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Nature Inspired Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Earthy And Organic Names For Babies That Are Inspired By Nature

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Are you searching for the perfect earthy baby name? You’ve come to the right place!

Earthy baby names are special and unique because they often evoke a sense of nature and the outdoors. These names often have a rustic and natural feel to them, and can be a great way to honor the natural world.

Earthy names represent many aspects of our environment—from the animals that inhabit our eco-systems to unique plants, landscapes and even gemstones that never cease to captivate the human eye.

In other words, earthy baby names often have a strong connection to the earth, and can be a great way to honor the natural world. They are also minimalistic, and charming—setting your child apart from traditional cookie cutter names.

With that said, below are our hand selected earthy baby names for both boys and girls to inspire you on your baby name search.

Earthy Baby Girl Names


Amber (English) fossilized tree resin


Aspen (English) a quaking tree


Autumn (English) fall season


Brooke (English) small stream


Celestine (English) a mineral


Daisy (English) flower; the day’s eye


Dawn (English) sunrise


Gemma (English) gemstone


Hazel (English) the hazel tree


Holly (English) plant with red berries


Iris (English) delicate blooming flower


Ivy (English) climbing vine plant


Jade (English) green stone


Layke (English) from the lake


Lilly (English) lily flower


Meadow (American) field of grass


Olivia (English) from the olive tree


Poppy (Latin) from the flower


Rose (English) woody perennial plant


Sage (English) herb or prophet


Savanna (English) tropical grasslands


Season (English) a period of the year


Sky (Scandinavian) atmosphere


Violet (English) fragrant blue flower


Willow (English) the Willow tree

Earthy Baby Boy Names


Arlo (English) a hill


Bear (American) bear-like


Briar (English) a thorny plant


Canyon (English) a large ravine


Clay (English) fine grained earth


Everest (English) Dweller on the Eure River


Ferris (English) he who is from France


Fields (English) lives near a clearing


Fisher (English) fisherman


Forrest (English) the woods


Fox (English) Wild animal, cunning


Halston (English) hallow stone


Harlan (English & German) rocky land


Hawk (English) like the bird


Jaden (English) from Jade; green stone


Jasper (English) a speckled stone


Knox (English) a small hill


Logan (Scottish) little hollow; basin


Ocean (Greek) the sea


Oliver (English) from the olive tree


Onyx (English) black gemstone


Parker (English) park keeper


Reed (English) a reed or red-haired


Ridge (English) mountain range


Rivers (English) the river


Rockwell (English) rock spring


Silas (Latin) man of the forest


Spruce (English) evergreen tree


Wolf (English) wild animal

GroVia My Choice Trainers Honest Review

An Honest Review Of The Grovia MyChoice Cloth Trainers

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My 3 year old just recently mastered potty training, but unfortunately, nighttime accidents sometimes still occur.

For a while we’ve had her in disposable nighttime diapers, but eventually I decided that investing in a few cloth diaper trainers was a better alternative.

Disposable diapers, no matter how ‘sustainable’ or ‘biodegradable’ they are, still contribute to landfill waste. Unless something is compostable and is actually placed into a compost bin with the necessary components to help break it down, it’s just going to sit on top of trash along with everything else.

Then there’s the money issue—as a society, we’re literally buying a product that we throw away the very same day. It makes much more sense to invest in a few cloth diapers to save money and reduce waste.

So after researching a bunch of different cloth diaper brands, I decided to order a few from a cloth diaper company called GroVia, who specializes in a modern and eco-friendly diapering system, and sell the Grovia My Choice trainers.

The GroVia My Choice cloth diaper trainer is similar to a pocket diaper, but differs in that it features a unique pull up design with interchangeable Side-Flex panels. It has a hidden layer of hemp/cotton blend with a pocket for adding extra absorbency and an exclusive GroCool™ lining. 

First Impressions Of The GroVia My Choice Trainers

I ended up ordering 3 pairs of the GroVia My Choice Trainers—plus two additional organic cotton inserts (boosters) for extra nighttime protection.

When they arrived in the mail, my initial reaction to seeing these reusable trainers for the first time was “wow—these are really good quality training pants”.

The colors are warm and earthy, the fabric is well sewn together and soft to the touch, and they contain snap buttons in several key areas which allow for alterations as baby grows.

The GroVia cloth diaper trainers also contain an inner pocket with an absorbent layer of cotton/hemp blend, where you can add an insert for extra absorbency.

Features Of The GroVia My Choice Trainer

  • Convenient pull-up design
  • Contain a hidden layer of hemp/cotton blend for absorption
  • Contains a pocket for inserts / soaker pads
  • Waterproof outer layer and absorbent inner layer
  • Available upgrade: Interchangeable Side-Flex panels for a custom fit in a variety of stylish colors for mixing and matching (must be purchased separately)

Do The GroVia Trainers Have A Comfortable Fit?

The Grovia reusable training pants come in one size and they run small—if your child is over 25 pounds, they will be really tight around the waist, and it will be difficult for your child to pull them up. This is why GroVia sells the interchangeable Side-Flex panels, which offer a roomier fit.

That’s why you’ll also see a lot of reviews by other moms saying that these trainers have a “weird fit”, and they’re correct. But in my opinion, they’re a bit snug to prevent leaks, and so that you can use these for younger babies and adjust as baby grows.

My 3 year old is really slender (under 30 pounds) and these trainers are a bit snug. Hence, I definitely recommend purchasing at least one set of their side-flex plus panels which attach via snap buttons to the side of the trainers and comfortably expand the fit.

My daughter sleeps comfortably in these trainers with added organic inserts, and she loves that she can choose which color she wants to wear.

GroVia My Choice Trainers

Do The GroVia My Trainers Leak?

From my experience, these cloth trainers have not leaked yet. I find them to be very absorbent and the waterproof outer shell does its job. In fact, when I first got them, I ran to the sink and filled one with water, just to see how well they retain liquid without an insert—and sure enough, no water escaped through the outer shell. The absorbent hidden layer of cotton/hemp blend helps catch the liquid as well—and it gets more absorbent with every wash.

