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Fungies Lion’s Mane Mushroom Gummies | Honest Review

Are The Lion’s Mane Fungies Gummies Worth Consuming? Read On For My Honest Review With Pros And Cons

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission. Also, I was gifted a bottle of Fungies for this review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Please see a physician before starting mushrooms supplements if you have concerns.

A year ago, I was put on a short course of corticosteroids for inflammation due to a herniated disc in my lower back. The steroids provided much needed relief while I healed, but they had a few adverse effects such as high blood sugar, mild memory loss, and blurry vision.

I was a bit worried about these side effects, so I started researching natural herbs and supplements that would help repair nerve damage and improve my vision.

That’s when I stumbled upon a certain group of adaptogenic mushrooms that have an ability to improve focus and repair nerve damage, so I decided to give them a try.

Thus began my journey with Lion’s mane mushrooms (capsule form), which I consumed twice a day—and no, it wasn’t Fungies.

At the time of discovering Lion’s mane mushrooms, I happened to be on Amazon, and purchased a random brand. But the amazing thing is that they actually helped with my vision (less blur) and I was more focused and less forgetful.

A year later, a rep from Fungies got in contact with me and asked if I wanted to try some of their mushroom gummies. I was excited because DUH, I already love taking them, and it would be great to compare them to capsules.

So here we are.

Fungies Gummies Review

What Are Lion’s Mane Mushrooms?

Often found growing on hardwoods and resembling the mane of a lion (thus the name), Lion’s mane mushrooms are a type of edible fungus that have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries—often used to improve heart, brain and gut health.

Many people enjoy the unique flavor of Lion’s mane mushrooms. They tend to have a mild, seafood-like taste, and they can be cooked in a variety of ways. Lion’s mane mushrooms are also a good source of essential vitamins and minerals which consist of: B vitamins, manganese, copper, potassium, zinc, selenium, and more.

Lion’s mane mushrooms are available in a variety of forms, including capsules and gummies, making these supplements easy to incorporate into one’s daily routine (and diet). Capsules are a great option for those who want to take a precise dosage of the mushroom extract, while gummies provide a tasty and convenient way to get the same health benefits.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Lion’s Mane Mushrooms?

Lion’s mane mushrooms are an increasingly popular supplement due to several potential health benefits, making these a great supplement for anyone looking to improve their overall physical and mental health :

  • Lion‘s mane mushrooms have anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce inflammation in the body via special compounds called hericenones and erinacines.
  • Lion’s mane mushrooms contain antioxidants, which can help protect the body from free radical damage.
  • Studies have shown that lion’s mane mushroom can help improve the balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut, improving digestion and reducing inflammation—including reducing your risk for colon cancer.
  • Lion’s mane mushrooms repair brain cells and stimulate the growth of nerve cells and help protect against neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as improve cognitive function.
  • Additionally, Lion’s mane mushrooms have been found to have a positive effect on mental health, as they may also help improve mood and reduce anxiety.

Fungies Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

Meet Fungies

Fungies are functional mushroom gummies that are gelatin-free, gluten-free, Non-GMO, and vegan-friendly.

The Fungies Lion’s Mane mushroom gummies come in a 60 ct bottle, and each gummie contains 500mg of Lion’s Mane (Hericium Erinaceus) mushroom extract. The directions say to take one per day, and they have a rich berry flavor.

The bottle is very secure and child-proof, which is great because I have children, and these gummies taste no different than fruit snacks you’d find at the grocery store. In other words, they’re absolutely delicious, but not at all meant for children.

I have been taking Fungies for a few weeks now, and they are much more pleasant and easier to swallow than capsules. They also contain15 calories and 4 grams of carbs per serving.

Since I’ve taken Lion’s Mane supplements a whole year prior to this brand, I can say that Fungies gummies work because the benefits that I’ve experienced thus far haven’t gone away.

In other words, I continue to have improvement in vision and I’m focused throughout the day.

My only grievance with these gummies is the carb count. Fungies are made with both sucrose and glucose syrup, which contribute to 3 grams of sugar of the 4 total carbs per gummie. It would be lovely if they were sugar-free.

Fungies Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

Fungies is also dedicated to giving back, and have partnered with Vitamin Angels, a charity providing lifesaving vitamins to mothers and children at risk of malnutrition.

“For every bottle of Fungies sold, Fungies makes a one-for-one donation to Vitamin Angels to reach a pregnant woman or child with life-changing nutritional support”.

All in all, the Fungies gummies are worth adding to your daily routine. I have noticed a significant improvement in my overall health since I began taking Lion’s mane supplements, and I am grateful for the positive effects they have had on my life.

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PiperWai Natural Deodorant Honest Review

The Only Natural Deodorant You’ll Want To Buy Over And Over Again

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

PiperWai natural deodorant review

Deodorant is a staple product in my daily hygiene routine, and for years, I was using traditional antiperspirants, until I became more conscious of their chemical makeup. It turns out that traditional antiperspirants contain unhealthy ingredients that pass through our skin and enter the blood stream, which can compromise our health.

Aluminum, as you may already know, is one of the unhealthy ingredients used to create traditional antiperspirants. It turns out that an excess amount of aluminum can be hard on the kidneys, and if you have CKD, like I do, your kidneys won’t be able to filter it out fast enough, causing accumulation, and resulting in health problems like bone disease and possibly even dementia.

This is the biggest reason I switched to a natural deodorant as soon as I got diagnosed. I knew I had to invest in cleaner products.

Traditional antiperspirants also contain parabens, which are chemicals used commonly as preservatives in many cosmetics. Unfortunately, these preservatives disrupt your hormones by mimicking estrogen and increasing your risk of breast cancer and reproductive toxicity. This is still up for debate, but it makes a lot of sense.

That’s some scary stuff, isn’t it.

Why I Chose To Try PiperWai

I went through several natural deodorants in the past year. Some were just ok, and others I completely hated. They either smelled horrible, or they made me sweat. Don’t get me wrong, we as humans are supposed to sweat, but I just don’t like the feeling of having wet underarms.

(Real quick fun fact: we don’t sweat out toxins, we sweat because that’s just our body’s way of dealing with increased temperature)

Moving along, I had been stalking PiperWai for quite some time, and finally decided to give them a try because I was intrigued with their ingredient list which consists of activated charcoal and tapioca starch.

Activated charcoal is antibacterial and combined with tapioca starch, soak up moisture and neutralize odor. Not too many natural deodorants do both, so I was excited to test this out.

Sure enough, even on the first day of wearing it, I stayed dry, and I didn’t stink. I also smelled amazing and was no longer self conscious when outdoors in the humid Florida weather. As far as the activated charcoal goes, no, it won’t turn your skin dark. It goes on very light (a beige color), and fades over the course of the day.

With that said, keep reading as I go more in depth with my experience using PiperWai activated charcoal deodorant and why I love it so much.

PiperWai activated charcoal deodorant review

Six Reasons To Love PiperWai Activated Charcoal Deodorant

1. PiperWai Is Aluminum Free

The PiperWai natural deodorant does not contain aluminum, and that’s one of the biggest reasons why I chose and adore this deodorant. You can feel the healthy difference when putting this deodorant compared to a traditional brand. Words alone can’t express how clean it feels.

2. PiperWai Keeps You Dry And Odor-Free

The combination of charcoal and tapioca starch results in dry pits. I have gone jogging while wearing PiperWai natural deodorant and armpits had very little perspiration. When I wasn’t active, I had zero sweat. I also love that when I did sweat a little from working out, I didn’t stink.

