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15 Best Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas | 2023 Edition

15 Sustainable Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Valentine

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Valentine’s Day has been celebrated for many centuries, and has become a popular holiday due to its focus on love, affection, and togetherness. It is a day to celebrate relationships that are both romantic and platonic, and to express love and appreciation for everyone in our lives.

Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day is also one of the most wasteful holidays. Because Valentine’s Day is associated with over-the-top displays of affection, it can lead to a lot of waste—both in terms of money and resources due to purchasing disposable products such cards, flowers or balloons.

With that said, you don’t have to give in to the wasteful theatrics of this otherwise wonderful holiday. Choosing alternatives to traditional [disposable] Valentine’s Day gifts will help combat landfill pollution and make this holiday a lot more memorable.

Before I share environmentally friendly gift options, check out these 7 Valentine’s Day tips for a more sustainable Valentine’s Day.

7 Tips For An Eco-Friendly Valentines Day

  • We recommend skipping greeting cards altogether, but if you’re set on sending a Valentine’s Day card, opt for a card made of recycled, compostable or plantable paper. There are a lot of unique greeting cards made of fabric, wood and seed paper that are way more interesting than traditional cards.
  • Store bought flowers generate a ton of carbon emissions due to water usage and long-haul transport since many are imported from South American countries and then delivered all across the United States. Instead, opt for locally grown flowers or go foraging to create a beautiful wild bouquet. Living plants make awesome sustainable gifts as well.
  • If you’re on a tight budget, a homemade gift is sustainable, thoughtful and wallet-friendly. Think homemade meal, dessert, handmade card or jewelry.
  • Give the gift of experience instead of things. For example, you can treat your Valentine to a special experience like a hike, a picnic, restaurant or a concert.
  • If your Valentine loves chocolate, choose fair-trade brands that use recyclable or compostable wrapping.
  • When wrapping gifts, you should reuse old gift bags or wrapping paper and opt for twine instead of ribbon.
  • Skip single use items like balloons, which are in the same category as single-use plastic water bottles. Even latex balloons take years to biodegrade.

So whether you’re shopping for your significant other, best friend, sibling or parent, our hand-picked eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gift ideas are sure to inspire your search for a gift that will leave a lasting impression.

Each gift below is handmade by an Etsy shop. We love Etsy gifts because they’re handmade, organic, ethically sourced and can be personalized, which makes Valentine’s Day that much more special.

With that said, personalized gifts should be ordered weeks in advance because they take more time to put together—especially around busy holiday seasons.

Plastic Free Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For The Eco Conscious Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day Soy Candle By Secret Creation On Etsy

Personalized Hand-Poured Soy Candle By SecretCreation On Etsy

If you’re looking for a romantic and thoughtful gift this Valentine’s Day, then this personalized soy candle is the perfect way to show your Valentine how much you care. Personalized with your anniversary date and coupled with a romantic candle lit movie night or dinner, this elegant candle is sure to mark an occasion that can be cherished long after its sweet aromas die down. Not a fan of Etsy? Shop the idea on Amazon instead.

Personalized Wooden Recipe Book Binder By Enjoy The Wood On Etsy

If your Valentine is a cooking enthusiast, or has a large batch of handwritten family recipes, this personalized wooden recipe book is the perfect sustainable gift idea for Valentine’s Day. Made from birch wood, this recipe binder will keep traditions and handwritten recipes alive for generations to come. Not a fan of Etsy? Shop the idea on Amazon instead.

Engraved love letter by no ordinary gift ltd on etsy

Personalized Engraved Wooden Love Letter By NoOrdinaryGiftLTD On Etsy

A wooden love letter is a sustainable and romantic way to express your love—and it’s more unique than a greeting card. Your personalized message will be printed on premium white paper and attached to your personalized wooden envelope. The wooden envelope then folds together with an interlocking puzzle-like heart.

Vegan Spa Gift Set

Vegan Spa Gift Set By Raw Blossom On Etsy

This Valentine’s Day spa gift set comes with luxurious self care products that will make your Valentine feel loved and appreciated. The entire kit arrives in eco-friendly packaging, and you can choose from several dreamy scents that will whisk your Valentine away to a whimsical wonderland of relaxation And rejuvenation.

Fair trade chocolate by farmhouse choco

Fair Trade Organic Dark Chocolate Truffle Box By Farmhouse Chocolates On Etsy

Fair trade chocolate is a great Valentine’s Day gift because it supports fair trade practices that promote human rights, environmental protection, and economic development. This makes fair trade chocolate a great way to show your love and appreciation for someone special, while also doing something to make the planet a better place. You can also find varieties of fair trade chocolate on Amazon.

Zero Waste Valentine’s Day Shave Kit For Women By Plantish Future On Etsy

We are loving this zero waste shaving kit which is scented with a sweet rosy aroma. This sustainable Self-Love set features all of the essential tools your Valentine needs for shaving, deodorizing, shampooing and conditioning. It guarantees a low impact, eco-friendly, and sustainable skincare routine, plus great aesthetics! 

Personalized Cereal Spoon By ImpressionsStamped On Etsy

If your Valentine loves cereal, then a personalized spoon makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift that can be treasured for years to come. It can be given as a token of love, appreciation, or friendship. This spoon is engraved with a special message, as well as initials, and is sure to be a hit on Valentine’s Day.

Handcrafted hand wax melts by

Hand Crafted Soy Wax Melts By 2n2Ranch On Etsy

If your Valentine prefers wax melts over candles, then they will love these handcrafted soy wax melts that come with a charming wooden scooper. Wax melts can help to fill the air with a soothing aroma, and create a calming atmosphere. Your Valentine will love the fragrance, and they’ll enjoy the soothing ambience that these wax melts promote.

Luxury organic cotton robe by naixhome

Luxury Organic Cotton Waffle Robe By NaixHome On Etsy

Everyone needs at least one luxury robe, and we love this ultra soft and sustainably sourced waffle robe made from 100% organic Turkish cotton. Your Valentine will love wearing this robe for a cozy night in along with some take out, Netflix and a little wine.

Recycled Paper Origami Rose Necklace By KellyHandCrafts On Etsy

Sustainable jewelry makes a unique and sentimental Valentine’s Day gift. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also provides a unique way to express your love and appreciation for your special someone. With that said, we recommend this beautiful handmade origami rose necklace made from recycled paper.

Engraved custom photo on wood by austero

Personalized Wooden Portrait By Austero On Etsy

Freeze a special moment in time with a laser engraved photo on natural wood. Not only is this a sustainable gift, it’s also super romantic, and shows that you put a lot of thought into your gift planning for Valentine’s Day. Wooden portraits are also a very meaningful and timeless gift that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Pottery Date Night Box For Two By The CraftSocietyUK On Etsy

Add some fun to your Valentine’s Day date night with a Pottery Date Night Box for two. A home pottery kit is very thoughtful and romantic gift idea that’s also very low waste, and provides hours of fun and bonding time between you and your Valentine.

Best friend 3D mug from etsy

3D Best Friends Mug By Coffee Cupid On Etsy

This Valentine’s Day, show your best friend how much you love her with this whimsical 3D mug that will really impress. This mug is beautifully made and perfect for the tea or coffee lover in your life. It’s also an adorable way to show appreciation for your most adored friendship.

Solid Men’s Cologne

Solid Cologne For Men By SolidScentCo On Etsy

Solid colognes are a unique and eco-friendly alternative to traditional Cologne bottles. They’re also much easier to travel with, and don’t contain any toxic ingredients—which makes them perfect for men with sensitive skin. This solid cologne for men is made from sustainable butters such as cocoa, Shea and almond—and your Valentine will love the sleek container design.

