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Best Eco-Friendly Gifts Of 2021

The Most Sustainable Holiday Gifts For Your Zero-Waste Friends And Loved Ones

This post contains affiliate links which may earn us a commission.

The 2021 holiday season is all about sustainable gift giving!

Times are changing, and consumers are more willing to pay for environmentally friendly products that not only help save money in the long run, but also help minimize plastic pollution and lower their carbon footprint. Simply put, more folks are going ‘green’ to help save the planet!

That’s why this holiday season, eco-friendly gifts and zero-waste gift wrapping are going to be a huge trend. And thankfully, there are a ton of eco-conscious brands that make some really cool zero-waste and environmentally friendly products which help jumpstart and facilitate a greener lifestyle.


An eco-friendly gift can be anything that’s organic, non-toxic, reusable, upcycled, recyclable, compostable or helps minimize pollution and save energy—stuff that’s great for both you and the planet.

You also don’t have to limit your gift options to just reusable straws and mesh produce bags—there are a lot of eco-friendly gift options that are alternatives to trendy mainstream products—just made more ethically and sustainably (like clothing, jewelry, home decor, beauty products and more) and that’s because people are finding new ways to make everyday items more green.

To help you find that perfect sustainable Christmas gift for a friend or loved one, we put together a thoughtful list of environmentally friendly gift options that help lower one’s carbon footprint, save money in the long run, and improve one’s overall health and wellbeing.


Wooden World Wall Map

Enjoy The Wood

For the travel enthusiast in your life, consider this unique 3D wooden [wall] map that comes equipped with push pins so that you can document your travel journey. Not only is this map hand-made from sustainable birch wood, it’s also incredibly beautiful and looks fabulous in any room of the house! A Glow in the dark version is also available on their direct website.

GreenUP Subscription Box

GreenUP Box

With the GreenUP subscription box, your loved ones can unbox an assortment of zero-waste goodies every quarter! And if you love the thought of this eco-friendly essentials box, but don’t want to commit to recurring payments, you can do a one time purchase! We personally love this box and thinks it’s one of the best zero-waste subscription boxes on the market!

Indoor Hydroponic Garden


With this ‘smart’ indoor hydroponic garden, you can grow 6 different herbs (included) completely without soil—just water. This hydroponic system is especially great for beginner gardeners because the control panel notifies you when it’s time to add water and nutrients (included), and the LED light turns on and off automatically. This is a very sustainable gift and great way to save money on herbs!

Reusable Glass Spray Bottle Set

Freaking Essential

These days it’s all about natural hand-made cleaning solutions and having a non-toxic home. These cute reusable glass cleaning bottles with silicone sleeves by Freaking Essential help you accomplish your DIY cleaning goals! They even come packaged in a giftable and compostable cardboard box and include a silicone funnel plus label sheets.

Indoor ‘Smart’ Compost Bin


You don’t need a huge outdoor compost bin to compost! The Vitamix 068051 Food Cycler sits comfortably on your kitchen counter and turns food scraps (including chicken bones) into fertilizer in just hours! Countertop compost bins are a great way to divert food waste from heading to the landfill and makes a fantastic gift for someone who wants to have a more sustainable kitchen.

Coconut Bowl Set

Jungle Culture

It doesn’t get any better than eating out of organic dinnerware. These reclaimed coconut bowls by Jungle Culture and wooden utensils are ethically sourced and hand-carved by local artisans in Vietnam. They are absolutely stunning and make perfect eco-friendly gifts for really just about anyone.

Luxury Bamboo Towel Set


We use towels on a regular basis, which means that we can never have too many. And if you’re considering giving someone a new towel set, go for bamboo fabric! Bamboo towels have a luxurious, soft feel. They’re also more durable and absorbent than cotton. Mosobam makes beautiful bamboo towel sets which includes two jumbo sized towels. It’s the perfect addition to anyone’s sustainable bathroom.

Foldable Reusable Cotton Grocery Bags

Eco Friends

For a more eco-friendly shopping experience, consider these reusable cotton bags by Eco Friends. These reusable bags make excellent zero-waste gifts because they’re fairly large, can fold into a small soda-can sized shape (with a snap button that secures it in place), and can be washed and reused endless times.

