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How To Wash A Down Jacket At Home

A DIY Guide To Successfully Washing Your Down Jacket In The Washing Machine

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If you need advice on how to give your favorite down jacket a good cleaning in the washing machine without damaging it, you’ve come to the right place!

I know the feeling. You have this super expensive down jacket that cost you anywhere between $100 to $500, and you’re scared to death of damaging it in the wash. But, it can be done safely and successfully.

With that said, we’ve created a DIY guide to washing your down jacket at home—even if you don’t own a fancy front load washing machine.

Is It Safe To Wash My Down Jacket In A Top Load Washer?

Yes, it is safe to wash a down jacket in a top load washer. The reason that a front load washing machine is recommended to wash down jackets in the first place is because it doesn’t have an agitator, which can literally shred the outer layer of your down jacket.

However, when you set your top load washing machine on the delicate/hand-wash cycle, you’re locking the agitator in place, which stops it from turning, and the only thing that moves around is the drum; slushing the water around and then transitioning into the spin cycle.

But, you still want to take precautionary measures, because your down jacket can still snag on the agitator, even though that part is locked in place. So below are some tips and tricks to carefully wash your delicate jacket even in a delicate cycle.

What Laundry Detergents Are Safest For Washing Down Jackets?

Down jackets are delicate, and using the wrong detergent can ruin your down jacket. Hence, washing your down jacket with regular laundry detergent is not recommended for several important reasons:

  • Regular laundry detergents are full of additives, oxidizers, enzymes, fragrances and fabric softeners.
  • Regular detergent can strip down feathers of their natural oils, which are responsible for that nice fluff that down jackets have.
  • Regular laundry detergents can also strip away the coating that provides water repellence.

With that said, it is best to use down-specific laundry detergent such as Allied Down Wash, which is an eco-friendly laundry detergent that doesn’t contain palm oil nor any other harmful additives. It also has a comforting coastal pine scent that you will really enjoy.

How To Wash A Down Jacket And Not Ruin It

Women’s The Northface Metropolis Jacket
The North Face Women’s Metropolis Jacket

Step 1 | Prep Your Down Jacket

Take your down jacket and place it into a large mesh laundry bag, which you can easily find on Amazon. Mesh laundry bags made specifically for delicates can keep your down jacket in place, and will keep it from snagging on the agitator of a top load washer (even if the agitator is locked).

(If you’re washing your down jacket in a front load washer, you do not need a mesh bag, but you certainly can still use it.)

Step 2 | Prep Your Washing Machine

Set your water temperature setting to cold (30 degrees), and your wash cycle to delicate/hand-wash. Once the water starts pouring into your drum, add your down-specific laundry detergent, followed by your down-jacket (in a mesh bag mentioned above). DO NOT ADD LIQUID SOFTENER!

Step 3 | Make Sure Your Down Jacket Gets An Extra Rinse

If you’re able to, set your laundry machine on the extra rinse option to make sure that you rinse off as much detergent residue as possible, especially if you have hard water. Hard water can be a bit stubborn, and has a hard time removing excess residue on the first try.

Step 4 | Time To Dry

  • Take your down-jacket out of the mesh bag, and transfer it into your dryer. Then, make sure it is set on either low or air dry. Anything higher than this setting will damage your jacket.
  • Avoid softener sheets at all cost, and instead, throw in a wool dryer ball or two. Wool dryer balls speed up the drying process, and help fluff your down jacket—restoring it back to its original cozy state.
  • Throughout the drying cycle, you can unzip your jacket and turn it inside out so that every inch of it dries effectively.

The Best Non-Toxic Laundry Detergents

Ready To Toss Your Toxic Laundry Detergent? Read On To Learn About The Best Plant-Based Detergent Brands!

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

Shopping for a natural detergent brand, but not sure which one to choose? You’ve come to the right place!

One of the most used cleaning products in the home is laundry detergent—and it makes constant contact with our skin via clothing, towels and bedding. And due to this constant contact, a lot of people question the ingredients and how they impact our overall health.

Unfortunately, many popular laundry detergents are made with harsh chemicals that have both short and long term consequences on our health. But, you can easily protect yourself and your family from these scary toxins by switching to a natural detergent.

With that said, we’ve created a shopping guide to the safest laundry detergents on the market. They contain all-natural ingredients, as well as eco-friendly packaging that doesn’t harm the planet.

Why Is Natural Laundry Detergent Better?

As mentioned above, mainstream laundry detergents contain ingredients that are actually harmful to our health—but how?

Well, even in the rinse cycle, detergent doesn’t entirely wash out—it lingers in the fibers. And when we sweat, our pores absorb whatever leaches out, resulting in skin conditions like rash and eczema.

That’s why it’s especially important to at least invest in non-toxic laundry detergent when it comes to your children, as well as undergarments, which are tight fitting, and can actually be the cause of your recurring BV (bacterial vaginitis) due to all the synthetic chemicals.

How To Choose The Right Non-Toxic Laundry Detergent

Choosing an all-natural l laundry detergent can be confusing for anyone—especially because there are so many different kinds like: pods, sheets, powders, liquids and even “berries”. But, there are certain qualities to look for when shopping for eco-friendly and non-toxic laundry detergents and those are:

  • Paraben Free
  • Pthalate Free
  • Phosphate Free
  • Bleach & Dye Free
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • Recyclable & Compostable Packaging
  • Plastic-Free Packaging
  • Hypoallergenic & Dermatologist Tested 

The Best Non-Toxic Laundry Detergents For A Sustainable Laundry Routine

1. Blueland Laundry Tablets

If you’re into refillable cleaning products, then you’ll love Blueland’s refillable laundry tablet kit. The starter kit comes with 60 tablets and an aesthetically pleasing refillable container. Small yet mighty, just one-two tablets is powerful enough to remove tough stains and kill odors while being gentle on skin. Shop directly on or


2. EarthBreeze Laundry Sheets

EarthBreeze laundry sheets are pre-measured laundry strips with a heavenly scent. These laundry sheets are plant-based and toxin-free. I also can’t stress enough how convenient these detergent strips are for travel, and can easily be stashed in a baby wipe box or pencil case. For my full review of EarthBreeze laundry sheets, click here. You can also shop directly on Earth or:


3. Dropps Active Wash Laundry Detergent Pods

If you’re someone who loves the convenience of laundry pods minus the plastic waste, then you’ll love Dropps Active Wash laundry detergent pods. This non-toxic laundry detergent is wrapped in biodegradable polyvinyl alcohol film and packaged in a recyclable and compostable cardboard box to minimize single-use waste. It’s also our detergent of choice for washing heavily soiled active wear.

