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Abiie Octopod Suction Plates For Babies: Honest Review

Sustainable Toddler Plates That Help Rein In Mealtime And Make Clean Up A Breeze!

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If you’re shopping for sustainable toddler plates, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve recently introduced some Abiie Octopod dishware to my child’s mealtime routine, and I am very excited to share a first-hand review with you!

If you’re getting ready to introduce your baby to solid food, or you simply have a little one who gets a tad bit messy during mealtimes, you’re going to need the right type of plate to help keep things under control.

Toddler plates (and bowls) that contain a suction device are the very best plates to own if you have a messy eater on your hands. They should also be sustainable, non-toxic, age appropriate and contain a fun design that encourages picky kids to eat.

Abiie Octopod suction plates and bowls contain those specific features and more (which are listed below) —and that’s why we adore them.

10 Reasons To Love The Abiie Octopod Suction Plates And Bowls

  • The Abiie Octopod suction plates and bowls are non-toxic and free of hazardous chemicals such as BPA, PVC, Pthalates and lead which can leach into your baby’s food.
  • The Abiie Octopod plates stay stuck on any flat surface and won’t budge—which means less mess. They are also easy to remove!
  • In addition to less mess, the Abiie suction plates are super easy to clean and are stain resistant. The silicone plates and bowls are dishwasher safe, while the bamboo plate contains such a smooth surface that washing it in the sink is a breeze.
  • The Abiie Octopod plates are eco-friendly and sustainable due to being made from bamboo and durable silicone that will last for years. They lower your carbon footprint and make a great addition to a sustainable kitchen.
  • The silicone bowl contains a lid which makes it great for travel as well as keeping food warm. I often use our Octopod bowl for car trips and fill it with my daughter’s favorite snack.
  • The sections within the Octopod plates are great if you have picky eaters or a child with sensory issues who doesn’t like different food groups to make contact with one another.
  • The Abiie Octopod bamboo suction plates come with matching spoons that contain a silicone tip. These spoons are great to use in yogurt containers as well.
  • The Octopod plates and bowls are high quality and aesthetically beautiful. They make fantastic gifts for new parents or even as birthday gifts.
  • The Abiie plates and bowls are age appropriate and have a fun design (especially the frog shaped silicone plates) which encourage kids to eat.
  • The Abiie Octopod plates are versatile and great for both purées as well as solid finger foods.

With that said, below are three Abiie plates that I own and all about the features that make them so unique and worth buying. Trust me, I know that there are a ton of toddler dinnerware brands just as cute as these, but the quality of Abiie is phenomenal and sets them apart from the rest.

Best Baby & Toddler Suction Plates And Bowls

Abiiebaby silicone bowl with lid
Serving some Greek Yogurt and fruit in our Octopod suction bowl. Image By Angelika Arroyo @ecomomdiaries

OCTOPOD® Silicone Baby Suction Bowls

The Octopod silicone baby suction bowl is thick and durable yet lightweight and flexible, and comes with a convenient silicone lid. I really love this bowl because it’s great for refrigerating left overs, and really great for travel (if you’re flying, these stick really well to the seat tray and prevent spills).

The bowl (and lid) have a buttery soft feel and are very easy to wipe and wash. Most of the time, I place the bowl into the dishwasher along with other dirty plates and it comes out perfectly clean. Other times, I give it a quick rinse with a sponge and some dishwashing detergent.

Overall, this is a great bowl for on-the-go and soft, liquified foods such as soups, yogurts and purées. Moms can even use themselves for smoothie bowls or ice cream.

Octopod Frog plate. Image by Angelika Arroyo @ecomomdiaries

OCTOPOD® Silicone Frog Suction Dishes

The Octopod silicone frog dish is my little one’s favorite. The frog face shape adds fun to every meal, and it sits securely on the dining room table / high chair thanks to the powerful suction cup.

Just like the Octopod Silicone bowl, the frog dish itself is very thick and durable, and has a very buttery soft feel that makes washing it very effortless. I use it for my little one’s main meals as well as a snack spread.

Overall, this is a great plate to use for baby led weaning. It has three sections for three different food groups, it has an amusing design and it stays put so that mom or dad have less to clean.

