a mounting stake for the ground. They charge by sunlight during the day, and shine for long hours at night.


Magic Cat

Ultra sonic animal repellents work by emitting an intense ultrasonic signal to scare dogs, cats, wild boars, mice, birds and many other animals away from your zone, house, garden, and yard. It’s great to take on camping trips with you!

A great and humane way to repel above-ground animals out of your yard and garden is to install a weatherproof, ultrasonic device. The Magic Cat solar powered animal repellant is a great brand that is safe, eco-friendly and humane.

Best Eco-Friendly Pretend Play Toys

Sustainable And Non-Toxic Wooden Toys For Fun And Healthy Pretend Play

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Pretend play is crucial to a young child’s development because it helps them practice emotional and social roles that they’ll have to put to use in real life; imaginative play is also a great way for children to learn problem solving skills.

Pretend play toys are basically toys that aid imaginative scenarios, which your child acts out. Some examples are pretending to be a chef and cooking with a pretend stove, or fixing a toy car using pretend play tools and workbench.

While there are many fun pretend play toys on the market, many of them are plastic, and made with toxic paint and adhesives.

Plastic toys will also never biodegrade. That’s why wooden pretend play toys are a better, more environmentally friendly choice when shopping for your child.

All of the toys in this article are sustainable, made from ethically sourced material, made with nontoxic paint and adhesives and are shipped in compostable packaging.

The brand PlanToys, for example, are made from “sustainably harvested rubberwood trees that can no longer produce latex paired with surplus sawdust chips that are thermally reprocessed to form a durable wood, and finished with E-Zero non-formaldehyde glue, and non-toxic water-based dyes”—PlanToys

EverEarth is another brand showcased in this article that use sustainable and environmentally friendly materials to create their toys—like beechwood.

Below you’ll find a few amazing pretend play toys by these eco-friendly brands that are not only non-toxic, recyclable and biodegradable, but made with exquisite details that kids will love and appreciate.

Pretend Play Waffle Set


This fun and sustainable Pretend Play Waffle Set from PlanToys is sure to bring on the smiles. The set includes a wooden waffle, fruit slices, syrup, and a pretend play waffle iron. 

Pretend Play Vet Set


Have an animal lover in the family? Encourage them to share their love of animals with PlanToys’ Pretend Play Kids Vet Set! With medical equipment like a vaccine bottle, bandage, collar, and 2 x-ray films – that all fit into a teal vet bag – this pretend play set is perfect for encouraging empathy in your little one!

Multi-Use Kid’s Play Center


Puppet show? Lemonade stand? Pop-up kitchen? Wherever your little one’s imagination takes them, this Multi-Use Kids Play Center from PlanToys will support it! It comes equipped with everything your kiddo might need; fabric curtains, chalkboards, storage space, and even a pretend stovetop. 

Pretend Play Dentist Kit


Make trips to the dentist a little easier by making your little one a dentist with PlanToys’ Pretend Play Kids Dentist Kit! This non-toxic, responsibly sourced wooden kit contains all the essentials to teach your kid about the importance of dental care – like a toothbrush, dental tools, and tool belt.

Pretend Play Fire Station Set


Your little one will have an awesome time using their imagination with this wooden Pretend Play Fire Station Set by Hape! This wooden pretend play set even comes with a firetruck and helicopter for fun pretend play rescues!

Pretend Play Refrigerator


Complete the play room’s kitchen with the Pretend Play Refrigerator by Plan Toys! Featuring freezer and fridge areas and an adorable faux ice maker, this piece encourages imagination and doubles as extra storage for toys and games.

Carpenter Play Set


With the Carpenter’s Playset from EverEarth, kiddos will have everything they need to lose themselves in imaginative crafting! Complete with a variety of fun tools and accessories, this playset features everything a little woodworker could hope for. Plus, it’s made exclusively from FSC Certified Beechwood!

Pretend Play Stove


Encourage imagination and a passion for cooking with the Pretend Play Kitchen Stove by PlanToys! Your mini-chef will enjoy using both the stovetop and oven for any and all pretend food creations. 

Pretend Play Shopping Cart


Take playtime anywhere with the Pretend Play Shopping Cart from PlanToys! With reinforced rubber wheels paired with a large roomy compartment that can transport and store tons of toys, this wooden shopping cart is fun to push around and play with. 