4. Attitude Plant And Mineral Based Laundry Detergent

The Attitude laundry detergent line is ECOLOGO Certified, and formulated with only natural and vegan ingredients such as green tea extract. This non-toxic laundry detergent will keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean thanks to its advanced deodorizing formula. It’s also biodegradable, and contains no irritating enzymes – making it perfect for family members with sensitive skin who need a hypoallergenic formula.

5. Tangie Laundry Soap Bar Concentrate

The Tangie Laundry Soap Bar is a unique and eco-friendly way to make your own laundry detergent. Just dilute the Tangie Laundry Bar in a container filled with water, and you will have enough non toxic liquid laundry detergent to wash up to 256 loads of laundry. You can easily make one gallon of liquid detergent with just one bar, or cut in half to make less.

6. Nature First Soap Berry Laundry Pods

If you love soap berries, but prefer the convenience of laundry pods, then the soap berry laundry pods are a fantastic laundry detergent alternative for your household. These eco-friendly laundry pods by Nature First are produced using a proprietary natural water extraction method to pull the super-concentrated cleansing agents (saponin surfactants) to create a soap berry concentrate, and they’re packaged in a compostable bag.

Meliora Laundry Powder

7. Meliora Eco Laundry Powder

The Meliora Natural Laundry Powder is made with highly concentrated, all natural ingredients like baking soda, pH boosting washing soda, and skin softening coconut oil, which easily removes stains. This non-toxic laundry powder is packed in a recyclable and reusable stainless steel canister, and the brand donates 2% of all sales to environmental non-profit organizations.

8. Lole’s Natural Granule Soap

Lole’s natural granule soap is made with allergen-free, plant based ingredients and yields 33 loads of laundry. It contains a lovely Savon Marseille scent that is made with halocent technology which provides long lasting fragrance for your clothes. This laundry soap is also biodegradable, cruelty free and has many positive reviews on Amazon.

Best Farmhouse Halloween Home Decor On Amazon

Spooky Farmhouse-Inspired Halloween Decor Ideas to Try This Year


This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

Are you looking for Halloween home decor inspiration, but don’t want to stray too far from your beloved farmhouse style? You’ve come to the right place!

Over the last couple of years, Farmhouse Halloween decor has had some really fun trends such as hanging witch hats, flying bat decals, black crows, skeletons, black cats, black lace, and anything Hocus Pocus related.

I love scrolling through Instagram and getting inspiration for ways to style my home farmhouse style for Halloween—and much of what is trending on social media is in this article!

With that said, below are some fabulous hand-picked farmhouse inspired Halloween decor for a spooky yet inviting atmosphere.

Must-Have Farmhouse Halloween Home Decor

Halloween Bat Wall Decals

Halloween bat decals have been trending for the last few years—adding a spooky farmhouse charm to any home!

Hocus Pocus Halloween Pillow Covers

If you love the movie Hocus Pocus, then you need these Hocus Pocus themed pillow covers as part of your spooky fall decor this year!

Halloween Decoration Set For Fireplace

If your home happens to have a fireplace, give it a spooky makeover with this 36 piece decoration set. You have to admit, it looks pretty cool!

Handmade Stretched Art On Wood

This beautiful handmade Halloween sign by Lone Art has a rustic look and is available in various sizes. It fits perfectly with farmhouse style decor!

Faux Black Crows

Faux black crows are trending this year, so take a chance and add them to your farmhouse Halloween home decor!

Layered Door Mat

This layered Halloween door mat by Honoson is one of the best impulse buys you’ll make this fall!

Hanging Black Witch Hat Set

Black witch hats have become a Halloween decor staple, and they look pretty cool hung on the porch (or balcony if you live in an apartment). This particular set is a value deal, because it comes with a few bats!

Black Feather Halloween Wreath

This spooky yet chíc Halloween wreath looks great on your front door or your fireplace.

Black Leaf Garland

Channel your inner Morticia Adams and dress up your fireplace or entry way with spooky-chíc black leaf garland.

Rustic Metal Halloween Sign

This rustic metal Halloween sign is a great addition to your farmhouse Halloween home decor!

Black Cat Metal Sign

This black cat sign by Artsy Woodsy is made from premium metal and can be hung anywhere inside or outside of your home. If you’re into minimalism, this metal sign is a perfect addition to your Halloween home decor.

Halloween Tiered Tray Decor

Get into the spirit of Halloween by displaying spooky tiered tray decor all month long!

Faux Black Pumpkins

Black pumpkins are an elegant yet spooky addition to Halloween farmhouse decor. Stack them around your fireplace or front door!

Witches’ Brew Wood Art

This farmhouse style wooden sign looks great near your coffee station!

Halloween Lantern Set

These spooky lanterns make a perfect addition to your farmhouse Halloween decor—and the entire set is under $20!

Black Coffin Letter Board

This coffin shaped letter board is a must-have for your Halloween farmhouse inspired home decor. You can even get Rae Dunn inspired font/letters here!

Rae Dunn Candy Bowl

This Halloween, hand out candy in style with this farmhouse-chíc Rae Dunn candy bowl.

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Best Fall Home Decor Finds On Amazon

Welcome Autumn Into Your Home With These Cozy Amazon Finds


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It’s officially fall, and if you’re ready to transform your home into a cozy autumn oasis, then read on to see my favorite fall decor finds on Amazon!

