Green Bathroom Gadgets

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If you’re on a journey to making your home more eco-friendly, my advice is: start with the bathroom.

Green bathroom products are becoming a popular trend—and there is an abundance of zero-waste products both in-stores and on the Internet to choose from. Plus, bathrooms are the smallest space within a home, so it’s the easiest and quickest room to makeover. I like to call it a “green-flip”.

Prior to becoming a parent, my bathroom products consisted of unhealthy cleaning chemicals and tons of hygiene products made with harsh ingredients. Plastic toothbrushes would get thrown out every few months and cotton swabs consisted of the plastic variety. Nobody’s perfect.

What matters is that one day it hits you, and you realize the importance of being kind not only to the environment, but to yourself as well. And that’s what being “eco-friendly” is all about—making a collective effort to achieve a better quality of life.


Zero Waste Personal Care Kit

This zero waste personal care set by Detox Earth consists of a bamboo toothbrush, dental silk, bamboo cotton buds, a shampoo & conditioner bar and a storage bag. It’s an excellent starter kit for yourself, or anyone who is “green-curious”.


Parlux 3800 Eco Friendly Blow Dryer

Making a low environmental impact, the Parlux 3800 is an energy efficient dryer that is built from recyclable materials. It’s ceramic, ionic and makes less noise than traditional blow dryers.

Beech Wood And Bamboo Hair Care Kit

This hair care set by vklw is made from durable beech wood and bamboo. The brush is made of bamboo and contains a silicone airbag as opposed to plastic or rubber that most synthetic brushes tend to come equipped with. The combs are made of beech wood. A storage / travel bag is included.

Eco-Friendly Shampoo Bars

These eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner bar samplers by Ethique come in a set of 5 and consist of 3 shampoos and 2 conditioners. They are made of all natural, vegan ingredients that are gentle on your hair, and friendly to the environment.


Toothpaste Tablets

These Chewtab toothpaste tablets are made of Non-GMO Xylitol and do not contain silica, which is highly abrasive. They come in a variety of flavors, and are the perfect eco-friendly travel solution to keeping your mouth fresh.

Bamboo Toothbrushes

These toothbrushes by Feysey are made of 100% biodegradable bamboo with nylon bristles. They come in a set of 4 and each one contains a different color handle to prevent mix ups. They are durable, will never splinter, and are very eco-friendly.

Tiny Panda Organic Dental Floss

This Timy Panda dental floss is an eco friendly alternative to traditional floss. It also comes in a reusable and recyclable glass container.


Eco-Friendly NonToxic Shower Liner

This safe and eco-friendly vinyl shower liner is PVC free, non-toxic, chlorine free, BPA free, and phthalate free. Most shower curtains and liners are made of PVC vinyl, which emit unhealthy fumes for up to one month after purchase. These liners are made of Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) vinyl and keep your bathroom environment healthy. They’re semi see through and contain little pebble designs.

Silicone Drain Stopper

This silicone water stopper is non slip and fits into both tubs and sinks. Its tight fit secures water from leaking down the drain—preventing waste.


Mason Jar Bathroom Sink Accessories

This mason jar bathroom accessory set adds farmhouse charm to any countertop. They are made of reusable, eco-friendly, recyclable glass and topped with durable rust-proof 304 stainless steel lids that will never rust.

Bamboo Makeup Organizer

This skincare and makeup station by Lavish Home is made of durable bamboo—which is an environmentally friendly resource that is not only sustainable, but anti-bacterial. It’s a carousel design and spins for easy access to your favorite products.


Organic Bamboo Toilet Paper

Bamboo toilet paper is organic and chemical free. It’s biodegradeable and gentle on septic tanks. The better Way organic bamboo toilet paper was voted number one when it comes to health and safety on Amazon.

Coconut Fiber Toilet Brush

This toilet brush by Dirk, is made from coconut fiber and wood. It also has a cotton hanging rope for storage. And that’s the downside—it might drip while drying. Other than that, it’s an all natural cleaning brush with coconut fiber bristles that are gentle on glazed toilet bowls.

Eco-Friendly Toilet Bowl Cleaner

This is an automatic toilet bowl cleaner by Mamaiuh. It contains blue cleaning solution that is environmentally friendly with citric acid to remove stains and odors from the toilet for up to 90 days.


Bamboo Cotton Swabs

These biodegradable cotton swabs come in a package of 500. We all know that bamboo is zero-waste, and that’s what makes this swap the absolute best within your bathroom. Cotton swabs use paper or plastic sticks—these are 100% bamboo and minimize the amount of waste in landfills.


Bamboo Laundry Hamper

This bamboo laundry hamper by Comellow is a two hamper station with removable liners that you can easily transport from bedroom to laundry room. It’s convenient for separating colors and whites and is very durable and sustainable.


Bamboo Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

These reusable organic bamboo pads by spaces are made from 100% Bamboo and come in a pack of 20. With micellär water being a popular makeup removing liquid, these two make a perfect match. And let’s not forget that bamboo is naturally antibacterial, which is even better for your skin.

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