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Is Shaving With A Safety Razor Better?

Why This Antiquated Zero Waste Shaving Tool Is Better For The Environment And Your Sensitive Skin!

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Those old fashioned safety razors that grandpa once used are making a come back! And it’s so refreshing to see people making a switch to these because they have so many benefits for both your skin, your wallet and the environment.

Razors today are too complicated. They contain more blades than necessary and we’re really paying for the elaborate aesthetics rather than the quality of the shave—no wonder so many people have skin issues. All the more reason to return to a simple and minimalistic shaving regimen with….a safety razor.


What Is A Safety Razor?

A safety razor is a shaving tool that contains a protective device between the skin and the [double edged] blade itself—in other words, it allows you to get a close shave without cutting yourself.

This old-timey looking razor resembles a miniature mallet, and the head, which is slightly curved, unscrews to reveal a peg which lines up with the hole in the middle of the double-edged blade. Once seated in place, the head is screwed back on, exposing a thin, and every sharp portion of the blade that results in a close (yet safe) shave.

Safety razors have been around since the 1880s and the purpose of safety razors was to reduce the dependence on barbers while still getting a good quality shave.

Both men and women can use safety razors. In fact, some companies even make safety razors with feminine aesthetics in an effort to appeal to the female consumer and make her feel included—as they should. Because let’s face it, both genders engage in a shaving regimen on a daily basis—just different body parts.

Are Safety Razors Affordable?

Heck yes, they’re affordable! Your typical 12 pack of disposable plastic razors goes for around $12 or more, that’s 1.00 per razor. When you invest in a safety razor, you’re paying a one time fee of around $20 (depending on brand) for the razor itself, and around $10 for a pack of 50 stainless steel blades that can also be recycled—resulting in a money-saving and zero waste shaving routine.

Are Safety Razors Better For The Skin?

Yes! Safety razors are definitely better for your skin because they don’t cause irritation and razor bumps like the modern day razor does. In fact, some even call safety razors the century old remedy for razor bumps and ingrown hair.

Why Is That?

Well, safety razors contain only one blade, which means that it stays clean. Modern razors on the other hand, typically contain 2, sometimes 3 blades which not only snag and drag your hair, but collect debris in between the blades—resulting in a buildup of bacteria that makes contact with your skin the next time you shave.

People of color (particularly African Americans) benefit greatly from shaving with a safety razor because they tend to have the most ingrown hairs out of any other demographic. A single sharp blade from a safety razor cuts hair in one swipe as opposed to a fancy modern razor with multiple blades that snags.

So if you’re someone who has sensitive skin and constantly ends up with razor bumps, ingrown hair, or cuts on their face and legs, the problem is not you or your skin type—it’s your razor. Making the swap to a safety razor will more than likely eliminate those problems.


Pro Tip

One major recommendation that I do have (for the women especially) is that you use a very VERY rich shave cream, because these blades are super sharp and you will get razor burn! You have to remember that safety razors do not have that little strip of moisturizing product that disposable razors have.

You should also take the safety razor apart after each use and let it dry to prolong its lifespan. A change every 5-6 days is ideal.

What Is A Good Quality Brand?

There are many, many fine safety razor brands out there, and I personally really like the Jungle Culture zero-waste safety razor.

The biggest reason for loving this brand is that their products are sourced and manufactured ethically and sustainably—they give locals in foreign countries a chance to work and earn money in humane conditions with fair wages. And these artisans do an amazing job at creating top notch products with amazing attention to detail.

Jungle Culture Bamboo Handle Safety Razors

Jungle Culture has both masculine and feminine designs available, and they come with a set of blades and a travel pouch that’s made from a blend of organic cotton and jute. The bamboo safety razors above are one of their most popular razors!

I own a reusable safety razor by Jungle Culture myself and can never see myself going back to disposable razors ever again. Below you’ll find some photos of my razor along with a tutorial video on how to put the blade onto the safety razor.

So again, it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman; if you’re wanting a better shave and healthier skin, definitely consider switching to a safety razor, and let me know if it made a difference for you! I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

My Jungle Culture Safety Razor
My new zero-waste safety razor from Jungle Culture
Safety Razor Tutorial

Jada Pinkett-Smith Launches Eco-Friendly Personal Care Line

Zero-Waste Personal Care Products in Plastic-Free Packaging For A Sustainable Beauty Regimen

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Looking For An Eco-Friendly Personal Care Line Where All The Products Come In Plastic-Free packaging? If You Answered ‘Yes’, Then Read On!