Each season is gorgeous in its own unique way, but in my opinion, fall is the best due to its stunning vibrant colors, cool weather and holiday festivities (Halloween and Thanksgiving).

And there’s no better way to welcome fall into your home then to spruce up your interior with some cozy autumn-inspired accent pieces.

Some of my favorite fall home decor consist of chunky knit throws, lanterns, faux pumpkins and twinkle lights that create a cozy atmosphere in the evening—and Amazon contains some of the best fall must-haves!

Fall decor can also be left out for quite a while too. Those of us with a fall fetish start decorating in late august and don’t switch to Christmas decor until after Thanksgiving.

With that said, below are some of my favorite fall decor finds on Amazon that create a cozy vibe all season long.

The Best Amazon Fall Decor Finds For A Cozy Autumn Home

Chunky Knit Blanket By Samiah Luxe

Stay extra cozy this fall with this ultra soft chunky knit blanket by Samiah Luxe. Available in several earthy colors, this chíc boho-style blanket will give your home a cozy autumn vibe!

Sweater Weather Soy Candle By Sweet Water Decor

Invite the cozy scent of woods, warm spice and citrus into your home with the charming sweater weather soy candle by Sweet Water Decor.

Faux Pampas Grass Indoor Boho Wreath

This faux pampas grass wreath is a beautiful shade of burnt orange, and a must-have fall decor item in your home this year! It’s chíc, it’s minimalistic and it’s one of my favorite fall finds on Amazon this year!

Hand-Made Funny Fall Wine Glass

This hand-made wine glass by Susabella is a must-have this fall! I just love aesthetics and fun vibe that this glass gives off.

Faux Fur Autumn Pillow Covers By Miulee

Fall movie nights will be even cozier with these Autumn inpsired faux fur pillow covers by Miulee! They come in a set of 2, and are one of my favorite fall decor finds on Amazon!

Dried Pampas Grass

Pampas grass will add a boho-chíc touch to your fall home decor. It’s elegant, minimalistic, and can be used to celebrate any season.

Faux Pastel Pumpkins By Winemana

Be a little more than basic this fall and add a touch of fun pastels into your home! These pastel pumpkins by Winemana will add a whimsical vibe into your living space!

Farmhouse Fall Centerpiece By Valerie Madelyn

This rustic fall bouquet by Valerie Madelyn is a fabulous centerpiece for your dining room or kitchen table.

Burlap Faux Pumpkins

These charming burlap pumpkins by Aneco are made with environmentally friendly foam and secured with hemp twine. Use them as a centerpiece on your dining room table, as window sill decor or even for a wedding or fall party.

Acorn String Lights

Turn your living space into a cozy and whimsical autumn oasis with these charming acorn twinkle lights. Inspired by real Harvest acorns, these string lights are great for creating a warm atmosphere during the Autumn season.

Sweater Weather Stoneware Style Mug

Enjoy your morning coffee and evening tea with a fabulous fall-themed mug by Sweet Water Decor. It’s perfect for a farmhouse themed kitchen, and the elegant design makes it a wonderful gift item as well.

Faux Pumpkin Spice Latte Cups By Oriental Cherry

These super cute faux pumpkin spice latte cups by Oriental Cherry are a unique and fun addition to your fall home decor. Place these on a tiered tray or as part of a centerpiece on your coffee table. These are another one of my favorite Amazon fall finds!

LED Brown Willow Vine Lights

These brown willow vine lights by Mulcolor create a cozy autumn atmosphere in any space of the home. Perfect for the bedroom, dining room and anywhere else that needs some sprucing up.

Cozy Knotted Throw Pillow

This unique throw pillow is available in several earthy colors that make a perfect cozy addition to your fall home decor.

Autumn LED Plush Gnomes By Threan

For a cozy and festive fall atmosphere, this group of gnomes by Threan will do the trick! Each one has built in LED light that creates a relaxing atmosphere!

Plush Pumpkin Pillows

These plush pumpkin accent pillows are a cozy addition to your autumn home decor, and they’re available in several earthy colors and sizes.

Ceramic Fall Vase Set By Teresa’s Collections

These autumn inspired vases by Theresa’s Collections add the perfect fall vibe to your home. In my opinion, they would look lovely with faux sunflowers or pampas grass.

Fall Scarecrow Tiered Tray Decor

Tiered trays are a fun way to display your favorite fall decor, and I am loving this 4-piece scarecrow set by Huray Rayho! Unfortunately, these do not come with the tray, but the good news is that you can shop for whatever shape tray best suits you!

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Unique Farmhouse Finds On Amazon

Looking For Some Cozy Farmhouse Decor? Read On To See What We’ve Found On Amazon!

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

Are you ready to spruce up your home with some fabulous farmhouse furniture? You’ve come to the right place!

I am constantly pinning images of farmhouse home decor on Pinterest, and recently I am loving modern farmhouse decor which focuses more on light and airy color tones.

Farmhouse interior design focuses on functionality and comfort—so you’ll find that a lot of farmhouse furniture pieces and accent decor are made from reclaimed wood, metal and natural elements which make a home look organic, cozy and inviting.

With that said, keep reading to see my hand-chosen roundup of modern farmhouse furniture pieces that are available on Amazon.

Many are of these unique pieces are handmade, reclaimed and repurposed, so I’m sure you’re going to love them!

The Best Farmhouse Furniture And Decor Finds On Amazon

1. Luxe Combo Console By Doug And Cristy Designs

This beautiful combo console table has been built from natural reclaimed wood and is perfect to showcase at any entry way or any area that needs some life. It’s a best seller on Amazon, and it’ll look lovely in your home! You can also choose from 3 different colors!

2. Personalized Canvas Farmhouse Sign By Tailored Canvases

This charming rustic farmhouse sign can be customized. It especially makes a wonderful housewarming gift for someone who just purchased their first home.

3. Farmhouse Style 2 In 1 Fragrance Warmer

This 2 in 1 warmer by Candle Warmers Etc is a great addition to your farmhouse themed decor! You can warm a candle or wax melts, and fill your home with your favorite scent!

4. Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table By OKD

This modern farmhouse coffee table contains fun sliding barn doors that provide easy access to your stored items. It’s rustic yet cozy and looks great as part of a farm house themed living room. You can also choose from about 3 different colors.

5. Decorative Ladder Shelf

Decorative ladder shelves can literally be used in any room of the house, and can store blankets, towels or hold small decor like candles, potted plants or wooden signs. Whatever you choose to use it for, it will definitely make your space pop.

6. Farmhouse Pillow Covers

Spruce up the pillows on your couch, fireplace or covered patio with these charming linen farmhouse pillow covers that look absolutely warm and inviting. They’re a little thicker than cotton, so they will last you a good while!

7. Farmhouse Wall Clock

This large modern farmhouse wall clock by Alben is a must-have for your farmhouse themed home decor. It looks lovely hung or propped against the wall, and it’s a unique alternative to round clocks.

8. Metal Egg Basket By Rural 365

This charming metal egg basket by Rural365 is a wonderful addition to your farmhouse kitchen—especially if you have chickens and collect live eggs.

9. Farmhouse Tiered Tray Decor

This charming 6-piece tiered tray decor features the ever popular gnome along with miniature farmhouse themed pieces (trays are sold separately). Display them on your kitchen counter, coffee table, fireplace or entry way!

10. Handmade Woven Baskets

Woven baskets are a staple in every farmhouse inspired home, and these handmade woven baskets by GooBloo are all natural and made from 100% jute. They also come in a set of 2 and are absolutely lovely. Use them as hampers or storage bins for towels and linen!

11. Galvanized Rustic Side Table By Hallops

This beautiful galvanized table adds warmth and rustic style to any room. It can be used as a side table, night stand or anything else you can think of. If you’re searching for a unique farmhouse furniture piece to add to your home, this is it.

12. Ceramic Vase Set By Gunlar

These charming ceramic vases are farmhouse chíc, and look beautiful displaying both faux and fresh flowers. Use them as end table decor, or as a centerpiece on the dining room table.

13. Farmhouse Coffee Bar Cabinet By Hostack

This charming coffee bar cabinet can be more than just a coffee station. Use it as a book rack or wine holder. It adds style and beauty to any space, and is available in various colors—choose one with a finish that best suits your living space!

14. Rustic Console Table By Deco 79

This rustic console table adds unique style to your entryway or living room. It features 2 large iron bicycle rims holding together the base and surface of the table for a cozy and organic feel. It’s one of our favorite farmhouse furniture Amazon finds!

15. Farmhouse Decorative Lanterns By Kibaga

These rustic lanterns are a perfect addition to your farmhouse style decor. You can use this set as a centerpiece on your dining table, as fireplace mantle decor, or even use it to upgrade the decoration at a party or wedding to the next level!

16. Farmhouse Entertainment Center By Joy Source

This gorgeous farmhouse-style entertainment center by Joy Source is surprisingly budget friendly. It has a lot of storage space and contains sliding barn doors. It’s rustic yet modern, and will add charm to any home.

17. Farmhouse Garland By RGB World

These charming wooden beads are a best seller on Amazon, and people are loving the aesthetics and quality of this garland. Use it in a small space to bring life to a lamp, vase, bookshelf or even use it as part of a centerpiece on a table.

18. Farmhouse Kitchen Table By New Classic Furniture

This multi-function farmhouse-style kitchen table comes equipped with wooden chairs, built-in usb chargers, and a book shelf. Hence, this dining table doubles as a work space, and it’s absolutely charming and cozy.

19. Oxford Factory Cart Console Table By FirsTime & Co

This unique and repurposed cart can also be used as a coffee table, buffet table, kitchen cart or entryway accent.  The timeless appeal of its rugged composite casters and rustic weathered wood surface make an eye-catching focal point in any room, and it’s a must-have modern farmhouse furniture piece for any home!

20. Bird Patterned Recliner By Kensington Hill

This cozy three-way recliner offers a charming and pleasant look for your living room or sitting area. It’s unique, beautiful and adds warm farmhouse vibe to any modern living space.

21. Metal Storage Bench By Deco 79

A unique alternative to a traditional wooden bench, this metal storage bench offers comfortable seating and convenient storage options in its 3-section hollow interior. It also features iron swing handles and latches that allow for easy transport and security. It’s a beautiful farmhouse furniture piece inspired by horse troughs.

22. Galvanized Metal Storage Bins

These unique rustic storage bins double as end tables, ottomans, patio decor, and anything else you can think of. They’re both stylish and functional, and they add style to any space!

23. Distressed Wood Windowpane Mirror

This rustic windowpane mirror by The Lakeside Collection is a farmhouse staple when it comes to farmhouse home decor. And the best part about this charming piece is that it’s under $50! Hang it up at your entryway or living room and show it off to visitors!

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Uproot Clean Review: Does It Really Work?

A Guide To The Reusable Lint Cleaner And Pet Hair Removal Tool You Need In Your Life + Coupon Code On Bottom!

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a small commission. Also, all thoughts and opinions about this product are my own.

Curious about the UpRoot Cleaner tool that magically tackles pet hair, lint and other gunk? You’ve come to the right place, because I’ve put it to the test!

I’ll also get straight to the point: disposable lint rollers are bad for the environment. Everything about them is wasteful—from the sticky roll of paper, to the flimsy plastic handle.

Don’t get me wrong, traditional lint rollers are a cool invention, but there are much better alternatives that perform the task just as well, and don’t pollute the planet during the process.

With that said, I was ecstatic when Uproot Clean contacted me for an opportunity to review their reusable lint and pet hair remover tool.

I had seen their ads all over instagram and was genuinely intrigued about this little tool that made such satisfying scraping sounds while rounding up massive amounts of pet hair from people’s carpets and sofa cushions.

And when I got mine in the mail and started using it on my own sofa cushions, carpet, sweaters, and car, I knew it was the real deal, and I wasn’t going to need disposable versions ever again.