3. PiperWai Has A Magical Scent

I am still struggling to describe the scent. A lot of people swear that PiperWai smells like a “spa”, but I’ve never been to one, so I cannot confirm. But, I can say that the scent very strongly resembles skittles with a very subtle hint of eucalyptus. In other words, a bit of citrus, and a bit of mint (but, more on the citrus side). Sometimes I rub some of PiperWai on my wrists as perfume because it’s so lovely.

4. PiperWai Is So Gentle, My Child Wears It

I loved wearing PiperWai so much that after a while I emailed the company and asked if it was safe enough for children (my 9 year old boy is at the age where he’s starting to sweat and developing some body odor, so it’s officially time for him to wear deodorant).

A representative for PiperWai confirmed that their natural deodorant was indeed safe for kids, as well as pregnant and nursing women, so I was ecstatic. She stated that the entire essential oil blend makes up less than 1% of the overall formula, falling far below the <2% safe range.

5. PiperWai Uses Eco-Friendly Packaging (PCR)

PiperWai natural deodorants are packaged in containers made from Post-Consumer Recycled or Post Consumer Resin “PCR”, which uses resources that would otherwise be in landfills. PCR plastic takes 60% less energy to produce than virgin plastic. The natural deodorant was even shipped to me in all paper packaging.

6. PiperWai Natural Deodorant Is Vegan And Cruelty-Free

PiperWai natural deodorant uses ingredients that are animal-friendly. Vegan and cruelty-free deodorants are a great way to make sure that you’re not contributing to animal cruelty and that you’re taking care of your body in a healthier and more natural way. These deodorants are free of any animal products and are instead made with natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and are much healthier for the body.

PiperWai Natural Deodorant Review
How PiperWai looks on the skin

Final word:

With that said, I am officially a loyal customer. When you find something that works perfectly with your body, it’s exciting—and I hope they never go out of business because this has become my favorite deodorant.

You can purchase PiperWai on both their official website as well as on Amazon.

PiperWai Natural Deodorant Review

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How To Get Rid Of Chicken Skin | Children & Adults

The Skincare Routine That Works For Kids & Adults

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

DISCLAIMER: No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen, and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.

When my son entered toddlerhood, we noticed that the back of his arms were developing tiny little rough patches. And as he grew, those little rough patches started developing more pronounced little bumps that resembled tiny white pearls.

The bumps didn’t appear to bother him, they weren’t itchy, and during those early years, they weren’t very visible. However, I was still concerned, and addressed the issue with his pediatrician during every well check.

Unfortunately, I received the same answer at every visit: “They’re just harmless little cysts that’ll go away on their own”. That answer always frustrated me because the pediatrician could never give me an exact time line, and told me to just “exfoliate and moisturize” my son’s arms as part of his bathing routine.

Well, I did that for years and nothing changed. In fact, when my son turned 8 earlier this year, the Keratosis Pilaris started to grow out of control. The tiny white pearls on his upper arms had become enlarged and very visible.

They also started to sporadically spread down his arm toward his wrist, and tiny ones began to appear on his cheeks—but the worst ones were in the region above his elbow (see image below).

The Keratosis Pilaris doesn’t cause him any discomfort and they don’t itch. But, my son is at the age where he’s noticing that they are present, and that his friends don’t have them.

So a few months ago I decided to have him see his pediatrician again in an effort to obtain a referral to a dermatologist—someone who would take his condition seriously and give us a real sustainable solution.

Thankfully, his referral was approved and we were able to be seen by a local skincare professional.

Upon examining his arms, the dermatologist confirmed that my son had a pretty bad case of Keratosis Pilaris, and gave us a skincare routine to follow as well as a prescription for a retinoid cream called Tretinoin (a compound made from vitamin A).

And since those who suffer from Keratosis Pilaris are said to have a vitamin A deficiency, it makes perfect sense that this cream is prescribed to treat this condition, and in our case, it has been pretty darn successful.

Another cream that our dermatologist recommended along with the Tretinoin is the Cetaphil Rough and Bumpy daily smoothing moisturizer, which can be purchased at any store. This cream contains 20% salicylic acid, and we have been using it in combination with the Tretinoin, which helps keep his skin from drying out from the retinoid. It’s impressive how soft his skin feels, despite the texture from the bumps.

Keratosis Pilaris

Along with the creams, the Dermatologist instructed my son to gently scrub his skin with a bristle brush during his bathing routine. She said to use any kind of body wash that contains salicylic acid.

We went with the Cetaphil brand again, since we were given a generous amount of samples of the Cetaphil Rough and Bumpy daily smoothing moisturizer and it’s been working really well.

So just to recap, after his shower, we apply the two creams. The prescription Tretinoin goes on first, and after allowing it to dry, we apply the Cetaphil Rough and Bumpy smoothing moisturizer.

After a few weeks of treatment, his skin isn’t perfect, but the improvement is drastic! (See image below). We are going to keep at it, and I’m excited to see what the results will be in a few months.

What If I Can’t Afford To Afford To See A Dermatologist?

A lot of families have limited or no health insurance, and aren’t able to see a professional dermatologist. If you’re one of those people, I have good news for you!!

You can actually purchase a similar cream called Adapalene (0.1%), also a topical retinoid cream, on places like Amazon without a prescription for around $30.

My dermatologist said that they both work the same, and that both are highly effective for Keratosis Pilaris. It’s funny because my copay for my son’s Tretinoin prescription was actually $30 as well, so I could have just purchased the Adapalene gel.

Did Diet Cause My Child’s Keratosis Pilaris?

I asked our dermatologist the very same question because I read online that Keratosis Pilaris may be cause by a gluten allergy. She stated that there are no proven studies which warrant this, and that diet has nothing to do with this condition.

However, those with a vitamin A deficiency tend to develop this condition more often than individuals without a vitamin A deficiency. If you’re curious, you can have your child tested to see if they lack this vitamin. You can also increase their vitamin A through multivitamins or increase their intake through diet:

  • Carrots (or carrot juice)
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Spinach
  • Squash
  • Kale

Is There A Difference Between Keratosis Pilaris And Milia?

Keratosis Pilaris and milia (or milk spots) are two skin conditions that are often confused with one another.

Milia are small, white, hard bumps that form on the skin, usually around the eyes, nose, and cheeks and caused by a buildup of keratin, which is a protein found in the skin. Milia is most common in babies and young toddlers.

Keratosis Pilaris (or chicken skin), on the other hand, is a common skin condition that causes small, rough bumps to form on the skin, usually on the upper arms, thighs, and buttocks. This condition is more common in older children and adults.

Keratosis Pilaris is likewise caused by a buildup of keratin, which can block hair follicles and cause the bumps to form.

Final Thoughts

I sincerely hope that our experience with Keratosis Pilaris helps you find answers that you have been seeking.

Prior to finding treatment for my son, I have never been able to find anything online about adolescents dealing with this issue (other than WebMD), so I was determined to share our journey with other parents whose child is struggling with this condition.

If you have any other questions, please reach out in the comments!

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5 Best Natural Face Creams For Kids

Our Guide To The Top 5 Non-Toxic Facial Moisturizers For A Safe Pediatric Skincare Routine

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

Shopping for an all-natural face cream to go along with your child’s non toxic facial cleanser? You’ve come to the right place!

Many parents wonder if facial moisturizers are an appropriate addition to a child’s skincare routine because it’s considered by many to be an “unnecessary luxury”. However, there are many benefits to having your child use moisturizers and we’ll talk about them below.

