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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas Your Toddler Will Love!

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Safe And Non-Toxic Last Minute Toddler Gift Ideas To Complete Your Holiday Shopping

Every year, the days can slip away from us during the holiday season, and we end up scrambling to finish our holiday gift shopping. It happens—we’re human.

And if you have some little ones left to buy gifts for, then The Natural Baby Company is your go-to place to complete your holiday shopping!

With a magical line of toys that go from the outdoors to the tub to winding down at bedtime, The Natural Baby Company has curated a special collection that is largely made up of small, family-owned businesses.

Each product is of the highest quality, healthy, and environmentally friendly and is designed to last for a very long time. That means, while maybe considered last-minute, you don’t have to skimp on the quality of your gift.

To help you shop, here are some fantastic last minute gift options to check out…

They’ll love to role play as a famous chef or homemaker with the Plan Toys Stand Mixer Set. Great for developing creative thinking and communication skills, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination, the Stand Mixer Set has a spinning axis that rotates 360 degrees – resulting in realistic play. A mixing bowl made from PlanWood™, a pat of butter, a flour bag with pretend flour, and an egg that can be cracked like a real one make this playset the ultimate addition to imaginary kitchen play!

Plan Toys

Help them discover the joys of fixing and creating projects with the Plan Toys Tool Belt! The tools include a hammer, a wrench, a screwdriver, and a level and kids can practice using these tools with a nut and a bolt that are also included.

Plan Toys

Speaking of music, what kid doesn’t love making their own? To become little musicians, Plan Toys Musical Setcomes with melody xylophone; cymbal, and guiro that helps enhance hand-eye coordination and boost concentration skills. Plus, it’s just plain fun!

Plan Toys

A kid-favorite, the Glo Pals believe in the magic of childhood and it is The Natural Baby Company’s goal to bring that magic into ordinary, everyday activities. Inspired by a child with autism who did not like the bath, his mother used the technology behind the Glo Pals to encourage him to overcome his fear of water and learn to love bath time. Glo Pals have since helped brighten days and help bath time become playtime. Grab a Glo Pal Character with bendable arms and colorful personalities or just gift the cubes like the Glo Pals Sesame Street Elmo Pack.

The best toys, are of course, those which educate children as well as entertain them—something the Djeco is very good at. The Djeco Locktou set features wooden animal characters with various locks and clasps that will keep little hands busy, encouraging them to improve their motor skills.

Djeco Locktou

Now, head over to The Natual Baby Company today to view even more amazing products that any kid would love to get under the tree and finish that list!


Best Eco-Friendly Gifts For Babies And Toddlers

Sustainable And Environmentally Friendly Gifts For Parents Raising Babies And Toddlers

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There’s a saying that children don’t always listen, but they never fail to imitate.

That’s why living a sustainable lifestyle is key to instilling an eco-conscious mindset in your children—it’s the best gift you can give them.

The holidays are approaching, and many parents are opting to shop for plastic-free Christmas gifts this year.

Whether I shop for my own two children, or someone else’s, my goal is to always purchase something that’s both sustainable as well as environmentally friendly—it doesn’t matter if it’s clothing, toys or even dinnerware.

Mostly everything these days is available in eco-friendly alternatives and the purchases are worth every penny.


Why Are Eco-Friendly Gifts For Kids A Better Buy?

Whether it’s an eco-friendly toy or sustainable clothing, eco-friendly gifts for kids are simply a healthier option for both children and the environment.

Many children’s products these days are mass produced and infused with chemicals like BPA and toxic adhesives that shouldn’t make contact with anyone’s skin—let alone babies and young children.

But when you opt for products made from natural and sustainable resources, you’re ensuring that your child’s health won’t be compromised.


What Are Some Examples Of Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Babies And Toddlers?

Eco-friendly gift options for babies and toddlers can consist of anything that’s made of natural or organic material with non-toxic components and can be easily recycled or composted. They are ethically and sustainably sourced, and do not leave a negative impact on our environment.

Wooden toys, reusable diapers, plant-based dinnerware and sustainable clothing are all great examples of eco-friendly gift options for young children.

Below are our top picks for non-toxic and environmentally friendly gift ideas for babies and toddlers that will spark joy for both the one little ones and their parents!


Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Picks For Babies And Toddlers


This 20 in 1 Montessori style wooden activity cube by Boobo Toys is extremely well built and provides sustainable learning fun for your curious little toddler. Each component is ethically and sustainably sourced, and each purchase plants a tree! There are a ton of wooden activity cubes on the market, but not all are ethically or sustainably manufactured—that’s why the Beebo Toys activity cube is our top pick for an eco-friendly gift for toddlers.


The Rylee + Cru is a sustainable clothing brand that makes their clothing with natural cotton—perfect eco-friendly gifts for babies, toddlers and young children. We love the soft earthy-clay colors and tiny patterns that add a little charm! See more of this clothing line at The Natural Baby Co!



An indoor climbing gym is a fun and healthy way to get your little one moving and strengthening those core muscles—especially during winter. The Woodenlikes wooden climbing set comes with 3 components that can be rearranged in various ways. With rounded corners and non-toxic adhesives, this fun indoor gym is a fantastic Christmas gift for active toddlers!



This wooden Montessori scooping set by Warckon is an awesome gift for toddlers who love playing with sensory bins. It’s an eco-friendly and sustainable gift option that will assist toddlers with hands-on play as they dig and scoop!



Wagon-stroller hybrids are trending, and they’re incredibly convenient for many occasions: travel, hiking, leisurely strolls. I always see moms picking up their older children from school with the younger tots in these wagons and the little ones look like they’re having a blast! With that said, if you’re considering a tactical wagon, Veer is the best of the best when it comes to aesthetics, quality construction and storage (it folds super flat).


This adorable and eco-friendly busy board by BusssyJoy safely entertains your toddler while strengthening their gross motor skills! This Montessori style board is also completely sustainable and made from eco plywood—which is actually high quality natural wheat straw. It’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and comes in two color palettes—perfect for both genders!


Tiny Land

The Tiny Land cotton canvas tent is a very fun and charming gift idea for toddlers and preschoolers. It’s a place where the little ones can have some quiet time and enjoy a picture book. We love that it’s a gender neutral color and comes equipped with twinkle lights and and floor mat.


Wishbone Design Studio

Made from sustainably harvested birch wood, this toddler ride-on by Wishbone Design Studio can be converted from a gentle rocker to a ride-on toy with a simple flip! It’s perfect for babies as young as 1 all the way up to age 5–making this non-toxic toy incredibly sustainable!

Non-Toxic Plush Dolls

Tikiri Toys

Organic and non-toxic dolls make fantastic eco-friendly gifts for children—especially if it’s their first doll. Babies and toddlers are always snuggling or mouthing their favorite toy, so it’s important that their dolls are as organic as possible. The Tikiri Toys dolls are one of our favorite non-toxic doll brands, and they have many cute styles to choose from. To learn more about eco-friendly dolls, see our article here.


Little Pitterpat

These cute hand-made crib shoes by Little Pitterpat make the perfect gift for first time walkers. They have durable outer soles that equip your little one with traction and stability, and come in various fun boho and earthy designs! See all of the adorable options at The Natural Baby Company!


Toy Safari

Babies and young toddlers love playing with stacking cups—and the Toy Safari “eco” stacking cups are the perfect plastic alternative! These eco-friendly stacking cups are non-toxic and made from biodegradable wheat straw—making these an awesome sustainable gift for kids!




This baby walker by PlanToys makes a fantastic eco-friendly gift for babies and toddlers—it features a ‘click-clack’ sound when it’s pushed, and features two adorable woodpeckers whose heads move up and down with every step. This walker is also made from sustainably harvested rubberwood trees paired with surplus sawdust chips that are thermally reprocessed to form a durable wood, and finished with E-Zero non-formaldehyde glue, and non-toxic water-based dyes. 