What Is The Uproot Clean Tool, And Does It Really Work?

Source : YouTube | Uproot Clean

The Uproot Clean tool is a multi-purpose reusable lint and pet hair remover that tackles everything ranging from carpets, rugs, clothes, furniture, bedding, backpacks, car seats, cat condos and more.

There are no adhesives to mess with, nothing to throw out, and all you have to do is scrape. Yes, scrape—but, don’t worry, because the creators of Uproot Clean have designed this tool in such a way that it doesn’t snag.

You should also know that the tool does not work on certain carpets and fabric like berber—this is due to the woven loop system that it has going on.

I Use Uproot Clean On My Sofa Cushions

Uproot Clean scrapes up random lint that I didn’t even know exists on my removable couch cushion covers —especially stuff that adheres to it from being in the dryer.

In fact, below is an image of my sofa cushion cover that was accidentally washed and dried with a fuzzy blanket. Needless to say, UpRoot Clean came to the rescue.

We’ve had our sofa set for 4 years now, and over time those poor cushion covers tend develop some serious pilling, even if they’re washed properly. So I use the Uproot Clean tool to get rid of those annoying little balls of lint, and my sofa cushions go back to looking smooth and normal— almost like they did years ago.

I say almost because I have kids, and if you’re a parent, you know what I’m talking about (finger print stains are a whole other story).

Uproot clean sofa cushion demo
That one time we accidentally washed our sofa cushion covers with a fuzzy blanket

I Use Uproot Clean On My Car Seats And Floor

Uproot Clean Review For Dog Owera

If you have a furry friend (like my dog pictured above) that enjoys riding in the car with you, then owning the Uproot Cleaner is a must (especially if they are a mega-shedder).

I used to waste a ton of lint rollers trying to grab pet hair off of my car seats and flooring, and it was NEVER enough. In fact, it was frustrating.

Now, I use my UpRoot cleaner and scrape the hair up with ease. The little bit of hair that’s left over is easily sucked up by a vacuum.

My Sweaters Look New Again

I love my sweaters, but after sometime, they begin to show signs of wear, and like my sofa cushions, pilling occurs as well. So you can imagine my delight when I used the Uproot Clean lint remover on a few of them and restored their appearance!

I find that it works best if you’re wearing the sweater (or any other garment you choose to use your uproot cleaner on), or laying it on a hard, flat surface.

The tiny travel size UpRoot cleaner works especially great on my sweatshirt sleeves near the wrists and armpit area where pilling tends to occur the most.

“78% of clothes & fabrics with lint/pills end up being thrown away” —Uproot Clean

Uproot Clean and sweater

What Are The Benefits Of The Uproot Clean Tool?

  • The Uproot Clean tool is eco-friendly, zero-waste and sustainable. It’s reusable, so there’s nothing to throw out.
  • It saves money because you will no longer need to purchase disposable varieties.
  • They’re a must-have for pet owners who are tired of struggling with pet hair. The Uproot Clean is a beast when it comes to grabbing loose hair.
  • The UpRoot Cleaner tools come with a lifetime warranty.

The Uproot Clean Tool Is Available In Various Sizes

The Uproot Clean is available in 3 different sizes: Pro, Max and Mini. They are available in a bundle that allows you to save a little extra on your purchase.

The Max is great for larger projects like carpets, while the mini is perfect for travel. I like to keep my mini in my purse and use it on my shirt or leggings to get rid of annoying fuzz or pet hair.

One time I was rushing out the door and my German Shepherd decided to rub against my leg. I was wearing black leggings. I grabbed that little mini cleaner (the one that looks like a credit card) and quickly swiped the hair right off.

Uproot clean reusable lint removal tool

The Uproot Cleaner Makes A Great Sustainable Gift

The Uproot Cleaning tools make very useful gifts for pet owners as well as people who work in the following fields:

  • Pet Shelters
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Dog Walking
  • Pet Grooming

These people may not even own a pet, yet are covered in pet hair all day long. The UpRoot Cleaners (especially the travel sized ones) are perfect for these individuals because they can be placed in their pockets, and conveniently used throughout the day.

New! The UpRoot Xtra!

For those of us who can’t bend over, UpRoot Clean has introduced the UpRoot Xtra! With a long attachable handle, getting pet hair from carpets has never been easier!

If you’re ready to ditch that disposable lint roller and ready to try out the reusable Uproot Clean, then check out their website and take 10% off using coupon code ECOMOM10 at checkout (only works on the uproot clean official website, not on Amazon).

And Don’t Miss Out On The New UpRoot Clean Pet Hair Reducing Dryer Sheets! (Currently on Sale)

Uproot clean dryer sheets

I tested these pet hair reducing dryer sheets and not only did they work very well on hair, they also helped to reduce the amount of pilling that my son’s new sweatpants gave off in the washer (and got stuck to his other clothing). After using these in the dryer, all the pet hair and pilling was gone and in the filter.

Uproot Clean Review

Coupon code works only on the UpRoot Clean Official website and NOT on Amazon.

Uproot Clean Review

How To Remove Pesticides From Fruits And Vegetables

3 Simple Hacks To Naturally Remove Dirt, Bacteria And Chemicals From Your Produce

This post contains affiliate links which may earn us a commission.

When it comes to agriculture, farmers turn to pesticides in order to protect their crops against fungi, insects, pests, weeds and various diseases that would otherwise destroy up to 40% of annual crops.

Unfortunately, saving crops comes with a horrible price. Exposure to pesticides can cause cancer, tumors, wreak havoc on our nervous system, weaken our immunity, and disrupt our reproductive hormones.

Even organic produce falls victim to spray drifts as well as direct pesticide sprays that have been approved for use on organic fruits and vegetables— copper sulfate being one of them (and unfortunately, it’s pretty toxic).

Lastly, organic or not, no produce is free from wax coating, germs and bacterial contamination, so it is crucial to properly give all of your fruits and vegetables a good rinse—even those whose packaging states that the contents are pre-washed.