Beeswax Wrap Kit


Anyone will appreciate beeswax wraps as a gift because it’s a fantastic plastic alternative to cling wrap and is foreign to a lot of people—so they’ll be intrigued! This beeswax kit by HoneyAlley contains 7 wraps in various sizes and comes in a cute giftable package.

Luxury Shampoo Bars

Apple Valley Natural Soap

Shampoo bars are an eco-friendly alternative to bottled shampoo and make excellent gifts for both men and women. To make a great impression, choose hand-made shampoo bars from Apple Valley Natural Soap—a family owned brand that makes beautifully scented shampoo bars for both genders that leaves hair so conditioned, you won’t need a conditioner. You can buy several and arrange them in a gift basket.


Zero Waste Lunch Kit


Help a friend or loved one save both money and the environment with this zero waste lunch kit, put together by Earth Hero. This eco-friendly kit contains all the essentials that are needed for a zero-waste meal when you’re on the go! We love zero-waste kits as gift options because a lot of the time, people don’t know where to start when it comes to sustainable living, and zero-waste kits are a great introduction to sustainable products.

Tankless Water Heater


Help a loved one save 50% on water heating costs with the EcoSmart tankless water heater. This tank alternative delivers endless hot water, while at the same time saving space, time, money, and allowing you to reduce your overall energy and water use. It’s a great gift for someone who wants a more energy efficient home.

Travel Utensil Set


You’d be surprised how many people have invested in portable utensil kits this year! Consumers have purchased reusable travel utensils not only to eliminate their dependence on single-use plastic cutlery, but to also protect their health when eating out! Travel cutlery comes in all types of eco-friendly forms, but we really love this stainless steel reusable utensil kit by Toobooc (and it’s offered in many more colors).

Portable Mini Washing Machine

Laundry Alternative

Get the camping enthusiast in your life a portable ‘mini’ washing machine. This portable washer by Laundry Alternative is great to use at camp sites, small apartments and for times when the power goes out. It does not require electricity and a small load of clothing can be cleaned in 2 min.

Natural Scrub Brush Set

Hello Nature

This natural scrub brush set by Hello Nature is a wonderful eco-friendly alternative to traditional kitchen sponges that pollute our oceans with micro-plastic and have to be replaced on a regular basis. This natural brush set contains bamboo handles and durable plant-based scrubbing fibers.

Compostable Phone Case

Pela Case

Compostable phone cases are rising in popularity not only because they’re plant-based and great for the environment, but because they’re made with non-toxic material that won’t harm you (unlike mainstream phone cases). Pela cases are one of the best biodegradable phone case brands on the market, and donate 1% of all proceeds to environmental nonprofit charities.

Zero-Waste Dental Kit


The bathroom produces a lot of plastic waste—especially when it comes to our dental routine. This zero-waste dental kit by Leafico comes equipped with bamboo toothbrushes, biodegradable floss and a stainless steel tongue scraper. It’s a great gift for anyone who’s been curious about bamboo dental products.


Beaks And Paws

Save the bees and pollinate your garden with this charming hand-crafted bee house by Beaks And Paws. It’s the perfect eco-friendly gift for a gardener and helps attract a wide array of insects that help pollinate your flower and vegetable garden!

Zero-Waste Laundry Kit


We spend a lot of time in the laundry room, and doing laundry uses up a lot of energy, produces quite a bit of micro-plastics, and detergent itself is made from harmful chemicals. This zero-waste laundry kit contains all the essentials for a non-toxic laundry routine. The bundle includes plant-based laundry strips, a Cora Ball that traps micro-plastics, a laundry stain removal stick, wool dryer balls and a natural mesh bag—making an awesome zero-waste gift.

Reusable Tumbler


The Beast is by far my favorite reusable insulated tumbler because it’s massive, and allows me to ditch single use water bottles and helps me save money on coffee by NOT stopping at that one popular coffee shop. This reusable tumbler also comes in a giftable box and comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

Cork Lunch Bag


Cork is the new vegan leather, and items made from cork, such as this lunch tote by VonNova will last an incredibly long time. This eco-friendly lunch bag is perfect for both men and women and also comes with a free stainless steel spork!


Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Teen Girls

Environmentally Friendly And Trendy Gift Ideas For Eco-Conscious Teenage Girls

Updated on March 9, 2022

This post contains affiliate links which may earn us a small commission.