Pretend Play Microwave


Encourage imagination and a passion for cooking with the eco-friendly PlanToys Pretend Play Microwave! Featuring realistic knobs and a swinging door, this toy is perfect for mini chefs in the making!

Pretend Play Carpenters Work Bench


Pretend play has never been so fun! Encourage your little one to get crafty with the Kids Play Workbench from EverEarth. Complete with a workstation, level, saw, wrench, and other play tools, you’ll have a little handy man (or woman) on your hands in no time!

Pretend Play Kitchen Sink


Encourage imagination and a passion for cooking with the PlanToys Pretend Play Microwave! Featuring realistic knobs and a swinging door, this toy is perfect for mini chefs in the making!

The Benefits Of Charcoal Facial Soap

How Incorporating Activated Charcoal Soap Into Your Daily Skin Cleansing Routine Can Help Fight Acne, Wrinkles And Blemishes

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I’ve always been a huge fan of activated charcoal powder, and I happen to take it in capsule form several times a week for digestive health.

Activated charcoal is created by burning carbon-rich materials such as coconut shells, bamboo, wood, coal or even olive pits—resulting in a very porous version of carbon that can bind to many other elements.

When taken in capsule form, activated charcoal absorbs and traps toxins, gas, and chemicals in your intestines—preventing your body from absorbing them, and instead, eliminating them out of your body when you go to the bathroom. This results in less stinky farts and less bloat. Activated charcoal is truly wonderful!

It’s even been used as a poison antidote since the early 1800s. According to, “studies show that when a single dose of 50–100 grams of activated charcoal is taken within five minutes of drug ingestion, it may reduce drug absorption in adults by up to 74%”.

If activated charcoal can do all that within your body, can you imagine the awesome benefits of applying it to the outside of your body?

Activated Charcoal In Facial Soap

With that said, activated charcoal is an excellent ingredient in facial soap. Similar to its miracle work in your gut, activated charcoal pulls toxins and impurities out of your skin, resulting in cleaner, smaller pores and tighter skin. It has even been known to clear up psoriasis and eczema.

Treats Acne And Blackheads

Activated Charcoal is amazing for acne treatment. In addition to drawing out toxins and impurities that clog pores, activated charcoal calms inflammation, allowing acne to dry up and heal.

Controls Oily Skin

Activated charcoal is great for oily skin and can help keep it under control. Oil clogs pores, resulting in blackheads and other skin issues like acne, so by cleansing your skin with activated charcoal in the morning and evening, you’re helping to maintain healthy pores.

Results In Firmer Skin

Whenever I wash my skin with activated charcoal soap, it feels a lot firmer without feeling dry. That’s because activated charcoal shrinks your pores, resulting in tighter skin. It’s a great addition to your anti-aging regimen.

Treats Beard Dandruff

Activated charcoal soap can be used to treat beard dandruff. Dandruff is often brought on by oily skin and fungal overgrowth, hence, activated charcoal absorbs both of those impurities, resulting in flake-free skin. It’s a great addition to one’s beard grooming routine.

Charcoal Detox Face And Body Bar By Apple Valley Natural Soap

Apple Valley Natural Soap

I get my charcoal facial soap from Apple Valley Natural Soap—a family-owned online store that specializes in handmade soap and shampoo bars. All of their cleansing products are made with natural and organic ingredients, and are always shipped in compostable shipping material. So, I may be a little biased, but I love this particular activated charcoal facial soap and how it leaves my skin feeling cleaner and firmer and each night.

“You’ll love the herbal, minty, licorice scent – and the midnight black coloring is gorgeous” -AVNS

Activated Charcoal And Cracked Black Pepper Exfoliant Bar

Jungle Culture

This unique cold-pressed bar by Jungle Culture is hand made in Vietnam and has an interesting combination of all-natural ingredients. Combined with activated charcoal, black pepper is used to exfoliate dead skin and stimulate blood circulation. This in turn drives more oxygen to your face and leaves you with a healthy, glowing complexion.

“In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, each and every soap bar is handmade using a cold process. The dry ingredients, and then the wet ingredients, are all mixed together over several hours until the blend reaches the perfect consistency. The soap makers pour the mixture into aluminium moulds and line them up on a rack, letting them dry naturally. Even at this stage, where extra heat could speed things along, we prefer to keep it natural. Around six weeks later, the bars are finally ready. They’re hand cut and carefully wrapped in recycled paper” – Jungle Culture

Activated Charcoal Soap For Men By Viking Revolution

Viking Revolution

This activated charcoal soap by Viking Revolution is another awesome activated charcoal soap bar made with all natural and organic ingredients. It’s a masculine looking hockey puck that smells like peppermint and eucalyptus—a clean smell that isn’t too overpowering. It cleans your pores, eliminates beard dandruff and leaves you smelling fresh.