With that said, below are three popular and effective methods to remove impurities as well as pesticides from your produce that take very little effort.

All three involve soaking your produce in water with three powerhouse pantry ingredients that are safe to use and are very inexpensive.

For larger, thick-skinned fruits and vegetables, you can also use a bamboo scrub brush, which I like to use on potatoes—especially if I am baking them.

Also, it’s important to know that you shouldn’t wash berries until you are ready to eat them, as soaking them in these solutions can cause them to go bad super fast if put back in the fridge.

All other fruits and vegetables can and should be washed as soon as you bring them home. That’s because the longer pesticides sit on your produce, the more they penetrate the skin.

The Three Methods To Naturally Remove Dirt, Bacteria And Pesticides From Your Produce

The Baking Soda Method

Soaking produce in a sink or bowl full of water and baking soda is a fantastic way to clean your produce! Baking soda is an alkaline that strips away pesticides by breaking down their chemical structure into neutral molecules that are no longer harmful.

Simply fill up your sink, bowl or any other container, and add one teaspoon of baking soda per every 2 cups of water. Allow your fruits and vegetables to float around for about 15 minutes and then rinse them off with regular water.

The Vinegar Method

Adding white vinegar to water is another common method that effectively removes bacteria and pesticides from fruits and vegetables. That’s because vinegar contains acetic acid, which dissolves pesticides and kills about 98 percent of bacteria.

Simply fill up your sink, bowl or any other container, and add one part vinegar per 4 parts of water. I like to add 1/4 cup of vinegar per every 2 cups of water, so that the solution isn’t too acidic. Allow your fruits and vegetables to float around for about 15-20 minutes and then rinse them off with regular water.

Whenever I clean store-bought apples in the vinegar/water solution, I’m always in awe of how even the wax starts to strip off. It’s simply fantastic how powerful and effective vinegar is!

The Salt Water Method

The third method that many people use to cleanse their produce involves soaking fruits and vegetables in [sea] salt water. And while this is effective, it does tend to alter the flavor of berries, so it’s best to use on vegetables, which typically get salted anyway when cooking.

Simply fill up your sink, bowl or any other container, and add one teaspoon of sea salt per every 2 cups of water. Allow your fruits and vegetables to float around for about 15 minutes and then rinse them off with regular water.


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How To Get Rid Of Silverfish

Natural And Non-Toxic Methods To Repel And Kill Silverfish

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If you’re reading this article, then you have a silverfish problem in your home, and are looking for quick, effective and nontoxic remedies to get rid of them. You’ve come to the right place.

Here in Northwest Florida, we have the pleasure of sharing our home with many unsightly pests, most of which consist of abnormally large palmetto bugs, snakes and the dreaded silverfish—the star of this post.

What Are Silverfish?

Silverfish are small, wingless insects that resemble an anchovy. They have a soft silvery-grey outer shell and eat anything sweet and starchy—even wallpaper, clothing and books.

They enjoy damp and humid areas of your home, and particularly like to frequent your bathtub, shower, sink and closet.

Are Silverfish Dangerous?

These insects don’t pose a serious threat to your home (they don’t bite or carry diseases), but they can cause unwanted damage if left unchecked—so it’s best to prevent and eliminate their presence.

With that said, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks over the last few years that have helped keep these annoying pests away—without the need to hire an expensive exterminator, or toxic [store bought] commercial sprays.

3 Non-Toxic Methods For Killing Silverfish

Method #1
Natural Silverfish Traps

The Sticky Cardboard Trap

Take a piece of cardboard and spread a sticky substance on the top side. Next, take some oatmeal and place a few oats in the very center. The silverfish will set foot onto the sticky coating and will get stuck.

For the sticky substance, I recommend using an all-natural product called Tanglefoot, which is a super sticky and pesticide free coating that works wonders (it’s even great for DIY fly traps). However, you can create your own sticky paste by mixing together some water and flour.

The Glass Jar Trap

This silverfish trap is a great way to upcycle a glass jar. Simply take a jar and spread butter along the inside (about 1-2 inches from the neck and spread toward the middle). Butter will prevent silverfish from climbing back up. Then, wrap the outside of the jar with masking tape and provide the silverfish with a tongue depressor ramp.

Next, bait the trap with something starchy like flour or sugar. Leave the jar out on the floor overnight, or in a damp area like underneath the sink, and check on your trap the next morning. If you find any silverfish inside, simply pour in some soapy water to drown them, and then discard them by flushing them down the toilet.

Method #2

Natural Silverfish Repellants

Silverfish are not fans of strongly scented herbs, spices and certain wood, and are known to avoid and flee areas that contain these natural repellants which consist of the following:

Whole Cloves



Cinnamon Sticks

Bay Leaves


Cucumber Peels

Epsom Salts

Orange & Lemon Peels

Cedar Wood Shavings

With that said, you can create your own natural and nontoxic silverfish repelling sachets that you can strategically place around your home. I was able to find a batch of 50 reusable muslin sachet bags on Amazon for around $15.

Simply take a few sachet bags, and fill them with a combination of [the above] herbs and spices.

My favorite sachet combination to repel silverfish consists of: cinnamon sticks, bay leaves and orange peels. I recommend crushing your dried bay leaves because crushing releases that strong aromatic scent that you love, but silverfish can’t stand.

Method #3

Natural Poisoned Baits

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a non-toxic and effective natural pesticide that works very well on silverfish. Simply sprinkle some along floorboards and crevices and allow it to do its job.

Once a silverfish crawls through Diatomaceous Earth, their soft outer shell will be destroyed, and they will lose moisture and dry up—resulting in death. This natural pesticide is non-toxic to pets, but may cause irritation in babies—so please be careful when deploying this method.


Another natural and non-toxic pesticide for silverfish is borax. Borax, otherwise known as sodium borate, is a naturally occurring element, but also unsafe for pets and children—so please be mindful when deploying this method.

Simply mix equal parts of borax with powdered sugar, and lay a small pile in paper cupcake holders or on a small piece of cardboard. When silverfish ingest this combination, the borax will poison them.