The current generation of young people are more aware of environmental issues that are plaguing this planet.

We have more young people speaking out against climate change, and striving to live more sustainably, which is really commendable.

Many teens and young adults understand the negative impact of disposable plastic waste, and have embraced the use of reusable products such as water bottles, straws, and other zero waste must-haves to help lower their carbon footprint.

Many teenagers also help with organizing and engaging in community trash pick up, and helping spread awareness regarding single-use plastic pollution through social media apps like Instagram, TikTok and VSCO.


So, if you have a teen who’s eco-conscious and passionate about the green living movement, then you have one inspiring child!

And you’re in luck—because there are quite a few eco-friendly products that kids these days are really embracing—and I’ve listed the top must-have gift items to help inspire you on your ‘eco-friendly’ gift search.

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Eco-Conscious Teen Girls

Brand | W7

The W7 vegan makeup set comes with all the neutral tone “basics”. This makeup set is cruelty free and made from all-natural, plant-based ingredients that are gentle enough for teen skin.

Brand | Urban Kissed

If the teen in your life loves fitness and activewear, then you should check out the recycled activewear collection at Urban Kissed! There are lots of great styles to choose from, and all the brands are ethically made!

Brand | Karma Organic

The Karma Organic nail polish sets are vegan, cruelty-free, nontoxic, and make perfect eco-friendly gifts for teen girls who love nail polish. This brand is great for sensitive skin, and is even safe enough for children and pregnant women.

Brand | LuckyPads

If your teen prefers natural alternatives to disposable period pads, which have so many unhealthy chemicals, get them a starter pack of reusable organic cotton menstrual pads at LuckyPads. The fabric is breathable, non-toxic, and can be thrown into the wash countless times. Plus, the designs are really cute!

Brand | Sinbono

For the older teen who is into purses, check out the gorgeous vegan handbags at Sinbono. There are a ton of styles to choose from (although the Ava bag shown above is my personal favorite) and they are all ethically and sustainably made.

Brand | Merbabe

The Merbabe face mask kit is an awesome beauty gift for teen girls of all ages. Each mask features a collection of organic plant-based ingredients to soothe, cleanse, and nourish your skin. These masks are also non-toxic and vegan!

Brand | Jangoul

Bamboo Sunglasses are incredibly stylish and are becoming a favorite ethical fashion accessory amongst eco conscious consumers. We particularly love the Jangoul brand because of the fun designs that they incorporate into the frame!

Brand | Birkenstock

Kids, teens and women everywhere are wearing Birkenstocks. Thats because these eco-friendly shoes are cute, comfy and sustainable! Birkenstocks are made with earth friendly material such as jute, cork, wool, and felt (to name a few!)

Brand | Jungle Culture

This beautiful metal safety razor by Jungle Culture is reusable and comes with a really cute jute travel bag. You can literally use any double edge razor blade brand for this razor, and it will greatly help prevent and reduce razor bumps! More and more young women are making this eco-friendly switch! The packaging itself is very classy and makes a beautiful zero waste gift!

Brand | Converse

Many people don’t know that the Converse Chuck Taylors are actually sustainable and manufactured with eco-friendly material like recycled plastic bottles, rubber and cotton canvas. Girls are also loving the new lugged trend that’s popular right now.

Maker Home Studio

Boba teas are incredibly popular right now, and this super cute reusable boba cup set by Maker Home Studio is BPA free, and comes with accessories consisting of sticker decals and a reusable stainless steel straw!

Hydro Flask

Brand | Hydro Flask

Remember back in middle school and high school when you really had to have a certain brand because it’s what all the other kids were wearing? The same goes with water bottles these days. Everyone has to have a Hydro Flask. I’m not sure how this particular brand gained so much popularity amongst kids, but I will tell you that they have good taste.

The Hydro Flask is actually one of the finest built reusable water bottles on the planet. It maintains temperature extremely well, and it’s incredibly durable. The ones with the flex handle are especially popular, and you will see kids decorating them with all sorts of decals and stickers.


True, it has a funny name that even I have trouble pronouncing, but, this isn’t just any backpack. This is a fashion must-have for middle school girls all across the country. Although this Swedish-born book bag was created in the late 70s, the VSCO lifestyle that so many teens are embracing, has made this bag a fashion icon. But, there’s more to this hipster looking backpack than just aesthetics, the FJALLRAVEN KANKEN backpack is made from sustainable and ethically sourced material, is dirt and water resistant, and will last a lifetime.

