Quick & Easy Breakfast Ideas For Kids

Fast And Simple Breakfast Ideas For Picky Eaters

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I have two kids. My 9 year old son will devour almost anything you put in front of him, and my 4 year old will literally sniff what’s in front of her and say “I’m full”. Does this sound familiar?

With that said, I always play around with breakfast ideas to see what works best for my picky eater, and am sharing her favorite breakfast combinations below. Picky eaters often have troubling stool issues such as constipation, so you’ll see a lot of ground flax seeds added into most of my breakfast ideas.

As far as dishware, I use sustainable bamboo and silicone suction plates and bowls by Abiie, a sustainable baby gear brand. If you’d like to know more about the Abiie Octopod suction plates, see my review here.

I will keep adding to these breakfast ideas throughout the year, so feel free to come back from time to time and peek to see if anything new is added.

Pancake Combo

Both of my kids love pancakes, and it’s one of those foods that can be prepped the night before, frozen and thawed the next morning. I also like to sneak in some ground flax seeds into the pancake batter for extra fiber and add side staples like maple syrup and fruit like blueberries which are full of antioxidants.

Bagel Combo

Toasted bagels and cream cheese are another household breakfast favorite. A toasted cinnamon bagel coupled with strawberry cream cheese will delight even the pickiest eater. I used to order it at my favorite bagel shop when I was in High School. Pair it with some fruit and you’ve got a filling meal.

Greek Yogurt Bowl

I Prefer to feed my little ones Greek yogurt over over smoothie bowls because there’s more protein, and it’s just faster to prepare. I like to add small fruit and ground flax seeds for extra fiber. It’s a nutritious and colorful meal that sparks curiosity in even the pickiest of eaters.

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