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DIY Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

Cheap And Easy DIY Classic Halloween Costume Ideas For Minimalists

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Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re like most parents, you and your child are contemplating this year’s Halloween costume for for some good old trick or treating.

But this year, finances might be tough, or you and your family just want to be as zero waste and minimalist as possible when it comes to trick or treating—and prefer to go with a DIY approach.

When it comes to minimalism, Halloween costumes should be simple. Some of the most classic Halloween costumes are excellent examples of minimalism at work—such as ghosts, mummies and witches, to name a few.


There are also several reasons why avoiding store bought Halloween costumes, and creating your own, especially when it comes to kids, is actually a good thing:

Reason 1: Kids Outgrow Them

Unlike adults who are able to reuse their costumes, children tend to outgrow theirs. And you either end up donating or throwing them away. Either way, they’ll eventually make their way to the landfill. By making your own costume, you’ll be able to use parts that are at least biodegradable or recyclable.

Reason 2: You’ll Save Money

It seems like Halloween costumes get more and more expensive every year. By creating your own costume, you’ll save an average of $50.00—sometimes more.

Reason 3: Teaches Creativity

Creating a homemade Halloween costume with your child is a great bonding experience, and it encourages them to be creative!


Classic Mummy

Mummy costumes are a very simple DIY, and can easily be put together using bandages or old bedsheets cut into strips. I don’t recommend toilet paper because it’s wasteful and tears easily.

Classic Robot

You can easily turn your little one into a robot using a cardboard box and cutting out arm holes on the side. Then decorate the box anyway you’d like! Paint or color on some buttons, rivets and maybe even a fun screen that says “loading”.

Classic Ghost

Probably the most classic and simple of all DIY Halloween costumes, the ghost costume simply requires a white or off-white bedsheet with holes cut out for the eyes. Make sure your child can walk safely by making the sheet an appropriate length.


Classic Monster

Monster costumes can be as versatile as you’d like. You can create an oversized mask using a large brown paper bag from the grocery store and cut out openings for the eyes—drawing on the other facial features and making them as scary as you’d like.

Classic Fairy Princess

Fairy princess costumes can easily be made using cardboard boxes and construction paper. You can cut out a crown using construction paper and attach it to your child’s head using clips or string. You can use cardboard to create wings and attach them to your child’s back with yarn—like a backpack.

Classic Super Hero

Super hero costumes can easily be made using felt to create an eye mask, and a bedsheet or blanket can be used as a cape. You can also cut out a Superman symbol or Star from felt and attach it to your child’s shirt.

Space Alien

Turn your little one into a colorful space alien using a cardboard box and some construction paper. Cut out armholes on the side and decorate the rest with construction paper. You can create a hat with antennas using a smaller box and pipe cleaners for antennas.

What is a home made Halloween costume that you’ve created for your child? Let us know in the comments!

40 Family Halloween Costumes That Are Wicked Awesome

Instagram Inspired Group Costume Ideas You’ll Want To Replicate This Halloween!

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Halloween is a really fun Holiday—particularly because it’s the one night of the year where you get to dress up in a costume that represents your favorite person, place or thing.

And family Halloween costumes are the best! There’s just something really fun and amusing about a family coming together and individually wearing a costume that altogether forms a group theme—and there are so many options to rocking this look. You can literally be as creative as you’d like. Below are a few examples:

  • Movie Characters
  • Television Show Characters
  • Television Commercials
  • Rock Bands, Boy Bands or Rappers
  • Historical Figures (like a group of Presidents)
  • Food & Restaurants
  • Delivery Brands (FedEx, Postal Service, etc)
  • Classic Ghosts & Zombies

Halloween costumes are also considered zero waste—at least in my household—because we like to reuse them. And if we don’t reuse them, then we donate them to someone in need.

Below are 40 of our top favorite Halloween family costumes for 2021 to inspire you! They are incredibly creative and so well put together!