Whether they’re babies or older toddlers, this bamboo dinnerware set by Bamboo Bamboo is an awesome eco-friendly gift idea! Each component is made from sustainable bamboo and eco-friendly silicone—perfect for a baby’s sensitive gums and teeth!


Walnut Tree Infant Love

These adorable wooden teethers by Walnut Tree Infant Love are made from natural and organic beechwood that’s non-toxic and fun for baby to chew on! It’s the perfect gift for parents of a teething baby that needs natural gum relief. For more information on natural baby teethers, see our article here.



Reusable cloth diapers are an awesome zero-waste alternative to single use disposable diapers. And the Grovia cloth diapers are some of the best around! It’s a great way to save money, reduce plastic waste and keep your baby’s skin healthy! You can choose from organic cotton, hemp/cotton blend and more! See all the options at The Natural Baby Co!


Promise Babe

This 5-piece Montessori style wooden toy set by Promise Babe is made from sustainable beech wood. Every toy in this eco-friendly gift set is non-toxic and completely safe for your little one to chew on. We love all of the diverse pieces from the rattles to teethers and everything in between!



Baby play gyms are a wonderful opportunity to entertain baby while building their motor skills and strengthening their eyes muscles. But many baby gyms are made from plastic and contain hanging toys that aren’t made from eco-friendly material. Wooden playgyms like the one by Mallify are made with non-toxic wood, and contain fun wooden hanging toys suitable for chewing! It’s a sustainable gift for babies!



The Toddler’s First Coloring Book from Honeysticks is hand-made in New Zealand from 100% recycled paper and features 40 large pages with simple images to spark creativity and play. It’s a fun eco-friendly gift that your little one will love!



For little ones who love to swing, this eco-friendly wooden swing by EcoTribe makes the perfect sustainable gift! It’s made from natural birch wood and equipped with cotton rope. It can be hung in a doorway, porch, or on a tree branch when the weather is ideal! It’s super unique and a great plastic alternative when it comes to swings, and there are several animals to choose from.


Patagonia makes amazing outerwear made from recycled material that looks incredibly cute. From recycled down jackets to fleece vests, these make awesome sustainable fashion gifts for kids. See all the available styles at The Natural Baby Co.


Sea Island Imports

Sea Island Imports make the coolest little stools from sustainable acacia hardwood. They have a ton of fun designs and these little chairs make awesome little “rustic” additions to your child’s playroom. These are really great to give as a sustainable gift for a young toddler as well as a preschooler.



This hand-made wicker doll pram by Cackoo is made from willow and water-based paint. It’s a charming gift for little ones who enjoy playing with dolls and have been wanting a doll stroller. We love the boho style of this doll carriage and little girls will love this as a gift!


Best Eco-Friendly Gifts For Men

The Best Sustainable Gifts For The Low-Waste Man This Holiday Season

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If you’re shopping for eco-friendly gifts for him this holiday season, then you’ve come to the right place!

Christmas can be a pretty wasteful holiday to begin with, and you don’t need to contribute by purchasing plastic gifts that only have a negative impact on our environment.

There are plenty of really thoughtful and unique plastic-free gifts that are just as trendy, if not cooler, than conventional products. And men love cool stuff.


All men are minimalists at heart. They prefer quality over quantity and need over want, which falls perfectly in line with environmentally friendly gift options.

Eco-friendly gifts consist of items that don’t have a negative impact on our environment; they’re reusable, recyclable, compostable and non-toxic. Sustainable gifts are also more durable and don’t need frequent replacement, which is a product quality that men like.

Below is our list of hand-picked eco-friendly gifts for him that we think he’ll really love. They vary from sustainable fashion to environmentally friendly outdoor gear—a little something for everyone on your list.



Man Gift Box

For the outdoorsman who loves camping and lighting fires, the ”Man Gift Box” is full of all the eco-friendly essentials for a fun camping experience. This gift box comes equipped with an insulated tumbler, natural coffee grit soap, masculine scented candle, Rambo style knife and a fire starting survival kit. It’s a nice gift set for an outdoor enthusiast!

Back To The Future Knitted Slippers

By Seay

The man in your life can keep his feet warm and cozy this winter in some hand-knitted Marty McFly’s! Made from yarn and recyclable EVA rubber soles, these nostalgic adult booties by Seay are a rare find and make an awesome Christmas gift for the man who has everything!


Pela Case

If the man in your life is in need of a new phone case, consider getting him a compostable phone case by Pela! Compostable phone cases are much better for your health and the environment because they’re non-toxic and will eventually biodegrade (instead of sitting around in landfills)—making these a really cool plastic-free gift for men in need of phone accessories!


Darn Tough

The consensus amongst many men that we interviewed (and confirmed via Reddit) is that they want HIGH QUALITY socks. And the best recommended socks based on durability and comfort are DARN TOUGH socks, which come in many styles and will last an insanely long time. It’s a Christmas gift that men will actually put to use.


Saola Shoes

If the man in your life is in need of some new shoes, consider getting him a pair of sustainable shoes from Saola! Saola shoes are made from recycled and bio-based materials and are really stylish and comfortable. These shoes make a truly awesome eco-friendly gift for men.



United By Blue

The 55L Carry-On Duffle by United by Blue is the perfect companion for any travel plans—even the gym! This sustainable duffle bag is made of recycled materials and features a comfortable shoulder strap plus a plethora of interior and exterior pockets. And, for every product purchased, United by Blue removes 1 pound of trash from our waterways! It’s an awesome sustainable gift for men!


Bamboo Cool

Bamboo boxers are incredibly soft, durable and maintain their color through numerous washes. If the man in your life hasn’t experienced the luxury of bamboo viscose boxers yet, then he is in for a treat! These bamboo boxers by Bamboo Cool are an awesome choice when it comes to sustainable boxers and make a great eco-friendly Christmas gift!


Steel Smart

Help the man in your life protect his contactless credit cards from electronic pickpockets with this stainless steel card holder by Steel Smart. It will last way longer than a traditional wallet and has a sleeker design for easier storage. It’s a really cool sustainable gift for men.


Pela Case

If the man in your life owns an Apple Watch, give him an eco-friendly upgrade with the Compostable Apple Watch Band from Pela Case! This watch band is made from Flaxstic-– an innovative material comprised of a compostable bioplastic elastomer and flax straw materials, which will biodegrade when you decide you no longer want it. It’s an awesome plastic-free gift for men!


Big Boy Bamboo

For the man who needs a few new t-shirts in his closet, consider opting for ultra soft, sustainable and hypoallergenic tees made from organic bamboo viscose. Big Boy Bamboo is your one stop eco-friendly shop for men’s organic bamboo t-shirts at affordable prices, and carries an impressive size range for regular as well as big and tall men (up to size 8XL). These t-shirts make excellent sustainable gifts for men!

Reusable Portable Utensils


Help the man in your life minimize his dependence on single-use cutlery whenever he eats out with this best-selling reusable utensil kit by Topbooc. Reusable utensils are also incredibly handy to have when you’re traveling or dining out and it’s a must-have eco-friendly gift for men!



One of the coolest eco-friendly gifts for men are wooden fashion accessories—like bow ties. Elountik bow ties are hand-made from ethically sourced wood. They’re stylish, unique and totally biodegradable! So if you’re shopping for a bow tie enthusiast, this sustainable bow tie set is perfect!


Viking Revolution

For the bearded man in your life, this zero waste beard grooming kit by Viking Revolution comes with all-organic beard care essentials in a cool reusable metal storage tin. It’s the perfect zero waste gift for the man who prefers natural beard care.

