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Mommy And Me Matching Outfit Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Where To Buy Matching Mother-Daughter Fashion For Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is only a few short weeks away, and for many moms, there’s nothing sweeter than twinning with their little ones on the day that celebrates love!

Mommy and Me outfits aren’t limited to mothers and daughters either! Moms can match with their sons, and even dads can get involved!

That’s why I’ve put together a few “mommy and me” outfit ideas for Valentine’s Day, that will make everyone feel special!

Mommy And Me Valentine’s Day Fashion


These matching off-the-shoulder chiffon dresses are super cute to wear on Valentine’s Day as well as other holidays and family functions.


For chilly February weather, you can opt for matching love-themed sweatshirts in lieu of dresses!


Feel like staying in for Valentine’s Day? You can find some really cute sustainable matching mommy and me loungewear and pajamas at Posh Peanut! Made from super soft bamboo viscose, these outfits are hypoallergenic, and super comfortable!


Look cute and feel comfy in these matching mother-daughter floral maxi dresses! Add a cardigan if it’s a chilly day, and look super adorable on Valentine’s day!


These matching mommy and me sweaters look so sweet with a pair of jeans!


If you’re searching for a comfy floral-themed mommy and me dress, check out this stylish matching set by DoubleBabyJoy!

Free Birdies

This Valentine’s day, wakeup matching with the entire family! Free Birdies is a sustainable fashion brand that offers matching family pajama sets. Their bamboo viscose pajama sets contain really cute Valentine’s Day patterns that the the whole family will love—even dad!


This mommy and me long sleeve tunic can be worn as a sweater dress, or a pull-over with some warm leggings.


These matching Valentine’s Day sweaters are perfect for a casual outing! Even dad can get in on the fun!


These matching mommy and me dresses are perfect for a picnic or a nice day out!


Sometimes, all you need are matching t-shirts! These Valentine’s Day tees are super comfy and perfect for mom and her besties!

Little Bumper

Dads can twin with their little princess in these adorable father-daughter tees too!


5 Eco-Friendly Valentine Ideas For Classmates

DIY Classroom Valentines With An Eco-Friendly Twist

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Every year, my child brings home a goodie bag full of cards, candy and disposable plastic trinkets that he collectively acquires from his classroom Valentine’s Day parties.

But, while those items may bring him joy for a day or two, they eventually join the rest of his bedroom clutter, or get discarded into the trash bin several days later. Either way, most valentines that your child gets from their classmates is junk. And we are guilty of contributing as well.

But this year, join me in being more sustainable by forgoing the disposable Valentine’s Day trinkets, and opting for some memorable home-made creations with an eco-friendly twist.

That’s why I’m sharing my top 5 favorite DIY eco-friendly Valentines that you and your child can easily make, and hand out to their classmates on Valentine’s Day!


Low-Waste Home-Made Valentines For A Sustainable Classroom Exchange


Plantable Heart Paper Valentine

By Kimberly | SerendipityRefined.com

For the ultimate sustainable Valentine’s Day card, consider adding plantable paper in the shape of a heart! In her blog post, Kimberly lists step by step instructions for creating heart-shaped seed paper that make fabulous party favors for your child’s classmates. So while plastic trinkets will be tossed out after Valentine’s Day, you and your child will be proud knowing that your eco-friendly Valentines will grow into something cool!


Valentine’s Day Paper Fortune Cookies

By Jackie | Happyhooligans.ca

These paper fortune cookies are a unique and memorable alternative to traditional Valentine’s Day cards that your kids will have a blast making, and their classmates will love opening! In her blog post, Jackie states that you can use any type of paper, and make these as little or as big as you’d like.


Cutie Valentine’s Day Gifts

By Karis | Nomakeupmama.com

I really love the idea of giving out some cuties for Valentine’s Day—especially with a little leaf shaped message attached to it! In her blog post, Karis lists all of the necessary supplies that you’ll need, as well as a link for the free leaf printables! This is a truly cute and healthy Valentine’s Day treat, and orange peels can always be composted!


Crayon Heart Valentines

By Heather | whipperberry.com

Those broken crayons you’ve been finding all over the house can finally be put to good use! In her blog post, Heather teaches you how to take broken, discarded crayons, and turn them into elegant Valentine’s Day favors for your child’s classmates. I love how cute these upcycled crayons turn out when attached with some string to card stock.