Wooden jewelry box for women

Made To Order Jewelry Box By HFMA Finds On Etsy

If your Valentine has a ton of jewelry, then a vintage jewelry box made from sturdy natural wood is a sustainable gift that will last years (it can even be handed down). This beautiful jewelry box has generous storage space, yet is compact when closed.

Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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Best Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Teen Boys | 2022 Edition

Not Sure What To Get Your Teenaged Boy This Holiday Season? Read On For The Best Sustainable Holiday Gift Options In 2022!

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

Shopping for a sustainable Christmas gift? You’ve come to the right place!

Finding the right Christmas gift for a teenaged boy is no easy task, especially since now a days, all they want is cash, gift cards or electronics.

And as a mom of both a boy and a girl, I‘ve learned that raising a boy is a lot more challenging when you’re trying to make your home as eco-friendly and low waste as possible.

So we’ve created this eco-friendly holiday gift guide for teen boys that contains fair-trade, zero waste, reusable, and compostable items that help keep your home sustainable, low waste, and encourage your teenager to appreciate eco-friendly products a little more.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide For Teen Boys

The North Face Recycled Beanie

1. The North Face Bones Recycled Beanie

The North Face Bones recycled beanie is made from post consumer recycled goods. It’s a basic style that’s perfect for minimalists and makes a great sustainable gift for teen boys.

Wood Whittling Kit For

2. Wood Whittling Kit For Beginners By MaiaHome

A wood whittling kit is a great way to encourage your teen to do something creative outside of his electronics. He might even end up really liking it and making it a life long hobby. Wood is also biodegradable, and this kit comes with all of the whittling essentials, including safety gloves.

Pela Phone Grip And Stand

3. Pela Collapsible Phone Grip And Stand

Teen boys are always on their smart phones, so the Pela collapsible phone grip and stand makes a great eco-friendly gift since it’s made from plants, and is 100% compostable.

4. Back To The Future Hand Knit Air Mags House Slippers

Who said house slippers can’t be cool? These hand-knit Back To The Future Air Mags replicas are a one of a kind gift that your teenager will really love. They’re a stylish, comfortable and sustainable holiday gift that wins every time.

Hanes Eco Smart Fleece Hoodie

5. Hanes EcoSmart Fleece Hoodie

The Hanes EcoSmart fleece hoodie for men is made with 5% recycled post consumer plastic bottles. It’s soft, warm, durable and very budget-friendly. If your teen is a minimalist, he’ll love adding this to his closet.

JBL Speaker Made From Recycled Plastic

6. Recycled Plastic JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Flip 5 is a waterproof portable bluetooth speaker made from 100% recycled plastic that gives your teenager 12 hours of playtime. He can use it in his room, the skate park or anywhere else.

7. Dr. Squatch Natural Soap | Star Wars Edition

Your teenager will experience the finest all-natural soap bars in the galaxy with the Dr. Squatch Soap Star Wars collection. Each soap is custom crafted and the entire pack comes in a very cool collectors box. This is a must have gift, especially if your teenager is a huge Star Wars fan!

Bruno Marc Sustainable Shoes

8. Bruno Marc Recycled Plastic Men’s Shoes

These eco-friendly and wallet-friendly casual men’s shoes are made from recycled plastic bottles. They’re breathable, comfortable, and great for everyday wear. They’re unique, and make a great sustainable fashion gift for Christmas. (Available in more colors!)

Terra Thread Fair Trade Certified Gym Bag

9. Terra Thread Organic Cotton Fair Trade Certified Gym Bag

The Terra Thread Fair Trade certified gym bag is made from 100% organic cotton and makes an awesome sustainable Christmas gift for teen boys. This bag can be used for sports equipment, travel and more.

House Of Marley Sustainable Wireless Earbuds

10. House Of Marley Sustainable Wireless Headphones

House of Marley is the first audio brand to craft products that include sustainable materials, and these wireless headphones are not only eco-friendly, but stylish and high quality. Crafted from bamboo and regrind silicone, these headphones will give your teen 20 hours of play time, and come with a really stylish rechargeable case.

Big Boy Bamboo T-Shirt

11. Big Boy Bamboo Organic Bamboo Viscose T-Shirts

If your teenager is in need of some new t-shirts, gift them with some environmentally friendly, fade resistant bamboo t-shirts. The Big Boy Bamboo t-shirts are buttery soft, and available in size Small to size 4XLT. So if you happen to have a big and tall teen, they’ve got lots of options for him!

Hydro Flask Wide Neck Bottle With Flex Cap

12. Hydro Flask Wide Neck Water Bottle With Flex Cap

The Hydro Flask wide neck water bottle will keep your teen’s water cold for up to 24 hours, and comes with a convenient flex cap. This stainless steel water bottle is also incredibly durable, and makes a great sustainable gift!

13. Fjallraven Re-Kanken Recycled Backpack

The popular minimalist backpack Fjallraven Kanken is also available in a recycled version, which is very cool. And your teenager will love using this sustainable backpack for school, vacations and pretty much everywhere else.

EBL rechargeable

14. EBL Rechargeable Batteries With Charger

Your teen will love these rechargeable batteries because it means that he will never run out of power for his wireless game controllers. This set comes with 4 double A batteries, 4 triple A batteries and a charger. Plus, you won’t ever feel bad about throwing disposable batteries away, and you’ll save money.

15. Zoku Pocket Straw

The Zoku pocket straw is compact and fits effortlessly into your pants pocket or onto your keychain. It has a cool minimalist design, and your teen can feel good about using it instead of disposable straws. It makes an awesome Christmas gift or stocking stuffer!

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21 Fun Non-Toxic And Eco-Friendly Toddler Toys

Shopping For A Unique Toddler Toy That’s Non-Toxic And Eco-Friendly? Here Are 21 Fun Toys To Give This Holiday Season!

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you’re shopping for non-toxic and eco-friendly toddler toys for your little one this year, then you’ve come to the right place!

Many children’s toys are made from plastic and contain hormone disrupting chemicals, so it’s no surprise that many people are opting for plastic-alternatives—especially since toddlers like to place toys into their mouth.

Plastic toys also have a short lifespan, they clutter your space, and they can’t be recycled—all the more reason to swap them for something sustainable and planet-friendly!

With that said, we’ve created a sustainable toy guide full of unique non-toxic toddler toys that your little one will absolutely love this holiday season!

Why Choose Non-Toxic And Eco-Friendly Toys Over Plastic?

Eco-friendly toddler toys are made of natural or organic material with non-toxic components that are safe to touch. They can also be easily recycled or composted.

Green toddler toys are also ethically and sustainably sourced, and do not leave a negative impact on our environment.

Wood, silicone, natural rubber and organic fabric are all great examples of what eco-friendly toddler toys can be made of, and spark just as much joy as conventional plastic varieties.

With that said, below is our eco-friendly gift guide for sustainable, non-toxic and planet-friendly toddler toys (just in time for Christmas) that you and your child will love!

Your Holiday Gift Guide To Unique Non-Toxic Toddler Toys For Sustainable Fun

Wee Gallery Woodland Gallery Lacing Cards

1. Wee Gallery Woodland Animal Lacing Cards

These woodland animal lacing cards make really great stocking stuffers for toddlers! Your little one will love playing with these at home as well as on car rides to pass time. 