*If baby is laying sideways, pee could leak out of the sides, so for nighttime, an insert is recommended for younger babies*.

How Many Cloth Trainers Do I Need?

This all depends on how advanced your child is in their potty training. If your child is doing pretty well and only has occasional leaks, then I would recommend about 10-12 trainers—it all depends on how often you prefer to do laundry. Don’t forget that you might also need inserts. I would purchase at least 2-4 inserts to experiment with and then adjust as you go.

Personally, My daughter uses hers at nightime only, and rarely has accidents anymore, so for us, 3 cloth trainers and 2 inserts was all I needed to purchase. The GroVia trainers are also durable and excellent quality, and I will be able to hand them down to an expecting family member later down the road.

Final Thoughts On The GroVia My Choice Training Pants

The Grovia My Choice Trainers are a great way to help your little one transition from diapers to using the potty like a big kid.

Your little one is also at a stage in their life where making choices is a big deal for them! The GroVia trainers are available in many colors, so watching your child pick and choose which cloth trainer they want to wear is really fun!

The only downside to these trainers is the small fit, and may not be suitable for husky toddlers; but as mentioned above, the Side-Flex panels will generously expand the fit, and you can always return the product if it’s not the right fit for your child.

Reusable cloth training pants are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and help save money that can be better spent on other necessities.

So if you’re tired of spending money on disposable nighttime diapers and want a more sustainable way to potty train your little one, then I definitely recommend giving the Grovia My Choice Trainers a try!

GroVia My Choice Trainers

And if you’d like to read more about cloth diapers, Don’t miss my article on Best Cloth Diaper Brands which includes an ultimate guide to cloth diapers.

Best Reusable Toddler Snack Containers

The Best Non-Toxic Reusable Snack Containers For Busy Toddlers

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When my children were toddlers, there were several essential items (besides diapers) that I absolutely had to have with us during outings at all times: a change of clothes, reusable sippy cups and snack containers.

Reusable, non-toxic snack containers are a much better for toddlers than plastic . Not only are they safer for little ones, but they also offer a range of other benefits such as being free from toxins, chemicals, and other hazardous materials. This means that the snacks stored in them will remain safe and uncontaminated, which is especially important for young children.

Additionally, non-toxic toddler snack containers are often more durable and better at keeping food fresh. This means that snacks can stay fresh for longer and that toddlers can enjoy their favorite snacks without it going stale.

Shopping For Non Toxic Snack Containers

Non-toxic snack containers come in many forms such as glass, stainless steel, bio-plastic (like rice husk), bamboo and silicone. In my opinion, soft silicone snack containers are ideal for babies and young toddlers because they’re soft, light weight, and many come with flexible spill proof lids that allow babies to reach in and grab food without creating a mess.

With that said, below are my top picks for the best plastic-free snack cups for toddlers that are perfect for both indoor snack time as well as outdoor adventures. Some of these recommended toddler snack cups are multifunctional and can be used interchangeably as beverage containers as well.

Reusable toddler snack cups are available in many fun colors and designs. You’ll find that they come in a variety of forms such as pouches, resealable bags and collapsible cups—giving you several zero-waste options to choose from.

10 Fun Non Toxic Snack Containers For Toddlers

Brave Justice Collapsible Snack Container
Brave Justice Kids Co

1. Brave Kids Justice Collapsible Silicone Snack Cup

The Brave Kids Justice Co silicone snack cups for toddlers have two unique features: a collapsible frame and a textured [easy-grip] handle—making these cups very convenient for travel.

It’s also important to point out that these plastic-free snack cups are also especially great for older babies who are teething because the textured handle can double as a teether.

Zip Top

2. Zip Top Reusable Silicone Snack Containers

The Zip Top silicone snack bags for toddlers are an awesome alternative to disposable plastic snack bags! These reusable silicone bags stay open and zip shut—making it easy for your little one to grab food while preventing spills! These bags also come in assorted colors and each contains a different animal.


3. Mushie Spill-Proof Silicone Snack Cup

The Mushie cup is the perfect self feeding container for toddlers on the go. It contains two easy grip handles and a flappy lid to prevent spills. I also really love the earthy colors that this cup is available in!


4. Haakaa Reusable Silicone Snack Pouches

For a delicious snack on the go in the form of rice cereal, yogurt or smoothie, the Haakaa reusable silicone pouch is the perfect container! This reusable snack pouch is made from food grade silicone, and has a slow flow which helps your baby or toddler get just the right amount of food to prevent choking.

Austin Baby Co Silicone Collapsible Snack Bowl
Austin Baby Co

5. Austin Baby Co Collapsible Snack Bowl

This innovative silicone snack bowl is multipurpose and grows with your baby. It comes with two lids: one for snacking and one for storing your little one’s favorite snack while you’re traveling. This bowl can also become a soup or smoothie bowl, and collapses for easy storage. I also love the earthy designs that this bowl is available in.

Hippypotomus Toddler Snack Cup

6. Hippypotomus Spill-Proof Silicone Snack Cups

The Hippypotomus reusable silicone snack cups are the perfect size for little hands and great for on the go. They have a cute boho design and the flaps on the lid allow toddlers & babies to easily feed themselves without creating a big mess.


7. Personalized Silicone Snack Cup On Etsy

This reusable food-grade silicone snack cup is available on Etsy and can be personalized with your little one’s name. The lid can be removed and the cup can be used as a drinking cup.

Jamie Kay

8. Silicone Flower Snack Cup By Jamie Kay

Made from food grade silicone, the spill-proof flower shaped silicone snack cup by Jamie Kay is perfect for young babies and toddlers because it’s flatter than most other silicone snack cups—making reaching for finger foods so much easier!


9. SteelParker 2-In-1 Silicone Snack & Sippy Cup

These soft acorn-shaped toddler snack containers double as sippy cups and contain two easy grip handles. The lids are easily interchangeable which will save you space in the diaper bag! 