GreenWorks Cordless Electric Push Mower


If the man in your life needs a new lawn mower, consider an electric option that requires no gas—which means no emissions. The GreenWorks electric lawn mower is a top selling rechargeable eco-friendly mower that runs for 45 minutes (fully charged) and comes with an interchangeable lithium ion battery. It’s an awesome eco-friendly gift for men who love doing yard work.


Virginia Boys Kitchen

Men who love to cook deserve a high quality cutting board—one that doesn’t dull your knife and isn’t pretreated with any toxic chemicals. The VBK extra large cutting board is made from durable and sustainable walnut wood, is pretreated with coconut oil and contains juice grooves. It’s an awesome eco-friendly gift for home cooks.



Everyone needs that special comfy top in their closet, and this comfortable hoodie by Tentree is it. This sustainable long sleeve hoodie from tentree is made from a blend of hemp and recycled polyester— and for every product sold, tentree plants 10 trees! This top makes both a stylish and environmentally friendly gift for men!




If you’re shopping for a gym enthusiast, this stainless steel protein shaker bottle will make a nice solid zero waste gift for him. The stainless steel BlenderBottle is odor and stain resistant and highly durable—so he won’t need to replace it as frequently as he does with the plastic variety (which develops an odor over time).


Utopia Kitchen

Women aren’t the only ones who should get cookware for Christmas—a lot of men enjoy cooking as well. And if they’re a bachelor or moving into their own place, they are definitely going to need some good quality cookware—and cast iron skillets last a long time. This cast iron skillet set by Utopia Kitchen is a great zero-waste gift for men and will last a lifetime.



Wooden sunglasses are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic frames. These polarized sunglasses by WoodOnly are made from ethically sourced walnut wood, and for every purchase, a tree is planted. These sunglasses are a fun, stylish and sustainable gift for men!


Cowboy Shampoo Bar

These hand-made shampoo bars by Apple Valley Natural Soap are incredibly luxurious yet have that subtle masculine scent that men enjoy. Shampoo bars are way more eco-friendly than plastic bottles, save space and are multi-functional (they can be used on your beard and body too!). The man in your life will love this zero waste gift!



The eco-conscious man in your life will love this recycled towel inspired by the beauty of the Smoky Mountains. This towel is made from recycled plastic bottles that have been transformed into a sand-resistant, slip-resistant, and pet-hair resistant fabric. It’s a really cool eco-friendly gift that keeps plastic bottles out of the landfill.


Klean Kanteen

This insulated stainless steel TKPro thermos by Klean Kanteen keeps your drinks hot for way longer than the competition. It’s the perfect zero waste gift for men who love camping, hiking or simply going on an adventure—they’re even great for work!



Electric bikes are perfect for commuters who live in a crowded metropolitan area, outdoor enthusiasts who need a little help riding up trails, and for those who simply want to get outside and ride around for fun. So for the guy who’s been hinting about wanting an e-bike, consider a top rated one like the Ecotric.



Many men practice mindfulness and enjoy meditating—but it’s not always comfortable. Sitting in an erect position for a long period of time can cause leg and back pain, but with the Alexia vegan leather meditation chair, you’ll be able to meditate comfortably. It’s a great gift for men who enjoy yoga and meditation.

Best Eco Friendly Gifts For Women

Sustainable Gift Ideas For The Zero-Waste Woman In Your Life

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The holidays can put a lot of stress on shoppers—and our landfills. So this year, why not purchase low-waste gift options that are both sustainable and environmentally friendly!

Whether you’re shopping for a wife, mom, daughter or best friend, rest assured that there are many trendy and stylish gift options for her that are low-waste and don’t have a negative impact on our environment—especially if you pair them with zero waste gift wrapping!


Women especially tend to gravitate toward eco-friendly alternatives to minimize plastic waste, and to better their health. Hence, we’ve hand-picked only the most unique plastic-free gift items for her that she’s going to love!

Our list of eco-friendly gifts consists of items that are reusable, compostable, recyclable and non-toxic! From sustainable fashion to ethical beauty products, we’ve listed something special for each eco-conscious woman in your life!


Customizable Vegan Makeup

Billion Dollar Beauty

Women everywhere are ditching mainstream makeup brands and opting for Billion Dollar Beauty—a customizable vegan makeup brand that creates cruelty-free makeup and sells it in a way that minimizes waste. You simply purchase a starter box and fill it with magnetic makeup pans of your choice (eye shadows, blush, gloss). This minimizes the need to buy bulky cosmetics and saves a ton a space on your vanity.

Teami Portable Glass Blender


For the health conscious fitness lover in your life, this portable glass blender is a truly awesome gift idea! The Teami blender is BPA free and contains stainless steel blades for a delicious non-toxic smoothie. It’s perfect for the woman that’s always on the go and only wants that one single serving without having to clean a large electric blender.



These reusable bamboo facial rounds by Eira are a great alternative to disposables. And this zero waste beauty gift set comes with a cotton mesh bag and bamboo holder for storage.

Rattan Boho Earrings


The free spirited fashionista in your life will love these boho-chíc rattan dangle earrings by Meekoo. They’re lightweight and made from sustainable rattan—a fast growing plant that needs little intervention to regrow. As a result, wicker earrings make awesome sustainable fashion gifts for women.

Certified Vegan Socks With A Purpose

Conscious Step

Every pair of of these fair-trade and vegan certified organic socks gives back to a nonprofit organization that’s dedicated to do good in the world. “This set of Socks that Prevent Breast Cancer Gift Box 3pk donates $1 per pair ($3 total) to Keep A Breast and their work to educate young people on breast cancer prevention”. 



This ethically made classic hemp t-shirt by ONNO is ultra soft, durable and hypoallergenic. It’s the perfect gift for women who love supporting sustainable fashion brands. There are many colors to choose from, and it makes a wonderful eco-friendly gift that she will love!



These days, boba drinks and healthy homemade protein smoothies are trending—so get the woman in your life this gorgeous glass boba tumbler with bamboo lid and reusable stainless steel straws by ZenEasy. This eco-friendly gift set also comes with a handy carrying pouch that she’ll love.

Superbee Zero Waste Starter Kit


Zero waste starter kits make wonderful sustainable gifts for any gender—and we love this starter set by Superbee because it contains an assortment of essentials. These hand-made zero-waste items consist of beeswax food wraps, toothpaste tabs, bamboo straws and mesh produce bags. It makes a charming sustainable gift option for any woman!



If she hates shaving, consider getting her a rechargeable hair epilator, like the one above by Braun (which has great reviews!) and works like waxing—without the mess. This zero-waste beauty gift is a great way to avoid buying razors and shaving cream!



Sure, you can get her one wine tumbler, or you can get her a gift set with reusable diamond shaped ice cubes, reusable straws, lids and a charming wooden storage crate by Barluxia. This eco-friendly gift for her is a hit!

Portable Utensil Kit


For the woman who’s always out and about, consider getting her a stylish portable utensil set to help her avoid single use cutlery when she’s eating out. Topbooc stainless steel portable utensils are available in many colors and come with a stylish carrying case.


Created With Love Boutique

Recycled jewelry is a really cool sustainable fashion gift idea. This charming bracelet by Created With Love Boutique is made from recycled guitar strings and contain swarovski birthstone crystals. It’s a unique and thoughtful zero-waste gift for any woman!

SAOLA Sustainable Shoes


For the woman who has everything, why not get her a pair of sustainable shoes made from recycled and bio-based materials! Saola Shoes makes really comfortable eco-friendly shoes from recycled plastic, plant material and other unconventional material like algae. These casual shoes make awesome eco-friendly gifts for women!