Lacing cards encourage hand-eye coordination, develop motor skills, help teach color identification, and help develop dexterity. Also, these are super cute and you get 6 in a pack!

Handmade Wicker Doll Pram By Cackoo

2. Handmade Wicker Doll Pram By Cackoo

This wicker doll pram by Cackoo is handmade from willow and water-based paint. It’s a charming eco-friendly gift for little ones who enjoy playing with dolls, and can be used indoors as well as outside. (10% off coupon currently available).

Apple Park Organic Cotton Dolls

3. Apple Park Organic Cotton Dolls

If you’re shopping for a non-toxic doll with hypoallergenic fill, look no further than Apple Park organic cotton dolls! They come in all sorts of colors, and are available in both genders. These eco-friendly soft dolls are high quality, and make wonderful first dolls for toddlers!

4. Natural Wood Montessori Toddler Gym By Wood & Hearts

Don’t let cold winter weather stop you from having fun! This adorable Montessori indoor gym for toddlers is made from natural wood and can be arranged in many different ways! Your toddler will love receiving this as a gift!

5. Wooden Activity Table By Wonder & Wise

With its modern and minimalistic design, detachable legs and a convenient cotton storage bag attached to the bottom, this natural wood table with nontoxic paint will go well with any modern home, as well as allow for easy and compact storage when not in use.

6. Travel Activity Cube By BrainUp Toys

A travel activity cube is a great gift for toddlers who tend to travel a lot with their parents. This wooden busy cube by BrainUp Toys has various activities and will keep your little one busy in the car and during airplane travel.

7. Airplane Rocker And Ride-On By Wonder & Wise

This adorable airplane is a 2-in-1 rocker and ride-on that’s made from sturdy plywood, rubber and non-toxic paint. Because of its design, this beautiful and sustainable toy will last for many years to come!

PlanToys Dentist Kit

8. PlanToys Wooden Pretend Play Dentist Kit

Your little one will love pretending to be a dentist with this wooden pretend play dental kit by PlanToys. All PlanToys products are made from rubber wood trees which no longer produce latex, and is free of chemicals.

9. Magnetic Wooden Vacuum By Fat Brain Toys

Kids love playing with toy vacuums, and this wooden one by Fat Brain Toys has a magnetic bottom that scoops up magnets—and it’s really cool! It’ll make your little one feel like they’re really cleaning!

Wooden Montessori Busy Board For Toddlers By DeMoca

10. Wooden Montessori Busy Board For Toddlers By DeMoca

This wooden Montessori busy board offers fun hands-on play for toddlers and can be used both in the home and during car or airplane travel. These boards are also great for sensory play and occupational therapy.

Pussan Montessori Busy Board

11. Pussan Montessori Busy Toddler Board

This Wooden Montessori Busy Board is made from natural wood and is an excellent choice for a gift or as a stocking stuffer. It’s a self directed activity that helps develop fine motor skills and has a color matching activity.

Wooden Montessori Shape Sorter For Toddlers

12. Wooden Montessori Shape Sorter For Toddlers

If your little one loves playing with stacking toys and sorting shapes, then they’ll love this whimsical wooden Montessori set by Youuys. These blocks will teach your little one all about problem solving and geometric shape recognition. It’s also a sustainable toy that’s great for fine motor skill development!

13. Montessori Wooden Wobble Board By Nutty Toys

Wooden wobble boards are fun sustainable toddler toys and can be used for so much more than just wobbling. Kids can turn them upside down and use them as slides, they can lay on them and read, and then can turn them upside down and use them as a snack tray!

Toddler’s First Coloring Book Set By Honey Sticks

14. Toddler’s First Coloring Book Set By Honey Sticks

The Toddler’s First Coloring Book from Honeysticks is hand-made in New Zealand from 100% recycled paper and features 40 large pages with simple images to spark creativity and play. It also comes with a set of non-toxic beeswax crayons that are thick and easy to hold!

Wooden Unicorn Swing By Eco Tribe

15. Wooden Unicorn Swing By Eco Tribe

For little ones who love to swing, this eco-friendly wooden swing by EcoTribe makes the perfect sustainable gift! It’s made from natural birch wood and equipped with cotton rope. It can be hung in a doorway, porch, or on a tree branch when the weather is ideal!

16. Walk-Along-Puppy Wooden Pull Toy

This award winning pull toy is made from natural wood and non-toxic paint. This eco-friendly toy helps toddlers develop hand-eye coordination, promotes dexterity, and manipulation—and best of all, it promotes imaginative play!

Wooden Toddler Jigsaw Puzzle

17. Wooden Toddler Jigsaw Puzzle

These adorable jigsaw puzzles by BigShu make a wonderful eco-friendly gift for a toddler! They’re bright, colorful and encourage problem solving as well as motor skill development.

18. Silicone Shape Learning Toy For Toddlers

Your little one can work on shape recognition with this adorable shape learning toy made from edible grade silicone. You can also choose from alphabet letters, numbers, or all 3!

Wooden Sensory Bin Set

19. Wooden Sensory Bin Set

This sensory bin set is made from natural wood and makes a great gift for toddlers. It comes with a bin that mom or dad can fill up with sand, rice or macaroni, and allows their allow one to explore with all of the neat accessories.

20. Melissa And Doug Take Along Wooden Train Track Set

If your toddler loves train sets, they’ll really enjoy playing with this portable wooden train track! Made with non-toxic paint and offering tons of fun accessories, your child will be entertained for quite some time!

Wooden Activity Walker By Tender Leaf

21. Wooden Activity Walker By Tender Leaf

Inspired by weather, this adorable wooden activity walker by Tender Leaf will keep your toddler entertained long after their first steps!

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Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Cat Lovers

Sustainable Gift Ideas For Cats And The Cat Lover In Your Life

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

If you’re shopping for the cat lover in your life, then you’ve come to the right place!

As much as I love them, cats don’t exactly have the best reputation when it comes to being green. However, with small swaps and changes, cat owners can minimize their cat’s carbon pawprint—and so can you—by choosing environmentally friendly gift options!

So whether you’re an eco-conscious gift giver or shopping for a cat lover who prefers eco-friendly cat products, then you will love this gift guide which contains some really cool sustainable gift options!

With that said, keep reading to see our pawsome eco-friendly gift ideas for cat lovers and their cats! But first, check out these fun facts about cats you probably didn’t know!

Source | Animal Wised | YouTube

Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Gifts For People Who Love Cats

Kawaii Ceramic Cat Mug By Feify In Blue

Kawaii Ceramic Cat Mug By Feify

The cat lover in your life will adore this totally cute and eco-friendly mug which comes with a stainless steel spoon, wooden lid and wooden coaster. The entire aesthetic of this cat mug is absolutely adorable and if you’re going to opt for a mug, this is the one you want to gift.

Organic New Zealand Wool Cat Bed By Chiby

Organic New Zealand Wool Cat Cave By Chiby

This snug yet spacious cat cave by Chiby is stylish and sustainable. New Zealand wool is easily replenished and planet-friendly because it’s biodegradable, and your favorite cat enthusiast will love that it’s ethically handmade in Nepal by local artisans.

Wooden tic tac toe set with cat heads

Cat Themed Wooden Tic-Tac-Toe Game Set

This adorable cat themed tic-tac-toe game set is made from all-natural wood, and the playing pieces consist of cat heads and paws. This gift will delight any cat lover, no matter what age they are! (Perfect for road trips if you have kids).

Porcelain pour over cat coffee

Porcelain Cat-Themed Pour Over Coffee Brewer

This pour over coffee brewer and mug set is a cozy way to begin each morning with your furry friend! This set is made from porcelain and can hold 12 ounces of your cat lover’s favorite brew!

