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How To Make Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly

Tips for A Non-Toxic And Earth-Friendly Bathroom

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More and more people are exploring the green lifestyle and beginning the journey right in their own homes and apartments by making simple plastic swaps, and energy efficient upgrades. And that’s a smart move—because eco-friendly living is great for your health, bank account and the environment.

If you’re also thinking about making some eco-friendly changes to your home or apartment, then the bathroom is a great place to start! That’s because bathrooms tend to accumulate the most waste, house a ton of single-use plastic products, and most of the water usage occurs there as well. So it’s one of my favorite places to tackle within the home.

Turning your bathroom into an eco-friendly oasis doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style either—in fact, you’ll be adding style! Eco-friendly and sustainable products are much better looking than plastic, and add charm to any living space—even bathrooms.


Where To Begin

Start by doing an assessment. Look around and determine what can be swapped out for more environmentally friendly versions? And what products do you currently use that contain harsh ingredients (cleaners, cleansing products and toiletries).

Below, I’ve listed a few tips to help get you inspired with an eco-friendly bathroom makeover. You can incorporate as many or as little as you’d like—even tiny swaps help make your home more environmentally friendly!

Tips For A Green Bathroom Makeover

Switch To A Low-Flow Shower Head

Give your shower a makeover and switch to a more efficient, eco-friendly shower head, which can help you save around 40 percent on your monthly water bill. Eco-friendly shower heads are typically low-flow, and some are incredibly unique and stylish. Some water-efficient shower heads literally contain color-changing LED lights with ionic filters that help remove harmful substances and rejuvenate hair and skin.

Jidoo Shower Head

Switch To Plant-Based Cleaners

I used to use traditional bathroom cleaners to clean my bathroom with—and each time, I thought I would pass out from the smell and chemicals that I was breathing in. It was horrible. So I started researching alternatives that not only have a pleasant smell, and work great, but are good for the environment, as they lessen both water and air pollution. Plus, if you have children or pets, you don’t want them breathing this stuff in.

A common misconception about eco-friendly, plant based bathroom cleaners is that they don’t work as well as traditional cleaners, and that they’re more expensive. That’s simply not the case. Many work just as well, and are around the same price range, plus, many are packaged in earth-friendly containers.

Some really well trusted eco-friendly and non-toxic brands that I enjoy using are:

Plant-Based Cleaners

Mrs. Meyer’s|Seventh Generation |Method |BioKleen

Consider A Non-Toxic Shower Liner

Many shower liners are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC)—which is actually a hormone disruptor. Have you ever opened up a fresh liner and noticed that “smell”? Those are chemicals leaching into the air. So what can you replace it with? That’s actually a tough one. And here’s why.

You may have read that liners made of EVA (ethelyne vinyl acetate) are a safer alternative because they don’t contain as many chemicals as PVC. But, unfortunately, that’s just the dilemma—they still contain chemicals because they’re still made of vinyl. Manufacturers like to push these as “eco-friendly” because unlike PVC, they don’t contain an odor and are “antimicrobial”, which by the way, doesn’t really work that well and just means it’s covered in yet more chemicals.

This really leaves you with limited options: you can either get something synthetic like polyester, hemp or tightly woven cotton. These alternatives are a little pricier, have the potential to mold and take longer to dry, but on the plus side, they can be washed in the laundry machine and are chemical free.

Switch To Shampoo Bars

Traditional shampoo is packaged in plastic bottles, and over time, it accumulates in landfills because it doesn’t biodegrade. When you think about it, the average person goes through a bottle or two of shampoo (and conditioner) a month. Multiply that by billions of people, and you’ve got a ton of plastic waste.

Shampoo bars, on the other hand, don’t come in plastic packaging! They’re also made of non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients, and are super easy to travel with, which is a plus! And these days, shampoo bars for men are finally becoming more and more available as well! In fact, check out my article on “Best Zero-Waste Shampoo Bars For Men” to learn more!