With that said, we’ve also put together a shopping guide to the safest all-natural face creams that are made specifically for children and their delicate skin.

Why Do Kids Need Moisturizers?

A child’s night time skincare routine should include a bath with a gentle facial cleanser, followed by application of a moisturizer—and there are several benefits to incorporating this routine.

  • Children have thinner skin than adults, making it vulnerable to environmental elements. Adding a moisturizer adds a barrier.
  • Babies and young children don’t have the natural protective oils that teens and adults do, making their skin more prone to drying out and making skin conditions like eczema worse. Pediatric facial creams help add moisture and soothe dry skin.
  • Children lose moisture in their skin after washing their face, and a moisturizer is a great way to re-hydrate their skin.

Why Can’t I Just Use Lotion On My Child’s Face?

Many parents wonder if they can just use lotion on their child’s face following a bath or facial cleanser. And while you certainly can, it’s important to know the difference between the two and how each affects the skin.

  • Lotions have higher water content than face creams, which means that while they spread more easily, they also evaporate quicker.
  • Face creams are thicker and have more oil content, which means that the barrier they create stays on longer, and keep your child’s skin from drying out faster.
  • Body lotion may also contain fragrance that can irritate your child’s face, especially if they aren’t hypoallergenic.

How To Choose The Right Face Cream For Young Children

When it comes to natural face creams for adolescents, there are several important key features you should look for to make sure that the moisturizer is truly non-toxic:

  • Free of harsh chemicals such as sulfates, parabens and phthalates
  • Non-greasy formula
  • Hypoallergenic with natural fragrance or fragrance-free
  • A combination of all-natural and organic ingredients
  • Vegan and cruelty free

Now, if your child is starting puberty (usually age 8 for girls and age 9 for boys), they may start producing more facial oil on their own, and some face creams may clog pores and create acne.

In that case, it’s important to choose a cream that’s noncomedogenic—meaning it’s specifically designed to not clog pores but is still able to moisturize and hydrate the skin.

It’s also important to know that many natural face creams contain tree nuts, seeds and soy as ingredients, so if your child is allergic to any of these, please use caution (get advice from your pediatrician or do a spot test).

With that said, below are 5 of the most effective yet gentle pediatric facial moisturizers for kids that are perfect to use with their natural facial cleansers.

They’re great for all skin types, and even help with skin conditions such as adolescent acne and eczema without clogging pores.

Best Non Toxic Moisturizers For Kids

Evereden Kids Multivitamin Face Cream

1. Evereden Kids Multi-Vitamin Face Cream

The Evereden Mega Vitamin Complex is noncomedogenic and formulated with niacinamide and ceramides to help skin retain moisture, hydrate balance, and soothe sensitive skin during adolescent years without clogging pores.


  • 100% natural fragrance
  • Contains essential omegas, amino acids, and vitamins
  • Formulated with niacinamide and ceramides 
  • Contains a blend of natural and organic ingredients
Natural Organic Family Face Cream For Kids

2. Natural Organic Family Face Cream For kids

The Natural and Organic Family Kids Face Moisturizer Cream has be named winner of the 2021 Janey Loves Award. It works especially great for conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and adolescent acne because it soothes and hydrates while tackling bacteria—so pores won’t ever clog.

We own this particular face cream and it smells lovely. It’s also very moisturizing yet not greasy, so my four year old daughter loves it as well. She feels very much like a big kid putting it on all by herself.

See my full review of The Natural Organic Family Skincare products here!


  • Infused with nourishing strawberry and cranberry extracts to help soothe and calm inflamed skin
  • Contains a wide range of vitamins to nourish the skin
  • Combined with tea tree leaf oil it provides anti-bacterial properties that help tackle acne
  • Works for all skin types

3. California Kids Super Clear Overnight Moisturizing Cream

The California Kids overnight cream helps improve the appearance of problem skin while also soothing redness. Made only with gentle ingredients, and perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin and those with adolescent acne.


  • Works great for adolescent acne prone skin
  • Contains plant-based emollients, pure organic calendula extract, coconut oil, and zinc oxide which revitalize, soothe, and improve the appearance of irritated skin
  • Beautifully scented with the pure essential oils of French lavender and tea tree
Kid Skin Non Toxic Face Moisturizer

4. KidSkin Gentle Skin Moisturizer

The KidSkin Gentle Skin moisturizer is great for little kids, preteens and teens. In fact, this moisturizer was initially developed for a six year old with problematic acne. This moisturizer is non-greasy, non-comedogenic and packs enough power to calm and soothe dry skin conditions.


  • Contains antioxidants and peptides
  • Targets sensitive, irritated and compromised skin conditions
  • Offers the perfect balance of hydration and lightweight consistency
  • Safe for all skin types
TruKid Natural Face Cream

5. TruKid Lavender Face Cream

TruKid Lavender Cream safely calms and hydrates kids’ sensitive skin. Though suitable for all skin types, it’s especially great for problematic skin such as eczema, and contains a subtle lavender scent to promote relaxation. It goes on smooth, and can be applied to the entire body.


  • Contains a natural blend of natural blend of sunflower, aloe, allantoin, shea and cocoa butters 
  • Contains a fresh lavender scent to help soothe and relax
  • Made with naturally-derived ingredients such as sunflower, aloe, allantoin, shea and cocoa butters
  • Suitable for all skin types

The Best Shampoo Bars For Every Hair Type

Shopping For A Liquid Shampoo Alternative? Read On For The Best Shampoo Bars For Every Hair Type

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

Are you ready to swap out the liquid shampoo bottle in your shower for something more sustainable? You’ve come to the right place!

We’ve put together a women’s shampoo bar guide that contains the best solid shampoo bar brands that focus on both quality and sustainability.

Every shampoo bar in this guide contains organic and plant-based ingredients that nourish hair without the need for harsh chemicals, and are all cruelty-free and sustainably packaged.

What Are The Benefits Of Switching To A Shampoo Bar?

Shampoo Bars Are Multipurpose

If you’re a minimalist or someone who’s always in a hurry, you’ll be happy to know that shampoo bars serve a purpose beyond your scalp. They can be used from head to toe as body wash, and many women love using them as shave soap since they produce a luxurious lather that’s perfect for shaving your legs. In fact, men use shampoo bars as a beard shave!

Shampoo Bars Are Eco-Friendly

Traditional liquid shampoo is packaged in single use plastic-bottles which just ends up in a landfill once you’re through with it. Shampoo bars don’t require any plastic packaging, and they’re typically wrapped in recyclable paper, cardboard, or reusable tin cases. They’re also biodegradable because they’re made with non-toxic and plant-based ingredients that don’t harm your skin or the environment.

Shampoo Bars Save Space And Money

Plastic shampoo bottles take up a ton of space in the shower, but shampoo bars can stay kind of hidden, and they last as long as 2-3 bottles of shampoo, saving you both space and money! Store them properly on a ventilated soap dish, and it will last you up to 30 washes!

Shampoo Bars Are Travel-Friendly

Solid shampoos are TSA approved and perfect for travel because they won’t spill all over the items in your suitcase. They also moisturize much better than those tiny little hotel shampoos, and you can keep them in your purse and take them with you just about anywhere!

What Are Some Cons Of Switching To A Shampoo Bar

  • Shampoo bars are not everyone’s cup of tea, and it can take a while to get used to—especially since you’ve spent years using liquid shampoo which strips away your natural oils. Because of this, your hair might feel waxy during the first few weeks until you get used to the change.
  • Shampoo bars are made from natural ingredients and do not contain preservatives, which means that they have a limited shelf life and must be used within a certain time limit or they’ll go rancid.
  • Shampoo bars can seem expensive, but you have to remember that one bar lasts as long as 2-3 bottles of liquid shampoo, which actually makes them more affordable!