Sustainable Wood Cat Roller Ball Toy

This bamboo turntable cat toy is not only eco-friendly, but also provides hours of fun for your cat! Made from sustainable wood, this simple toy will keep your cat entertained for hours and they’ll keep coming back for more.

Ceramic cat treat jar

Ceramic Cat Treat Cookie Jar

Store your cat treats (or human cookies) in this adorable ceramic cat-themed cookie jar that blends in fabulously with any kitchen decor. No matter what treats you decide to store, this ceramic canister will keep everything fresh and add cute vibes to your kitchen space.

Certified Recycled Polyester Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags By Momiji

Recycled Polyester Reusable Cat Themed Grocery Bags

Help the cat lover in your life say goodbye to single-use plastic grocery bags by gifting them with these recycled polyester reusable shopping bags by Momiji. Each bag can carry up to 55lbs and can fold into a square the size of your palm. They also have super cute designs that will get compliments anywhere they go.

Ceramic succulent Planter pots

Ceramic Planter Pots For Succulents

For the cat mom who’s also a plant mom, this set of ceramic planters is a fantastic gift idea. They’ll get a total of six cat-themed planter pots, and can arrange them anywhere and anyway they like. Perfect for both the home or office.

Uproot Clean Reusable Pet Hair Remover

If you or the cat owner in your life needs an effective solution to cat hair, you need to check out the Uproot Cleaner! It’s a reusable lint and pet hair remover that works miracles, and it comes in various sizes! As someone who owns this handy tool, I 100% recommend it! Also, take 10% off with code ECOMOM10

Organic pet grass kit by the cat ladies

Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit

This organic cat grass growing kit by the Cat Ladies, is a great gift for cat owners because it provides cats with important nutrients, and keeps them from digging up household plants—which can be toxic. It’s a fun DIY kit that’s stylish, sustainable, and cats will love it.

Metal Cat Wine Bottle Holder

Metal Cat Wine Holder

For the cat lover who also loves wine, this metal wine holder featuring a cute feline is always a great go-to gift. It’ll look fabulous as home decor in any room, or as a centerpiece for a party. It can be reused countless times, and makes an awesome zero waste gift for cat enthusiasts.

Eco-Friendly Cat Scratcher With Organic Cat Nip

Eco-Friendly Cat Scratcher With Organic Cat Nip

A cat owner can never have too many cat scratchers, and this particular one by Way Basics, is not only made from recycled material, but is infused with organic cat nip that helps put your feline friend in a happy mood. (Available in various colors).

Ceramic Tilted Cat Bowl

This pretty ceramic cat bowl is raised and tilted at an angle to prevent regurgitation. It’s also healthier and much more eco-friendly than plastic because it won’t leach micro plastic into food which can make cats sick. Both the cat lover and their cat will love this sustainable bowl.


Stemless Wine Glass By Mienno

This cute “I’m Not Kitten You! Your Perfect” cat-themed stemless wine glass is perfect for a cat mom, cat dad, cat enthusiasts and wine lovers. It’s made from dishwasher safe borosilicate glass, and comes in a cute gift box.

Pettsie Cat Collar With Matching Friendship Bracelet For Owner

Cotton Cat Collar With Matching Friendship Bracelet

This charming cat collar with matching friendship bracelet for owner is very sweet! Both are made from 100% cotton, have a boho vibe, and the collar contains a cute little wooden heart. It’s a great sustainable gift for a cat owner who’s BFF’s with their cat.

Muanns’s 20oz Pink Cat Tumbler

20oz Stainless Steel Cat Tumbler With Reusable Straw

How do you help the cat lover in your life be more eco-friendly? By gifting them with a reusable travel tumbler! This super cute travel mug is 20 ounces and comes with a reusable metal straw and cleaning brush. Plus, it has really cute kitty graphics that you just can’t pass up.

Cat-themed Wooden

Cat-Themed Wooden Incense Holder

Bring some calm and relaxation into your friend’s life with this adorable hand-made wooden incense stick holder. They’ll love the cute Kawaii cat made from ceramic—adding charm to the entire gift!

Ceramic measuring spoon set

Ceramic Measuring Spoon Set With Spoon Rest

This ceramic measuring spoon set that comes with an elegant spoon rest is a great gift for any occasion, especially if it’s a housewarming party you’re attending. It’s an eco-friendly cat lover gift that’s not only functional, but super stylish.

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Sustainable Holiday Gift Ideas For Dog Lovers

Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Holiday Gifts For Dogs And Their Owners

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

The holidays are upon us, and if you’re shopping for the dog lover in your life, then you’ve come to the right place!

Like any pet, dogs don’t exactly have the best reputation when it comes to being green. However, dog owners can minimize their dog’s carbon pawprint by opting for environmentally friendly pet supplies!

So whether you’re an eco-conscious gift giver or shopping for a dog owner who prefers eco-friendly dog products, then you will love this gift guide which is full of environmentally friendly and non-toxic pet treats, toys and novelty gifts for owners.

Why Choose Sustainable Pet Gifts?

Many pet products today are mass produced and made from toxic, hormone-disrupting chemicals that can literally harm your pet.

Synthetic chemicals in dog toys, bedding, treats and feeding supplies are actually the culprits in a lot of skin and digestive issues that your pet may be experiencing.

So this holiday season, gift the dog owner in your life with a non-toxic and environmentally friendly pet product in lieu of, well, disposable junk. After all, pets are family and deserve the very best—especially when it comes to their health.

With that said, read on for the best eco-friendly gift ideas for dog lovers and their pets. These gifts are excellent for any occasion, and make especially wonderful Christmas gifts for eco-conscious dog owners!

Also, make sure to take a look below at these 20 elegant gift wrapping ideas to go along with your pet gifts!

Sustainable Gift Ideas For Eco-Conscious Dog Lovers

UpRoot Clean Reusable Pet Hair Remover

UpRoot Clean Reusable Pet Hair Remover

If you or the dog lover in your life needs an effective solution to dog hair, you need to check out the Uproot Cleaner! It’s a reusable lint and pet hair remover that works miracles, and you are more than welcome to see my full review of the UpRoot Cleaner here. As someone who owns this handy tool, I 100% recommend it! Also, take 10% off with code ECOMOM10 at checkout.

Natural Rubber Dog Toys And Treat Dispenser Set By Wild One

Non-toxic and super healthy, this set of natural rubber dog toys / treat dispensers provide tons of fun and mental stimulation for your furry friend without any harmful chemicals! Natural rubber is also biodegradable, and won’t harm the environment when it’s time to dispose of it. It’s a cool eco-friendly pet gift for any size dog!

Light me when the dog farts funny candle for dog owners

Light Me When The Dog Farts Soy Candle

This soy candle is perfect gift for both a dog mom and a dog dad—and it’s absolutely hilarious because dog farts do indeed stink. This candle is 7 ounces and smells like subtle lavender. It’s ideal to give as a new puppy gift, the holidays or a housewarming gift.

Yeti Boomer Insulated Dog Bowl

Plastic pet bowls are prone to scratches which invite in bacteria—that’s why we always recommend stainless steel food and water bowls for pets. The Yeti Boomer pet bowls are awesome because they’re double wall insulated (keeps water cold longer), slip-proof, scratch resistant, dishwasher safe, durable, and non-toxic!