Amalka+Albert Silicone Snack Cup
Amalka + Albert

10. Amalka + Albert Silicone Snack Bag

The Amalka + Albert silicone snack cup stands on its own, easily snaps together for secure closure, and is extremely tough and durable with endless use options for other than snacks!

Must-Have Beach Essentials For Young Kids

5 Beach Essentials For Toddlers That Make Life A Lot Easier

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Whether you’re on a vacation or a staycation, the fact is that parenting doesn’t get any easier. And in some circumstances, things can get a little stressful, especially if you’re not prepared.

I live close to the beach, so my kids and I spend time on the beach on a regular basis, and each time we go, I get a new idea for an essential item that makes the next trip much, much easier.

Enjoying the beach can be especially tricky if you have very young children. It can down right even be exhausting. Hence, preparation is key in order to have a stress-free time.

So, as a mom of two young children who have visited the beach many times, I’m going to list my favorite tips and must-have items that help me enjoy the beach every summer.

Destin, FL 2021

Travel Potty

Unless your little one is still in diapers or training pants, it’s a great idea to bring along a portable potty with disposable liners. It personally took me a very long time to potty train a stubborn 3 year old, and there is no way I’m letting her revert back to a diaper—so I pass on the swim diapers.


I really love and recommend this portable potty chair by Tinukim because it’s compact and small enough to fit in any tote bag, and it’s awesome for road trips when you don’t want your child to sit on public toilets. I keep my portable potty in the trunk of my SUV and it’s so convenient.


An Inflatable Swimming Pool

Many young children are terrified of going near the ocean water—and they’d much rather stay on the sand where it’s safer and less intimidating. But, the problem is that they still long to play in water—especially because it’s hot and they want to feel like they’re still experiencing the water.

So I bring along a small inflatable swimming pool and fill it up with ocean water using one of my daughter’s sand buckets. And if you don’t feel like blowing anything up (you’re tired from all the walking, I get it), you get can a pop-up tent & pool combo made just for toddlers.

Intex Baby/Toddler Pool

Sand-Proof Beach Towels

I’ve been to the beach enough times to know that regular beach towels are a complete nightmare because they trap sand. So if your child gets out of the water and they want to wipe their face—they get an eyeball full of sand—even if the towel was nowhere near it, the wind will find a way to get some on it.

I recommend getting sand proof towels which are ultra thin, ultra smooth microfiber towels that basically repel sand instead of trapping it. Plus, they dry you off better, and also dry fast as well—so you’re not stuck with a wet and sand-filled towel on the drive home.

Decomen Sand-Proof Towel

A Beach Umbrella That Won’t blow Away

If you don’t go to the beach very often, then you’ll be in for an unpleasant surprise when your beach umbrella gets picked up by the wind and you’re chasing it up the beach while trying to keep an eye on your stunned kids. This would happen to me every time and one day I got fed up and ordered a special umbrella that came with an anchor. Sandbags are also a great way to keep your umbrella in place.


A Beach Wagon

When you have kids, let me tell you, it’s exhausting trying to guide or carry them from the parking lot to the shore along with all the other necessities that you’ve packed (beach tote, food, snacks, water, umbrella, chairs, towels). I mean, it really is a lot of work. There were times walking back to the car when I though I would pass out not only from the heat, but because I had to carry a heavy backpack and a crying toddler in my arms. So I highly, HIGHLY recommend a beach wagon!


Best Non-Toxic Teething Toys For Babies

Shopping For A Natural Teething Toy? Read On For The Best Non Toxic Teethers To Safely Soothe Baby’s Sore Gums

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Are you looking for a teething toy that’s safe for baby and environmentally friendly? You’ve come to the right place!

Teething is one of the most unpleasant experiences that both baby and mom go through together.

When a baby is teething, the gum pain can disrupt their sleep cycle, their temperature can spike, they drool excessively which can cause skin irritation, and it just makes them oh so irritable.

That’s why teething toys can be such a life saver for babies—and mom’s sanity.

However, not all teethers are safe for babies to chew on, and many conventional teethers can leach harmful chemicals that mimic estrogen—even those synthetic teethers that claim to be BPA-free.

With that said, we’ve put together a guide to non toxic teething toys that help soothe your little one’s gums safely and effectively. They are made from the following:

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Natural hard wood
  • 100% natural rubber
  • Food-grade silicone

What To Avoid When Choosing A Teething Toy

Not all teething toys are safe for babies to put into their mouths, and there are several ingredients to avoid when choosing a teether. Luckily, many natural and organic teethers do not contain these biologically harmful chemicals:

  • BPA (Bisphenol-a)
  • PVC/Vinyl
  • Phthalates
  • Latex
  • Lead
  • Cadmium

With that said, below are some of our favorite non-toxic teething toys that are void of harmful chemicals, and 100% safe for your little one’s gums.

And before you go, take a look at these awesome teething remedies and hacks by Taylor Raine on YouTube.

Source: Taylor Raine | YouTube

Best Natural Teething Toys For Babies And Toddlers

Little Bamber Natural Amber Teething Toy

1. Bamber Natural Rubber + Natural Amber Teething Toy

The Little Bamber teether is made from a combination of natural rubber and natural Baltic amber—and is perfect for parents who love the concept of Amber as a soother, but don’t feel comfortable using a necklace. With Amber infused into the rubber, this teether is a safe and effective gum soothing device that many moms swear by.

Baby elefun teething toy

2. Baby Elefun Silicone Teething Toy

The Baby Elefun silicone teether is made from food grade silicone and is super easy for your little one to hold. We love this teether because it has 5 different textures for your child to nibble on, and even reaches the back molars.

3. Green Sprouts Organic Cotton Blanket + Silicone Teething Ring

Give baby the best of both worlds with this nontoxic silicone teether and organic Cotton blanket in one by Green Sprouts! The soft organic cotton muslin blankie is great for cuddling with or chewing on, while the silicone teething ring massages gums and promotes healthy oral development. This combo makes your baby feel safe and secure and is perfect for road trips and travel!

Nuby Natural Teether

4. Nuby Natural Teether

The Nuby natural teether is made from a combination of natural wood and food-grade silicone. It has multiple shapes and textures to target different areas of the mouth, and it’s easy for babies to grasp and hold on to.