DIY Heart BirdSeed Ornaments

By Michelle | modernmomlife.com

How adorable are these birdseed ornaments in the shape of a heart? These all-natural valentines are easy to make, they’re eco-friendly, and they present a learning opportunity for your child and their classmates regarding nature, and caring for animals. It’s a sweet Valentine’s Day gift for classmates that even teachers love!


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10 Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids

Fun And Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts To Make With Your Kids

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re like me, you’re already looking for some kid-friendly Valentine’s Day activities that are fun and easy, yet don’t produce a lot of waste.

After all, there’s nothing better than spending time with your favorite little person, creating homemade keepsakes that represent love and affection.

That’s why I’m sharing 10 of my favorite eco-friendly Valentine’s Day crafts that parents and kids can make together!

All of these crafts encourage earth-friendly supplies, and eventually, these keepsakes can be recycled, composted, up-cycled and [some] even planted!


10 DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts For Toddlers, Preschoolers And Big Kids!


Animal Valentines Crafts

By Caroline | iHeartCraftyThings

These 3D paper valentines are super simple to make, and in her blog post, Caroline teaches you how to put together 5 animals (a video tutorial is also included). Each adorable animal holds a 3D heart, and a message to your Valentine can be written inside of the heart, or the back of the card. This is a super cute project, and will certainly keep your little ones busy!

Source: YouTube—iHeartCraftyThings

Salt Dough Hearts

By Kim McLeod | TheBestIdeasForKids.com

Inspired by the traditional Valentine’s Day heart candies with secret messages, these salt dough hearts can be used in so many different ways! On her blog, Kim McLeod states that these Valentine’s Day creations can be used to make jewelry, become table centerpieces, and can even be turned into magnets.


Seed Paper Valentines

By Morgan | Morganmanagesmommyhood.com

I love this earth-friendly DIY seed paper project because Morgan includes a free printable Valentine’s Day card that says “I love watching our friendship grow, Valentine”. Morgan also provides step by step instructions on how to make your own seed paper! It’s a lovely project for kids, and make really great eco-friendly alternatives to traditional Valentine’s Day cards.


Valentine’s Day DIY Bird Feeder For Kids

By Elli Hurst | ElliHurst.com

I love when parents turn fun DIY projects into nature-inspired learning opportunities for children. In her blog post, Elli Hurst teaches you how to make simple Valentine’s Day themed bird feeders using everyday pantry ingredients. Your children will love putting these together, and even more so watching birds nibble on them.


DIY Cupid’s Bow + Arrow

By Amy | DelineateYourDwelling.com

This is quite possibly the cutest DIY bow and arrow set I’ve ever seen. In her blog post, Amy lists all of the essential supplies you need, which consist of mostly compostable items like paper straws, yarn, felt and paper towel rolls. It’s an adorable Valentine’s Day DIY and it’s a hit at parties as well!


Easy Friendship Rocks For Valentine’s

By Maggy | RedTedArt.com

Painted rocks make wonderful keepsake art—especially when they contain precious little fingerprints. In her blog post, Maggy gives some great tips on the most eco-friendly way to acquire rocks, which paint to use, and how to preserve them. These make great Valentine’s Day gifts for grandparents and classmates.


Love Bugs Toilet Paper Roll Craft

By Kelly | TypicallySimple.com

Don’t toss that toilet paper roll away! Upcycle it in your next arts and crafts project just like Kelly did! These adorable love bugs are easy to make, and kids can get as creative as they’d like! In her blog post, Kelly lists all of the supplies you’ll need, and the outcome is amazing! This Valentine’s Day craft is also a great way to teach kids about repurposing and recycling!


Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath

By Kim | TheResourcefulMama.com

This simple and easy to make [paper plate] Valentine’s Day wreath is fun for any age. On her blog post, Kim lists all of the necessary supplies you need for this lovely wreath, and they look really cute when hung up! This is probably one of the easiest crafts for the younger toddlers to make, and it’s great for sharpening those motor skills!


Heart Leaf Lanterns

By Nell | RythmsOfPlay.com

This heart leaf lantern is not only super easy to make, it’s incredibly versatile. In her blog post, Nell states that you can use this lantern with small candles, or you can fill it with candy and give it as a gift. It actually makes a super sweet gift for a teacher should you decide to fill it with treats!


Mosaic Rock Heart

By Sarah | HowWeeLearn.com

This beautiful Valentine’s Day craft involves a few small rocks/pebbles, some salt dough and paint. The end result is a beautiful earthy keepsake that can last a really long time, and later can be returned to the soil! It’s a fun project for any age, and makes a wonderful gift for parents, grandparents, and even teachers!


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