Ethique Bow Wow Bar Solid Shampoo Bar For Pets

I am obsessed with pet shampoo bars, and the dog lover in your life will be too! Unlike traditional pet shampoo, solid wash bars are non-toxic and hypoallergenic—leaving your dog with healthier skin and coat! Ethique has a really great line of pet shampoos, and they look fabulous as part of a gift basket!

Biodegradable Poop Waste Bags With Dispenser

There is only one clear winner when it comes to biodegradable poop waste bags, and it’s Wild One. Other brands use a chemical on their “eco” bags to eventually allow them break down, but Wild One waste bags are made from corn, and will break down naturally. This set, which comes with a dispenser, is an awesome eco-friendly gift for dog owners!

Recycled Dog Harness By EcoBex

This breathable and no-pull dog harness is made from recycled plastic bottles, and a portion of the proceeds go toward helping animals and fighting climate change. A harness is great to have on long walks, and they don’t hurt a dog’s throat, so this is a great eco-friendly gift for a dog owner!

Human Water Bottle With Detachable Dog Bowl

This eco-friendly gift is for both the dog owner and their pup—and it’s genius! This stainless steel water bottle keeps water ice cold, and contains a detachable dog bowl, allowing both to stay hydrated during walks, hikes and travels!

Natural Hemp Rope Toys For Dogs

Dogs love a good tug of war, and these natural rope toys provide them with safe rough play! Made from a blend of natural cotton and hemp, these dog toys make a great holiday gift for your dog or the dog owner in your life!

Organic Wool Dog Toys

These hypoallergenic and nontoxic New Zealand wool balls are a much safer and healthier alternative to tennis balls. They are also machine washable, and come packaged in a post-consumer recycled cardboard box. It’s a unique dog gift that any pup will love!

More Gift Ideas!

27 Best Sea Turtle Gifts For Her

Sea Turtle Gift Ideas That Are Guaranteed To Make A Splash With Any Turtle Lover!

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

Are you shopping for someone who’s obsessed with sea turtles? You’ve come to the right place!

Sea turtles have been around for over 110 millions years! They’re graceful, beautiful and fascinating creatures—no wonder that so many people are in love with them!

I happen to be a sea turtle nerd myself, and I’ve put together a gift guide full of unique sea turtle gifts for her that she will absolutely adore!

What Do Sea Turtles Represent?

Sea turtles are super laid back and have a really long life span, so it’s no surprise that they represent patience, wisdom, endurance and good fortune.

As a society, we can help ensure that sea turtles continue to thrive and live long healthy lives by making a few simple lifestyle changes—like ditching disposable plastic. Plastic straws, utensils and bags often get mistaken for food, and pose a huge health hazard to sea turtles.

Hence, you will see a lot of reusable and eco-friendly products in this gift guide that help keep our waterways clean, while still allowing us to enjoy our favorite marine creature.

With that said, scroll down for sea turtle gift inspirations that the woman in your life will love! But, before you go, don’t forget to check out 10 amazing facts about sea turtles!

Source | Fact Retriever | YouTube

Unique Sea Turtle Gifts For Sea Turtle Lovers!

Sea Turtle Plug In Night

1. Sea Turtle Plug-In Night Light

This beautiful night light is truly a beautiful sea turtle gift that’s made from hand-crafted resin, and looks gorgeous when activated. It’ll look absolutely whimsical in the hallway, or along side any sea turtle themed bathroom decor!

2. Sea Turtle Reusable Water Bottle

How can the woman in your life help save the sea turtles? By drinking from a reusable water bottle! This super cute water bottle has very pretty sea turtle graphic art and helps keep disposable plastic bottles out of the ocean!

Aluminum Sea Turtle Wind Chimes By Lesus

3. Aluminum Sea Turtle Musical Windchimes

These soothing hand-made aluminum wind chimes make a beautiful gift for any sea turtle enthusiast! She can hang it on her porch, a tree in her yard, or anywhere else that will allow her to hear some gentle wind chime sounds.

Sea Turtle Beach Blanket

4. Sea Turtle Microfiber Beach Blanket

If the turtle lover in your life is a beach bunny, or travels a lot, this beautiful boho-style beach blanket/towel is a unique gift that they will adore! This blanket has a beautiful design, resists sand, and dries fast—plus, it has fun fringe!

Fahlo Sea Turtle Tracking Bracelet

5. Fahlo Sea Turtle Tracking Bracelet

This pretty bracelet is a very charming and thoughtful sea turtle gift for her. Every bracelet will allow her to track a specific sea turtle, and a portion of the proceeds get donated to a sea turtle conservation and research program! (Available in more colors!)

Glass sea turtle cup with lid and straw on etsy

6. Glass Sea Turtle Cup With Lid And Straw

This adorable 20oz skinny tumbler with included straw has a gloss finish with graphics that will never fade, peel or crack. It has a beautiful image of a sea turtle, and is great for everyday use.

Sea Turtle

7. Sea Turtle String Lights

Turn your bedroom or patio into an ocean oasis with these soothing sea turtle string lights. These whimsical string lights measure at 10ft long and make any space look really pretty and make a gorgeous backdrop for social media photos or TikTok videos.

8. Sea Turtle Hatching Jewelry Box

This hand-painting enameled jewelry box is visually stunning, and can be used to store jewelry and other trinkets. It’s a beautiful sea turtle gift for women that they can treasure for a lifetime and even pass down to their children.

Sterling Silver Sea Turtle Heart Locket Necklace By Durunmo

9. Dorunmo Sterling Silver Sea Turtle Locket Necklace

This sea turtle themed sterling silver locket necklace is a beautiful gift that’s customizable. It allows you to DIY your own photo, which makes this gift even more thoughtful and special.

Chala Sea Turtle Cross Body Bag

10. Vegan Sea Turtle Cross Body Cell Phone Purse By Chala

Chala is one of my favorite vegan brands that makes absolutely beautiful bags and purses—and this sea turtle cross body cell phone purse is one of their cutest designs! It makes a stylish and unique sea turtle gift for both young girls and women.

The Queen’s Jewels Sea Turtle Bejeweled Wine Glass

11. Jeweled Sea Turtle Wine Glass By The Queen’s Jewels

The woman in your life will have the cutest wine glass ever! The Queen’s Jewels is a company that makes beautiful bejeweled wine glasses, and this sea turtle wine glass is my favorite! It’s also available in two different styles!


12. Dancing Sea Turtle Wine Bottle Holder

This quirky wine holder of a dancing sea turtle makes a super fun gift that adds style to her kitchen or wine cabinet! It’s especially great for when she’ll be hosting a wine and cheese party and everyone will want to know where she got it!

Sea Turtle Pajamas For Women By Lazy One

13. Sea Turtle Pajamas For Women

These sea turtle cotton pajamas make cozy gifts for women! There is also a gender neutral matching pajama set for little ones so you have a mommy and me movie night!

Color changing sea turtle night light

14. 3D Sea Turtle Night Light

This fun 3D night light is a great gift idea for kids as well as adults who love sea turtles! You can change it to display several different colors with a remote control, and it adds soothing light to any room!

Sea Turtle Blanket

15. Sea Turtle Blanket Hoodie

There’s no comfier gift for a sea turtle lover than this super warm Sherpa blanket hoodie. It’s also available in four different colors, and they’ll love it so much, they’ll wear it every night during fall and winter!

16. Hand-Made Gold Sea Turtle Earrings

These beautiful handmade earrings are made from gold and resin—making them hypoallergenic and safe for people with sensitive skin. They’re hand made in Hawaii and make an absolutely gorgeous gift for women who love sea turtles.

