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10 Awesome Products To Try For Plastic Free July

Kick Plastic To The Curb With These Eco-Friendly Alternatives

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It’s that time of year again where people all over the world make a pledge to reduce plastic consumption: Plastic-Free July!

Every year, tons and tons of plastic waste ends up in landfills, on the streets of our local communities, highways and major water ways, where its presence poses a major threat to wildlife.

We are also unknowingly consuming plastic on a daily basis. Every time we sip through a plastic straw or swig water from a disposable bottle, we are allowing micro plastic to enter our bodies.

According to the Guardian, studies have even proven the existence of micro plastic in the placenta, which means that babies are being born pre-polluted with effects like reduced fetal growth.

Those reasons and more are why the Plastic-Free July movement is so critical. If we can challenge ourselves to use less plastic for at least a month, then we should be able to continue doing so well beyond the month of July.

With that said, we’ve hand selected 10 fabulous eco-friendly products that you can splurge on in honor of Plastic-Free July [and beyond], to help reduce plastic consumption in your community.

10 Swaps For A Successful Plastic Free July And Beyond

Outlery Portable Utensils

Plastic straws and disposable utensils are one of the biggest contributors to landfill waste and water pollution. That’s why the Outlery portable travel utensils are number one on our top 10 list of items to try during plastic-free July—and beyond!

Zero Waste Store Reusable Organic Tote Bag

One of the best ways to reduce plastic bag pollution is to bring reusable bags to the store with you. This month, we are loving the organic cotton tote bags by Zero Waste Essentials which are sustainably sourced and made to last. Each bag features Earth-loving artwork, and can be used at the store or even the beach!

Febu Laundry Detergent Sheets

Laundry sheets pack a ton of plant-based cleaning power into tiny, pre-measured strips of detergent. And the best part is that they’re housed in zero-waste packaging! So this July, skip the plastic jug full of harsh chemicals, and try a pack of eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets! They might become a keeper!

Guppy Friend Microplastic Catcher

With each wash, a good amount of plastic fibers from synthetic textiles make their way from our washing machine into rivers and oceans. The Guppyfriend Washing Bag reduces the amount of microfibers that may enter these major waterways. That’s why it’s a great buy for Plastic-Free July and beyond!

SpaZa Cotton Bowl Covers

Cotton bowl covers are a breath of fresh air! Instead of utilizing cling wrap or aluminum foil, stretchy cotton bowl covers will do the job so much better, without creating waste. Plus, they’re breathable—so no more condensation, which is perfect for storing those leafy greens!

Freedom Natural Deodorant

One of the best plastic swaps that you can make when it comes to the planet and your health is to switch to a natural deodorant that’s housed in compostable packaging. Freedom deodorant is one of the finest aluminum free deodorants on the market that’s cruelty-free and women owned!

B.O.B Bars Over Bottles Shampoo Bars

If you’ve always wanted to try a shampoo bar, then we’ve got the perfect trial pack for you! The B.O.B kit is the perfect way to sample shampoo and conditioner bars, and even comes with a mini bar holder. After you try these, we’re confident that you’ll say goodbye to shampoo bottles!

Tirtyl Handsoap Kit

Save the planet and save money by purchasing a nontoxic and plastic-free hand soap kit. With Tirtyl, you’ll get a stylish glass dispenser, and 4 tablet refills which create a full 8 ounces of soap each. It’s a great addition to a zero-waste kitchen, and we think you’re going to love this product!

Love Bottle

One of the easiest plastic swaps to make is ditching disposable water bottles for a reusable one. It’s much healthier for you as well. Aside from its unique look, each Love Bottle is 100% plastic free, completely nontoxic and made with about 40% recycled glass.

Uproot Clean Reusable Lint Remover

Did you know that lint roller companies make a whopping $50 million a year? Consumers are literally making these guys rich while contributing to pollution. Lint roller sheets cannot be recycled, so one of the best swaps you can make is switching to reusable lint removers—and brands like Uproot Clean is a must-have!

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