These images are also linked to the creators’ Instagram accounts, so if you see one that you would like to follow, simply click on the image to be taken to their account!


40 Family Halloween Costumes


This Coco themed family halloween costume is such a well put together effort! From the face paint to the props, this group costume looks fantastic! Great job guys!

The Addams Family

We are loving this group halloween costume portraying one of the most iconic spooky families of all time!

Disney’s Snow White

Snow White, her prince and two dwarfs are rocking this family Halloween costume look!

The Wizard Of Oz

This family is looking awesome as The Wizard of Oz characters!


If you’re into classic Halloween style costumes, then go ahead and replicate this classic mummy look!

Jurassic Park

This iconic dinosaur movie makes for an awesome group Halloween costume!

Amelia Earhart

This family Halloween costume is too cute with the Baby as Amelia Earhart!


Who wouldn’t want to dress up as one of America’s favorite fast food chains? This family rocked the In-N-Out group costume!

Sanitizers + Face Mask

Covid doesn’t stand a chance with this trio!

Star Wars

The force is strong with this family!


Ghost Busters

When there’s something strange, in the neighborhood, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

Willy Wonka And Friends

We are loving this Willy Wonka theme that this family of 4 has going on!

Crazy Cat Lady And Her Cats

This group halloween costume is hilarious! Especially because the crazy cat lady is portrayed by the dad!

Insurance Company Spokes People

This family looks like they can help save you money on your auto and home insurance! The kids look especially awesome!


Super Mario

We love how colorful these Super Mario Halloween costumes are! The Jean overalls were a great idea!

Circus Entertainers

The little kids look so precious in this photo!!


We are loving the details in these caveman costumes! Especially the bone bracelets and necklaces which complete the look!


This Sia costume is a winner! And how cute are the backup dancers!?

Tiger King

This Tiger King and Carole Baskins group costume idea is epic!

Batman And Robin

Such a great idea when it comes to children with special needs! We are loving how the parents turned this adorable boy’s chair into the Bat Mobile!


Fast Food

This family of 6 looks hilariously adorable as junk food!

Energizer Bunny

This family of 4 got creative and made some Energizer battery costumes!

The Office

This family did a fantastic job dressing up as characters from “The Office”!


These emoji costumes look incredibly comfortable!

Pennywise The Clown & Georgi

If you’re into scary movies, you can replicate these amazing costumes to pull off the movie “It”!


This family looks so cute as Pac-Man and friends!

The Incredibles

These Incredibles look incredible in their family Halloween costumes!

Disney’s Aladdin

There is so much detail to these Aladdin costumes, it’s amazing! From the blue body paint to the props, this family would definitely win a group costume contest!

101 Dalmatians

With the new Cruela movie out this year, you can be like this adorable family and re-create a 101 Dalmatians look!

Disney’s The Little Mermaid

There is so much detail in this family Halloween group photo! Check out Ursula’s tentacles—wow!


Nightmare Before Christmas

Every family needs to dress up as The Nightmare Before Christmas Characters at some point! This family looks great!

Scooby Doo

This family of 4 looks fantastic as Scooby Doo characters! The costume colors just pop!

The Labyrinth

We love seeing characters from 80s movies! More families should get aboard the Labyrinth train!


This family looks adorable in their Shrek Halloween costumes!

The Hangover

It’s the wolf-pack! No matter how many times you view this family Halloween photo, it’ll make you laugh every time!

The Goonies

Now this is a classic! This family looks amazing as Characters from The Goonies!


We are loving the details that went into Te Fiti’s costume! The entire family looks great!

The Avengers

Nick Fury, Natasha, the Hulk and Captain Marvel look amazing!

The Grinch

The question is, how did Cindy Lou Who get her hair to stay up like that!? This family Grinch theme is an awesome idea!

Guardians Of The Galaxy

After these Guardians collect their candy, they’re off to protect the Galaxy!