Brand | Final Straw

Single-use plastic straws are everywhere, and chances are that your teen gets tempted to use them at school or anywhere else they go to where drinks are sold (like StarBucks). So help her combat plastic straw temptation with a reusable travel straw.

Teens are constantly on the go, so the best type of reusable straw is a collapsible one—and the FinalStraw is one excellent reusable and collapsible straw. Does the name sound familiar? That’s because you might have seen the founders of this brand on an episode of SharkTank. But aside from their popularity, these straws are functional, durable, cute and have a lifetime guarantee.

Brand | Kim Soong

One of the best ways to make a statement, especially as a young teen is with a t-shirt that has a good graphic and solid message. And one of the biggest fashion trends in the last year is a “save the bees” tee. Young girls love sporting graphic art that promotes environmental awareness and animal rights.

Brand | HaloLife Masks

If you’re shopping for a reusable face mask as a gift for your teen, then you need to purchase one that’s stylish, made out of sustainable fabric, and contains nanotechnology! The HaloLife masks are one of the best around because the inner layer is made from soft, sustainable bamboo, and they contain replaceable filters that last 200 hours and trap pathogens thinner than a strand of hair!

Apple Valley Natural Soap

Brand | Apple Valley Natural Soap

Girls love gift baskets full of skincare and beauty products. And based on personal experience (having ordered these products myself), I can assure you that Apple Valley Natural Soap makes the most luxurious hand-made haircare and skincare products! Check out their selections of gift baskets (which sell out fast)! Also, take 10% off with code AVNSDIARIES10

10 Best Zero Waste Starter Kits

Sustainable Starter Packs To Help Jump Start A Zero-Waste Lifestyle!

updated January 10, 2022

This post contains affiliate links which may earn us a commission.

Interested in sustainable living, but not sure where to begin? You are not alone!

Many people are becoming eco-conscious and looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. However, they often face the problem of not knowing where to begin—and that’s where zero-waste kits come in handy.

What Are Zero Waste Starter Kits?

Zero-waste starter kits consist of hand-selected environmentally friendly items that help you to ease into a sustainable lifestyle.

These sustainable starter kits are full of eco-friendly, zero-waste, non-toxic and sustainable items that improve your health and lower your carbon footprint.

Are All Zero-Waste Kits The Same?

No, not all zero-waste kits are the same. Depending on where you purchase them from, each box will consist of hand-selected and assorted items. A good zero-waste starter kit should contain a nice balance of everyday reusable essentials.

Zero-waste kits are also available in monthly subscriptions, which is a fantastic way to explore various sustainable brands. Some eco-friendly subscription boxes can also be purchased once (in case you don’t want to commit, or are simply buying a box as a gift).

Are Zero Waste Kits Vegan?

Some zero-waste kits are also 100% vegan and some are not, and that is based on whether or not they contain reusable beeswax wraps. Beeswax is not considered vegan.

Some people are heavily invested in a vegan lifestyle, so that’s a huge factor to consider when shopping for a zero-waste kit for a friend, family member or co-worker.

Do Zero-Waste Kits Make Good Gifts?

Yes, zero-waste kits make generous and thoughtful gifts—especially for Earth lovers and eco-conscious individuals who prefer reusable items.

So whether you’re on a mission to find a zero-waste kit for yourself, a friend or loved one, you’re on the right path to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle, and you won’t regret trying out a sustainable starter kit!

KIWI Eco Box

KIWI Eco Box

The KIWI Eco box is the perfect eco-friendly subscription box to help jumpstart your zero-waste journey. Every month, you will receive biodegradable and compostable essential items for cleaning, storing food, personal care, and travel.

Don’t want to commit? Not a problem! You can cancel your KIWI Eco Box subscription any time, and you can even do a one time purchase by opting for just a one month subscription.


  • Zero-Waste Packing 
  • 5-6 New products every month
  • 100% Recyclable

GreenUp Box

The award-winning GreenUp subscription box is another fun and awesome zero-waste kit full of unique sustainable products. With the GreenUp box, you will get the best green, plastic-free, zero-waste, and clean products on a quarterly basis, and you can cancel anytime!