How Do Shampoo Bars Work?

Shampoo bars are pretty simple to use. Whether you’re in the shower or prefer to wash your hair in the sink, you basically wet your hair, then take your shampoo bar and create a lather between your hands (or rub directly onto your hair) and proceed to massage your scalp with your fingertips.

Some shampoo bars are so moisturizing that you don’t need to follow up with a conditioner. However, if your hair is long and absolutely needs some extra hydration, you can always get a conditioner bar to accompany your solid shampoo.

Below is a video on how to use a shampoo bar brought to you by Viori Beauty Shampoo Bars which happen to be on this list!

Source: Youtube | Viori Beauty

For the most part, you can use any shampoo bar for any kind of hair, but certain ingredients can be super effective for problematic scalp conditions as well as color treated hair, and so on.

With that said, below are the best shampoo bars for every hair types!

The Best Shampoo Bars That Focus On Beauty And Sustainability

Good JuJu Shampoo Bar For Oily Hair

1. Good JuJu Shampoo Bar

Perfect For | Oily Hair

The Good Juju Shampoo Bar fights excess oil production and is made from all-organic ingredients that are vegan, cruelty free and color-safe. Made with rich antioxidants, polyphenols, and anti-inflammatory ingredients, this zero waste bar leaves hair nourished while stimulating hair growth.

2. Viori Native Essence Shampoo Bar

Perfect For| Curly + Wavy Hair

The Viori Native Essence shampoo bars are handcrafted with ethically sourced Longsheng Rice from the Red Yao tribe in China. The creators were inspired by the women in the tribe, who, even at 70 and 80 years of age, had incredibly thick, long hair with zero gray. If you have curly hair, the Viori bar will reduce frizz and add shine without drying out your strands.

Ethique Heali Kiwi Shampoo Bar For Dandruff

3. Ethique Heali Kiwi Shampoo Bar

Perfect For| Dandruff + Itchy Scalp

If you’re suffering from dry, itchy scalp, then you’ll love Ethique’s best selling Heali Kiwi shampoo bar for touchy scalps. This shampoo bar contains coconut oil, neem oil, oats, fair-trade coco butter and other natural ingredients that calm the scalp and smooth strands.

Bars Over Bottles Shampoo Bar

4. B.O.B Detox Shampoo Bar

Perfect For | Sweaty Hair

The B.O.B (Bars Over Bottles) detox shampoo bar is made with activated charcoal which absorbs impurities and pollution residues. This bar also contains black clay which controls scalp oils and improves blood circulation, and eucalyptus oil which calms the scalp and prevents dandruff. It’s safe for all hair types and great for everyday use, especially if you’re a gym addict or work outdoors. Available in sample packs!

5. HiBAR Shampoo Bar

Perfect For | Dry Hair

HiBAR is fantastic for dry, brittle hair that’s over processed or hair that just needs some moisture. Each HiBAR contains high-quality, naturally-derived ingredients like nutrient-dense coconut oil, moisturizing shea butter, and fragrant essential oils. No added water means that these shampoo bars are super concentrated and a little bit goes a long way.

Peach Not Plastic Volumizing Shampoo Bar

6. Peach Not Plastic Volumizing Shampoo Bar

Perfect For | Thin Hair

If your fine hair needs a little volume, then the Peach Not Plastic volumizing shampoo bar is the right formula for your hair! This solid bar is packed with amino-acid rich Hibiscus oil to help promote keratin production from the roots to help create full, voluminous hair. You’ll also find that your hair will smell lovely like a fine summer day in a peach orchard!

The Grey Hair Care Shampoo Bar By Apple Valley Natural Soap

7. The Grey Hair Care Shampoo Bar By Apple Valley Natural Soap

Perfect For | Mature Hair

Mature hair needs extra tender care, so Apple Valley Natural Soap formulated a shampoo bar with rich conditioners, vitamins, and protecting oils. This shampoo bar has vitamin E-saturated wheat germ, avocado and jojoba oils, moisture packed unrefined organic cocoa butter, and is enriched with pro-vitamin B—everything grey hair needs. And should you decide to purchase this shampoo bar, please take 10% off using code AVNSDIARIES10 at checkout!

JR Liggett’s coconut and argon oil shampoo bar

8. JR Liggett’s Coconut + Argon Oil Shampoo Bar

Perfect For | All Hair Types

You’re in for a treat with this centuries old shampoo bar recipe by JR Liggett’s. Made with Coconut and Argon oil, this all-natural shampoo bar creates a luxurious lather that leaves hair feeling fresh and hydrated. It’s perfect for all hair types, and everyday use. You’ll also love the subtle scent of coconut that smells more like a sugar cookie in our opinion! Also available in a sampler pack.

SuperZero Purple Shampoo Bar

9. SuperZero Purple Perfection Shampoo Bar

Perfect For | Blonde + Color Treated Hair

The SuperZero Purple Perfection Shampoo Bar is great for both natural blondes to elevate your blonde, and dyed or highlighted hair to remove unwanted yellow or brassy tones! It’s made with a blend of moisturizing avocado oil and tone enhancing chamomile extract. This solid bar is also perfect for ladies with silver/ white hair!

Septoplasty Recovery Tips

My Septoplasty Experience With Latera Implants

This post contains affiliate links which may earn us a commission.

I have recently undergone Septoplasty surgery to correct a deviated septum. Due to trauma, it had basically shifted into my right nostril at age 13 and obstructed my breathing ever since. Needless to say I was tired of getting adult ear infections and having a difficult time breathing during exercise—particularly running. So I decided to finally correct it.

My primary care doctor referred me to an ENT specialist (ear nose and throat) and when the ENT doc examined me, he noticed a couple more things besides a crooked septum that needed to be taken care of.

In addition to enlarged turbinates that needed to be shrunk, my nasal valve was collapsing every time I sniffed or took a breath through my nose—so I needed an implant on both sides called a Latera implant.

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Latera implants are polymers and get injected on each side of your nose and keep your nose stabilized when you breathe in—allowing you to get a full breath of air. And the cool thing about these implants is that after a year, they get absorbed by your body and create scar tissue that acts on behalf of the implant.


Day Of Surgery

I arrive at the surgery center a week after my Septoplasty consult and I was pretty nervous. I’ve had quite a few surgeries before but never on my face—especially a delicate part like my nose. I was so nervous that I asked the nurse for a vomit bin and they ended up putting Zofran into my IV to keep me from throwing up.

Basically I had two huge fears while I was waiting on my hospital bed: the first was that I would wake up extremely stuffed up due to blood and the splints that they put up your nose to stabilize it, and therefore choke or suffocate, and the second fear had to do with pain—because let’s face it—even plucking one nose hair makes your eyes water, and in this case, they’d be taking out small chunks of cartilage.


After my Septoplasty surgery, I woke up actually being able to breathe through my nose—silicone tubes and all. And I wasn’t in any pain because of the local anesthetic that the doctor injected all throughout my nose—in addition to whatever was going through my IV line. So no worries, you won’t be in any pain at all.

However, when I stood up to get ready to go home, my nose began to drain blood and I instantly felt congested. I definitely had to go full mouth-breather. The nurse showed me how to tape gauze underneath my nose to catch the blood, and told me to begin using saline the next day to keep all the blood from crusting over—which also makes nasal splint removal more difficult later on (they removed mine 4 days later).