The Octopod Bamboo Suction Dish is perfect for some dinosaur nuggets! Image by Angelika Arroyo @ecomomdiaries

OCTOPOD® Bamboo Baby Suction Dishes

The Octopus Bamboo baby suction dish is just as impressive as the silicone frog plate.
It is made from sustainable bamboo and contains a strong and effective silicone suction cup. Baby led weaning is a breeze with this dish as well because it contains 3 spacious sections and stays in place no matter how hard your little one tries to knock it over.

I really love that this dish came with a matching spoon, which is also made from a combination of bamboo and silicone. Babies who are teething need that soft padding on a spoon to avoid hurting their sensitive gums, so this a wonderful feature. Plus, a spoon helps babies and young toddlers work on their motor skill development.

Overall, this is a fabulous plate combo set that I would definitely include in your little one’s feeding supplies. It also comes in very nice packaging which makes it a very giftable item for new parents.

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Best Baby Wearing Costumes For Halloween

Genius Baby Carrier Costumes For Halloween 2022

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Your baby can’t officially Trick-Or-Treat yet, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy Halloween!

There are many ways to include your new baby in Halloween activities, one of which involves a baby carrier!

Baby carrier costumes have become a huge trend, and it allows mom (or dad) and baby to become an epic costume duo!

You can make your own carrier costume, or you can purchase one online if you’re not much of a DIY enthusiast.

With that said, keep reading to see our compilation of awesome baby carrier costumes that you and baby can rock this Halloween!

Some of these costumes are available on Amazon, and some are available on Halloween!

Genius Baby Wearing Halloween Costumes For 2022

Halloween baby wearing costume

Little Red Riding Hood And The Big Bad Wolf

We are loving this Little Red Riding Hood carrier costume. The grey wolf costume slips over your front carrier and has stuffed arms and legs while your baby gets to wear whatever makes them happy and comfortable. Then, slip the red hood around your shoulders and you’ll be ready to head to grandma’s house in fairytale style!

Halloween baby wearing costume

Pirate And Mermaid Carrier Costume

Ahoy! You suited up for the adventure of a lifetime—parenthood—and now your little scallywag is ready for their first foray into the deep abyss…of Halloween! The baby portion of this costume contains an iridescent tail, body cover, headband and shell top. Mom and dad get a hat and eye patch combo!

Halloween baby wearing costume

Chicken And Farmer Carrier Costume

This super cute Chicken and Farmer Carrier Costume gives you the fun of dressing up with the ease of still being able to wear your baby. A fluffy white chicken body with dangling orange feet straps onto a standard baby carrier with elastic bands. Included is a matching cap complete with a chicken’s eyes, beak and comb to keep your baby’s head warm and cozy. As for the farmer, you get a rustic burlap hat with a wide brim to keep the sun out of your eyes while you tend your flock of one. 

Halloween baby wearing costume

Chef And Lobster Carrier Costume

This master chef and lobster carrier costume is a huge hit on Halloween night! One reviewer on Amazon even claims that she won a Halloween contest with this idea! The baby portion includes a hat and main lobster body while the master chef gets to wear an apron and hat. It’s an adorable combo that will get a lot of praise.

Halloween baby wearing costume

Chef And Spaghetti Carrier Costume

This genius baby carrier costume let’s mom or dad be a chef, while baby gets to dress up as an adorable pot of spaghetti! The chef portion includes a white chef’s hat, while baby gets a spaghetti hat and pot of spaghetti as the main frame. It’s an absolutely adorable costume for Halloween!

Halloween baby wearing costume

Robber And Money Bag Carrier Costume

Steal the show this Halloween in the adorable Thief and Money Bag Costume for mom and baby! This criminal costume includes a mask, beanie, and money carrier cover, making it easy for you to sneak around in the darkness. 

Halloween baby wearing costume

Diver And Octopus Carrier Costume

This fun baby carrier costume will get you a lot of compliments on Halloween. Light and durable, the octopus costume is easy to put on and keep on. Mom gets a mask and flipper covers for the shoes. The whole combo is unique and entertaining!

Halloween baby wearing costume

Pumpkin Baby Carrier Costume

This baby carrier costume is perfect for minimalists. This carrier costume kit includes a pumpkin carrier cover and matching pumpkin hat for mom or dad. It’s also more budget-friendly than other carrier costumes.

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Funny Halloween Costume Ideas For Baby

The Best Funny Baby Halloween Costume Ideas For 2022!

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

Are you shopping for an adorable baby costume that’s laugh out loud funny? You’ve come to the right place!