  • 6-9 of the best plastic reducing swaps. Valued at $100+!
  • Cruelty-free, ethically sourced, and clean products. 
    Plastic-free and compostable shipping.

Life Without Plastic

Life Without Plastic—Plastic-Free Essentials Box

The Plastic-Free Essentials Box by Life Without Plastic is a really unique sustainable starter kit because you are in control of what goes inside; in other words, it is completely customizable, and you choose what you want. This is a great way to avoid receiving items that you won’t like using, and you’ll avoid receiving a sustainable item that you might already own.


  • Customizable kit
  • Biodegradable and recyclable products
  • Portion of proceeds donated to fight plastic pollution
  • Available as a one time purchase or recurring subscription

Beetlemax Antiplastic Kit

This sustainable zero-waste kit by Beetlemax contains quite a nice assortment of basic essentials that are compostable and biodegradable—from personal care to shopping gear, and everything in between. And it is all nicely arranged within a recycled gift box that is itself, completely recyclable. This zero-waste kit is available in a one time purchase and subscription.


  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Cruelty-free, ethically sourced, and clean products
  • Compostable and recyclable products
Eco Crates Of America

Eco Crates Of America

Eco Crates Of America is a luxury subscription box brand for eco-conscious consumers, delivering eco-friendly products for home & lifestyle. Every sustainable product is unique, and you’ll enjoy a plethora of items made by artisans and small businesses. You can do a one month subscription, or opt to receive new items every month.


  • Family and pet friendly, sourcing only the safest ingredients
  • Sustainably made with the hightest quality Ameria has to offer
  • Eco-friendly products for eco-conscious consumers
  • Safe and quality products to make your home your haven

Zero-Waste Lunch Kit

This Zero Waste Lunch Kit includes everything you need to make a zero-waste lunch! Now, it’s easy to grab and go, without having any trash behind. This kit consists of: a To-Go Ware bamboo utensil set, stainless steel straw and brush, Stasher reusable silicone snack bag, Bee’s Wrap sandwich wrap and an EcoLunch box (3 in 1 stainless steel lunchbox).


  • All products ship in recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes
  • All product packaging is recyclable
  • To Go Ware is a certified B Corp

Metropoleaf Zero Waste Kit

This 100% vegan and biodegradable zero-waste kit by Metropoleaf contains a healthy assortment of basic essentials to set you up for success on your plastic free journey. It contains a balanced assortment of eco-friendly items to get you started in personal care, shopping and dining. If you or a gift recipient is a minimalist, then this sustainable starter kit is perfect.


  • This kit includes 2 loofah sponges, a reusable cutlery set, a cotton fabric travel bag, one bamboo reusable straw with a coconut fiber cleaning brush, a pack of bamboo cotton swabs, and one bamboo toothbrush with soft charcoal bristles.
  • Vegan
  • Biodegradable Products
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging

Nipaqui Zero-Waste Kit

The Nipaqui zero-waste kit contains everyday reusable products that help lower your carbon footprint. This box focuses on sustainable home and kitchen essentials, and customers are loving the high quality beeswax wraps.


  • This kit includes: 3 beeswax food wraps, 3 zero waste reusable produce bags, 4 zip locking bags, and 4 stainless steel straws plus cleaning brush and travel bag.
  • Eco-Friendly and biodegradable packaging
  • Recyclable and compostable items

EarthLove (Seasonal) Box

Earthlove is an award-winning subscription box that focuses on wellness and lifestyle. It is a seasonal subscription, and each box is packed with the best ethical, mindful, and sustainable self-care and home products that are good for you and the planet. Plus, you’ll be happy to know that all EarthLove boxes also support an environmental cause.


  • Low impact packaging and shipping
  • 6-8 responsibly sourced full-size items valued at $120
  • Member of 1% for the Planet

Ksamah Eco-Friendly Travel Box

The Ksamah eco-friendly travel box is full of sustainable travel essentials that help you avoid plastic. From reusable utensils to drinking vessels, this zero-waste starter kit is perfect for those eco-conscious individuals who are always on the go.


  • Eco-Friendly Products
  • Perfect Gifting Option for Corporates and Individuals
  • Plastic Free
  • Reusable
  • Sustainable