At home I laid down and drifted in and out of sleep from the anesthesia. I used a reusable compress mask that went around my nose and not directly on it—trust me, any pressure on your nose is painful. And the ones that they give you at the hospital are awful because they leak, so I’m glad I preordered my own after reading about this in a facebook Septoplasty Recovery group.

I tried to eat, but my front teeth were sore, so I stuck to liquids and yogurt. I definitely used the pain meds that were prescribed to me when the local anesthetic wore off. I also took a capsule of turmeric/curcumin which is an anti inflammatory supplement known to reduce swelling.

That night was pretty rough. Not due to pain because the medication kept it under control, but because of the congestion. I had to sleep propped up, which wasn’t comfortable, and I kept waking due to dry mouth and a dry throat. I’m also pretty sure I stopped breathing a couple of times while I slept because I would jerk awake gasping for air. I’m pretty sure many people have experienced the same thing while recovering from Septoplasty surgery.

Day 2

I woke up tired and was pretty frustrated throughout the entire day. I wanted my nose to clear out, but that’s not possible. I used my saline nasal spray (very gently), but all that seemed to do was make my nose stuffier (I did that about 3-4 times that day). My nose still bled so I had to continue wearing gauze underneath my nose.

I also caved today and got a humidifier to help me sleep better at night and to keep my mouth and throat less dry. Prior to bed I took my first hot shower since the night prior to my surgery with the shower head turned away and it felt great! I had to have the shower head turned slightly away though.

Day 3

I’m having panick attacks from time to time because i can barely get air in through my tubes and it’s making me feel claustrophobic. Saline solution clears it out for a little while but then it begins to dry and crust over all over again. I tell myself to hang in there as I’m getting my splints out tomorrow.

I also went out today and absolutely had to wear sunglasses because it’s so bright out but, they hurt my nose due to the Latera implants which have become swollen and are poking out through my skin. Luckily, someone online told me about a headband that lifts the glasses off of your nasal bridge and I ordered a pair because I really need to wear my sunglasses when I drive.

Day 4

I went to get my splints removed today and it REALLY hurt. There’s really no subtle way to yank splints out, so having them taken out with force is pretty painful. I can honestly say that I was in more pain having splints taken out than the day I had surgery. The doctor also told me that I will have dissolvable stitches in there for a while, and to not tug on them.

Below are my before and after photos. You can definitely see how bad the septum was and how great of a difference Septoplasty made. It even changed the shape of my nose tip—making it more symmetrical.

Before & After

Even though Septoplasty splint removal was super painful, I was able to take in a huge whiff of fresh air, and it was wonderful.

The only concern were the Latera implants, which were looking too superficial, but the ENT doctor told me to wait it out and see if the swelling goes down. If it doesn’t, and the implants are still poking through, then I will have to go back and have them removed in-office. The removal might create a tiny scar, but makeup does wonders these days.

Day 5

Last night I slept great! My nose still feels tender and slightly congested, but nothing compared to the previous days. I barely have to use my saline solution, and there is only a tiny amount of blood tinged mucus when I blow my nose. It still kind of hurts to blow, but it’s getting much better.

Moving Forward

The next two weeks of Septoplasty recovery, I noticed my nose going back to a normal slim shape. The nostrils aren’t perfectly symmetrical, but it’s a huge improvement aesthetically. My nose also isn’t tender anymore. If my child accidently bumps it with their head I’m not crying in pain—I barely feel it.


Overall, having Septoplasty surgery was a great decision. I am able to breathe freely without any obstruction and my sense of smell has improved also.

If you’re having Septoplasty surgery, or considering having a Septoplasty, just remember that the first 3 days are the worst, but after the splints are removed, it’s smooth sailing, and you’ll have a life changing new nose.

Below are the items I’ve used to help aid my recovery and to be more comfortable during the healing process—I call it my “recovery tool kit”. Hopefully, these items will help you as well!

My Septoplasty Recovery Toolkit

Reusable Heating/Cooling Pad

MyCare Cooling Pad

Pro-Optics Nose Guard


Cool Mist Humidifier


Honest Review Of Apple Valley Natural Soap Shampoo Bars

Are The Apple Valley Natural Soap Shampoo Bars Worth A Try? Read On For Our Honest Review And Coupon Code!

This post contains affiliate links which may earn us a commission.

Are you looking for an honest review about Apple Valley Natural Soap shampoo bars? You’ve come to the right place!

My children and I have been using AVNS shampoo bars for two years now, and we have a few favorites that we like to reorder whenever we are close to running out.

The biggest reason that our family began using shampoo bars in the first place is because bottled shampoo contains a ton of chemicals and my children were constantly developing dandruff.

After ordering a few sample bars, we quickly became huge fans after seeing noticeable improvements with my children’s scalps, and stuck with them. So below, I’d like tell you a little more about why these shampoo bars are so worth purchasing!

Reasons To Buy From Apple Valley Natural Soap

  • Apple Valley Natural Soap shampoo bars are handmade and the company is transparent about the ingredients that are used to make each bar.
  • AVNS shampoo bars are cruelty-free and never tested on animals. In fact, this company is Leaping Bunny Certified.
  • AVNS shampoo bars are non-toxic and only all-natural and organic ingredients are used to create each shampoo bar.
  • AVNS shampoo bars are eco-friendly because they are biodegradable and arrive at your home in plastic-free packaging.
  • AVNS Shampoo Bars are considerably less expensive than big brand competition, and the full bars come in a generous size.

Are There Any Cons To Using Shampoo Bars?

  • AVNS shampoo bars contain natural and essential oils which can irritate your eyes if you accidentally get some lather in them, however, this is common with all shampoo bars.
  • If not stored properly, AVNS shampoo bars can be pretty hard to peel off from your your sink or shower. I recommend allowing them to dry on a well ventilated soap dish.
  • It’s going to take a while to get used to a new texture that your hair will develop. It might feel weighed down and waxy, but that’s just because your natural oils aren’t stripped away anymore—that’s a good thing!

With that said, I’m going to show you a few shampoo bars from Apple Valley Natural Soap that (based on personal experience) are simply the best.

This guide will also go over which shampoo bars are best for certain hair types and scalp conditions, and will also include a coupon code on the bottom as a thank you for shopping with AVNS.

Honest review of Apple Valley Natural Soap Shampoo Bars

Our Favorite Shampoo Bars From Apple Valley Natural Soap

Pink Lemonade Shampoo Bar From Apple Valley Natural Soap

Pink Lemonade Shampoo Bar

The Pink Lemonade shampoo bar is my kids’ favorite. The best way to describe the scent is to compare it to pink Starburst candy or Skittles (very bright and citrusy). It’s great for normal to oily hair, and leaves a subtle scent. Click here to visit AVNS for more details.

Simply Shea Shampoo bar from Apple Valley Natural Soap

Simply Shea Shampoo Bar

Moisture drenching, unrefined shea nut butter and olive oil make the simply shea shampoo bar an excellent choice for dry, sensitive skin and damaged, blow-fried hair. It has a very bland scent, but does a great job at moisturizing. Click here to visit AVNS for more details.

Coconut milk and citrus shampoo bar from Apple Valley Natural Soap

Coconut Milk And Citrus Shampoo Bar

This coconut milk and citrus scented shampoo bar is absolutely heavenly and imparts anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, astringent, and healing benefits for your skin. Click here to visit AVNS for more details.