When it comes to Yoga, mats made from non-toxic organic material are way better for both your health and the environment. The AJNA Eco Yoga Mat is made from organic jute and is sweat stain resistant. These yoga mats are also ethically made and each purchase plants a tree! It’s the perfect eco-friendly gift for yoga enthusiasts!



This luxuriously soft organic cotton poncho by Viverano can be worn in 5 different ways and is perfect for in-between seasons. It’s great for the home and outings and makes a fabulous sustainable fashion gift that’s both cozy and stylish.

Metal Wine Cork Holder

Epic Products, Inc

Give the wine lover in your life a fun wine cork holder that’s shaped like a purse! This hand-made metal wine cork holder by Epic Products, Inc makes the perfect zero-waste gift because it’s stylish, and after it fills up, you can compost your corks or take them to Whole Foods, where they can be recycled.

French Press Coffee Maker


A french press is one of the most eco-friendly ways to make coffee! They contain reusable filters and don’t need electricity to work—just add hot water. And because women love their coffee, a french press like the one above by Veken is an awesome and appreciated zero-waste gift.

Vegan Beauty Subscription Box


Women love unboxing assorted beauty products—especially if they’re vegan and cruelty-free. With the VeganCuts beauty subscription box, you’ll get 4+ full-size assorted vegan beauty products! And if you don’t want to commit to a long-term subscription, just do one month’s worth—which is basically a one time purchase!

Bamboo Hairbrush Set


The majority of hairbrushes out there are made from plastic and need to be replaced frequently. Bamboo hairbrushes like the one by Boodboo are sustainable, durable and great for the scalp. It’s a wonderful sustainable gift idea for any woman.

Stylish Cork Purse


Purses are essential wardrobe staples, and the bigger they are, the better. Cork purses are a great buy because cork is basically vegan leather, making it extremely durable and it will last a long time. Some cork purses, like the one by Tikea, even come with fun geometric patterns—making it a fun eco-friendly gift for women.

Solid BeeS Wax Lotion Bars

Honey House Naturals

Body lotion can be so wasteful because it’s packed in plastic, but solid moisturizing bars are a wonderful alternative. Honey House Naturals makes ultra moisturizing bees wax lotion bars infused with essential oils and butters for an all-natural and zero waste personal care experience.


Image Credit: Zero Waste Chef

Whether she’s a home chef or simply trying to minimize food waste, this cookbook by the Zero Waste Chef has all the best ways to do it! Anne-Marie Bonneau shows you how to use food scraps to create some pretty delicious meals to minimize food waste—making this book an awesome zero-waste gift!

Organic Skin Care Gift Set By Apple Valley Natural Soap

Apple Valley Natural Soap

Apple Valley Natural Soap makes the best hand-made organic skincare products—including decadent shampoo bars! Their gift boxes sell pretty quickly, so snag one today! And don’t be shy, get some shampoo bar samples for yourself while you’re there!


Best Eco-Friendly Gifts Of 2021

The Most Sustainable Holiday Gifts For Your Zero-Waste Friends And Loved Ones

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The 2021 holiday season is all about sustainable gift giving!

Times are changing, and consumers are more willing to pay for environmentally friendly products that not only help save money in the long run, but also help minimize plastic pollution and lower their carbon footprint. Simply put, more folks are going ‘green’ to help save the planet!

That’s why this holiday season, eco-friendly gifts and zero-waste gift wrapping are going to be a huge trend. And thankfully, there are a ton of eco-conscious brands that make some really cool zero-waste and environmentally friendly products which help jumpstart and facilitate a greener lifestyle.


An eco-friendly gift can be anything that’s organic, non-toxic, reusable, upcycled, recyclable, compostable or helps minimize pollution and save energy—stuff that’s great for both you and the planet.

You also don’t have to limit your gift options to just reusable straws and mesh produce bags—there are a lot of eco-friendly gift options that are alternatives to trendy mainstream products—just made more ethically and sustainably (like clothing, jewelry, home decor, beauty products and more) and that’s because people are finding new ways to make everyday items more green.

To help you find that perfect sustainable Christmas gift for a friend or loved one, we put together a thoughtful list of environmentally friendly gift options that help lower one’s carbon footprint, save money in the long run, and improve one’s overall health and wellbeing.


Wooden World Wall Map

Enjoy The Wood

For the travel enthusiast in your life, consider this unique 3D wooden [wall] map that comes equipped with push pins so that you can document your travel journey. Not only is this map hand-made from sustainable birch wood, it’s also incredibly beautiful and looks fabulous in any room of the house! A Glow in the dark version is also available on their direct website.

GreenUP Subscription Box

GreenUP Box

With the GreenUP subscription box, your loved ones can unbox an assortment of zero-waste goodies every quarter! And if you love the thought of this eco-friendly essentials box, but don’t want to commit to recurring payments, you can do a one time purchase! We personally love this box and thinks it’s one of the best zero-waste subscription boxes on the market!

Indoor Hydroponic Garden


With this ‘smart’ indoor hydroponic garden, you can grow 6 different herbs (included) completely without soil—just water. This hydroponic system is especially great for beginner gardeners because the control panel notifies you when it’s time to add water and nutrients (included), and the LED light turns on and off automatically. This is a very sustainable gift and great way to save money on herbs!

Reusable Glass Spray Bottle Set

Freaking Essential

These days it’s all about natural hand-made cleaning solutions and having a non-toxic home. These cute reusable glass cleaning bottles with silicone sleeves by Freaking Essential help you accomplish your DIY cleaning goals! They even come packaged in a giftable and compostable cardboard box and include a silicone funnel plus label sheets.

Indoor ‘Smart’ Compost Bin


You don’t need a huge outdoor compost bin to compost! The Vitamix 068051 Food Cycler sits comfortably on your kitchen counter and turns food scraps (including chicken bones) into fertilizer in just hours! Countertop compost bins are a great way to divert food waste from heading to the landfill and makes a fantastic gift for someone who wants to have a more sustainable kitchen.

Coconut Bowl Set

Jungle Culture

It doesn’t get any better than eating out of organic dinnerware. These reclaimed coconut bowls by Jungle Culture and wooden utensils are ethically sourced and hand-carved by local artisans in Vietnam. They are absolutely stunning and make perfect eco-friendly gifts for really just about anyone.

Luxury Bamboo Towel Set


We use towels on a regular basis, which means that we can never have too many. And if you’re considering giving someone a new towel set, go for bamboo fabric! Bamboo towels have a luxurious, soft feel. They’re also more durable and absorbent than cotton. Mosobam makes beautiful bamboo towel sets which includes two jumbo sized towels. It’s the perfect addition to anyone’s sustainable bathroom.

Foldable Reusable Cotton Grocery Bags

Eco Friends

For a more eco-friendly shopping experience, consider these reusable cotton bags by Eco Friends. These reusable bags make excellent zero-waste gifts because they’re fairly large, can fold into a small soda-can sized shape (with a snap button that secures it in place), and can be washed and reused endless times.

Beeswax Wrap Kit


Anyone will appreciate beeswax wraps as a gift because it’s a fantastic plastic alternative to cling wrap and is foreign to a lot of people—so they’ll be intrigued! This beeswax kit by HoneyAlley contains 7 wraps in various sizes and comes in a cute giftable package.

Luxury Shampoo Bars

Apple Valley Natural Soap

Shampoo bars are an eco-friendly alternative to bottled shampoo and make excellent gifts for both men and women. To make a great impression, choose hand-made shampoo bars from Apple Valley Natural Soap—a family owned brand that makes beautifully scented shampoo bars for both genders that leaves hair so conditioned, you won’t need a conditioner. You can buy several and arrange them in a gift basket.