Plastic-Free Halloween Treat Options For Trick Or Treaters

Eco-Friendly Halloween Treats For Sustainable Trick Or Treating

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Around 600 million pounds of Halloween candy is purchased by Americans every year. And when you think about it, that’s actually a lot of plastic wrappers that are going to end up either in the landfill or your neighborhood sidewalks.

But, Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday, and I do participate in handing out treats—they just happen to be plastic free and low waste options.

Trying to come up with plastic alternatives to traditional Halloween candy can seem intimidating at first, but when you think about, there are actually quite a few items that you can hand out that trick or treaters will still enjoy—stuff that doesn’t even have to be candy—just think outside the box.


Halloween Treats That You Shouldn’t Hand Out

Some things that you think might be a good eco-friendly Halloween treat idea, are actually a really bad idea. Below are some examples.

Homemade Goods

When it comes to eco-friendly Halloween treats, many people automatically think “homemade”. And while that’s ok to do for your child’s classroom Halloween party, strangers won’t be so keen to dig into your homemade rice crispy treats.

As a parent, I don’t trust homemade Halloween treats from people I don’t know—even if they live on my street. I just end up throwing them away because I don’t know what was placed inside.

Fruits & Vegetables

Fruit is another weird Halloween treat that people will most likely throw out. Like homemade treats, fruit can easily be tampered with, and plus, what 8 year old would want to haul around a banana in their candy bucket?


You don’t want to be that house that gets skipped every year because you give out toothbrushes. When it comes to Halloween and Trick Or Treating, kids want sugar, fun novelty items and more sugar. You’ll just end up getting your front yard TP’d.


Boxed Candy


One of the most low-waste candy options is handing out boxed candy—like Nerds! Boxed candy is eco-friendly because the packaging can be recycled. And Nerds have been sold in boxed containers for decades. It actually happens to be my favorite candy. And if you’re feeling extra generous, you can always go for theater-size boxes of Sour Patch Kid candy. Both of these are sold in bulk on Amazon.

Foil Candy


A lot of chocolate candy is wrapped in foil, which is totally recyclable provided that you clean off any remnants of food particles and make it nice and flat (not crumpled up). You can buy all sorts of foil wrapped chocolates like Hershey Kisses, or my personal favorite (since I was a kid), Halloween themed chocolates with scary monster faces! Those are iconic and I am stoked that they still sell them on Amazon! Yes, the packaging that houses these gems is plastic, but they are individually wrapped in foil and you can’t win ‘em all.

Paper Wrapped Candy

Pixie Sticks

Pixie sticks are one of the many delicious candy that come packaged in paper, which is both biodegradable and compostable. These paper wrapped candies are available in bulk (pack of 300 sticks) on Amazon.

Soda Cans

Soda Can

Soda cans are a pretty cool treat to give out, and you don’t even have to give out full sizes—just get the pint size mini variety at your local grocery store. Aluminum cans are recyclable and kids are already allowed to binge on candy for this one night of the year so a little soda won’t hurt. Plus, parents will be probably steal it and drink it as they walk from house to house. I would.

Silicone Bracelets


Silicone bracelets can be reused an endless amount of times—plus, they’re fun. Kids love bracelets, and they’ll be sure to put them on right after they receive them! This bulk pack by DIYASY is under $10 for a pack of 40, which is a great deal!

Mini Pumpkins

Mini Pumpkins

Mini pumpkins are a Halloween staple, and although they’re not “sweets”, they’re still pretty cool to give out as Halloween treats. Kids can take these home and decorate them. You can get quite a few for cheap at your local pumpkin farm or farmer’s market. Moms will probably even use them as decor for Thanksgiving. It’s a win-win.



Halloween themed pencils and rubber erasers actually make pretty decent Halloween treats. I would sometimes get them as a kid and I didn’t mind at all. You can actually buy them in bulk like this set by Outus which comes in a 101 piece set for under $20.