Marshmallow and Aloe shampoo bar from Apple Valley Natural Soap

Marshmallow And Aloe Shampoo Bar

This Marshmallow and Aloe shampoo bar is great for smoothing the scalp and detangling hair. Aloe Vera is anti inflammatory and nourishes dry, flaky scalp, while marshmallow root softens and detangles dry hair. Click here to visit AVNS for more details.

Cowboy Shampoo Bar from Apple Valley Natural Soap

Cowboy Shampoo Bar

The cowboy shampoo bar is a favorite of my husband’s and has subtle rugged scent. Smoky vetiver, spicy black pepper, crisp bergamot, and blood orange blend together to create this adventurous bar. Click here to visit AVNS for more details.

Not Sure What Shampoo Bars To Try? Get A Sample Pack!

The great thing about Apple Valley Natural Soap is that they sell sample and half sizes of shampoo bars so that you can experiment and find what’s right for you!

Don’t Forget The Soap Mat!

These sustainable Soap Lift soap mats are made from plant plastic, and prevent your shampoo bar from turning to mush through proper ventilation.

Don’t Forget Your Coupon Code!

As a thank you for shopping at Apple Valley Natural Soap, please take 10% off using the coupon code below! Just copy and paste AVNSDIARIES10 at check out!

10 Zero-Waste Handbag Essentials

10 Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Must-Have Items For Your Purse!

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Are you looking to extend your zero-waste lifestyle beyond your home? Would you like to make your travel and outings more sustainable and eco-friendly? Well, it’s actually quite easy—especially if you have a handbag! And in this article, I’m going to show you all of the best zero-waste items that you can keep in your handbag, and utilize on your outings while reducing your carbon footprint.

Keep in mind that you do not need all of the items that I’m going to recommend. They are simply what is inside of my zero-waste purse. I personally love really large purses because I have kids and I need to store some items for them as well from time to time—so having a big shoulder bag is really handy for me. And for that reason I enjoy bags that are made of a linen/cotton blend because they stretch and are perfect for outings like the beach and road trips.


However, there are times when I prefer to be more of a minimalist and choose a smaller purse with less items—like when I’m shopping alone or doing a lot of walking. But, no matter how I choose to accessorize, I always have to have two main zero-waste items with me at all times: a reusable water bottle and reusable straw. I live in Florida where the heat is insane during the summer months, so those are two must-have items.

I hope the zero-waste travel items below inspire you to create your own zero-waste handbag kit! I myself am always looking for new products to add that can help me become more sustainable outside of my home.


Zero Waste Handbag Essentials

  1. Reusable Water Bottle

I have several reusable water bottles that I use depending on where I go and what I am doing. I have one that specifically fits my jogging stroller, a large one for the gym, and a pretty teal one by Hydrapeak that I take with me when I am running errands—that’s the one that’s constantly in my purse. It’s made of stainless steel and it’s insulated, so it does a great job of keeping my water cold—especially during the hot summer months. So when choosing a reusable water bottle for your hand bag, go for anything that’s zero-waste like stainless steel, titanium, copper, silicone or glass.

Now Designs


If you’re a coffee lover like me, then you probably own a reusable tumbler, and use it on your commutes (most likely in the mornings). And again, if you’re like me, you probably accidentally leave it in your cup holder where the remaining remnants spoil over night. We’ve all been there. That’s why I love these new collapsible silicone coffee mugs that have recently become popular. Once you’re done drinking out of it, you can squash it and throw it into your handbag right away so you don’t forget about it. Some even come with reusable straws, and are much more convenient for park outings or camping trips than bulky tumblers.


3. Reusable Straw

I added a reusable straw to my zero-waste handbag kit about two years ago. In fact, switching to reusable straws was my very first step to a greener lifestyle, and it progressed from there. I remember that video of a helpless sea turtle with a plastic straw in his nose and that was it for me.


With that said I tried a lot of reusable straws (stainless steel, silicone, glass and bamboo), and each one has a unique aftertaste—and I prefer to drink out of stainless steel straws with silicone tips (because accidentally hitting your front teeth with a metal straw hurts A LOT). If you’re not sure what kind of straw is best for you, check out my article on the best reusable straws of 2021. Having these in your handbag allows you to avoid plastic straws whenever you eat out and it’s certainly a great feeling to know that you didn’t contribute any single-use plastic to the landfill.

4. Reusable Travel Utensils

Yes, I carry around reusable cutlery in my handbag for two very important reasons. The first and obvious one is that if I am eating out or traveling, I don’t have to rely on plastic utensils which are sometimes wrapped in even more plastic. The second reason is germs. I don’t care how sanitized restaurant utensils are—I refuse to put something in my mouth that thousands of other people have put into their mouth. It’s just not happening.


So because of these reasons, I purchased a stainless steel travel utensil kit. And depending on your preference, you can buy one as well—they have kits made of stainless steel, bamboo, wheatgrass, rice husks and titanium. You can check out my article on best travel utensils if you’re interested in adding this to your zero-waste handbag!


In order to be an eco-conscious and mindful shopper, I use reusable shopping bags. This helps me avoid the need to use plastic bags, and reusable bags are more durable (plus you can fit more items inside). A lot of people like the idea of using reusable shopping bags, but most (especially men) don’t actually put this idea to use. That’s because they think that reusable bags are too “bulky”, but what they don’t realize is that many reusable bags come in foldable compact designs that can fit into your back pocket, and then unfold into large capacity bags that can hold up to 40-50 pounds. I use LuckyTreyvon bags (pictured below) and they are incredibly, incredibly awesome! Not to mention have the cutest designs. I got these in a pack of 6 and they easily fit in my handbag.


6. Reusable Tissues

One of the newest additions to my zero waste handbag is a reusable tissue kit. I was given a LastTissue kit for Christmas last year and it’s the coolest and cutest product ever. It consists of 6 organic cotton tissues that are housed in a dishwasher safe silicone container. The tissues can be re-washed up to over 400 times and they’re completely non-toxic. They feel a little stiff at first, but after a few washes, they soften up. It’s a great way to save trees and money. You can also purchase cloth handkerchiefs and store them in a small coin purse or used mint tin.



One of my ‘must-have’ hygiene items is a spare zero waste, natural deodorant. If you’re like me and use natural deodorant, you know that a major side effect of switching from traditional deodorant is sweat and body odor—so having a travel size deodorant in your handbag is very useful. Many people carry around disposable deodorant wipes, but those (even if they are labeled biodegradable) are not zero waste. They may be eco-friendly because they eventually breakdown, but they’re not zero waste—and that’s our goal for this zero-waste handbag kit.



Polarized sunglasses are a must-have item—especially for driving. I have a pair in my purse at all times, and one extra pair in my glove compartment. And lately I’ve been really liking wooden [bamboo] sunglass frames. I don’t know about you, but in the past I’ve gone through a bunch of sunglasses because I’d either break them or lose them—they’re like socks, they just disappear. And they were all cheap plastic. That’s why wooden sunglasses are so much better to own—especially sustainable ones made from bamboo. If you loose them or they happen to break, just compost the frames!



We’ve all been there—running errands or at work and Mother Nature decides to crash the party earlier than expected. And of course we realize that we forgot to pack some period protection. Well, if you haven’t given reusable period pads a try yet, you really should consider it! When it comes to landfill waste, menstrual products as just as bad as baby diapers and single-use plastic water bottles that never biodegrade.


And the majority of reusable period pads contain charcoal bamboo layers which absorb twice as much as traditional menstrual pads—without the harsh and toxic ingredients. And if you’d like to know more about zero-waste period products check out my article on best zero-waste period starter kits! These reusable period pads are so great to have in your handbag and they come with a super cute storage pouch.