Personalized sea turtle tumbler

17. Personalized Stainless Steel Sea Turtle Tumbler

Personalized sea turtle lover gifts are the best! You can personalize this tumbler by adding her name to it (which she’ll love). This stainless steel tumbler is also aesthetically pretty, fun and she will love taking it everywhere with her!

Sea Turtle Stoneware Mug

18. Sea Turtle Stoneware Mug By Cape Shore

This adorable mug is a charming gift for sea turtle enthusiasts who enjoy tea or coffee. She will really love this mug because it’s crafted to match the subtle beauty of sand and earth tones, giving the mug a beautiful texture!

19. Cozy Flannel Sea Turtle Blanket

This fun and feminine flannel blanket is perfect for girls and women who love sea turtles! It’s full of vibrant colors and softness that they will love to snuggle up with!

20. Layered Sea Turtle Wood Decor By Leogor

Better than a poster or painting, this layered wood decor is a beautiful way to display one’s enthusiasm for sea turtles. It’s made from sustainable birch wood, and gives a rustic touch to any space!

21. Solar Powered Sea Turtle For Garden

This eco-friendly sea turtle runs on solar power and adds unique decor to any lawn or garden! It’s also a wonderful way to light your walkway. The sea turtle lover in your life will love displaying this little guy!

22. Sea Turtle Light Projector

This charming sea turtle lantern is a nice gift for any turtle lover who’s been looking for that perfect night light to relax to in the evening. Turn it on and enjoy the sea turtle shadows all around the room!

Miniature Glass Sea Turtle Figurine By Sara’s Art

23. Miniature Glass Sea Turtle Figurine By Sara’s Art

Perfect as a display piece or paper weight, this adorable miniature glass sea turtle is handcrafted in Thailand and makes a charming gift for any woman in your life.

G6 Collection Hand Carved Sea Turtle

24. Hand Carved Sea Turtle By G6 Collection

This gorgeous rustic sea turtle is a hand-carved work of art by the G6 Collection. It’s made from sugar wood and makes a beautiful gift for sea turtle enthusiasts who need a little tropical vibe in their homes.

Recycled Sea Turtle Sailcloth Tote Bag

25. Recycled Sail Cloth Sea Turtle Tote Bag

Durable and water resistant, this beautiful sea turtle tote bag is made from recycled sail cloth, and hemp rope! Perfect for the traveler in your life who loves to travel sustainably.

Sea Turtle Coloring Book

26. Sea Turtle Coloring Book For Adults

The sea turtle lover in your life can de-stress after a long day at work with this adult coloring book featuring beautiful sea turtles. This book contains 30 curated images and supplies you with hours of fun and relaxation.

27. Personalized Sea Turtle T-Shirt

This personalized sea turtle t-shirt makes the sweetest gift for a mama or grandma! And there are tons of colors to choose from that look fabulous either way!

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More Gift Ideas!

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Teachers

Thoughtful And Sustainable Gifts For Teachers And Educators

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

Are you looking for sustainable teacher appreciation gifts? You’ve come to the right place!

Teachers and educators are hard working individuals who help our children grow academically—and they do so while being underpaid and undersupplied.

Many teachers also put up with a lot of shenanigans throughout the day, so a small token of appreciation is more than warranted.

What Kind Of Gifts Do Teachers Want?

Teachers appreciate gifts consisting of hand-written notes, snacks, self-care items, personalized items, gifts cards and school supplies for both the teacher and the students!

And shopping for environmentally friendly versions of these gifts is indeed, possible. When shopping for eco-friendly teacher gifts, choose items that are reusable, all-natural, biodegradable and non-toxic.

Handmade items are the most thoughtful and eco-friendly gift ideas, but if you’re not much of a DIY-er, or simply pressed for time, then this eco-friendly teacher gift guide will help you out!

These eco-friendly gifts for teachers are great for back-to-school, teacher appreciation week, Christmas and end-of-school celebrations.

10 Sustainable Teacher Gifts That They Will Actually Use!

Zero Waste Bundle Starter Kit By MightyNest

The teacher in your life will really enjoy this zero waste starter kit by MightyNest—no matter if they are an eco warrior, or just starting out in a green-living journey. Bundle kits are an awesome gift idea if you’re not quite sure what to buy, because they are full of variety.

Organic Cotton Tote By Harp + Ra

Teachers and educators always appreciate a good tote bag to carry all of their supplies in. And this spacious tote bag by Harp + Ra is made from organic cotton, has multiple pockets and is available in various colors. The teacher in your life will really love this sustainable gift!

Organic Cotton Canvas Lunch Bag By Organic Cotton Mart

The teacher in your life will really appreciate this machine-washable, organic cotton lunch tote! It’s eco-friendly, non-toxic, has a minimalist design, and can fit a small bento box + snacks. Perfect for the classroom, lunchroom and field trips!

Avocado Tree Growing Kit

Avocado tree growing kits are such an awesome gift for both the teacher and the entire classroom. It’s a great learning opportunity for students because they will love seeing an avocado seed sprout!

Stainless Steel Travel Utensils By TopBooc

I love giving travel utensils to friends and family because they’re so practical and eco-friendly! And any teacher will appreciate this beautiful utensil kit by Topbooc which is my favorite brand because it’s so affordable and the utensils are available in a ton of colors.

Natural Cork ID Card Holder With Lanyard By Boshiho

Many teachers wear lanyards as a tool to store their ID cards and classroom keys. These natural cork lanyards by Boshiho have a super unique boho-style, and the best part is that they are compostable and biodegradable.

Plant Based Disinfectant Wipes By Seventh Generation

Teachers constantly need cleaning supply donations, and a lot of the time, parents donate brands that are toxic to a little one’s health. I love Seventh Generation products because they are plant-based and made with essential oils—while still effectively killing germs.

Personalized Classroom Welcome Sign

A personalIzed welcome sign for the classroom is a thoughtful and long-lasting gift that can be used year after year! The boho design is also super cute, and it’s available in many different colors!

Bamboo Tea Tumbler With Infuser + Strainer By Liezelmann

I know a few teachers who prefer to drink caffeinated tea in the mornings, and decaf tea at night. If the teacher in your life loves their tea, then opt for this chíc bamboo tea tumbler which comes equipped with an infuser and strainer. It’s a stylish and functional gift for educators that will be used daily!

Scotch Thermal Laminator By Scotch

Almost every teacher you talk to, will tell you what a God-send a thermal laminator is. They are a very eco-friendly classroom tool because teachers are able to create dry-erase worksheets that can be reused year after year—making this a very sustainable teacher gift.

Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler By Albor

Teachers need to hydrate throughout the day, so hook them up with my favorite stainless steel travel mug by ALBOR! These tumblers are great not only for coffee, but for ice water as well! These tumblers are also really good looking and come with stainless steel straws, a straw cleaner, lid and removable handle!

Wooden Bookmark Gift Set By ToPretty

A set of wooden bookmarks is the perfect gift for teachers and educators because they are surrounded by books, both at home and in the classroom! I really love this wooden bookmark gift set by ToPretty because each bookmark has a beautiful design, and comes in a lovely presentation!

Nontoxic Portable S’mores Kit

This nontoxic portable s’mores kit by CityBonFires gives you 3-5 hours of burning time, and comes with everything you need to make this delicious treat (including the Hershey Chocolate)! It’s a unique sweet gift that teachers will love!

Cork Notebook And Pen Set

This cork note book set is an eco-friendly gift for teachers and educators that is both practical and unique. Cork is both compostable and biodegradable, so it’s a cool gift for anyone who takes notes on a regular basis!