10 Best Non-Toxic And Eco-Friendly Baby Cribs

Shopping For A Non-Toxic Baby Crib? Read On To See Which Crib Brands Focus On Safety And Sustainability

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If you’re shopping for a sustainable baby crib that’s made with natural wood and non-toxic finishes and adhesives, you’ve come to the right place!

Babies deserve a safe and healthy sleep environment, and because they’ll be spending a good amount of time in their nursery, it’s important for parents to consider non-toxic furniture—especially when it comes to cribs.

That’s because new furniture can off-gas harmful cancer-causing chemicals and formaldehyde for years—yes, even baby furniture (a lot of baby furniture is made with formaldehyde).

Thankfully, parents are becoming more mindful when shopping for nursery furniture—because they know that eco-friendly furniture is made with non-toxic chemicals, and will contribute to cleaner air quality within the home.

Seasoned parents also know that when babies start to go through the teething process, they will eventually start to mouth and chew on crib rails—so it’s crucial to choose a crib that contains natural wood and a non-toxic finish to prevent toxins from entering their little one’s body.

Why Choose An Eco-Friendly Crib For Your Nursery?

Aside from the fact that eco-friendly cribs are non-toxic and contribute to better air quality in your child’s bedroom, eco friendly cribs are also sustainably sourced and responsibly manufactured.

The non-toxic cribs recommended within this article are all natural wood, and made from sustainably sourced New Zealand Pine, which is one of the most sustainable and renewable wood resources in New Zealand, and other sustainably harvested wood such as beechwood, walnut and more.

What Should You Look For When Shopping For A Non-Toxic Crib?

Because anyone can “greenwash” a product and claim that it’s non-toxic and eco-friendly, it’s important to look for reputable certifications which prove that a crib has indeed met, and/or, exceeded safety standards and emissions testing.

One of the best “green” certifications that a crib can have is a GREENGUARD certification. Cribs that are GREENGUARD Certified, have been tested for over 10,000 chemical emissions and volatile organic compounds. Not all cribs and nursery furniture will have this certification, but will come close (as long as they’re tested by a third party).

When it comes to product safety, it’s important that cribs meet or exceed CPSC requirements through 3rd party testing, and conduct annual testing with the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).

With that said, below are the safest sustainable cribs that are available for purchase online. And before you go, check out the video below on off-gassing.

Source: Dr. Wendy Myers | YouTube

10 Best Sustainable Cribs Brands

Green Cradle Baby Crib

1. Green Cradle Cribs

Green Cradle is a family owned furniture company in the United States that makes modern-style cribs from sustainably sourced solid wood with non-toxic finish from flax seed oil.

Green Cradle baby cribs also do not contain plywoods, MDF, veneers, engineered wood, composite wood, or particle board anywhere.

What I love about this company is that their cribs are made to order, and you can pick and choose the finish, the color of wood, whether or not you want to include an organic crib mattress.

The Green Cradle brand is not Greenguard Gold Certified, but they do meet and exceed all applicable federal standards and regulations, including:

  • Consumer product safety commission (CPSC)
  • American society for testing and materials (ASTM)
  • California Prop. 65: Tested for lead, cadmium, and phthalates.

Materials: Sustainably Sourced Solid Wood, Flax Seed Oil Finish

Price: $1,545 to $3,595

Baby Letto Convertible Crib Greenguard Gold Certified

2. BabyLetto Cribs

BabyLetto cribs are eco-friendly and ethically sourced and constructed from sustainable New Zealand Pine Wood.

BabyLetto Cribs are modern, stylish and contain minimalist designs that pair well with any nursery decor.

From mini cribs to convertible designs, BabyLetto has a crib for every budget, and every model meets or exceeds safety expectations.

Certifications: Greenguard Gold Certified

Materials: Sustainably Sourced New Zealand Pine Wood, Walnut Veneer, CARB II compliant MDF

Price: $249.00 to $650.00

Evolur Aurora Greenguard gold certified crib

3. Evolur Cribs

Evolur is a non-toxic crib brand that creates whimsical and dreamy cribs made from kiln-dried hardwood. If you’re looking to turn your nursery into a magical fairytale, then definitely check these cribs out.

Evolur cribs are designed and engineered to the highest safety standards that meet and exceed those set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Juvenile Products Manufactures Association (JPMA)and American Society for testing and materials (ASTM). 

Evolur cribs are available in various alluring baby-safe finishes, and grow with your child.

Certifications: Greenguard Gold Certified

Materials: Kiln-dried Hardwood, Baby-Safe Finish

Price: $500.00 to $650.00


DaVinci Non-Toxic Baby Crib

4. DaVinci Cribs

The eco-friendly DaVinci baby cribs are constructed from sustainable New Zealand pine wood. For the cribs that contain pull out drawers, the material used for the storage space is made with CARB II or TSCA compliant engineered wood called medium-density fiberboard (MDF).

Davinci has a variety of Greenguard Gold certified cribs that range from mini cribs to convertible models that grow with your child. These non-toxic cribs also contain a modern style and various color options to choose from, so that you can create the nursery of your dreams!

Materials: Sustainably Sourced New Zealand Pine Wood, TSCA Compliant Engineered Wood 

Certifications: Greenguard Gold Certified

Price: $199.00 to $500.00

Dadada Non Toxic Crib

5. Dadada Cribs

Dadada cribs are a sustainable and contemporary—perfect for parents who love stylish yet simple furniture styles.

Made in Italy, the Dadada cribs are made from solid beechwood with a non-toxic finish, and add a natural calm to any eco-themed nursery.

Materials: Solid Beechwood, Baby Safe Finish

Certifications: Greenguard Gold Certified, Meet Strict JPMA standards

Price: $449.00 to $699.00

Dream On Me Greenguard Gold Certified Crib

6. Dream On Me Cribs

The stylish and sustainable Dream On Me solid wood cribs are made from a combination of solid reclaimed New Zealand pinewood and TSCA compliant engineered wood.