There are times when I am eating out and don’t quite finish my meal—and the same goes with my kids. And in those situations, we used to take our food home in styrofoam to-go boxes provided free of charge by the restaurant. And now I realize just how unnecessary and wasteful it was to use those single-use containers. So when bento boxes started becoming popular a couple of years ago, the idea of using one as a to-go box really appealed to me. And the good news is that bento boxes come in all kinds of sizes, so you can get a very small one that fits right in your handbag and is incredibly light weight. They also make perfect on-the go snack containers for you or your kids (and they contain dividers which is awesome!).


Do you have any of these items in your handbag? What zero-waste items would you add?

Best Zero Waste Period Kits For Beginners

How To Have A Zero Waste Period—Plus, Best Starter Kits!

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a small commission.

Each year in North America, roughly around 20 billion disposable pads and tampons make their way to the landfill where they sit around with other single-use products like baby diapers, water bottles and plastic straws that simply do not biodegrade.

Then there’s the issue of manufacturing single use sanitary pads which also creates a large carbon footprint, not to mention the impact they have on our health due to all the synthetic and toxic chemicals that are used to create them.

Rayon, dioxin, fragrance and chlorine are only a few of these hormone disrupting and cancer causing agents that we shouldn’t be voluntarily placing into our bodies. This stuff literally has a huge impact on your health.

What Do Zero Waste Menstrual Products Consist Of?

Luckily, there are a few healthy and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional menstrual products:

  • Reusable menstrual cups
  • Reusable period pads
  • Reusable period underwear

Reusable is the key word in each of these zero-waste products. Although there are many eco-friendly period products that are biodegradable, they still take a long time to breakdown in landfills and contribute to carbon emissions.

So in order to qualify as “zero-waste”, your period products must be reusable. Plus, choosing against single use will help save water—because even organic cotton requires a ton to water to create just one tampon.

Which Zero Waste Menstrual Product Is Right For Me?

Now the big question: which one do you choose? Which one is best for your body and lifestyle?

The easiest thing to do when wanting to switch over to a new product (especially if it’s an environmentally friendly product which costs a few dollars more) is to purchase a kit.

Period kits allow you to sample and experiment with products that you would otherwise be too uncertain to buy, and many of them are worth the purchase.

Below you’ll find my recommended zero-waste menstrual kits. The items within all of these selected period kits are BPA free, non-toxic and will definitely save you a ton of money in the long run.

Zero Waste Menstrual Kit By The Zero Waste Store

Say goodbye to plastic tampon applicators and disposable pads that contain artificial fragrances, chemical gels, and adhesives. Better for your body, budget, and our Earth, this kit by the Zero Waste Store, will give you comfortable periods! The organic cotton pads are breathable, sustainable, super comfy, and provide ultimate leak protection. 

This sustainable period kit includes:

  • Mist Grey Saalt menstrual cup- Size small or regular (not pictured)
  • Reusable pantyliner- Organic cotton (white) or Black
  • Reusable day pad with two inserts- Organic cotton (white) or Black
  • Reusable Stasher Bag to hold your soiled reusables.

Pixie Menstrual Cup Starter Kit

If you’re searching for a tampon and pad alternative, than a soft silicone menstrual cup may be a great fit for you. And this menstrual cup starter kit by Pixie is the ultimate zero waste period kit. Non-toxic and BPA-free, this period kit contains two reusable silicone cups (one small and one large) which offer 12 hour protection and contain a 10 year life span.

Each person is different, and our flow varies from the beginning of our cycle to the end, so it’s really convenient to have two different size cups to choose from.

It also includes one microwavable sterilizing cup, one all natural and organic lubricant and one all natural and organic foaming wash and wipes for the purpose of cleaning your Pixie cups. Women are truly loving this period kit and you can get more info, to include reviews, on Amazon by clicking here.

Luna Cup Menstrual Starter Kit

If you’re not sure about your ability to use a silicone menstrual cup, or you’d like to use a combination of cups and pads to feel more confident or until you get the hang of it, then this Luna Cup menstrual starter kit is the perfect choice for you.

The Luna Cup menstral starter kit consists of 2 reusable cloth pads, two medical grade soft silicone menstrual cups (one small and one large), and one wet bag.

The reusable Luna period pads are made of 100% anti-bacterial and highly absorbent bamboo charcoal, and hold twice as much liquid as traditional disposable pads—which means you don’t have to change as much.

They also contain “wings” for extra protection, and are very easy to clean. Plus, how cute is the design! You can find more details about this kit on Amazon, to include reviews, and decide if you’d like to give this kit a try!

Saalt Menstrual Cup Kit

The Saalt Soft Duo Pack includes two sizes of ultra-soft silicone menstrual cups, storage bags, and last for up to 12 hours. They are BPA free, toxin free and cruelty free.

Saalt believes in keeping toxins out of our ecosystems and out of our bodies, which is why this eco-conscious brand meticulously monitors their supply chain and source only high-quality, medical-grade materials.

Saalt is a certified B Corp, and commits 2% of revenue to regions with the most need for period products.

Luna Cup Period Panty Kit

If you’d like to skip a silicone menstrual cup altogether, and stick to something less invasive, then this period panty and reusable pad combination by Luna Cup is perfect for you. I really like this kit because it’s hard to find a brand that sells pads and underwear together—giving you the freedom and convenience to see which works best for you.

I do, however, recommend panties for lighter period days and definitely not when and if you have a heavy flow.

These comfortable and breathable period panties are made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The inner lining has waterproof backing, so don’t worry about leakage! If you’d like more details and sizing information, click here to be taken to Amazon.

Lunette Menstrual Cup Kit

The Lunette Menstrual Cup Kit is another great zero waste kit for beginners. Each cup can last up to 12 hours, and comes with accessories for cleaning and storage.

The liquid cleaner and wipes are completely organic, vegan, and sulfite and paraben-free—with only ingredients that you can recognize.

The Lunette Menstrual Cup Kit includes :

  • Lunette Menstrual Cup 
  • Lunette Feelbetter Cup Cleanser 
  • Lunette Cupwipes 
  • Lunette Cotton pouch 
  • Lunette Booklet

LuckyPads | Organic Cotton Pads

If you prefer organic cotton to bamboo period pads, consider a starter pack of reusable organic cotton menstrual pads at LuckyPads. The fabric is breathable, non-toxic, and can easily be thrown into the wash countless times. Plus, the designs are really cute!

My favorite thing about cotton pads as opposed to bamboo (or flannel) is that they don’t trap heat and are much more comfortable to wear. And the fact that these are organic cotton, makes them 100 times more healthier and eco-friendly than other cotton menstrual pads.

Success! You're on the list.

Best Zero Waste Deodorants For Men

Shopping For An All-Natural Men’s Deodorant? Read On For The 10 Most Sustainable And Plastic-Free Brands!

This post contains affiliate links, which may earn us a commission.

For most Americans, antiperspirants are part of a daily personal care routine. We wear them to block sweat, neutralize odor and to feel fresh all day long.

Unfortunately, the ingredients within traditional antiperspirants are not that great for our health.

According to MadeSafe.Org, most ingredients found in conventional deodorants are endocrine disruptors—mimicking hormones such as estrogen which results in cell mutations (tumors), reproductive toxicity and early onset puberty in children.

With that said, it’s no wonder that many health-conscious men and women are turning to alternatives with natural ingredients to combat underarm odor.

Do Natural Deodorants Really Work?