Switch To Bamboo TOILET PAPER

When it comes to toilet paper, I’m sure you’ve heard all about alternatives like bamboo toilet paper. After all, bamboo is a sustainable material, it’s biodegradable, it’s chemical free and it’s antibacterial. The only drawback is the price. They can be really expensive. It may not be practical for a family of 4 or larger, but for a single individual or couple, it’s a pretty good earth-friendly switch to make.

Consider An Attachable Bidet

If you’re not that keen on investing in bamboo toilet paper, but you still want to be zero-waste when it comes to waste itself, then consider an attachable bidet (which is actually really affordable). Bidets are a great alternative to toilet paper and they’re especially great for women when it’s that time of the month. So it’s something to consider when giving your bathroom an eco-friendly upgrade.

LUXE Bidet

Non-Toxic Air Freshner


Bathrooms don’t always smell pleasant, especially if you live in a house full of boys. And our instinct is to just plug in fancy chemical-filled air fresheners that mask the smell. But why do that when you can just get some activated charcoal purifying bags and have them trap the odors? It’s a non-toxic and chemical free way to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. With that said, it’s safe for you, your kids and your pets. Activated charcoal air purifying bags can last up to 2 years and can be cleaned monthly by simply being placed outside in the sunlight. I happen to also use these in my car in lieu of the little “hanging trees”.


One of best plastic swaps that you can make when it comes to bathroom essentials is your toothbrush. Bamboo toothbrushes are eco-friendly alternatives to plastic toothbrushes and they’re pretty great. Everything about them is plant-based—from the handle to the bristles. And unlike plastic toothbrushes that will end up sitting in the landfill for years and years, bamboo toothbrushes will biodegrade. For more on best zero-waste personal care products, check out my article here.

What kind of eco-friendly bathroom swaps have you done lately? Let us know in the comments!

The Best Zero-Waste Shampoo Bars For Men

All you need to know about the plastic-free, biodegradable and eco-friendly hair care trend for men!

Updated October 7, 2021

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Shampoo bars are becoming increasingly popular, which is great! Women everywhere are ditching traditional shampoos and opting for zero-waste alternatives. They’re eco-friendly, they’re cute, they smell like flowers and gumdrops and unicorns—and some even have glitter and tiny chunks of flower petals. They’re the perfect zero-waste hair care product for women!


Men don’t want to smell like vanilla cupcakes or unicorn farts! They can’t have sparkles and flower petals lingering on their sideburns. Their bro friends will never let them hear the end of it. But, they do want in on the zero-waste hair care movement—as long as the products have a masculine scent.

Men deserve to have environmentally-friendly eco-manes just like women. And they can—because men’s grooming products now include shampoo bars.

That’s why we’ve done some research, visited a bunch of manufacturer websites, and chose some of the most ethical hair care brands that make shampoo bars made specifically for men in mind with scents like pine and tar and beer, ….you get where we’re going with this.

We’re talking natural, organic and vegan ingredients, zero animal testing, and plastic free packaging. Plus, some of these companies do pretty rad philanthropic work, which is pretty darn awesome, in our book.

Why Should You Switch To Shampoo Bars?

Traditional shampoos are packaged in plastic bottles, and if you take into account one bottle per person, that’s millions of shampoo bottles laying around in your local landfill…indefinitely. Why? Because as you all know, plastic doesn’t biodegrade.


Shampoo bars, however, are made with plastic-free packaging. In fact, most aren’t even shipped to your house in plastic. What they do get shipped in, is recyclable and biodegradable packaging that you can feel warm and gooey about; because you’re helping the planet.

They are also void of harsh chemicals and ingredients that strip your hair of its natural oils. In fact, when switching to an all natural shampoo bar, you may notice that your hair is not as dry as it normally would be after using traditional shampoo. For many people, this may take getting used to.

Shampoo bars are also suitable for beards and body. That’s right! Whereas traditional shampoo is limited to just the hair on your scalp, shampoo bars can be used for much, much more! In fact, men LOVE the new appearance and texture of their facial hair—stating that “frizz” is down by a considerable percent.

