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10 Must-Have Solar Powered Gadgets For Your Home And Lawn

Unique Solar Powered Gadgets That You You Can Use Around Your Home And Garden For Decor, Pest Prevention And Home Security

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When you think about it, many of the products that you use outside of your home can be powered with solar energy—which is a great way to save money and lower your carbon footprint.

Solar power is free, plentiful and great for the environment, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of such a wonderful power source.

Aside from adding solar panels to your roof, you can also purchase solar powered gadgets in the form of security cameras, bird baths, mole repellents, pathway lights and much more. And the best part is that using those solar powered items won’t contribute to your power bill because they harness [free] energy from the sun.


The only downside to solar powered products is that you need sunlight for them to work, and on cloudy days, you won’t get as good of a charge. Still, the functionality, eco-friendly and money saving benefits of solar powered gear and gadgets outweighs the tiny inconvenience that might only happen if you live in states where it’s constantly cloudy.

If any of that sounds good, then let’s take a look at 10 brilliant solar powered gadgets that will help enhance your living space, deter some unwanted pests and help lower your electric bill.



To keep from having to have the porch light on all night, many home owners install motion sensor lights around their homes to save money and for added security because they discourage unwanted visitors like prowlers and thieves. They’re also convenient for people with disabilities and for delivery drivers who may need to find your front door.

Motion sensor lights come in 3 varieties when it comes to power source: battery operated lights, wired lights or solar powered lights. And in our opinion, solar is the way to go—the power source will charge during the day and go to work at night (without costing you anything). AmeriTop is a great brand that sells solar powered lights in pairs of 2 with easy install.



Cooling your house during summer months can really raise your electricity bill. By cooling your attic with a solar fan, you’ll essentially be cooling your entire house, and saving money in the process.

Solar attic fans like Amtrak will quietly cool your house, ventilate your attic, garage or RV and simultaneously protect against moisture. So as you can see, it’s a very versatile solar gadget that’s very useful.



Solar-charged, underground critter repellents like the ones by Thanos are an effective and humane way to keep your lawn from being repeatedly destroyed. They emit ultra-low frequency sonic pulses that penetrate the soil, every 30 seconds.

The sound is extremely irritating to moles and other burrowing critters because they are virtually blind and thus extremely sensitive to sound and vibrations. The sonic pulses encourage underground varmints to vacate the property and also discourage return visits.



Light up your beautiful walkway with free energy! These elegant solar pathway lights are waterproof and easy to install. They also add style to your landscape design.

The solar panels absorb sun light during the daytime and convert it into electricity to light up your pathway at night. The lights automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn which preserves battery life.



Millions of American households have a security camera installed somewhere outside their home. And many require an electrical power source or batteries in order to do their job. But with a solar powered security camera system, you don’t need to worry about such things.

YESKAMO is a really great brand when it comes to solar powered security cameras and I encourage you to read the positive reviews. This camera is weatherproof and requires only a short amount of sunlight to work for a very lengthy amount of time. It’s one of the best solar security cameras on the market.


Pic Solar

When it comes to mosquitos, citronella candles, tiki torches and bug sprays can only do so much. They deter—not eliminate. That’s why it’s ideal to incorporate a bug zapper to your outdoor living space.

Solar Bug Zappers give off zero air pollutants, and require no fuel replacements compared to standard oil-burning torches. A bug zapper, like the one by Pic Solar, can replace up to (90) refills of torch fuel (projected consumption based on 4-months of an average evening of use). It’s a wonderful eco-friendly and effective swap.



If you own a birdbath, or are considering getting a birdbath for your yard or garden, installing a solar pump is a smart way to recycle water. It can also be placed into a pool, pond or traditional birdbath.

The Viajero solar fountain features a powerful 2.5W solar panel and long lasting 800mAh battery—working together they provide continuous power and ensure stability of the pump throughout the day when it’s sunny or cloudy out.



Solar powered garden lights are an awesome way to spruce up any outdoor space—especially your garden. And there are so many beautiful solar garden lights to choose from! For the 20 most beautiful solar powered garden lights, see our article here.

Solar powered garden lights are waterproof and this particular one comes with an upgraded solar monocrystalline panel which enhances the brightness of the little globe within the crescent moon.