Baby bookworm silicone teether

5. BookWorm Baby Silicone Teether

Let’s face it, babies LOVE chewing on books! And this non-toxic silicone teether by Bookworm Baby is the perfect solution to both painful gums and keeping your little one’s real books in-tact! We love that this teether contains little bumps, and is tear-resistant to prevent bacteria growth. Plus, Basil the bookworm is super adorable.

6. Hoolaroo Eco The Bunny Natural Teether

The Hoolaroo Eco Bunny Teether is made from a blend of natural beech wood and food-grade silicone. It has both smooth and textured areas that allow for soothing painful gums, as well as exploration—plus, it’s super cute!

7. Moonjax Silicone Teether

The Moonjax baby teether is a minimal teether with a fun ergonomic design. It’s made with medical-grade silicone and is great for both teething babies as well as older autistic children. We especially love that this teether has zero dyes, and is both dishwasher and freezer safe.

8. Smily Mia Never Drop Silicone Teether

The one thing that all baby teethers have in common is that babies tend to drop them very easily. That’s why we love the Smily Mia Never Drop silicone teether. It’s specially made so that baby holds in to it with a firm grip, and it’s also super fun for baby to play play with! Christmas themed animals are available as well!

9. Fu Hollow Silicone Teething Tubes

There comes a point where most teethers can’t reach toward the back of the mouth. Hence, these silicone tubes are perfect for areas that most rounded corners can’t reach. They also come with cleaning straws, and are dishwasher safe. Plus, kids love them, and they are also great for children on the spectrum.

Perks Of The Amazon Baby Registry

A Guide To The Amazon Baby Registry

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If you’re looking for an online baby registry with a large selection of eco-friendly products, you may want to sign up with the Amazon baby Registry!

Online baby registries have become increasingly popular among expecting moms—and for good reason. They’re convenient. They let you create a wish list of products that are visible to others; allowing new moms to get the baby products they’ve had their hearts set on!

There’s only one problem. Many expecting moms (and dads) don’t know which online baby registry to use. And that’s pretty understandable considering all the big brand stores that have recently jumped on board. All these options can be overwhelming.

That’s why you should try the Amazon Baby Registry. Many moms already have an Amazon Prime account, and the Baby Registry is not only extremely easy to use, but also comes with a lot of perks that aren’t offered on those “other” sites. Plus, they have a huge selection of green products!


Raise your hand if you love free stuff—because you are going to love getting a surprise welcome box of items for both baby and mom valued at $35!

Both new and seasoned moms to-be will appreciate an assortment of products that they can try out—and maybe fall in love with.

We tend to stick to what we know, so a welcome box packed full of surprises is a great way to try something new! However, to qualify for this box, you need to:

  1. be an Amazon Prime member
  2. must choose at least one item from Amazon’s “checklist” categories and
  3. someone must make a $10 purchase from your registry (you can make a purchase yourself).


Amazon has a huge selection of eco-friendly baby and maternity products to choose from.

Amazon literally has millions of products in inventory—with an impressive selection of eco-friendly products. So there’s no question that you’ll be able to find a ton of sustainable and zero-waste products for you and your little one.


Our generation is constantly on the go! Moms today are busy working, running errands, chasing after the kids—you name it. That’s why Amazon lets you manage your Amazon Baby Registry on any device whenever—and wherever—you want.


If you find something that you absolutely love on another website, you’ll still be able to add that item into your Amazon registry via their Universal Registry Button. It’s really quite simple to install!

The Universal Registry Button is a browser application that lets you add items from other websites to your Amazon Registry. Use this to keep track of what you want from anywhere.


If you are a Prime member, you automatically qualify for free shipping—however, you can still qualify for this perk as a non-member by making sure that your order is at least $25.


You’re going to love this! You’ll receive a completion discount of 10% on all items left on your registry list (prime members receive 15%). This offer is good on a one time purchase. What does this mean? It means that if you save the biggest, most expensive items toward the end, you’ll save BIG.

How does it work?

You’ll be be notified about your discount via email, 60 days before your due date. Following your due date, you will have 180 days to take advantage of it.

Additionally, Amazon allows you to apply the discount to a one-time purchase of up to $5,000. So, if there’s a crib, high-end stroller or other item that you really want, take advantage of that offer! It could save you up to $500.00 or more!


This is a really cool feature—a Thank You List is automatically created for items purchased from your Amazon Baby Registry!

Your Thank Your List will show you the names and addresses of people who have bought items from your Registry.

Keep in mind that some gift givers choose not to share their address and their address will not be displayed. Gifts purchased by the registry owner will not show in the Thank You List.


That’s right, mama! Gifts purchased from your Amazon baby registry are eligible for free returns within 365 days of the receipt of your shipment. Plus, the gifter won’t know that you returned them!

However, baby items purchased by the registry owner have to be returned within 90 days of receipt of shipment. And items outside of the registry are subject to the standard 30 day return policy.


As a perk, you’ll also get 20% off diapers in baby’s first year when you reach $500 in registry spend. Combine with Subscribe & Save up to 40% off.

Keep in mind that Amazon carries eco-friendly diaper brands such as: Earth+Eden & Bamboo Nature—both made of sustainable material.

And there you have it! You get free samples, discounts, free two-day shipping, easy returns, and much more! The perks are well worth it!

To learn more or to sign up for your baby registry, click below!

Amazon Baby Registry

17 Must-Have Eco-Friendly Breastfeeding Essentials

A Guide To Non-Toxic And Planet Friendly Breastfeeding Supplies For New Moms

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Are you looking to add some eco-friendly breastfeeding essentials to your baby registry? You’ve come to the right place!

Breastfeeding aids are constantly evolving, and luckily, more breastfeeding accessories are going green—resulting in safer, non-toxic products for both you, baby and the environment.

And I’ve put together a breastfeeding essentials guide that contains only the best and highly rated eco-friendly nursing supplies to help make your journey as safe and sustainable as possible!