If you’re not familiar with Jada Pinkett-Smith, she is an actress, host of Red Table Talk, entrepreneur and activist who is creating meaningful change in the health and beauty industry with her new eco-friendly personal care line called “Hey Humans”.

Hey Humans is the first personal care line to consist of plastic-free, eco-friendly packaging that’s 99 percent recyclable and 100% biodegradable. The packaging is made of recyclable aluminum (with the tiny toothpaste caps being made of recycled plastic waste), making these products very earth-friendly.

So if you’re new to a zero-waste lifestyle and looking for an easy starter kit when it comes to a sustainable personal care routine, then you might like this line!

Personal hygiene products shouldn’t have to be complicated. They shouldn’t consist of ingredients that do more harm to your body than good. That’s why the Hey Humans collection consists of non-toxic personal care products made from naturally derived ingredients that you can feel good about using on your body:

Currently, the ‘Hey Humans’ brand is focusing on products that individuals use on a daily basis. And that’s what makes this line so cool—practicality.

Everyone uses toothpaste, body wash, lotion and deodorant; and those items contain a ton of chemicals, and are also sold in single-use plastic packaging. And that’s why ‘Hey Humans’ was created. Jada’s line of eco-friendly personal care products helps combat plastic waste, and gives you peace of mind—knowing that you’re putting healthy products onto your body.

Courtesy Of Hey Humans

Vegan And Cruelty Free

The entire Hey Human line of personal care products is vegan and cruelty free. Every product is also non-toxic and free from phthalates, parabens and silicones—which is important for healthy living.

Most personal care products are pumped full of ingredients that aren’t very healthy for you. So it’s refreshing to see a brand utilize only naturally derived ingredients to create a an earth-friendly and healthy product.

Made In The USA

I love that Jada’s ‘Hey Human’ Line is manufactured right here in the United States. This means job security for many Americans, which helps boost our economy, and also no strange ingredients are being added to these products to make manufacturing less expensive—trust me, it happens. There are many brands who agree to swapping ingredients if it saves them a buck or two, and it happens quite a bit with over seas manufacturing.

You can find the ‘Hey Humans’ personal care products on the ‘Hey Humans’ website, Target and Amazon.

Courtesy Of Hey Humans

“Our mission is to reduce plastic on our planet – and that starts with the products we use every day. Turn your daily routines into rituals that make you feel your best and help protect the planet.” —Jada Pinkett-Smith

Best Zero-Waste Personal Care Products Of 2021

The Best Non-Toxic, Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Hygiene Products You Need To Check Out!

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Have you stopped to look at your bathroom products lately and questioned their impact on the environment, let alone your health?

Up until a couple of years ago, I had no idea how many alternative and zero waste options there were when it came to personal hygiene items. It literally blew my mind. And now that I’ve replaced so many traditional items in my bathroom with eco-friendly versions, I feel so much better about my health and the positive impact that I am making on the environment.

When you think about it, nearly every item in your personal hygiene routine is somehow made with or packaged in plastic. From dental floss to shampoo, many items contain a lot of synthetic ingredients and harsh chemicals that aren’t kind to our health or the fragile environment.


And I think the biggest reason that people keep investing in traditional, mainstream hygiene items is complacency. It’s hard to sever ties from personal care products that you’ve been using for years. But you never know how awesome something new will be until you try it. And that’s been my life for the past two years—trying new things.

So without further ado, I’ll share with you some really great eco-friendly personal care items that you can incorporate into your personal care routine. And if you give them a chance, you might end up wishing you’d try them sooner!


Apple Valley Natural Soap Shampoo Bars

Apple Valley Natural Soap Simply Shea Shampoo Bar

One of the most popular zero waste personal care products are shampoo bars—and for very good reason. Shampoo bars are not packaged in plastic, they’re biodegradable, and they’re free of harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients like sulfates, parabens, silicone, and phthalates.

One of the best shampoo bar brands on the market is Apple Valley Natural Soap Shampoo Bars. AVNS hand-makes their shampoo bars in the U.S. with only organic ingredients that are always cruelty free, they ship their bars in compostable packaging, and they smell heavenly. They even produce richer lather and leave hair feeling softer than Ethique. Get it with 10% off using code: AVNSDIARIES10

BambuEarth Petitgrain Moisturizer


One of the best natural skincare brands on the market right now is BambuEarth. And if you’re seeking a moisturizer that’s vegan and free of synthetic chemicals, then you should give their Petitgrain Moisturizer a try!

The BambuEarth Petitgrain Moisturizer is waterless and hydrates your skin with all natural ingredients that results in a beautiful even skin tone and improved appearance of acne, blemishes and dark spots.