Zero Waste Lunch Kit


Help a friend or loved one save both money and the environment with this zero waste lunch kit, put together by Earth Hero. This eco-friendly kit contains all the essentials that are needed for a zero-waste meal when you’re on the go! We love zero-waste kits as gift options because a lot of the time, people don’t know where to start when it comes to sustainable living, and zero-waste kits are a great introduction to sustainable products.

Tankless Water Heater


Help a loved one save 50% on water heating costs with the EcoSmart tankless water heater. This tank alternative delivers endless hot water, while at the same time saving space, time, money, and allowing you to reduce your overall energy and water use. It’s a great gift for someone who wants a more energy efficient home.

Travel Utensil Set


You’d be surprised how many people have invested in portable utensil kits this year! Consumers have purchased reusable travel utensils not only to eliminate their dependence on single-use plastic cutlery, but to also protect their health when eating out! Travel cutlery comes in all types of eco-friendly forms, but we really love this stainless steel reusable utensil kit by Toobooc (and it’s offered in many more colors).

Portable Mini Washing Machine

Laundry Alternative

Get the camping enthusiast in your life a portable ‘mini’ washing machine. This portable washer by Laundry Alternative is great to use at camp sites, small apartments and for times when the power goes out. It does not require electricity and a small load of clothing can be cleaned in 2 min.

Natural Scrub Brush Set

Hello Nature

This natural scrub brush set by Hello Nature is a wonderful eco-friendly alternative to traditional kitchen sponges that pollute our oceans with micro-plastic and have to be replaced on a regular basis. This natural brush set contains bamboo handles and durable plant-based scrubbing fibers.

Compostable Phone Case

Pela Case

Compostable phone cases are rising in popularity not only because they’re plant-based and great for the environment, but because they’re made with non-toxic material that won’t harm you (unlike mainstream phone cases). Pela cases are one of the best biodegradable phone case brands on the market, and donate 1% of all proceeds to environmental nonprofit charities.

Zero-Waste Dental Kit


The bathroom produces a lot of plastic waste—especially when it comes to our dental routine. This zero-waste dental kit by Leafico comes equipped with bamboo toothbrushes, biodegradable floss and a stainless steel tongue scraper. It’s a great gift for anyone who’s been curious about bamboo dental products.


Beaks And Paws

Save the bees and pollinate your garden with this charming hand-crafted bee house by Beaks And Paws. It’s the perfect eco-friendly gift for a gardener and helps attract a wide array of insects that help pollinate your flower and vegetable garden!

Zero-Waste Laundry Kit


We spend a lot of time in the laundry room, and doing laundry uses up a lot of energy, produces quite a bit of micro-plastics, and detergent itself is made from harmful chemicals. This zero-waste laundry kit contains all the essentials for a non-toxic laundry routine. The bundle includes plant-based laundry strips, a Cora Ball that traps micro-plastics, a laundry stain removal stick, wool dryer balls and a natural mesh bag—making an awesome zero-waste gift.

Reusable Tumbler


The Beast is by far my favorite reusable insulated tumbler because it’s massive, and allows me to ditch single use water bottles and helps me save money on coffee by NOT stopping at that one popular coffee shop. This reusable tumbler also comes in a giftable box and comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

Cork Lunch Bag


Cork is the new vegan leather, and items made from cork, such as this lunch tote by VonNova will last an incredibly long time. This eco-friendly lunch bag is perfect for both men and women and also comes with a free stainless steel spork!


A Guide To Zero Waste Gift Wrapping

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Zero Waste Gift Wrapping Ideas To Reduce Holiday Waste

In the United States alone, billions of dollars are spent on wrapping paper each year—and unfortunately, the majority of it is not recyclable, especially the variety that contains specs of glitter, foil and other embellishments.

But the good news is that zero-waste wrapping methods are becoming increasingly popular, and more people are gravitating toward eco-friendly alternatives to minimize holiday waste.

Below are several zero-waste gift wrapping techniques that blow traditional gift wrap methods out of the water. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the end results are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and show thoughtfulness on your part.

Music: Have yourself a merry little christmas
Musician: Rook1e

Zero Waste Gift Wrap Material

Furoshiki Fabric

Furoshiki is the art of Japanese wrapping using traditional Furoshiki cloth, which is made out of various materials such as silk, rayon, cotton, nylon and other fabrics. Furoshiki cloth also has hemmed edges to prevent fraying and can cover any shape from boxes to cylinders and more!

Furoshiki is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional gift wrapping paper, and is one of the best ways to wrap a gift because Furoshiki cloth is beautiful and can be reused and repurposed into many items such as: a table cloth, a handbag, a shawl, scarf and more.

If purchasing a Furoshiki cloth is not in your budget this year, you can sew your own Furoshiki wrap using fabric from the store or using an old bed sheet. Repurposing an old baby muslin blanket for Furoshiki works wonders as well!

Shop Furoshiki Cloth On Amazon

Shop Books On Furoshiki Wrapping Tutorials

Brown Kraft Paper

Another eco-friendly alternative to traditional gift wrapping paper is brown kraft paper, which is not only extremeley durable, but also 100% biodegradable and can be recycled up to seven times—no wonder kraft means ”strength” in German!

Gifts wrapped in brown kraft paper look absolutely elegant and the solid color pairs incredibly well with “garnish” such as pine cones, small pine tree branches, dried fruit, and other dried plants that are secured in place with some twine—resulting in an all-natural and organic presentation.

You can buy large rolls of brown kraft paper in stores and online, or, you can repurpose some grocery store paper bags and use them as gift wrap as they too are made from brown kraft paper!

Shop Brown Kraft Paper On Amazon

Burlap Fabric

Burlap is a biodegradable fabric that is woven from the fibers of a jute plant. And just like bamboo, jute requires little to virtually no intervention in order to grow and replenish—which makes burlap a 100% sustainable and eco-friendly fabric.

Just like brown kraft paper, burlap looks incredibly elegant when used as a zero-waste gift wrapping alternative. you can likewise garnish this fabric with some rustic accessories such as pine tree branches, pine cones and cinnamon sticks for some rustic charm.

Burlap has many uses after it serves its purpose as gift wrap. It can be reused by the gift recipient as gift wrap for someone else later on, or it can be repurposed in the garden as a covering to protect plants from frost.

Shop Burlap On Amazon

Cookie Tin

Cookie tins are one my favorite zero waste gift wrap methods because just like furoshiki cloth and burlap, they serve a purpose beyond gift giving. And just like brown kraft paper, they are recyclable.

Cookie tins aren’t limited to just cookies and other food(s). This eco-friendly gift wrap method can hold a charming presentation of socks, beauty products and really anything else that can fit. And just like fabric, can be garnished with some twine and dried plants or flowers.

Cookie tins can be reused as pantry containers—used to store items like rice, beans and mom’s secret candy stash. You can find some nice and inexpensive tins at your local dollar store or buy in bulk online.

Shop Tins On Amazon

Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Yet another eco-friendly gift wrap method is to use old shipping boxes that you collect throughout the year. Shipping boxes are made from cardboard, which is both recyclable and compostable, so the next time you receive a package, break the box down and keep it someplace like the garage, until it’s time to use it for gifts.

Shipping boxes can be cleaned up a bit by removing labels and securing the contents with twine. You can even ”double bag” by wrapping over it with burlap or brown kraft paper—especially if it looks beaten up.

And don’t forget about the fact that you can get free shipping boxes to use for your gifts from the post office! You can pick some up in person or request to have some dropped off at your residence by going online!

Maps, Newspaper & Magazines

Credit: @erinvfdesign |TikTok

Maps, newspaper and magazine pages are excellent eco-friendly wrapping material because they’re all recyclable and biodegradable—plus, it makes your gift look unique. This is especially a good solid ecofriendly alternative if you are on a tight budget.