Is Breastmilk Environmentally Friendly?

Breastfeeding is the most eco-friendly and economical way to feed a baby. Compared to formula, it uses less energy, less water and less waste.

However, breastfeeding is not entirely zero waste because mothers do rely on helpful accessories that can greatly help with efficiency and comfort throughout their breastfeeding journey, and that’s where this sustainable breastfeeding guide comes in handy.

What Makes Breastfeeding Supplies “Eco-Friendly”

If a breastfeeding essential is thoughtfully made, reusable, doesn’t contribute to pollution, or is non-toxic and biodegradable, then it is an environmentally friendly item.

There are still a ton of plastic and disposable breastfeeding supplies on the market, but opting for plastic-free alternatives is a much safer and kinder choice for your child and the planet.

With that said, below are the best non-toxic and eco-friendly nursing supplies that you can add to your Amazon Baby Registry!

1. Rechargeable Lactation Massager By LaVie

One major issue with breastfeeding that many new moms experience, especially in the first couple of weeks, is clogged milk ducts. That’s where a massager comes in handy.

This milk duct massager by LaVie is made of hospital grade silicone, is USB rechargeable, waterproof, and is more effective than hand massage. It’s definitely a must-have item for breastfeeding moms.

Magic Gel Reusable breast compress pads for postpartum breastfeeding

2. Reusable Non-Toxic Gel Compress Pads By Magic Gel

Every new mom needs a hot/cold compress—especially if they’re breastfeeding. Breasts become sore and painful, and in some instances milk ducts become clogged. Applying a compress can relieve pain and get milk flowing.

These luxury reusable breastfeeding gel pads by Magic Gel can be used both ways: cold and warm. They’re non toxic and can be microwaved up to 300 times. Perfect for sore nipples, engorged breasts, mastitis, swelling and inflammation.

Willow Wearable Breast Pump

3. Willow Wearable Breast Pump

A large majority of new moms use electric breast pumps-even those who breastfeed exclusively. It’s a great way to relieve engorged breasts and create an extra supply of milk if you’re away from baby.

However, some new moms don’t want to be confined to a chair and a loud breast pump with wires dangling from their chest. So a great alternative to a conventional electric pump is a wearable one—like Willow wearable breast pump.

Compared to other wearable pumps, Willow is the only one that offers complete mobility—360 degrees of motion enabled by their patented, continuous latch and Spill-Proof Milk Bags. That means you can pump in any position, even doing yoga or lying down!

Haakaa manual silicone breastpump

4. Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump

New moms absolutely love the silicone Haakaa breast pump. Haakaa is a hands—free silicone breast pump that uses natural suction to draw out that extra breast milk in-between pumping, or during a feed so that you’re not dripping valuable milk while baby is drinking from the other breast. It’s a really handy nursing tool to have on hand, and you won’t regret the buy!

Dr. brown’s glass wide neck bottles
Dr. Brown’s

5. Dr. Brown’s Glass Bottles

You’ve spent so much time pumping and when the time comes, you, dad or another family member will be able to feed baby via bottle. Dr. Brown’s glass bottles are excellent non-toxic bottles with a very good reputation. I have used these with my babies and it did not discourage them from breastfeeding.

Haakaa silicone breast milk storage bags

6. Haakaa Silicone Breastmilk Storage Bags

After pumping your liquid gold, you’ll want to store it short-term in the refrigerator or long term in the freezer. And the best way to store your breastmilk sustainably is to ditch those reusable plastic bags.

Opt for reusable silicone and save your breastmilk over and over again. You’ll save money and the environment. Haakaa silicone breastmilk storage bags are a great buy, and come with cleaning essentials.

EvenFlo Silicone Sterilizer Bags

7. EvenFlo Silicone Sterilizer Steam Bags

Should you decide to purchase a breastpump, you’ll want to sanitize the parts on a regular basis. Now a days, you can purchase convenient eco-friendly, silicone steam bags that sanitize everything in minutes, like the Evenflo Steam Sanitizing Bag. You can also throw in a bottle or pacifier and simultaneously remove up to 99.9% of germs!

The Evenflo Feeding Silicone Steam Sanitizing Bag is designed to help eliminate harmful germs and bacteria from most pump parts, bottles, pacifiers, and more. Made from 100% FDA food-grade silicone, this eco-friendly bag is more durable than plastic alternatives and can be used over and over again, creating less waste for the environment.

Nook Organic Breastfeeding Pillow

8. Nook Organic Breastfeeding Pillow

Unless you have arms of steel, holding a baby in a fixed position for 15-20 minutes is not a lot of fun! Breastfeeding support pillows help tremendously by allowing you to sit in a comfortable position while baby eats. Currently, the Nook Organic Breastfeeding Pillow is a great buy if you want to go the organic route. It’s made of organic cotton and comes with a washable slip cover.

Kindred Bravely Organic Nursing Bras
Kindred Bravely

9. Kindred Bravely Organic Nursing Bras

Nursing bras are essential for easy access. And it’s best to go with non-toxic fabric such as organic cotton or bamboo. Wearing organic fibers benefits both you, your baby and the environment.

Organic cotton is free of pesticides, insecticides, and other harmful chemicals. It also requires less water to produce. Kindred Bravely manufactures ultra soft organic cotton nursing bras with wireless support.

Reusable Eco Nursing Pads
Eco Nursing Pads

10. Reusable Eco Nursing Pads

These are not only a necessity—they’re a must-have. Your nipples will leak a lot, especially during a feed (when one isn’t in use) and will leave embarrassing and uncomfortable splatter marks that crust over when dried.

Plus, what no one will tell you, is that leaked milk that’s absorbed into your bra or shirt stinks. You’re going to smell like old, sour milk. And you will need to buy a few pairs because you will have to change them out throughout the day. Go with organic bamboo, like Eco Nursing Pads, as they are reusable, eco-friendly, and highly absorbent.