“cleans pores, removes blackheads and tackles acne while cleansing the facial skin, but with no waiting. Just wash your face in the shower and you’re done” -Viking Revolution

Sustainable Toy Storage Furniture For Kids

Eco-Friendly Toy Storage Furniture For Sustainable Organization

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If you have kids, then you know the struggle of keeping a playroom (or living room) clean and clutter-free. And it’s incredibly stressful if you don’t have proper storage material to keep everything nice and organized.

If you get the right kind, most toy storage furniture can even be repurposed in other other areas of your home when your kids outgrow them.

These days, toy organizers even come with unique added features like reading nooks, which give kids their own little personal space to unwind and enjoy some picture books. While others are shaped to fit corners in order to maximize space.

What Are Sustainable Toy Organizers Made From?

The best kind of toy organizers are made from sustainably sourced material and nontoxic finish. Pine, for example, is a great choice because it’s a soft wood and can regrow quickly (as well as bamboo). There is also manufactured wood (MDF) which is made from scraps and other recycled material—so as you can see, there are many options.

To help you get your toys under control, we’ve hand-picked some very cool sustainable toy organizers that meet or exceed safety standards, and some are even Greenguard Gold Certified, which means that they’ve been tested for thousands of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

If you’re worried about shipping cost, don’t! Most of these toy storage cubbies qualify for free shipping on Amazon, simply because they’re over $25. And the ones that don’t? You can simply sign up for a free Amazon Prime trial and get free shipping for 30 days on qualifying brands! (Then cancel anytime! It’s that simple!)

Best Sustainable Toy Storage Ideas For Your Child’s Bedroom

Brand | IRONCK

The IRONCK Retro Toy Box Organizer is made of P2 grade MDF board, and is very durable and easy to assemble. Unlike most traditional toy boxes, this wooden chest contains a bottom drawer which can store clothing, books and other items. Lastly, when your child outgrows its purpose, this sustainable toy box can be used as shoe storage in the entryway!

Brand | Le Toy Van

This sustainable toy chest by Le Toy Van is made from sustainably sourced materials and finished with non-toxic paint. It’s an elegant storage box that is designed in London, and ethically built with sustainable FSC Teawood, plywood and stainless steel.

Nico & Yeye

Brand | Nico & Yeye

This toy box chest on casters by Nico & Yeye is made from sustainably sourced wood and is Greenguard Gold Certified. This sturdy toy box can roll from room for easy mobile play and clean up, and is available in many different colors.

Delta Children

Brand | Delta Children

The Delta Children MySize deluxe toy box is Greenguard Gold Certified—which means that it is made with environmentally friendly material, and rigorously tested for thousands of toxic compounds. This non-toxic storage box is both spacious and stylish—perfect for the playroom or living room!


Brand | Sturdis

This multi cubby wooden toy organizer by Sturdis is made from medium density fiberboard (MDF) wood, and comes with multiple storage bins that allow you to separate toys. This storage system provides easy access to toys, and also offers a learning opportunity for your little one to separate toys and put them away on his or her own!

Martha Stewart

Brand | Martha Stewart

This toy and book organizer by Martha Stewart doubles as a reading nook and is constructed from a combination of FSC-certified birch and engineered wood. It’s a great space saver, it’s stylish, and it’s a great place for your child to spend some quiet time, reading.


Brand | MuseHomeInc

This charming toy box by Muse pHome Inc. (which has excellent reviews, by the way), is made from a combination of sustainable pine and manufactured wood. It’s an excellent storage nook for books and stuffed animals.


Brand | LaBebe

These Montessori-style stackable wooden storage bins by LaBebe are incredibly versatile and double as little stools. Stack them up or place them in a line—there are many fun ways to arrange them! Plus, we are loving the fun colors and artwork that each bin contains!


Brand | Timy

This charming wooden toy storage chest by Timy comes with comfortable cushioned bench seat and is made from medium density fiberboard (MDF) wood. It’s a sustainable piece of furniture that can be used in the entryway or other areas of the home! We also love the pull-out drawers on the bottom where you can store some coloring books!