Havig a solar powered address sign is a great way to make your address visible. It’s a convenient for visitors, delivery drivers and emergency responders to find your home in a more timely manner.

Solar powered address plaques such as this one by Greluna, come with number decals for personalization and a mounting stake for the ground. They charge by sunlight during the day, and shine for long hours at night.


Magic Cat

Ultra sonic animal repellents work by emitting an intense ultrasonic signal to scare dogs, cats, wild boars, mice, birds and many other animals away from your zone, house, garden, and yard. It’s great to take on camping trips with you!

A great and humane way to repel above-ground animals out of your yard and garden is to install a weatherproof, ultrasonic device. The Magic Cat solar powered animal repellant is a great brand that is safe, eco-friendly and humane.

This Solar Powered Robot Weeds Your Garden Everyday

An Effective And Chemical Free Way To Keep Weeds Out Of Your Garden

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Summer is in full swing, and so are weeds. And each year, home owners and landscapers find themselves struggling with the daunting task of weed removal.

There are two main ways to kill weeds: you can either get on your hands and knees and pluck each one out of the ground, or you can purchase a heavy duty liquid spray that’s full of toxic ingredients. Sure, both methods get the job done—but one is extremely time consuming, and the other isn’t very healthy for humans or the environment.

There are literally ingredients in weed killers like Roundup, that can kill human cells, cause birth defects and even lead to cancer. According to Scientific American, “researchers have found that one of Roundup’s inert ingredients can kill human cells, particularly embryonic, placental and umbilical cord cells”.

That’s a pretty scary wake up call.

But even if you ditch the toxic chemical spray (which you should), you still need an alternative method for weed removal. And no, “homemade” weed sprays do not work—they may kill the top growth, but to truly kill a perennial weed, you need the spray to be absorbed by the roots, and DIY vinegar sprays don’t accomplish this. So you’re stuck with manual removal.

However, not everyone is capable of pulling weeds out of the ground. In addition to age, some people have health complications and simply can’t be on their hands and knees all day pulling weeds out of garden soil. But, a robotic weeder can.

Tertill can be the safe solution to your weed problem.


Tertill is a solar-powered weeding robot that lives in your garden and weeds intermittently for a total of 1-2 hours every day. Its specially designed wheels churn up the top layer of soil preventing most weeds from sprouting. If any weeds do grow, Tertill chops them down with its string trimmer.”

To put it simply, the repeated “hacking” of the same weed, over and over again, will cause the entire root system to eventually give up and shrivel away—never to return again.

Another cool feature of this robotic weeder is that it runs on solar power, has 4 wheel drive and roams your lawn or garden chopping down weeds—so you don’t have to. And because it uses free energy, you never have to charge it. It’s also weather proof, and works just as hard in the rain!

The only con to this innovative outdoor gadget is that it must be within an enclosure so that it doesn’t go rogue and roll off into the woods, street or ditch somewhere—all technology has its limits.

Utilizing Tertill truly is an environmentally friendly way to maintain your lawn or garden without utilizing unnecessary harmful chemicals.

Tertill also comes with guards to protect plants, herbs and veggies that you don’t want cut down—so no worries!

Image: Tertill

Tertill Features

  • Solar-Powered & weatherproof – Stays in garden from spring through fall
  • Kills pre-emergent weeds with specially designed wheels
  • Chops down sprouted weeds with string trimmer
  • Easy set up – No Programming or mapping – just push the button
  • Proven as effective as hand weeding by the Cornell School of Agriculture
  • Uses height to tell plants from weeds – comes with guards to protect small plants
  • Weeds in 2-5 minute intervals for 1-2 hours a day
  • Maintains up to a 200 square foot garden
  • From the inventor of Roomba

So, if you want to avoid unnecessary labor, and clear out weeds in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, then I think you should give this innovative weed removal method a try!

The Benefits Of Solar Powered Phone Chargers

Why Portable Solar Powered Phone Chargers are a smart buy

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The biggest problem facing the average smart phone owner is rapid battery drainage. It’s inevitable.