Burt’s Bees Self Care Gift Set

The teacher in your needs a little pampering from time to time, so how about gifting them with a Burt’s Bees self-care gift set! All Burt’s Bees products are all-natural, non-toxic, and come in beautiful packaging.

Pop Up Paper Flower Bouquet By Love Pop

Flowers only last so long, so how about gifting the teacher in your life with a beautiful paper flower bouquet by Love Pop! It’s a unique eco-friendly gift, and can be recycled later on!


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10 Eco-Friendly Gifts For Co-Workers

10 Affordable Holiday Gifts For Eco-Friendly Co-Workers That Are Under $15

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

When I started this gift guide, I had to remind myself that not everyone works in an indoor office environment—so you’ll see a lot of practical items that can be used at home, on the commute to work, and lunch breaks—no matter what profession your colleague is in.

This co-worker gift guide also contains items that are under $15, because let’s face it, while we love [the majority] of our co-workers, we don’t want to spend our entire paycheck on them—especially those of us that have a large family to shop for.

Lastly, every eco-friendly gift option on this gift guide is gender-neutral, and some items are available in various colors.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Eco-Friendy Gifts For Co-Workers

There are several benefits to gifting your work buddy with sustainable gifts in lieu of disposable gadgets.

Sustainable gifts are a great way to encourage co-workers to go green and make eco-friendly choices—both at work and at home.

And as for the colleagues who might already be eco warriors, they’ll get to try out some cool new items that they might not already own. They’ll also be super impressed by your thoughtful initiative to choose green over conventional items.

Lastly, eco friendly gifts, no matter how inexpensive and small they may be, always look thoughtful and high end.

With that said, below you’ll find 10 sustainable and gender-neutral gift options for your co-workers that are not only budget-friendly, but thoughtful and kind to the environment.

And don’t forget to pair them with sustainable gift wrap! You can find my sustainable gift wrap ideas here!

10 Sustainable Gifts For Eco Conscious Co-Workers

Coconut connection reusable cutlery set

The Coconut Connection Reusable Utensils

Everyone eats lunch, which makes this gift not only eco-friendly, but practical and sustainable. Whether your co-worker eats out, or brings their own lunch to work, they will love using this good looking reusable utensil set made from real coconut wood by The Coconut Connection.

HiBAR shampoo sampler pack

Shampoo Bar Sampler Pack By HiBAR

Shampoo bars are eco-friendly and make really practical gifts for co-workers who have always wanted to try one! The HiBAR shampoo bar sampler pack is a great buy because it comes with 3 different formulas, and it’s very budget friendly! They also work great on beards, so if your colleague has some magnificent face foliage, they’ll love using these as shaving soap.

Aroma therapie car air freshener diffuser bottle

Aroma Therapie Car Air Freshener Glass Diffuser Bottles

I love this co-worker gift for several reasons, and the first has to do with the fact that these automotive glass diffuser bottles are empty—allowing the recipient to choose their own essential oils. The second reason why I love this product is the aesthetics—they are so chíc! And lastly, these glass diffusers are biodegradable—making them totally eco-friendly!

Flyby Collapsible Drinking Straw

Flyby Collapsible Drinking Straw

Another great eco-friendly gift idea for your co-worker is a reusable and portable straw that comes with a travel case. It’s a great way to minimize plastic pollution, and this particular brand allows you to clip the straw onto anything. You co-worker will be excited to try one of these out!

Chico Reusable Compact Tote

I love the Chico Bags because they’re reusable, compact and durable. They especially make excellent eco-friendly gifts for co-workers because they’re functional, and can be used for shopping or taking items home from work.

Gorilla Grip Silicone Baking Sheets

Silicone baking sheets are a brilliant idea for co-workers who love to bake, and are always bringing homemade goodies for everyone in the office! You’d be surprised how many people haven’t heard of reusable silicone baking sheets, which are non-stick, durable and reusable!

Koodee stainless steel water bottles

Koodee Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Help your co-worker stay hydrated and ditch the disposable plastic water bottles by gifting them a Koodee stainless steel water bottle. This water bottle is eco-friendly, non-toxic and stylish (Available in many colors).

Rice Husk Coffee Mug From Bienergo

Everyone commutes to work, and mostly everyone drinks tea or coffee in the mornings—so why not opt for a unique travel cup made from rice husk. You can even fill it with some treats! Rice husk is durable and biodegradable—making this a really great eco-friendly gift for a co-worker!

Alter Eco Fair Trade Chocolate

When it comes to gifts, a lot of co-workers prefer to receive consumable goods over other items. And if your co-worker is a chocolate enthusiast, opt for some fair trade, organic chocolate! Alter Eco is a really delicious and budget-friendly brand that I personally love.

Wool Dryer Balls By Huajie

A sustainable gift that a co-worker would really appreciate is a set of organic wool dryer balls that help speed up drying time and soften clothes at the same time! Wool dryer balls are a wonderful alternative to toxic dryer sheets, and they last a very long time, making this co-worker gift eco-friendly and sustainable!

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Top 10 Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gift Ideas For 2023

10 Sustainable Gift Ideas For The Eco Conscious Father Figure In Your Life

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

What do you get a dad for Father’s Day who has everything, and says that he wants “nothing”? Well, at Eco Mom Diaries, we have a few great Father’s Day gift suggestions that dad didn’t know he needed.

Whether he’s an eco-warrior, or you just want to get dad something sustainable and environmentally friendly this Father’s Day, out gift suggestions are a fantastic way to celebrate dad on his special day while being kind to the planet.

With that said, check out our top 10 eco-friendly Father’s Day gift ideas to help you find that perfect gift that will keep giving long after the holiday has ended!

10 Ethical And Sustainable Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Dad!

ZGrills Wood Pellet Grill

If your dad is a backyard warrior and loves to grill, then consider an eco-friendly grill that uses wood pellets as an alternative to coal and gas—like the ZGrill! Wood pellets are a renewable energy source, making the ZGrill a top environmentally friendly grill choice for Father’s Day.

GreenWorks Cordless String Trimmer And Leaf Blower Combo

If dad loves doing some yard maintenance, then he’ll love these eco-friendly lawn tools that require no gas! The GreenWorks leaf blower and string trimmer are virtually maintenance free, with no gas, no oil, and no emissions. They start instantly, are quiet, and deliver the power you need—making this combo set a truly eco-friendly Father’s Day gift!

Ancheer 350W Electric Mountain Bike

With gas prices going up, dad might need an alternative to get around town. He might also be an avid outdoorsman, but weary to ride a bike due to health issues like arthritis—that’s why an e-bike is perfect. Though you might need a few siblings to pitch in, the Ancheer 350W electric mountain bike is a great beginner e-bike, and is a practical yet fun gift for dad that he will enjoy using for years to come!

Hai Smart Luxury Shower Head

This Father’s Day, help dad save on his water and energy bill with the Hai smart luxury shower head! With Hai, your dad can transform his bathroom into a smart, sustainable, in-home spa! This eco-friendly hand-held shower head features multiple spray settings, customizable LED indicators, and built-in Bluetooth technology that helps you track water usage. It’s also renter friendly, and makes an awesome sustainable Father’s Day gift!

BrüMate NOS’R Insulated Whiskey Glass

If dad enjoys a glass of whisky, he’s going to be impressed with the BrüMate stainless steel insulted whiskey glass. It has a sleek tulip shape which locks in flavor and highlights the complexities of fine whiskey, and keeps your drink 20x colder than other containers.