Natural deodorants neutralize odor, but they do not block the pores to keep you from sweating like traditional antiperspirants do. That’s because antiperspirants contain aluminum—the key ingredient that clogs your pores in order to keep your underarms dry.

Many people do not realize that a deodorant and an antiperspirant are actually two different things. Antiperspirants keep you dry, while deodorants mask odor. So when they switch to a natural deodorant, they become frustrated when they realize that their underarms still perspire.

However, sweating is natural. It’s part of being human. Sweat helps to regulate our body temperature and gets rid of toxins. Hence, natural deodorants allow our body to sweat while neutralizing those funky odors.

And if you’d like to know more details about what to expect when switching over to a natural deodorant, read my article on that here.

Are There Any Natural Deodorant Brands That Do Stop Perspiration?

Depending on how heavily you sweat throughout the day, some natural deodorants may help absorb perspiration. However, this may not apply to someone with an excessive sweating condition called hyperhidrosis.

Natural deodorants that contain arrow root powder as a main ingredient do a great job at absorbing sweat, drawing out toxins, and soothing irritated skin. Many of the natural deodorants within this article contain arrow root powder as a key ingredient.

What Should I Expect When Switching To A Natural Deodorant?

Having switched to a natural deodorant myself, I can tell you in all honesty that you are going to perspire and stink like a teenager for the first two or three weeks.

When you stop using traditional deodorant, your body goes into detox mode, and your underarms push out all of the toxins that were trapped inside due to the aluminum.

Because of this, a lot of people give up on the use of natural deodorant and revert back to conventional antiperspirants. So please know that this extreme odor is to be expected, and hang in there. After a few weeks, every will neutralize.

What Makes These Deodorants Zero Waste?

And in addition to being healthy and nontoxic, many natural deodorants are packaged in plastic-free and eco-friendly packaging—which means that the packaging is biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.

The zero waste deodorant brands in this guide are also all climate pledge friendly, vegan and cruelty free, so you will feel great about putting them on your body!

With that said, read on for the list of best natural and plastic-free deodorants for men.

DIY Natural Men’s Deodorant

I am also sharing a video down below by YouTuber Kalle Flodin on how to make your own natural deodorant using 3 simple ingredients, if you feel like doing a little DIY!

Source: Kalle Flodin | YouTube

10 Best Natural Deodorants For Men

Native Plastic-Free Natural Deodorant

1. Native Plastic-Free Natural Deodorant

Active Ingredients | Baking Soda + Probiotics

Hypoallergenic | Yes

The Native plastic-free Natural Deodorant is a gender-neutral deodorant that is certified vegan, cruelty-free, and doesn’t contain common pollutants or toxic ingredients. It also comes in paperboard sourced from responsibly managed forests. 

Papr natural deodorant for men

2. Papr Natural Deodorant

Active Ingredients | Baking Soda, Tapioca Starch, Coconut Oil

Hypoallergenic | Yes

PAPR is a line of all-natural deodorants in zero-waste packaging. These biodegradable deodorants are certified vegan and cruelty-free, and are available in various gender-neutral scents. PAPR deodorants goes on smoothly, don’t leave stains, and feels fresh all day under your arms.

Magsol Natural Deodorant For Men

3. MagSol Magnesium Deodorant

Active Ingredient | Magnesium

Hypoallergenic | Yes

Magsol is a zero waste deodorant made from a cardboard deodorant tube, and is the world’s first natural deodorant to use magnesium oxide to control odor.  This deodorant is also as simple as you can get—made from only 4 powerhouse ingredients that keep you dry while neutralizing body odor.

Zero Natural Deodorant

4. Zero3 Natural Deodorant

Active Ingredients | Baking Soda, Arrowroot Powder

Hypoallergenic | Yes

If it’s odor elimination you’re after, then you’ll really like the ZERO3 natural deodorant, which uses a patented technology to keep odor at bay. Fair-trade ingredients like shea butter and a blend of earthy essential oils also give your armpits a pleasant smell. And you’ll love that this zero waste deodorant ships to your home in plastic-free packaging.

Tom’s Natural And Plastic-Free Deodorant For Men

5. Tom’s Of Maine Natural Deodorant

Active Ingredient | Zinc Oxide

Hypoallergenic | Yes

Tom’s of Maine aluminum-free deodorant comes in all cardboard packaging and offers 48 hours of odor protection and contains a rugged coast scent. This aluminum-free deodorant stick lets your skin breathe and helps you feel fresh and confident throughout the day. Made with naturally derived, sustainable and responsible ingredients, this solid deodorant stick helps men live more naturally.

Fat And The Moon Natural Deodorant

6. Fat And The Moon Sensitive Pit Cream

Active Ingredient | Arrowroot Powder

Hypoallergenic | Yes

Take on stinky pits with help from the Sensitive Pit Deodorant Cream from Fat and the Moon! Made from 100% natural and organic ingredients that contain no aluminum or heavy metals, this natural sensitive deodorant cream uses arrowroot powder to keep your arm pits dry and less stinky.

This natural deodorant won’t leave behind chalky white streaks, and contains antimicrobial essential oils that leave behind a gentle scent. Perfect for sensitive pits, it won’t irritate skin or cause rashes.

Arcadia Natural Deodorant For Men

7. Arcadia Natural Unscented Natural Deodorant

Active Ingredient | Arrowroot Powder

Hypoallergenic | Yes

Arcadia Natural is a hand-made all natural deodorant for men thats free of aluminum and baking soda. The great thing about this natural deodorant is that it is available in many scents, including an unscented option.

The packaging is made from recycled Kraft paperboard tubes and the deodorant is made from all natural biodegradable and organic ingredients consisting of plant-based waxes, Shea Butter, Castor oil, Arrowroot powder, and Vitamin E.

Apple Valley Natural Soap Natural Deodorant

8. Apple Valley Natural Deodorant Creme

Active Ingredients | Arrowroot Powder, Baking Soda

Hypoallergenic | Yes

If transparency and home-made product is what you’re searching for when it comes to a natural deodorant, then check out this Natural Deodorant Creme by Apple Valley Soap Co who specialize in hand-made skin care products like shampoo bars, body bars and more. This deodorant creme comes in scented and unscented and not only neutralizes odors, but moisturizes your pits as well.

Made with anti-bacterial, odor absorbing ingredients like organic virgin coconut oil, diatomaceous earth, aluminum free baking soda, arrowroot powder, and white kaolin clay—just a pea-sized amount is all you need to stay fresh all day long! And don’t forget to take 10% off with special code AVNSDIARIES10

BeNat Natural Deodorant For Men

9. BeNat Natural Deodorant

Active Ingredient | Baking Soda

Hypoallergenic | Yes

BeNat is an artisanal natural deodorant that’s handcrafted with all natural ingredients and packaged in a zero waste biodegradable and renewable paperboard push-up tube.

This natural deodorant contains organic ingredients consisting of coconut oil, beeswax, vegetable emulsifier, cornstarch, baking soda, avocado seed oil, and tea tree essential oil. So if you enjoy the scent of lemon and tea tree, then this deodorant is an excellent choice for you.

Ethique Plastic-Free Solid Deodorant For Men

10. Ethique Natural Solid Deodorant

Active Ingredient | Magnesium Hydroxide + Zinc Oxide + Bamboo

Hypoallergenic | Yes

Minimalist by Ethique is a vegan unisex unscented deodorant bar for sensitive skin. It is made with jojoba and sweet almond oil for smooth application, and contains Magnesium Hydroxide, Zinc Oxide and Bamboo to keep your underarms dry and odor-free.