KyteBaby Organic nursing cover

11. KyteBaby Organic Nursing Cover

When you buy a “nursing cover”, you’re also buying: a car seat canopy, a shopping cart cover, a blanket, a scarf, a newborn swaddle—you name it. Talk about a great investment. And you can find beautiful nursing covers that are breathable, non-toxic and gentle for both mom and baby like this one on KyteBaby.

Non-Toxic Silicone Nipple Shields By YiYee

12. Non-Toxic Silicone Nipple Shields By YiYee

Nipple shields are primarily used to help with latching. There are situations where a woman might have very flat nipples, inverted nipples or an improper latch has led to painful blisters and mom needs to heal—a nipple shield can help with such dilemmas.

The Yiyee Nipple Shield has a HUGE amount of great reviews on Amazon compared to other brands. It’s 100% thin silicone, BPA free and non-toxic. Moms seem to love how easy it is for their baby to latch and suck from a comfortable distance without putting painful pressure on the sore nipple.

Lansinoh Non-Toxic Nipple Cooling Gel Pads

13. Lansinoh Non-Toxic Nipple Cooling Gel Pads

Nipple cooling pads—I literally love this invention. These were lifesavers for me when I breastfed. My nipples were so sore that slapping some cooling gel pads on them after a painful feed was the best feeling in the world.

Imagine having a sunburn and then relieving it with some nice cool aloe vera gel—that’s the effect that gel pads have. Choose gel pads that are vegan and made from glycerin, which is non-toxic to human health and the environment—such as the Lansinoh Soothies Breast Gel Pads.

Tiny Human Supply Co Organic Nipple Butter

14. Organic Nipple Balms And Creams

All that breastfeeding causes your nipples to become dry and cracked—much like chapped lips. And what do you do about chapped lips? You rub some lip balm on them to provide soothing relief and healing. The same goes with nipples. An investment in really good nipple balm or cream will make all the difference.

And because you’re basically sharing your nipples with another human being, you want to make sure that the product is baby friendly: organic and nontoxic, like the USDA organic Nipple Crack by Tiny Human Co.

15. Organic Breastmilk Supplements And Teas

I personally needed supplements to help with my milk production. In the first month, I wasn’t producing a sufficient amount of milk, and my baby wasn’t gaining weight. It wasn’t until after I began taking supplements that my milk supply began to increase.

But, I won’t lie, some of them (the best ones that actually work) are a little expensive—but they do their job. I took MotherLove More Milk Plus. They are liquid capsules and have a really good reputation.

And if you don’t like taking pills, lactation support supplements come in many other forms such as: cookies, teas (Traditional Medicinals Organic Mother’s Milk Tea), chews, drink mixes and gummies. It really just comes down to personal preference.

Non Toxic Greenguard Gold Certified Recliner By Million Dollar Baby
Million Dollar Baby

16. Non-Toxic Greenguard Gold Certified Recliner

One of my most favorite breastfeeding essentials has been a recliner; and it was literally a life saver during all of those middle of the night feedings.

And if you’re going to invest in one, please make sure that it is Greenguard Gold Certified, which means that it was tested for over 10,000 different types of toxins, and is certified non-toxic.

Many recliners like the one by Million Dollar Baby, have built in charging ports for your electronics as well, and are excellent quality!

17. Breastfeeding Tracker Phone Apps

MyMedela Breastfeeding Tracker App

There are many wonderful and convenient phone apps for tracking your breastfeeding, and a large majority are free.

Tracking apps are a useful tool because you can record and track the duration of your baby’s feed and which breast they used last—because trust me, when you’re nursing a newborn, you’re EXHAUSTED and lack of sleep messes with your memory.

Thanks to the app, you’ll know which breast has more milk supply and begin with tha one! The MyMedela Breastfeeding Companion app is a great place to start with tracking your feeds.

Best DIY Breastmilk Jewelry Kits

Easy DIY Breastmilk Jewelry Kits That Create The Sweetest Keepsakes!

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Giving birth and becoming a mother is one of the biggest milestones in a woman’s life. And if you’ve chosen to breastfeed, then you know how special a breastfeeding journey truly is—hard, painful and complex, but at the same time so full of love and oh so rewarding.

Many new moms seek to preserve their breastfeeding journey by creating a lifelong keepsake. A tangible memento that they can cherish for a lifetime.

If you’re someone who is into DIY projects and would prefer to create your own breastmilk jewelry or other type of creation, then a DIY breastmilk preservation kit is a great way to go about doing so in the privacy of your own home.

At the same time, not many women can experience a breastfeeding journey; hence, mothers who have lost their babies in childbirth likewise seek to preserve their breastmilk to honor and remember their child by. And that’s what makes breastmilk preservation so special.

How Do Breastmilk Preservation Kits Work?

Preserving your breastmilk and turning it into a special creation involves a chemical process that solidifies the liquid gold and keeps it from spoiling.

All Breastmilk preservation kits comes with the necessary supplies and instructions that make the process as simple as possible.

You can use old and expired breastmilk that is many years old—as long as it is preserved properly. Expired Breastmilk works just as well as fresh milk, and won’t affect the outcome or quality.

What Type Of Creations Can I Make Out Of Breastmilk?

Many Breastmilk preservation kits specialize in jewelry. They supply you with pendent molds, lockets and chains. Some will even have earrings and other jewelry available for you to create.

Then there are other breastmilk kits that specialize in skincare products like soap bars, which allow you to transform your breastmilk into a skin cleansing product.

How Long Does A DIY Breastmilk Creation Take To Make?

With most kits, after you pour your treated breastmilk into a mold, it takes anywhere from 12-48 hours until it is completely solid and ready to wear.

DIY breastmilk kits certainly save you time and money. The con to doing your own breastmilk jewelry is that there is a chance that things might not turn out. But, if you’re up for a little challenge, then have at it!

Breastmilk Preservation Kits Make Wonderful Baby Shower Gifts

Breastmilk preservation kits are very thoughtful gifts for expecting moms. Most baby gear will only be used for a limited amount of time, but a breastmilk memento will last a lifetime, and the expecting mom will absolutely love the gift!