Melissa & Doug

Brand | Melissa & Doug

This simple yet sturdy wooden toy chest by Melissa and Doug contains 8.25-cubic feet of storage space to tuck away all those toys and stuffed animals! This sustainable toy box is perfect for minimalist style homes, and small apartments as well!

Brand | Hollow Woodworks

The Hollow Woodworks Personalized Puzzle Toy Box has ample space for your little one’s favorite toys and lets everyone know who they belong to! This eco-friendly toy storage organizer is made from maple and birch woods and contains a nontoxic finish. It’s customized work of art that looks great in any room!


Perks Of The Amazon Baby Registry

A Guide To The Amazon Baby Registry

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If you’re looking for an online baby registry with a large selection of eco-friendly products, you may want to sign up with the Amazon baby Registry!

Online baby registries have become increasingly popular among expecting moms—and for good reason. They’re convenient. They let you create a wish list of products that are visible to others; allowing new moms to get the baby products they’ve had their hearts set on!

There’s only one problem. Many expecting moms (and dads) don’t know which online baby registry to use. And that’s pretty understandable considering all the big brand stores that have recently jumped on board. All these options can be overwhelming.

That’s why you should try the Amazon Baby Registry. Many moms already have an Amazon Prime account, and the Baby Registry is not only extremely easy to use, but also comes with a lot of perks that aren’t offered on those “other” sites. Plus, they have a huge selection of green products!


Raise your hand if you love free stuff—because you are going to love getting a surprise welcome box of items for both baby and mom valued at $35!

Both new and seasoned moms to-be will appreciate an assortment of products that they can try out—and maybe fall in love with.

We tend to stick to what we know, so a welcome box packed full of surprises is a great way to try something new! However, to qualify for this box, you need to:

  1. be an Amazon Prime member
  2. must choose at least one item from Amazon’s “checklist” categories and
  3. someone must make a $10 purchase from your registry (you can make a purchase yourself).


Amazon has a huge selection of eco-friendly baby and maternity products to choose from.

Amazon literally has millions of products in inventory—with an impressive selection of eco-friendly products. So there’s no question that you’ll be able to find a ton of sustainable and zero-waste products for you and your little one.


Our generation is constantly on the go! Moms today are busy working, running errands, chasing after the kids—you name it. That’s why Amazon lets you manage your Amazon Baby Registry on any device whenever—and wherever—you want.


If you find something that you absolutely love on another website, you’ll still be able to add that item into your Amazon registry via their Universal Registry Button. It’s really quite simple to install!

The Universal Registry Button is a browser application that lets you add items from other websites to your Amazon Registry. Use this to keep track of what you want from anywhere.


If you are a Prime member, you automatically qualify for free shipping—however, you can still qualify for this perk as a non-member by making sure that your order is at least $25.


You’re going to love this! You’ll receive a completion discount of 10% on all items left on your registry list (prime members receive 15%). This offer is good on a one time purchase. What does this mean? It means that if you save the biggest, most expensive items toward the end, you’ll save BIG.

How does it work?

You’ll be be notified about your discount via email, 60 days before your due date. Following your due date, you will have 180 days to take advantage of it.

Additionally, Amazon allows you to apply the discount to a one-time purchase of up to $5,000. So, if there’s a crib, high-end stroller or other item that you really want, take advantage of that offer! It could save you up to $500.00 or more!


This is a really cool feature—a Thank You List is automatically created for items purchased from your Amazon Baby Registry!

Your Thank Your List will show you the names and addresses of people who have bought items from your Registry.

Keep in mind that some gift givers choose not to share their address and their address will not be displayed. Gifts purchased by the registry owner will not show in the Thank You List.


That’s right, mama! Gifts purchased from your Amazon baby registry are eligible for free returns within 365 days of the receipt of your shipment. Plus, the gifter won’t know that you returned them!

However, baby items purchased by the registry owner have to be returned within 90 days of receipt of shipment. And items outside of the registry are subject to the standard 30 day return policy.


As a perk, you’ll also get 20% off diapers in baby’s first year when you reach $500 in registry spend. Combine with Subscribe & Save up to 40% off.

Keep in mind that Amazon carries eco-friendly diaper brands such as: Earth+Eden & Bamboo Nature—both made of sustainable material.

And there you have it! You get free samples, discounts, free two-day shipping, easy returns, and much more! The perks are well worth it!

To learn more or to sign up for your baby registry, click below!

Amazon Baby Registry