Are shampoo bars Convenient foR travel?

Because shampoo bars are solid, compact, and friendly on the environment, they are excellent for travel and outdoor recreation such as camping. You can easily keep them in a soap bar travel container and not worry about spills or airport security telling you that the bottle you’re bringing on board with you is way to big. Plus, you don’t have to worry about a shampoo bottle going rogue and spilling all your carry-on, and you certainly don’t have to spend extra money buying a whole new shampoo bottle on your trip.

How Do Shampoo Bars Work?

Shampoo bars work just like regular soap bars. You create a lather, and smear it into your wet hair (and beard). Then you just wash as you would with conventional shampoo. In fact, here’s a video tutorial that I did on my son with J•R•Liggett’s Shampoo Bar (they are so nice and sent samples!) I applied the bar to his wet hair and it started to create a rich lather immediately! Then once we rinsed it out, his hair was soft and no greasy residue remained. That’s why shampoo bars are so great to use.

Are you Ready to try one Out?

Then let’s go check them out! Try it, and if you like it, make the switch for good! If not, then go back to what you used before. No harm done in trying something new.

Most bars will save you money because they last as long as 2-3 bottles of shampoo—provided you store them correctly. With that said, keep them on a dish soap (one with holes) so they can dry and prevent them from turning to goo. For recommendations on soap trays that are best suited for shampoo bars, check out our article called “How To Store Shampoo Bars And Soap”.


All the shampoo bars chosen below are Climate Pledge Friendly, which is a sustainability certification. They’re also cruelty free and never tested on animals, just probably on bad employees.


Boss Man


Bossman is a rugged looking, organic 4 in 1 bar. But, despite its manly appearance, it’s actually packed full of soothing nutrients that pamper your hair, face, beard and body! It’s used as shampoo, conditioner, body wash and beard lather. If you don’t have time to watch their video [above], they go over all types of skin issues that this shampoo bar has helped people with—from acne to dandruff and psoriasis. They go on to discuss how a mom has even used it on her baby because of how gentle the ingredients are compared to traditional shampoo and baby body wash. And that is amazing.

The Cowboy Bar

Apple Valley Natural Soap

The Apple Valley Natural Soap company is one of our favorite family-owned shampoo bar brands. They are certified cruelty free, and have many cool and unique hand-made shampoo bars for both men and women. They even have a beard soap that you can try. So click on the link and check this small business out. And when you shop at Apple Valley Soap, you can get 10% off of your entire purchase with special code: AVNSDIARIES10 at checkout!


The Right To Shower

The Right To Shower is a great shampoo bar which an epic mission: each purchase helps flip an old bus into a mobile shower for people experiencing homelessness. It’s hand-made in the U.S. with fair-trade ingredients and produces a creamy lather that’s perfect for an all over body cleanse. They’re available in multiple scents and packaged in recycled cardboard.


Fat And The Moon

This hand-made shampoo bar by Fat And The Moon will give you a gentle, deep clean with all natural and organic ingredients, and without the wasteful plastic packaging. This lil shampoo bar is equivalent to 16oz of liquid shampoo — and a little goes a long way! The rhassoul clay gives volume to locks, and the rosemary reinvigorates the scalp. You’ll literally have a great hair day, every day. This shampoo bar is available on EarthHero and you can take 10% off of your entire purchase with coupon code: ECOMOMDIARIES at checkout!


Plum Brilliance Apothecary

If dandruff is a issue, than try this charcoal and rosemary shampoo bar by Plum Brilliance Apothecary. Handcrafted with castor oil, tea tree, and bamboo charcoal – this shampoo bar comes without any extra plastic packaging or nonsense for your most minimal experience. The charcoal promotes hair growth, while the tea tree removes excess oil, and the castor oil helps balance your scalp’s pH and undo damage. This shampoo bar is available on EarthHero and you can take 10% off of your entire purchase with coupon code: ECOMOMDIARIES at checkout!