Best Breastfeeding Keepsake Kits For New Moms

DIY Breastmilk Necklace Kit

Brand | Lackto

LACKTO is a high quality DIY breastmilk jewelry kit that comes with one mold per kit and all the essential tools that you need to create your breastmilk keepsake.

Choose from sweet shapes such as a mother kissing her child on the forehead, footprints, hearts, and more.

Lackto kits includes easy to follow instructions, and you can also watch their step-by-step video tutorial on YouTube, which we’ve provided below.

Source: Youtube | Lackto

Breastmilk Newelry

DIY Breastmilk Ring Kit

Brand | IuniJewel

If you’re opting for a ring-only jewelry kit, this Etsy gem is a great choice for you. In just six easy steps, you can create a gorgeous ring made from a gold-plated, sterling silver with cubic-zirconia side stones and your breastmilk.

This breastmilk ring kit also comes with comes with a free gift box and an upscale jewelry bag. It makes the perfect gift for yourself or someone special, and is great for occasions like Mother’s Day, Birthdays and anniversaries.

This Etsy seller creates entire breastmilk jewelry sets as well (rings, necklaces, earrings), so feel free to check out their Etsy storefront!

DIY Real Gold Breastmilk Jewelry Kit

Brand | KeepsakeJewelryDIY

If you’re seeking a breastmilk jewelry kit with real gold, this kit is perfect for you. With this kit, you can choose between 10k and 14k gold settings, and you can opt for yellow gold, rose gold or white gold.

The resin will create about 4-5 pieces which you can implement into other settings. This kit is a bit expensive because you will be purchasing real gold, however, if you need hypoallergenic jewelry, this kit is the one to buy.

Milky Treasures Breastmilk Jewelry Kit

DIY Breastmilk Jewelry Kit

Brand | Milky Treasures

The Milky Treasures DIY Breastmilk Jewelry Making Kit lets you make elegant and timeless jewelry. Whether it’s a ring or pendant necklace, you’re going to love how beautiful your creation will look!

This breastmilk jewelry kit comes with easy to follow instructions, and the resin hardens in a matter of seconds under a UV lamp, which is also included in the kit.

DIY Breastmilk Necklace Making Kit

Brand | Earth, Sky & You

This is a fantastic DIY breastmilk preservation kit by a brand called Earth, Sky & You on Amazon with fabulous reviews, and includes not one, but two locket necklaces in which you’ll hold your breastmilk creation for a lifetime.

Each locket comes with two stainless steel chains, and the kit also includes a charming bonus necklace in the shape of a heart that says “mom”.

This entire breastmilk preservation kit comes with easy to follow instructions and is ready to wear 48 hours after you fill the mold.

Best Zero Waste Shampoo Bars For Babies And Kids

Shopping For A Safe And Effective Shampoo Bar Made Just For Kids? Read On For 6 Mom-Approved Brands!

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Are you searching for a kid-friendly alternative to liquid shampoo? You’ve come to the right place!

Unlike bottled shampoo, shampoo bars are biodegradable, plastic-free, plant-based and non-toxic—which make them ideal for little ones who have delicate skin and certain scalp conditions.

With that said, we’ve put together a children’s shampoo bar guide that contains only the safest and most trusted brands for babies and kids.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Shampoo Bars On Kids

  • All-natural shampoo bars do not contain synthetic ingredients that can irritate delicate skin. In fact, most solid shampoo bars contain a majority of organic ingredients that are gentle enough even on infants.
  • Shampoo bars are also wonderful space savers. I’m sure that if you’re just like me, you hate having your bathtub cluttered with tons of plastic bottles.
  • Shampoo bars can also double as body wash, which is a great way to save money and avoid even more synthetic chemicals making contact with your little one’s delicate skin!

What Are The Cons Of Using Shampoo Bars On Kids

  • One of the downsides to shampoo bars is that because they contain essential oils, most brands can irritate the eyes if you aren’t careful when washing your child’s hair. However, there are a few brands that have a tear-free formula.
  • Shampoo bars have a higher upfront cost than bottled shampoos, which can be an immediate turn off, but they last as much as 2-3 bottles and are void of toxic ingredients that you should avoid.
  • Shampoo bars can leave hair hair feeling waxy, which is because they don’t strip strands of their natural oils, and this can take some getting used to.
Source | Ethique

6 Safest Solid Shampoo Bars For Babies And Children


1. Farmstead Apothecary Baby Shampoo + Wash Bar

The Farmstead Apothecary Baby Shampoo Bar doubles as a body wash and creates a rich lather. This solid shampoo bar is made from minimal, purposeful, and skin nourishing ingredients only, and is formulated for sensitive skin—making it perfect for all skin types!

2. Ethique Oaty Delicious Shampoo Bar

Their kids’ shampoo bar called “Oaty Delicious” is made from oats, cocoa butter, and oils consisting of chamomile, lavender and coconut.

The bar is pH balanced, plant-based, vegan, cruelty free, and compostable. It’s mild, has a subtle scent and is great for kids with eczema because it’s so gentle on the skin (it can double as a body wash).

3. Green + Lovely Sweet Orange Shampoo Bar For Little Ones

The sweet orange shampoo bar by Green + Lovely contains a tear-free formula and natural citrus fragrance. This sweet citrus shampoo bar is also packed with moisture-rich coconut, jojoba, argon, and organic avocado oil—resulting in soft, easy to manage hair.

4. Shea Terra Organics Bananas & Monkey Bread Shampoo Bar

The Bananas And Monkey Bread shampoo bar by Shea Terra Organics is an all-natural shampoo bar for kids with special ingredients that are ethically and sustainably sourced from East Africa.

The indigenous “super hero” ingredients consisting of Shea Nilotik Shea butter and baobab (monkey tree oil) make this shampoo bar especially gentle on the skin, and the banana fruit extract gives this shampoo bar a delicious natural scent.

Dirty Kids Organics Shampoo Bar

5. Dirty Kids Organics Shampoo Bar

Dirty Kids Organics—Such a fun name for a shampoo bar! This bar is a multi-use product that can double as face wash and body wash because it is so gentle!