You can acquire much of this reading material for free. Places like nursing homes, medical facilities, libraries and schools often subscribe to newspapers and magazines, which tends to stack up over a period of time, and these facilities dispose of them. You can contact these places and ask if you can take it instead!

Eco-Friendly Tying Material & Garnish

When it comes securing gift wrap, tape isn’t always necessary, and a wonderful eco-friendly alternative to ribbons and tape is to use twine, which is a thin compostable rope made from various organic material such as plant fibers (hemp, cotton, etc) and sometimes even animal hair.

Shop For Twine Rope On Amazon

When it comes to zero waste gift wrap, you certainly do not have to add any accessories to your wrapping other than twine, but if you want to give your gift that rustic holiday feel, you can certainly add some natural items like dried fruit, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, pine branches and many more earthy items.

The best thing about this natural and biodegradable garnish is that you can go out into your neighborhood park and forage for free. Foraging is a great way to acquire free gift wrap accessories!

DIY Dried Oranges

If you’d like to make your own dried oranges, simply slice an orange into thin pieces and lay out on a tray (or parchment paper), blot excess juice with a paper towel, and leave them in the oven for 2-3 hours in 250 degree temperature. They make very elegant gift wrap decor.


Best Gifts For A Sustainable Kitchen

Unique Products For A Sustainable And Low Waste Kitchen Inspired From Around The World!

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If you’re on the search for an eco-friendly gift, you’re not alone! When it comes to gift giving, many people are opting for sustainable products that are nontoxic and earth-friendly, especially for the home.

Each year, more and more people are becoming conscious consumers who no longer want to fill their home with single-use plastic “junk”.

As a result, many areas of the home have been getting “green” makeovers—particularly bathrooms and kitchens, which tend to produce the most waste.


That’s why when it comes to gifts, I love shopping for eco-friendly items that will help make a person’s home more sustainable—weather they live an eco-conscious lifestyle or not.

The kitchen in particular is one of my favorite areas of the home to shop for when it comes to sustainable kitchenware. Items made from ceramic, wood, silicone, stainless steel and recycled aluminum are just so much healthier and visually more appealing than stuff made from plastic. They’re more durable and last longer too.

Below you’ll find some pretty cool sustainable kitchen and cookware products! These eco-friendly and sustainable kitchenware items make perfect gifts for any occasion and some are inspired from cultures outside of the U.S.!


Organic Cotton Plant Dyed Apron

Full Circle Home

The Kind collection apron from Full Circle Home is made from organic cotton and plant-based dyes. It’s durable, functional, and best of all, stylish and environmentally friendly.

Bamboo Dish Towels


Bamboo towels are 4 times more absorbent than cotton, and much more durable. These bamboo dish clothes come in a pack of 8 and come in compostable cardboard packaging.

Glass Canisters With Bamboo Lids


Glass canisters are a great zero waste alternative to plastic Tupperware and look very elegant when displayed on a counter top. Each of these canisters contain an airtight bamboo lid, and come in a pack of 5 in various sizes.

Ceramic Condiment Jars


This ceramic condiment bowl set is perfect for the kitchen table, kitchen countertop or coffee table—and especially perfect for occasions where you’re entertaining guests. Each ceramic bowl is suitable for spices, powdered creamer, sugar and more!

Bamboo Fiber Dinnerware Set

Earth’s Dreams

This minimalistic yet elegant 17 piece bamboo fiber dinnerware set is the perfect eco-friendly gift for the kitchen! It especially makes a wonderful housewarming and wedding gift for eco conscious couples who prefer simple and natural kitchenware.

Handmade Artisan Citrus Juicer

Verve Culture

Popular in juice markets all over Mexico, the Handmade Artisan Citrus Juicer from Verve Culture is a countertop citrus juicer that’s hand-made from 100% recycled aluminum and provides a traditional citrus juicing experience!

Countertop Compost Bin


Every sustainable kitchen needs a small compost bin for food scraps! Compost isn’t just for gardens—it can be used as rich nutritious food for houseplants! This modern compost bin by BelleMark is perfect for kitchens of any size and looks great!

Chocolate Sink Bars

Apple Valley Natural Soap

These large hand-made sink bars by Apple Valley Natural Soap are hand-made with natural and organic ingredients and are excellent zero-waste alternatives to liquid soap! They’re made with moisturizing cocoa butter and look fabulous on your kitchen sink!

Bamboo Fiber Scrub Brush Set


These bamboo dish brushes by TresStones are made from renewable bamboo and coconut fibers. They’re also more durable than sponges, safer, healthier and environmental friendly—they won’t take hundreds of years to biodegrade. This brush set makes a perfect sustainable gift for any kitchen!

Ceramic Utensil Croc Holder

Barnyard Designs

Decorate, organize, and beautifully display your cooking utensils in this ceramic kitchen utensil crock that adds a touch of French Country flare to any kitchen. The rustic look and porcelain-like finish on the ceramic container gives this stoneware utensil caddy a vintage charm that will look lovely on your countertop!

3-Sided Acacia Wood Salad Bowl Serving Set

Pacific Merchants Trading Companies

Serve up a more sustainable meal with the eco-friendly 3-Sided Acacia Wood Salad Bowl Serving Set from Pacific Merchants Trading Company! Handcrafted from one solid piece of 100% naturally renewable acacia wood that is sustainably harvested with low-impact foresting practices and minimal chemicals or waste.

Beeswax Food Wrap Gift Set


Beeswax food wraps make wonderful eco-friendly gifts for the kitchen because they replace items like plastic lids and Saran Wrap. They’re even incredibly handy for keeping items fresh (like cheese) and make awesome lunchbox essentials for items like sandwiches.

Traditional Molinillo Whisk

Verve Culture

The molinillo is a Mexican wooden whisk that’s used to mix up and add froth to a batch of Mexican hot chocolate. You simply roll the shaft between your palms to churn, mix, and foam the chocolate. The molinillo is also great for muddling fruits and herbs in your cocktails!

Pakkawood Cooking Utensil Set

Island Bamboo

This gorgeous and exotic 6-piece Pakkawood cooking utensil set is nonstick and heat resistant.
Pakkawood is crafted from many layers of beautiful hardwoods, and infused with natural and chemical-free dyes. They’re biodegradable and add some fun to the kitchen!

Handmade Cooking Tagine

Verve Culture

This Moroccan style cooking vessel from Verve Culture is both a cooking tool, and a serving dish – and is handmade from clay formed from the rich, red Moroccan soil of Wadi Lan, and then decorated with a lead-free glaze. Use it to caramelize food, or keep food warmer longer when serving!

Vintage Ceramic Mason Jar Kitchenware Set


This eco-friendly vintage themed ceramic cookware set is in the shape of mason jars. This set includes all of your most critical cooking tools, together and in one place: 4 measuring spoons, 4 measuring cups and a spoon holder.

Recycled Bamboo Chopsticks Charcuterie Board


Made from 450 chopsticks, this unique and versatile kitchen board will fulfill any of your food presentation needs. The recycled bamboo chopsticks that were used to make this charcuterie board create a sleek caramelized brown tone with a natural one-of-a-kind look.

Wooden Salt And Pepper Grinder Set


This wooden salt and pepper grinder set comes with 2 grinders, a box with swivel lid, spoon and cleaning brush. This set fits in with any decor and looks fabulous on any kitchen or dining room table!

Ceramic Pie Pans


Ceramic pie pans make beautiful eco-friendly bakeware gifts for those who love to bake! These nontoxic ceramic pie pans by Avla are made from glazed ceramic material and resist staining, odors and cracking. 

Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Environmentally Friendly And Sustainable Gifts For The Dad In Your Life

This post contains affiliate links which may earn us a commission.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I find that shopping for dad for Father’s Day is actually a lot easier than shopping for mom on Mother’s Day.