Halloween is just around the corner, and if this is your baby’s first Halloween, then you want their Halloween costume to be epic!

Halloween may be the spooky season, but that doesn’t mean that babies are obligated to wear a scary costume. There are much better options for babies that will still win Halloween—and they’re absolutely adorable!

Tips For Choosing A Halloween Costume For Your Baby

  • Consider diaper changes and choose a costume with easy diaper access. Wrestling with a costume in chilly weather isn’t any fun for mom nor baby.
  • Consider the weather. If you live in a location where Halloween night is pretty chilly, consider a costume that’s made of fleece and keeps your baby warm. Likewise, if you live in a state where it’s still warm, consider something that won’t make baby overheat.
  • Consider the fabric. Babies with sensitive skin should probably stick to hypoallergenic and breathable fabric to avoid feeling itchy and uncomfortable. There are many Halloween-themed hypoallergenic bodysuits that make great alternatives to actual costumes.

With that said, I’ve compiled a list of the best Halloween costumes for babies that are going to win Halloween and make wonderful memories for the entire family!

Some of these baby Halloween costumes are available on Amazon, and some on!


Best Baby Halloween Costumes Of 2022

Marshmallow Man Costume

Parents are loving this Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Halloween Costume—and it’s a huge hit when they go trick-or-treating! Mom and dad can dress up as ghostbusters and make it a theme!

Baby Boxer Costume

Your baby is a tough little guy, so this Halloween, consider dressing him up as a professional boxer! The fake muscles and tattoos are absolutely adorable!

Hershey Kiss Costume

Your baby will be the most adorable little Hershey Kiss on the entire block! There is also a Hershey chocolate bar costume for adults if mom and dad want to do a group costume!

Baby Corn Costume

It’s corn! Lol. This baby costume is most likely going to trend this year thanks to the viral corn song on TikTok!

Grandpa Baby Costume

Does your baby already seem like an old soul? This Halloween, dress him in this exclusive Great Grandpa Costume for Infants!

Baby Grandma Costume

Dress baby up as a grandma this Halloween and watch how everyone will fawn all over her! It’s sweet yet funny all at the same time!

Baby Cappuccino Costume

This infant costume turns your baby bundle of joy into a delicious cup of cappuccino! Well, not literally, of course, but it does give her an outfit that looks like a tasty cup of your favorite drink.

Lovable Sloth Costume

Your baby will be the cutest sloth on Halloween night! This adorable sloth costume has the cutest little claws and head piece with wild hair! It’s also great for a chilly night!

Red Heinz Ketchup Packet

If you’re going out and using a stroller / pram, then this Heinz Ketchup bunting costume is perfect for your little one’s first Halloween celebration!

Money Bag Baby Costume

Celebrate winning the parenting lottery with this Money Bag Baby Costume! It’s perfect for infants, and great for strollers!

Ghostbusters Slimer Costume

There’s nothing cuter than a baby slimer on Halloween night! This baby Halloween costume is also perfect for chilly weather!

Baby Lobster Costume

This baby lobster costume is perfect for chilly weather and has easy access to your baby’s diaper for quick diaper change.

Avocado Baby Costume

Your baby’s favorite food can also be their Halloween costume this year! This avocado costume is warm, and has snap buttons for easy diaper access!

Gizmo Baby Costume

You’ll have the cutest gremlin in the neighborhood with this snuggly Gizmo costume!

Baby Monster Costume

This Frankenstein costume is a not so spooky idea for your little one’s first Halloween, and contains snaps for an easy diaper change.

Raggedy Ann Costume

This Raggedy Ann baby costume is adorable for baby’s first Halloween!

Baby Elvis Costume

If you’re a fan of Elvis, then a baby Elvis is a great Halloween costume idea!

Baby Hotdog Costume

This classic snack food is beloved by people of all ages. Now your little one can become a hotdog this Halloween while staying warm and toasty!

Baby Octopus Costume

Warm and cozy, this funny Halloween costume will turn your baby into a stuffed octopus! It also doesn’t have a bottom, making it easy for parents to do a quick diaper change.

Baby Banana Costume

This Baby Banana Bunting gives a whole new meaning to bananas in pajamas. Your little one will be secured, and ready to sleep whether they are in the car, or you are taking a walk with them in the stroller.