In fact, the company states that it’s great for baby cradle cap, eczema and acne prone skin. The Dirty Kids Organics shampoo bar is infused with Rosemary extract and contains soothing oils.

Apple Valley Natural Soap Pink Lemonade Shampoo Bar

6. Pink Lemonade Shampoo Bar By Apple Valley Natural Soap

The Pink Lemonade shampoo bar by Apple Valley Natural Soap is budget-friendly, handmade here in the USA, and has a dreamy scent similar to pink Starburst candy that your child will love!

This organic children’s shampoo bar is a great choice for normal to oily hair. It features rose kaolin clay which keeps skin hydrated, it detoxifies, increases circulation, encourages new cell growth and reduces inflammation and irritation.

Try a full size, half bar or sample size and take 10% off using code AVNSDIARIES10 at checkout!

Best Non-Toxic And Eco-Friendly Sippy Cups

Transitioning From A Bottle To A Sippy Cup? Here Are The Best Plastic-Free Sippy Cups And Alternatives For Your Child!

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Are you shopping for a nontoxic sippy cup? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve put together a list of the best non toxic sippy cups that are perfect for safely transitioning your child from their bottle!

As your little one prepares to make the transition from the bottle (or breast) to drinking from a “big kid” cup, it’s important to choose the right type of cup to make the transition as easy and safe as possible.

Are Plastic Sippy Cups Safe?

We live in a time where everything is mass produced, and most sippy cups are made from plastic.

And even though most brands claim to be BPA-free, these manufacturers replace it with similar chemicals and therefore still leach hormone disrupting chemicals that mimic estrogen.

According to Environmental Health News, “BPA is increasingly replaced by cousin chemicals — such as Bisphenol F (BPF) or BPS — due to mounting health concerns. However, scientists are now uncovering that these replacement chemicals may be as harmful as BPA.”

So pass on the plastic variety and opt for cups that are constructed from eco-friendly material.

What Are The Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Sippy Cups And Alternatives?

There are several benefits to having your child drink from an eco-friendly sippy cup as opposed to plastic.

  • Most eco-friendly sippy cups are made from natural elements such as glass, stainless steel, and plant matter (silicone is the exception because it’s a man-made polymer, but still more environmentally friendly than plastic, is non-toxic and lasts longer).
  • The majority of eco-friendly training cups can be recycled thus minimizing plastic waste.
  • There is also lower energy consumption in the manufacturing process of eco-friendly cups, thus reducing pollution.
  • You know exactly what is going into your child’s body and don’t have to worry about hormone disrupting chemicals leaching into their liquid.

With that said, below are the best non-toxic and environmentally friendly sippy cups for your child.

1. Green Sprouts Plant-Based Straw Cup

Specs: 6oz | 9+ months

The Green Sprouts sustainable toddler cup is made from plant based plastic and food grade silicone. It also contains easy to grip removable handles, and is available in several fun colors.


  • Made from plants
  • Drip-free spouts & travel cap helps prevent leaks
  • Wide neck & removable base for easy filling & cleaning.
  • Easy-grip removable handles.
Bamboo Bamboo glass toddler cup with impact resistant silicone sleeve

2. Bamboo Bamboo Glass Toddler Cup

Specs: 12oz | 9+ months

These beautiful and eco-friendly glass sippy cups by Bamboo Bamboo are available in many colors and each glass toddler cup is wrapped in an impact-resistant silicone sleeve and topped with a bamboo lid and BPA-free straw.


  • Made from glass
    Comes with impact-resistant silicone sleeve, bamboo lid, and straw
  • Comes with coconut-fiber straw cleaning brush
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
Re Play recycled milk jug Sippy cups for kids

3. Re-Play Recycled Milk Jug Sippy Cups

Specs: 10oz | 6+ months

These no-spill sippy cups by Re-Play come in a pack of 4 and are made from recycled milk jugs. In fact, one cup saves two milk jugs from the landfill, making these one of the most sustainable toddler cups on the market. They have an easy to clean silicone valve and are extremely durable.


  • Made from recycled milk jugs
  • Contain a spill-proof lid
  • BPA, Phthalate, PVC and Melamine free
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
Mushie silicone training cup for toddlers

4. Mushie Silicone Training Cup

Specs: 5oz | 6+ months

The Mushie silicone training cup for toddlers is made from 100% food grade silicone and comes with handles, a removable lid and straw that’s gentle on gums.


  • Made from food-grade silicone
  • Double non-slip handles
  • Removable lid with silicone straw
    Microwave and dishwasher safe
Haakaa silicone cup for babies and toddlers

5. Haakaa Silicone Toddler Cup

Specs: 5oz | 6+ months

The Haakaa silicone toddler cup is made from 100% food-grade silicone and contains a unique cut-out rim that makes room for your baby’s nose. This allows them to drink without tipping their head back, helping to minimize the risk of choking.


  • Made from 100% food-grade silicone
  • Double non-slip handles
  • Drop-proof
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
CUPKIN stainless steel toddler cup with straw

6. Cupkin Stainless Steel Toddler Cup

Specs: 8oz | 6+ months

The Cupkin toddler cups are made from 18/8 stainless steel and food-grade silicone. The cup, lid and straw are all dishwasher safe as long as they are placed on the top rack. The stainless steel cups are also powder coated and will not chip.


  • Made from 18/8 stainless steel and food-grade silicone
  • Includes BPA-free lid and reusable silicone straw
    Sold in sets of two
  • Dishwasher safe, but best if hand-washed so paint doesn’t fade
Pura toddler Sippy cup

7. Pura Stainless Steel Sippy Cup

Specs: 11oz | 6+ months

The Pura stainless steel toddler bottle is 100% plastic-free and contains a hospital-grade stainless steel sleeve. The silicone mouth piece can also be replaced and the entire bottle can be converted into a sports bottle as your child grows.


  • Made from stainless steel
    100% medical grade silicone bottle sleeve + sipper spout cover
  • Can be converted into an infant or sports bottle by swapping mouth piece
  • Lifetime warranty on metal components
  • Dishwasher safe