Perhaps it’s because men, in general, are more into technology, cool gadgets and the great outdoors—products that scream “fun” and “entertainment”.

And when it comes to dad, eco-friendly products are my favorite go-to gift—because they’re actually cool and in most cases “unique”. You see, often times, people forget that the eco-friendly department also consists of electronics and fun solar gadgets. And boy, do men love their gadgets.


So when it comes to shopping for dad on Father’s Day (or any other special occasion), have fun with it! Don’t just assume that eco-friendly gifts limit you to just “beeswax wraps” and “reusable straws”—no! You can do way better!

There are so many awesome Father’s Day products to choose from that are fun and functional and entertaining and still allow you to lower your carbon footprint! You can even introduce your dad to sustainable living with starter kits which are excellent for newbies!

With that said, this Father’s Day gift idea list contains some fun and environmentally friendly gifts that are totally unexpected. From solar powered tech to outdoor Recreation toys—your dad will be pleasantly surprised.




United By Blue

If dad loves camping—or even if he just loves hanging out in the backyard, then this eco-friendly reusable drink camping kit makes a great Father’s Day gift! Everything included within this kit is made of stainless steel, and the carrying pouch is made of recycled polyester.



Forget the selfie stick, and bring on the innovative new selfie robot! Dad will have a blast taking this on his travels, hikes and more! It spins 360 degrees and comes equipped with a remote control! Perfect for bloggers and social media influencers as well! We are loving this!

Stainless Steel Smart Toaster

Revolution Cooking, LLC

Dad will never burn toast again with this awesome new smart toaster that recently hit the market. This stainless steel smart toaster contains touchscreen technology and heats your food at a perfect temperature. Dad will no doubt show it off to his friends.



Chances are that dad still has his lovable clunker that he refuses to trade in—and that means that his current car isn’t equipped with any cool gadgets—like a backup camera. Well now, you can make his Father’s Day really special by gifting him with this awesome wireless back up camera that runs on solar power! Excuse me while I go order this for myself.



If you have an active and outdoorsy dad who loves to camp and hike, then consider something that is a necessity during those activities! A hydration pack is always an appreciate and unanticipated gift that dad will love! And because it’s Father’s Day, please take 15% off with promo code: ECOMD at check out (on this item and any other item on the site!)



Give dad the fancy toilet he’s always wanted with this eco-friendly bidet attachment that’s under $50! Plus, he can help save the planet by not having to waste as much toilet paper!


Wittsy Glassware & Gifts

Ceramic mugs are a staple when it comes to Father’s Day gifts. Dad can never have too many ceramic mugs. They’re sustainable, biodegradable and zero-waste. And if you’re giving a mug, then make sure it comes with a good laugh—because there’s nothing better than a funny mug!



The next time dad travels or goes on a nature hike, he can take his brand new (and really cool) backpack made of upcycled bicycle tubes, hardware and nylon! It’s great for laptops, and other gadgets—plus, is a great conversation piece.

Personalized Aluminum Street Sign


If dad enjoys spending time in the garage or has his own man cave, then consider a recyclable aluminum street sign with a customized engraving! Dad will love it!

Apple Valley Natural Soap MEN’s beard SHAMPOO

Apple Valley Soap

If dad needs to be pampered or if he’s looking for a more sustainable and nontoxic grooming regimen, then this natural beard shampoo by Apple Valley Natural Soap co is perfect for him. This is one of our favorite self-care brands, and they make fantastic artisan soaps, shampoo bars and beard kits for men that are made with natural and organic ingredients! Place this inside of a gift basket with other grooming tools and he will be ecstatic to try it out! His beard will love it too!

Solar Phone Charger


Imagine dad in a situation where he doesn’t have power—I do all the time. Whether it’s a power outage or lack of power in the woods, I worry about dad. This solar phone charger gives dad the emergency phone charge he needs if the power isn’t available. And Luminiser is one of the best brands when it comes to portable power banks right now.



For the outdoorsy dad who’s into sports and recreation, an electric mountain bike is a fun and unexpected gift that he will truly love! Whether it’s a bike trail or just cruising around the neighborhood, dad will really enjoy this motorized bike.

Self Cleaning & Purifying REUSABLE Water Bottle

Microlyscs Crazy Cap 2.0

If you’re thinking of getting dad his own reusable water bottle, then get him an epic one—a bottle that it self cleaning and kills bacteria with hospital-grade UV light which acts as a filter. These bottles are especially perfect for the outdoors and in situations where water filtration isn’t possible!


House Of Marley

For the dad that’s into music—especially oldies, a turnt table is the perfect gift! Dad can jam to some of his old vinyls with this sustainably made turnt table constructed from bamboo and recyclable aluminum.

SustainablE men’s Shoes (Coupon Available)

Saola Shoes

If dad is in need of a new pair of shoes, then this is a great way to introduce him to sustainable fashion. Saola Shoes is our favorite eco-friendly shoe brand consisting of functional, durable and stylish shoes that are ethically made out of some very cool sustainable plant-based material. Saola has some pretty cool urban designs and their packaging is plastic-free!

As a special thank you for visiting Saola Shoes, please take 20% off with coupon code ECOMD20 at checkout! Good for any pair of shoes!



If dad is an avid outdoorsman—whether it be fishing, hiking, camping or boating—then a sustainable outdoor explorer kit is perfect for him. has put together a fantastic batch of eco-friendly and nontoxic outdoor essentials like HydroFlask, nontoxic sunscreen, natural bug spray and more!



If dad is a working man who’s constantly driving to a job site, then he needs his own portable tool chest that he can append to the back of his truck. This aluminum tool chest is also great for additional storage or for camping, where you can lock up all of your snacks or valuables from bears.



If dad loves to grill, then this portable stainless steel BBQ grill that folds up into a suitcase will really make his day! He can take it on tailgates, camping and anywhere else he’d like! Pair this with some coconut shell charcoal and you’ve got a wonderful eco-friendly grill!



If dad loves the outdoors and beer, then this 64 oz beer growler set with reusable stainless steel cups will make an awesome gift for dad! It holds liquids nice and super cold for up to 24 hours. He can take it camping, to cookouts and wherever else that involves beer.



This is one of the best “rugged” tumblers on the market, and it’s the perfect road trip companion. Dad can fill this 30oz stainless steel tumbler with his favorite brew and hit the road! It comes with a lid, stainless steel straw and straw cleaning brush!



This plant based snack box is a great way to introduce your dad to plant based goodies! And if he’s already vegan then yay! Check out the details by clicking the link below!

What do you think you’ll get dad this year?

Best Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas of 2021

Eco-Friendly And Sentimental Gift Ideas For Mom On Mother’s Day That Will Last A Lifetime!

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Call me old fashioned, but I believe that Mother’s Day gifts should be sustainable and sentimental.

Sure, you can add a supplemental ‘funny gift’ for some laughter, but overall, moms are special people that deserve a thoughtful gift filled with love and appreciation.

That’s why I love shopping for sustainable gifts—not only will they last for many years to come, but they’re made of material that’s non-toxic and environmentally friendly as well.


Hand-crafted and personalized creations are my favorite type of sustainable gifts because they’re intimate. They show mom that you made some serious effort when choosing a gift that represents the strong bond which the two of you share.

So if your goal for Mother’s Day this year is to aim for sustainable gift giving with a personal touch, then these Mother’s Day gift ideas will get you inspired to get mom that perfect earth-friendly present that she will hold dear to her heart and cherish forever.

You might even become her favorite child.

A Parent-Child Themed Planter


This charming ceramic planter by Y&M is an amazing way to convey love and appreciation. It’s a parent-child theme and shows how mom has always protected you and helped you grow. It comes with a bamboo stand, and the ceramic pot contains a drainage hole. You can place your mom’s favorite succulent plant or herb in this pot and surprise her with a unique gift she’s not expecting this Mother’s Day!