Our phones are loaded with active apps that constantly sync with data, they’re constantly searching for WiFi signal, they’re receiving endless notifications, and people are just on them all the time—checking their emails, posting to Instagram and catching up on their Facebook newsfeed. So can you really blame it for wanting to shut down?

Then there’s the dilemma of being out and about—away from an electrical source, and all of a sudden your smartphone tells you that it’s hanging on by a thread. It has 10% of battery life left, and you need to connect it to a power supply. That’s when anxiety sets in.

So what do you to avoid panic in emergency situations? Invest in a solar phone charger, otherwise know as a portable power bank.

Just like solar grid panels that are installed on rooftops, solar chargers harness light energy from the sun, and turn it into electricity—providing power for your devices.

#1 Out And About

As mentioned earlier, you’ve probably found yourself in a situation where you’re out and about—perhaps running errands, or visiting the zoo. And all of a sudden you realize that your battery is incredibly low.

That’s when you can easily connect your phone to your portable solar device and let it slowly charge in your purse (or fanny pack) while you enjoy the rest of your outing.

#2 Outdoor Adventure

Mobile solar chargers are great for anyone to have on hand for emergency situations such as the ones mentioned above. But, they’re also a life saving power source for outdoor enthusiasts who love to camp, hike and generally go off grid.

And while you may not need internet connection while out and enjoying nature, you certainly need a way to connect with emergency services should you require medical attention. And because of that possibility, you need to make sure your phone is charged!

#3 Travel

Aside from outdoor recreation, a portable power bank is the perfect piece of equipment to have around for travel—especially at airports. Imagine being stuck at a terminal with no available outlets, and your phone is about to die, but you really want to stay connected with loved ones.

That’s when you conveniently charge it with your portable power bank; and the best part is that you can socially distance yourself from others while doing so.

#4 Seniors

Let’s not forget about our senior citizens and eldery loved ones. Solar chargers make excellent, caring gifts for those who tend to be forgetful to keep their phones charged, and find themselves in situations such as the ones above.

If a loved one is home and the power happens to go out, they can use this crucial power source to charge their phones and stay in touch with you and emergency services.



Always charge your solar charger ahead of time with traditional cable and outlet. There’s a good reason for it.

A solar charger is a back-up device ONLY. They are not intended as a major, everyday charging source like your traditional cable plug that connects to an electrical outlet. Though highly useful, the charging efficiency of a solar charger is lower than that of traditional electricity (it takes longer to charge a phone).

And never leave a solar charger in a hot car, especially by the window. It can cause your battery to fail and damage the device.

What To Look For When Shopping For A Solar Charger

One thing to look for when choosing a portable power bank is how much mAh it contains (mAh stands for Milliampere-Hour which is one thousand of ampere hour). This number basically tells you how much electrical charge a battery holds. Anything between 10000 mAh and 20000 mAh or more is ideal to get.

A second thing to look for (if you’re taking it outdoors) is a waterproof feature. Many solar chargers are built specifically to withstand outdoor elements, like water. So if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, look for chargers that are waterproof and have good shock absorption.

A third feature to look for is a built in flashlight. If you’re outdoors, or find yourself in a black out, a flashlight feature is incredibly handy.


Solar chargers vary by design and price, and some are better than others. Here are some top-notch chargers to consider when making a decision.


The INIU power bank doubles as a flashlight in the event of a black out. It also has dual outports, allowing you to charge multiple devices at the same time. It’s compatible with iPhone Xs, X8 7 iPad AirPods, Samsung S10, And Google LG etc.


F. Dorla

Another high quality solar charger is the F.Dorla Waterproof Solar Charger. It contains dual USB ports that can charge two devices at the same time, LED high illumination lights, a compass, and is compatible with all smartphones, tablets and usb devices. It’s dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, and made of flame retardant materials—ABS plastic and silicone.



The Addtop Waterproof Solar Charger is yet another solid buy. It can charge two devices simultaneously and comes with a built in flashlight with sos mode. It’s windproof, shockproof and dustproof. The multiple solar cells cut down on charging time. It can charge the iphone8 about 9 times, the Galaxy S9 about 5 times, iPad Mini 4 over 3 times, and the MacBook pro about 3 times.


For more on solar energy and how you can power your entire home, check out my article on 4 Financial Benefits Of Residential Solar Power.