Taco Bell Burrito Baby Costume

This burrito costume is perhaps my favorite bunting costume for infants! It keeps them nice and warm, and makes everyone giggle when they see it!

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10 Genius Baby Gadgets To Snag From Amazon In 2022

10 Must-Have Baby Essentials That All Parents Need In Their Baby Registry

This post contains affiliate links which may earn us a commission.

Sometimes you come across a baby product that just makes motherhood a heck of a lot easier—especially if it’s a solution to a problem that you’ve been desperate to find!

Every mom has been there—searching through Amazon at 4 am in the morning during a feeding, looking for a baby product that helps with colic or something that helps baby sleep better (and longer). And it feels great when your eye catches something that might be worth trying!

Baby essentials have come a long way, and there are many innovative baby products that are literally genius. I’m actually a little jealous that most of these were not around when my two kids were infants.

With that said, below are 10 genius baby gadgets that every mom should add to their baby registry list, or just snag it during that 4 am feeding!

10 Genius Baby Products That Every Mom Needs On Their Baby Registry List

Summer Infant Portable Booster Chair

Have you ever been at an outdoor event and wished that you could prop your little guy up in something other than a stroller? Let’s face it, strollers are convenient, but they’re also bulky and don’t fit everywhere we go. That’s why we at Eco Mom Diaries love this portable booster chair by Summer Infant! Perfect for camping, outdoor cookouts, parks and more!

NatureBond Silicone Feeder + Teether In One

The teething stage is no joke. In fact, it can downright be a complete nightmare. That’s why we love this silicone teether+feeder and pacifier in one by Naturebond. You can literally add anything mushy into it like: yogurt, breastmilk or fruit puree to this device and freeze it—creating a delicious form of pain relief for your baby!

Graco Smart Bassinet

Taking care of a newborn can leave you sleep deprived! That’s why we are loving the Sense2Snooze Bassinet by Graco. This smart bassinet has cry detection technology that soothes your baby right back to sleep—so that you can get more sleep! It’s a genius product that every new parent needs to have on their baby registry!

NutriBullet Baby Complete Food Prep System

If you’re someone who wants to make their own baby food, then the NutriBullet complete food making system is a great buy! It comes with a blender, batch bowl, storage cups with trays and even includes a recipe book with tips! It’s a great way to feed your baby healthier food, and will save you money in the long run! After all, those tiny little baby jars are expensive and loaded with preservatives!

EvenFlo Smart Infant Car Seat

Car seats have come a long way in the last few years, and I am personally jealous that I didn’t have the option to buy this genius car seat by EvenFlo. The smart chest clip and wireless receiver connect to an app on your smart phone, giving you real-time updates on your child’s comfort level and well-being. It’s a baby product worth buying!

Never Drop Silicone Teething Toy

We really love this wearable silicone mitten by Smily Mia. It’s a non-toxic teether that baby can freely hold onto without their hands getting hot and sweaty (like they do in gloves), and there’s less chance of dropping it. These genius silicone teethers come in various colors and characters and they’re super durable!

AquaScale 3-In-1 Infant Bathtub

There are a ton of infant bathtubs on the market, but none are cool as this 3 in 1 infant bathtub by AquaScale. This smart tub includes a digital scale to accurately weigh your baby, and a water thermometer to ensure that the water temperature is just right for baby’s bath! The size of this tub is also great—parents have been able to use it on 18 month olds!

Owlet Dream Duo: Sock Monitor + HD Camera

Parents are loving the award-winning Owlet Dream Duo baby monitor! Not only this a great way to keep an eye on your sleeping baby, it’s also a great way to track their sleeping trend (including number of wakings, heart rate, oxygen level, sleep quality, and total hours slept). It’s a must-have for any new parent!

Tommee Tippee Portable Bottle Warmer

The Tommee Tippee portable bottle warmer is a must-have for moms who are constantly on the go! Moms who have purchased this simple yet genius thermos swear by it! It keeps hot water hot for hours, making it super easy and convenient for warming bottles anytime and anywhere you need to!

Cuckool Colic Relief Heated Belly Wrap

Tons of moms across the country swear by the Cuckoo heated belly wrap for babies! Many made this purchase out of desperation and ended up loving it because it was a life saver and actually works! The Cuckoo heated belly wrap for babies helps increase circulation, aids baby’s digestive system, promotes relaxation and relieves baby gas and colic pain. It’s especially awesome during tummy time!

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