While only certain models contain a Greenguard Gold certification, you can rest assured that all Dream On Me products meet or exceed CPSC requirements through 3rd party testing and ASTM, and conduct annual testing with the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).

From mini cribs to convertible designs, Dream On Me has a crib for every budget, and your little one will sleep safely and peacefully.

Materials: Reclaimed New Zealand Pinewood, Baby Safe Finish

Certifications: Greenguard Gold Certified, Meet Strict JPMA standards

Price: $195.00 to $250.00

Delta Children Non-Toxic Crib

7. Delta Children Cribs

The eco-friendly Delta Children solid wood cribs are made of sustainable New Zealand pinewood and TSCA compliant engineered wood.

Though not all cribs are Greenguard Gold certified, all of Delta Children products are free from added toxic fire retardants, lead, and phthalates. Their cribs also are tested to meet or exceed all applicable JPMA, CPSIA and ASTM safety testing standards.

Delta Children cribs range from mini to convertible models that grow with your child, and all have a safe, non-toxic finish.

Materials: Sustainable New Zealand Pinewood, Baby Safe Finish

Certifications: Greenguard Gold Certified, Meet Strict JPMA standards

Price: $200.00 to $750.00

8. Storkcraft Cribs

Storkcraft is an award-winning furniture brand, and all cribs are made from sustainable New Zealand pine wood.

Most Storkcraft cribs are Greenguard Gold certified, and every model has been tested to meet or exceed all applicable safety standards, and are certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).

Storkcraft cribs range from mini to convertible models that grow with your child, and all have a safe, non-toxic finish.

Materials: Sustainable New Zealand Pinewood, Engineered Wood, Wood Composites

Certifications: Greenguard Gold Certified, Meet Strict JPMA standards

Price: $150.00 to $500.00

Million Dollar Baby Non-Toxic Crib

9. Million Dollar Baby Cribs

Million Dollar Baby is an eco-friendly nursery furniture brand that creates elegant and farmhouse inspired nursery cribs and baby furniture.

Million Dollar Baby uses different types of wood for various models such as Poplar.

All Million Dollar Baby cribs are GREENGUARD Gold certified and the brand continues to meet and exceed industry standards for safety, including voluntary ASTM standards for all of their products. 

Materials: Sustainable New Zealand Pinewood, TSCA Compliant Engineered Wood, Vintage Iron

Certifications: Greenguard Gold Certified

Price: $449.00 to $699.00

10. Oeuf Sparrow Crib

Oeuf sparrow cribs are sustainably manufactured in Europe in an FSC certified facility.

These stylish and versatile cribs will go perfectly with any nursery decor, and give a light, airy feel to any room. Its high quality and sturdy construction means it will last for generations.

This particular model by Oeuf is called the Sparrow Crib, and it converts to a toddler bed with the purchase of a conversion kit.

Materials: Solid Birch, Baltic Birch Plywood

Certifications: Greenguard Gold Certified

Price: $960

Easy DIY Laundry Detergent Recipes

All-Natural Cleaning Recipes For A Non-Toxic Laundry Routine

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If you’re a health conscious person like I am, and you’re concerned about what you put into your body, then you should be equally concerned about what goes on it.

Clothing, undergarments, bedding and towels—all of those items make constant contact with our skin. So washing these items with safe and non-toxic laundry alternatives is key to avoiding potentially harmful chemicals that can leach into our body.

When it comes to laundry products, I have begun to my make own—and it’s amazing how well they work and how much money I’ve been able to save.

The only laundry product that I do purchase every once in a while are zero waste laundry strips for travel purposes—they’re so convenient for hotel stays and for when we visit family.

All of the ingredients required for DIY laundry products consist of simple pantry products, and to store them, you simple need a few glass mason jars—or anything with a tight sealing lid.

It’s also amazing how much little effort goes into making home-made laundry products, not to mention the freedom you have to experiment with different scents from essential oils.

So, without further ado, below are some of my favorite home-made laundry room recipes that are wonderful and effective alternatives to toxic store bought brands. I hope you give them a try and eventually make the switch for good!

And before you go, check out this video by Healthy House On The Block regarding tips for using homemade laundry detergent effectively.

Source: Healthy House On The Block

4 Homemade Laundry Room Recipes For A Natural Clean

DIY Laundry Detergent Recipe

1. DIY Laundry Soap

For this home-made laundry soap recipe, you’ll need to grate your Castile soap bar into fine powder (this can be done with a food processor). Once you have your powder, simply mix it with all of the other ingredients and store in a tightly sealed container of your choice (about a gallon sized container is ideal). This recipe yields around 90 loads of laundry.

To Use: 1 TBSP per load is ideal for high efficiency machines. 2 TBSP per load is ideal for regular machines.

To Brighten Whites: Pour in 1/2 cup of white vinegar into the bleach dispenser to whiten and soften clothing.

DIY Liquid Fabric Softener

2. DIY Liquid Fabric Softener

For this simple home-made liquid fabric softener recipe, you only need two ingredients. Mix them together and pour the mixture into your softener dispenser.

I really love this alternative fabric softener recipe because I can easily make it on demand whenever I do laundry and I love that I have the option to create different scents each time! My clothing and towels also come out soft, fluffy and fresh!

3. DIY Fabric Softener Sheets

This home-made dryer sheet recipe is an alternative to liquid softener, though these sheets will also be wet. In addition to the ingredients, you will need a mason jar with a lid as well as flannel or cotton fabric that you will cut into about 20 or so 3 inch squares (I use old flannel receiving blankets which work perfectly).

Simply add the ingredients into your mason jar, shake well, and add the cloth which will soak up all the liquid. I typically place the cloth back into the jar where it will absorb some more mixture. When all of your sheets no longer feel damp, you should start the process all over again.


4. DIY Laundry Scent Booster

This easy laundry scent booster consists of only two ingredients. Simply mix the epsom salt and preferred essential oil in a mixing bowl (double the measurements for a larger batch) and store in an air tight container.

To Use: 1 TBSP per load is ideal