CHAMP Compact Portable Tech Charger

Using high density batteries, with fewer cells and materials, this ultra compact charger is capable of an 80% charge in 30 minutes and holds three days worth of power.  Dad will also love that it’s encased in 72.5% post-consumer plastic! It’s the perfect eco-friendly Father’s Day gift for the dad who’s phone battery life is always low when he’s out and about!

NorthFace Eco Trail Sleeping Bag

If dad loves to camp, and he’s been in need of a new sleeping bag, then check out the North Face Eco Trail. Both the outer shell, and the insulation consist of recycled material that will keep dad nice and warm throughout the night!

Terra Thread FairTrade Certified Gym Bag

If dad is in need of a gym/travel bag, then the ethically and sustainably made Terra Thread duffel bag is the perfect Father’s Day gift. It’s made from durable organic cotton canvas, and has plenty of space for dad’s personal belongings.

UpRoot Clean Reusable Lint Remover Set

For the dad who’s constantly cleaning pet hair off his clothing, car seats, and couch cushions, the UpRoot Clean is an awesome alternative to single use lint rollers (see my in-depth review here). It’s one of the best eco-friendly products of the year, and the set makes an awesome sustainable gift for Father’s Day!

Big Boy Bamboo T-Shirts

For the dad who needs a few new t-shirts in his closet, consider opting for ultra soft, sustainable and hypoallergenic tees made from organic bamboo viscoseBig Boy Bamboo is your one stop eco-friendly shop for men’s organic bamboo t-shirts at affordable prices, and carries an impressive size range for regular as well as big and tall men (small to size 8XL). These t-shirts make excellent sustainable gifts for Father’s Day, and every new customer gets 10% off of their first order!

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Best Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts For 2022

Celebrate Mom With These Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas!

This post contains affiliate links which may earn us a commission.

If you’re shopping for the eco-conscious mama in your life, then you’re going to love this Eco Mom Diaries sustainable gift guide made especially for Mother’s Day!

What Makes These Mother’s Day Gifts Eco-Friendly?

When I shop for a sustainable and environmentally friendly Mother’s Day gift, I look for items that are ethically made, and will last a very long time—and if the item is sentimental, that’s even better!

Mother’s Day is such a special holiday devoted to the women who love us unconditionally, so when it comes to eco-friendly gifts, I advise you to skip the reusable paper towels (and similar items) and go for something sentimental or self-care related (you want the gift to be for her and not for the household).

With that said, below are several hand-picked eco-friendly gift ideas for mom that she’ll love, appreciate and actually use!

This sustainable Mother’s Day gift list consists of cruelty-free makeup, organic skincare products, ethical fashion and sentimental keepsakes that are compostable!

Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

YouTube | Forever Zwai

Hand-Made Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Hand-made gifts—especially if they involve food, are the best type of gifts!! This year, I am including hand-made chocolate covered strawberries as part of my gift for mom! And I found literally the BEST tutorial by lovely YouTuber Forvever Zwai!

Let’s Face It Skincare Bundle From Upcircle Beauty

Mom will love this all-natural skincare bundle by Upcircle Beauty which uses repurposed ingredients in all of their products! This bundle includes essential skincare must-haves like a face scrub, moisturizer, balm, serum and mask.

Parent-Themed Ceramic Planter

I really love this planter by MsRight because it displays a mom holding an umbrella over her child while she gets rained on. It’s a great way to show mom that you value her and that you appreciate all of her sacrifices throughout the years. This planter is also ceramic while the base is made from sustainable bamboo—a lovely eco-friendly mother’s day gift!

Vegan Beauty Subscription Box

Mom deserves to feel beautiful with some cruelty-free and vegan makeup! The Beauty Box by Bombay & Cedar is a clean, non-toxic skincare and makeup subscription box featuring vegan and cruelty free full size and deluxe size beauty products. Choose either a one month subscription or treat mom to more! It’s so fun to unbox and mom will love it!

OakiWay Ceramic Candle Holder

This ceramic candle holder by OakiWay is such a beautiful and sustainable mother’s day gift from daughter to mom—and it doesn’t matter what age you are because you’ll always be her little girl!

Gemstone Eye Mask By GingerChi

This gemstone eye mask by GingerChi (made from jade) is a cool new way to destress and de-puff those tired eyes! That’s why this is such an awesome self-care gift for mom on Mother’s Day!

A Wicker Picnic Set (And Take Her Out For A Picnic!)

Many moms (including myself) love to just spend good ole’ quality time with the kids. So a picnic set is a wonderful gift to give mom for Mother’s Day. And to make it even more special, fill it with all of her favorite snacks and goodies, and take her on a picnic!

Vegan Leather Handbag From Sinbono

If mom is in need of a new purse, check out all of the beautiful vegan purses at Sinbono—a cruelty free handbag brand that’s sure to make mom excited! Sinbono is currently running a 20% off deal for Mother’s Day if you use promo code MOTHER—so hurry before your favorite pick is gone!

Mom-Themed Electric Wax Warmer

You could give mom a candle, but that’ll burn out after a few hours and the glass jar will most likely be thrown out. That’s why I love wax warmers because they’re healthier, and there are no flames involved. This one by Elanze Desgns is designed especially for mom!

Bamboo Waffle Bathrobe

Every woman needs a high quality bathrobe, and the bamboo waffle bathrobe by Ettitude makes a fantastic gift! The bamboo fabric is breathable, naturally bacteria-resistant, and hypoallergenic—making it perfect for the mama with sensitive skin. EarthHero is currently doing a promotion that gives you 15% off during EarthMonth! So use promo code EARTHMONTH15 and snag this awesome bathrobe for mom early!

Solid Wood Bookmarks

If mom is a book lover, then consider getting her a wooden bookmark set for Mother’s Day. These beautiful feather-shaped bookmarks are multi-colored, and mom can use them in several books.

Women’s Vegan Sneakers By Saola

Suprise mom with some new vegan shoes this Mother’s Day! She will be the only girl in town with a pair of really cute shoes made from recycled plastic bottles, algae foam and natural cork! Saola is one of my favorite sustainable shoe brands, and I promise, mom will love how comfortable they are!

Organic Coffee & Cocoa Bath And Body Gift Box

Apple Valley Natural Soap makes the best hand-made organic skincare products—including decadent zero-waste shampoo bars! Their gift boxes sell pretty quickly, so snag one today! And don’t be shy, get some shampoo bar samples for yourself while you’re there!

Boody Bamboo Viscose Leggings

Mom will feel stylish and ultra cool in these bamboo viscose leggings by Boody. I definitely want a pair! Leggings are super comfortable and timeless—and if they’re made from bamboo, then they’re sustainable too!

Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy

As a woman and mom who has never owned a bathtub tray caddy, I have to say that I really, really want one—and I hope that this is the year that I get one! With that said, women love taking baths as part of their self care routine, and these are an awesome and practical gift that make a really appreciated Mother’s Day gift!

Organic Eye Makeup Kit By Elate Cosmetics

Mom will love this ethically made eye makeup kit by Elate Cosmetics made with all-organic ingredients. They’ll give her a flawless day to night look, and she’ll feel great knowing that the containers are compostable!

Kyrgies—All Natural Wool Slip Ons

Treat mom to some hand-made comfort! Kyrgies are made from all-natural wool and have ultra comfortable soles! Designed to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, these wool house slippers reflect a blend of durability and a refined style honed by Kyrgyzstan’s wool artisans over generations. It’s a Mother’s Day gift she’ll love!