Professor Fuzzworthy’s

The Professor Fuzzworthy’s brand is well known for their awesome solid beard wash bars, but now they’ve jumped in the ring with a shampoo bar, and men are really enjoying it. Their beer shampoo bar in particular is unscented and made with actual beer from small local breweries in Australia. It also contains flecks of hops which nourish the scalp and effectively help clear up scalp conditions like eczema and dandruff. Men say it even works great for massive beards. Choose from unscented or scented options!



& Better Feels is a shampoo bar formulated just for men and dads who live a busy lifestyle. This shampoo bar is formulated with organic and fair-trade ingredients with a subtle citrus scent that add volume to hair and gently strip away dirt without drying out your hair. The main ingredients in this shampoo bar consist of organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, oat protein and apple cider vinegar.


Grown Ass Man

Grown Ass Man

These Grown Ass Man shampoo bars consist of organic and vegan ingredients. The founders of this shampoo bar decided women shouldn’t have all the fun when it comes to eco-friendly hair care, so they came up with an epic product that has an epic name! These shampoo bars contain essential oils, as well as conditioning oils that are great for both hair and beards. Each bar lasts as long as 2-3 bottles of shampoo.

Woody’s Hair & Body Shampoo Bar

Woody’s Shampoo Bar

Woody’s body and shampoo bar for men can be purchased in a single or 2 pack. “It is uniquely crafted with ingredients to nourish and soothe the skin yet bold enough to be used as a shampoo. Cover yourself from head to toe in Woody’s rich creamy lather for the ultimate once over. This dual-action product cleanses and conditions hair and body. The Shea Butter helps to hydrate and moisturize without build-up while the Tea Tree helps relieve dry skin and scalp and improve moisture balance”.

Mane Man

Mane Man

Mane Man shampoo bar is a three in one cleanser that can be used for hair, beard and body. The company sources local ingredients that are all natural and organic. The bar itself comes in compostable and biodegradable packaging to prevent plastic waste.

Duke Cannon’s Shampoo Puck

Duke Cannon
Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon’s shampoo puck is an awesome shampoo bar made of vegan ingredients. The puck comes in eco-friendly tin packaging that you can use for travel. The company also does philanthropic work; they donate 5% of all net profits to US veterans on a yearly basis. We also like this brand because they have a sense of humor: “we never test on animals, only on bad interns”.

The Shampoo Man Bar

Shampoo Man Bar

If you love the refreshing smell of tea tree and mint, then you will love the “shampoo man bar” which creates a rich frothy lather (according to many testimonials). It’s especially great for dandruff, as tea tree contains anti-fungal properties that eliminate yeast and other skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

J•R•Liggett’s Shampoo Bar

JR Liggett’s

JR Liggett’s is a small all natural shampoo bar that is the equivalent to a 24 oz bottle of liquid shampoo. And with a blend of rich oils like Virgin Coconut, Aloe Vera, Almond Oil, and Mango Butter, it nourishes your hair and leaves it incredibly soft. In fact, the manufacturer claims that you will no longer need conditioner.

BRÖÖ Beer Shampoo Bar


Contrary to the name, the detoxifying charcoal BRÖÖ shampoo bar does not smell of beer, and is crafted for the short hair, “don’t need a lot of conditioner” crowd. This charcoal detoxifying shampoo bar is brewed with the “hair-loving” B vitamins in real craft beer, to serve up clean, healthy hair, body, face and even beard. And, to purify hair, scalp, and skin, it’s infused with a shot of detoxifying activated bamboo charcoal.


ChloeMason Soap Company

This hand-made shampoo bar by the Chloe Mason Soap Company is made with goat milk, apple cider vinegar and turmeric—two key ingredients that fight dandruff and oily hair. It’s also works great as acne treatment because of turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties. You can find this artisan-made shampoo bar in the hand-made corner of amazon!