A 3D Crystal Art Photo

3D Innovation

Memories are precious, and what better way to preserve them than with a custom engraved 3D photo that will last a lifetime. Each 3D crystal is completely customized with your own laser-etched picture and personalized engraving, which makes this Mother’s Day gift even more special. Whether it’s a photo of you and mom, or a new mom with her baby, their heart will melt when you surprise them with this beautiful and heartwarming sustainable creation by 3D Innovation.

A Hand-Crafted Memory Box

Willow Tree

Willow Tree is a brand that creates very sentimental and intimate hand-painted sculptures, and they sure don’t disappoint with this beautiful mother-daughter memory box. Mom can store all of her favorite memories and possessions that the two of you have shared or acquired—perhaps your hospital bracelet or ultra sound pictures. It’s truly a beautiful and sustainable gift that will last many, many years.

A Jar Full Of Heart-Warming Messages


KindNotes is a beautiful glass jar full of 31 loving messages from child to mother—each tucked into a charming linen envelope, and can be read countless times. This Mother’s Day gift is truly a wonderful keepsake, and a sustainable alternative to flowers. Mom will love both the mysterious little notes that she’ll get to open daily, as well as the embellished glass jar that comes adorned with a ribbon and charm. No matter what age mom is, she’ll always appreciate these messages from ‘child to mother’.

Lantern With Customized Message

Let’s Make Memories

Show mom that she is your light and strength by presenting her with a personalized lantern that fills her home with a soft glow. This charming gift by Let’s Make Memories contains a flameless LED candle as well as customizable inscription that mom will find very thoughtful and endearing. The lamp is sustainable and eco-friendly—made from material like wood, stainless steel and a copper finish. I truly love the message behind this gift and your mom will too!

A Photo Collage Blanket


Blankets make great sustainable gifts, and this thoughtful fleece throw by InkArtist is perfect for moms who live far from their children. This is especially perfect if you’re away at college or part of a military family and can’t see mom as often as you would like. It’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift that mom can wrap herself in whenever she misses you!

A Necklace That Projects A Hidden Message


Jewelry is one of the most sustainable gifts that you can give someone—and women love them. But, what makes this particular necklace by Paerapak extra special is the fact that it can project the phrase “I Love You” in 100 different languages. How does it work? Simply place a flashlight from your smart phone against the jewel and watch the special message project onto the wall. It’s such a beautiful and unique Mother’s Day gift.

Personalized Moon Lamp


This personalized moon lamp by RMFSH is a perfect Mother’s Day gift for moms of any age. New moms will love it, and it’s also a sweet and sentimental way to reminisce about old times. Just add an old photo with mom from your childhood and you’ve got an epic gift for Mom that will make her smile. This Mother’s Day gift is a great way to tell mom that you cherish her and she’ll be proud to show it off to her friends!

Personalized Butterfly Sun Catcher


Mothers and grandmothers truly love sun catchers. They’re beautiful and make wonderful decor for the patio or sunroom. This charming butterfly sun catcher by KY & Bosam contains a pendant with an inscription that tells mom just how much you love her. It’s an incredibly thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day and mom will cherish it.

Best Breastmilk Preservation Kits And Gifts For New Moms

Preserved Breastmilk Creations That Are Both Sustainable And Make Beautiful Keepsakes

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Giving birth and becoming a mother is one of the biggest milestones in a woman’s life. And if you’ve chosen to breastfeed, then you know how special a breastfeeding journey truly is—hard, painful and complex, but at the same time so full of love and oh so rewarding.

With that said, many new moms seek to preserve their breastfeeding journey by creating a lifelong keepsake. A tangible memento that they can cherish for a lifetime.

That memento is a preserved breastmilk creation!

If you’re someone who is into DIY projects and would prefer to create your own breastmilk jewelry or other type of creation, then a DIY breastmilk preservation kit is a great way to go about doing so.

At the same time, not many women can experience a breastfeeding journey; hence, mothers who have lost their babies in childbirth likewise seek to preserve their breastmilk to honor and remember their child by. And that’s what makes breastmilk preservation so special.


How Do Breastmilk Preservation Kits Work?

Preserving your breastmilk and turning it into a special creation involves a chemical process that solidifies the liquid gold and keeps it from spoiling.

All Breastmilk preservation kits comes with the necessary supplies and instructions that make the process as simple as possible.

What Type Of Creations Can I Make Out Of Breastmilk?

Many Breastmilk preservation kits specialize in jewelry. They supply you with pendent molds, lockets and chains. Some will even have earrings and other jewelry available for you to create. Then there are other kits that specialize in skincare products like soap bars, which allow you to transform your breastmilk into a skin cleansing product.

How Long Does The Process Take?

With most kits, after you pour your treated breastmilk into a mold, it takes anywhere from 12-48 hours until it is completely solid and ready to wear.


Breastmilk preservation kits are also great as thoughtful and sustainable gifts for your partner or loved one. Mother’s Day is a great time to give these kits as a gift to a new mom. Or perhaps you’re a friend who is attending a baby shower and looking for a special gift that truly stands out—this is it.

And if you prefer to mail in your breastmilk to a professional keepsake company, I’ve got you covered with that as well! Below are two companies that do absolutely beautiful work! One is called Precious Mammaries and the other is Tree Of Hope Creations.


Precious Mammaries

I am in love with the Precious Mammaries breastmilk keepsake company. They literally have the largest selection of breastmilk keepsakes that I have ever seen. They have gorgeous jewelry sets for women, and wooden pendants that even men can wear—because dads want keepsakes too! In fact, these make wonder Father’s Day gifts.

What I also love about the Precious Mammaries company is that you can send them items other than breastmilk—-they accept hair, placenta and ashes as well. You can even ask to include specs of dried flowers and other organic items.

Precious Mammaries makes custom jewelry and soaps made from your DNA. Depending on what you choose to use-whether it be breast milk, placenta, lock of hair, ashes,  or a combo, we can use these in our jewelry making to bring you the most unique keepsake you will ever own” — Precious Mammaries

Pink Peony Studio

The Pink Peony Studio breastmilk preservation kit allows you to create a beautiful pendant necklace that’s wearable on a daily basis!

The metal jewelry itself is made from the highest grade handblown glass and hypoallergenic 316L stainless steel—which is durable, hypoallergenic and lead and nickel free.

This particular breastmilk preservation kit also includes an extra batch of preservation powder just in case mistakes happen, is budget friendly compared to most other preservation kits, and dries within 12-24 hours.

Earth, Sky & You

This is a fantastic DIY breastmilk preservation kit by a brand called Earth, Sky & You on Amazon with fabulous reviews. And this kit comes with not one, but two locket necklaces in which you’ll hold your breastmilk creation for a lifetime.

The lockets are also two different shapes (one egg, and one heart), and come with two stainless steel chains, plus, a gorgeous bonus necklace that says “mom”.

This entire breastmilk preservation kit comes with easy to follow instructions and is ready to wear 48 hours after you fill the mold.


LACKTO is another fantastic Brand that sells DIY breastmilk jewelry kits. Each kit comes with one mold, however, you can buy extra molds and receive a very generous discount when you bundle. That way, if you want to create a breastmilk jewelry necklace with some matching earrings, you can!

The LACKTO kit comes with all the essential tools that you need to create your breastmilk keepsake, and comes with easy to follow instructions. Their website also contains a FAQ’s page where you can read all the frequently asked questions regarding the entire process and sustainably of the preserved breastmilk.

One of the things I love about the LACKTO brand is the variety of molds and accessories that they carry. You can also take 20% off with code ECOMOM at check out!


Let me know your thoughts about these breastmilk kits in the comments!