TreeBird Bamboo Charcoal Dental Floss


No sustainable dental care is complete without natural and biodegradable dental floss in a zero waste container—especially since most traditional dental floss is packaged in plastic and made primarily of petroleum based plastic and nylon. The TreeBird dental floss is made from natural silk and contains a plant-based wax coating. The glass container is also reusable and ideal for travel.

Moon Valley Organics Lotion Bar

Moon Valley Organics

Lotion bars are an amazing alternative to traditional lotions. They’re zero waste, and contain organic ingredients that you can actually pronounce. And lotion bars like the one above by Moon Valley Organics, seals in twice as much moisture as traditional water based lotions because they’re made from moisturizing ingredients like safflower oil, sustainably harvested beeswax, calendula, and comfrey.

Paavani Organic Face Mask + Acne Cleanser


This detoxifying all-natural cleanser and face mask by Paavani is made from herbs, clay, and other natural ingredients that have been around in India for centuries. This cleanser eliminates impurities and regulates sebum production to help prevent acne breakouts. Simply mix the powder with liquid to create a paste, and wash as usual, or leave on as a mask.

Meow Meow Tweet Natural Deodorant

Meow Meow Tweet

I love that more and more natural deodorants are being created and I love that a majority of them are packaged in zero-waste packaging, like the one above by Meow Meow Tweet. Natural deodorants are way healthier for you than the traditional kind because they are void of aluminum and parabens which disrupt hormones. Our bodies are meant to sweat, and natural deodorants allow you to do just that while neutralizing odors.

Reusable Period Pads + Liners


Reusable menstral pads aren’t for everyone, but aside from cups, they’re a great zero-waste alternative to traditional period pads. They’re even better for the environment than biodegradable pads because even those take a long time to break down in the landfill. Cloth pads can easily be thrown in the wash and reused many, many times—like these reusable bamboo fiber menstral pads by Asenappy which come in a pack of 10 with assorted sizes!

Ethique Face Serum Bar

Ethique Saving Face Serum

Ethique has done it again! And this time, they’ve come up with an all-natural moisturizing serum bar for the face, which generously hydrates your skin. So in lieu of using traditional face cream full of synthetic chemicals, try their solid face serum. This bar is made with Cupuacu, Shea, Rosehip and Pomegranate oils. It also contains a high concentration of antioxidants, phytosterols, polyphenols and fatty acids to promote hydrated as well as firm skin.

Jungle Culture Reusable Safety Razors

I Jungle Culture Reusable Safety Razors

Everyone shaves, whether it be their face, legs, armpits and other body parts. And many use disposable razors when they could be using reusable ones instead. When you switch to a reusable razor, you’re only switching out a metal razor blade, as opposed to throwing out plastic time and time again.

Safety razors are also great at preventing unwanted razor bumps which result in “strawberry” legs. Jungle Culture sells absolutely beautiful safety razor kits that come with 5 replaceable razor blades.

Basic Concepts Reusable Tongue Scraper

Basic Concepts

Did you know one stainless steel tongue scraper replaces 50 single-use plastic tongue scrapers? That’s why it’s a great idea to ditch the plastic variety and invest in a stainless steel, BPA-free version like the one above by Basic Concepts. It’s rust proof, easy to clean, and comes in a pack of two! It’s a great way to freshen your breath, get unwanted debris off of your tongue, and reduce your carbon footprint while doing so.

Leafico Zero-Waste Dental Care Kit


If you’re searching for the ultimate sustainable dental care kit, look no further than the LEAFICO zero-waste dental care kit. It contains sustainably sourced bamboo toothbrushes with a bamboo travel case, one eco dental floss in refillable glass packaging, and one stainless steel tongue scraper—available on Amazon. And if you’re curious about more zero-waste kits, check out my latest article on the best zero-waste starter kits of 2021.

Medusa’s Makeup Vegan Beauty Subscription Box

Medusa’s Makeup

The vegan beauty subscription box by Medusa’s Makeup, contains 5 full size cruelty-free beauty items that you’ll receive on a regular basis. This box is great if you’re someone who loves to try new things, and you’ll get to discover non-toxic beauty brands that you may have never heard of before!

Noice Zero Waste Toothpaste

Noice Zero Waste Dental Gel

Noice is a revolutionary zero waste dental gel that you use in lieu of toothpaste! It’s made with botanical ingredients, essential oils, and activated charcoal that whitens teeth while getting rid of plaque! The best part? Noice is approved by dentists and the container is recyclable glass! There is also a subscription plan available which allows you to reuse the pump!