Eco Gift Ideas

5 Eco-Friendly Birthday Gifts For Teen Girls

Environmentally Friendly And Trendy Gift Ideas For Eco-Conscious Teenage Girls

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The current generation of young people are more aware of environmental issues that are plaguing this planet. We have more young people speaking out against climate change, and striving to live more sustainably, which is really commendable.

Many teens and young adults have embraced the use of reusable products such as water bottles and straws to help lower their carbon footprint. Many help with organizing and engaging in community trash pick up, and a great deal help spread awareness regarding single-use plastic pollution through social media apps like Instagram, TikTok and VSCO.


So, if you have a teen who’s eco-conscious and passionate about the green living movement, then you have one inspiring teen! And you’re in luck—because there are quite a few eco-friendly products that kids these days are really embracing—and I’ve listed the top 5 to help inspire you on your ‘eco-friendly’ birthday search.

5 Trendy Eco-Friendly Birthday Gift Ideas For Eco-Conscious Teen Girls

Choice Of All

One of the biggest trends amongst preteen and teen girls right now is beach-themed fashion jewelry—particularly string bracelets. Girls love accessorizing with these, and you can find these sold in generous sets just about anywhere. They’re actually pretty simple woven bracelets with little charms or beads that add fun to any outfit. The little charms consist mostly of environmental type emojis like ocean waves, sea turtles or rainbows. Some kids even exchange them as friendship bracelets, and you’ll see a ton of kids wearing these on the VSCO app.

2. A HydrO FLASK

Hydro Flask

Remember back in middle school and high school when you really had to have a certain brand because it’s what all the other kids were wearing? The same goes with water bottles these days. Everyone has to have a Hydro Flask. I’m not sure how this particular brand gained so much popularity amongst kids, but I will tell you that they have good taste. The Hydro Flask is actually one of the finest built reusable water bottles on the planet. It maintains temperature extremely well, and it’s incredibly durable. The ones with the flex handle are especially popular, and you will see kids decorating them with all sorts of decals and stickers.

3. A fjallraven kanken Backpack


True, it has a funny name that even I have trouble pronouncing, but, this isn’t just any backpack. This is a fashion must-have for middle school girls all across the country. Although this Swedish-born book bag was created in the late 70s, the VSCO lifestyle that so many teens are embracing, has made this bag a fashion icon. But, there’s more to this hipster looking backpack than just aesthetics, the FJALLRAVEN KANKEN backpack is made from sustainable and ethically sourced material, is dirt and water resistant, and will last a lifetime.

4. The FinalStraw Reusable Straw


Single-use plastic straws are everywhere, and chances are that your teen gets tempted to use them at school or anywhere else they go to where drinks are sold (like StarBucks). So help her combat plastic straw temptation with a reusable travel straw. I know from personal experience that deciding on a reusable straw can be pretty overwhelming. But I’ll help you out; teens are constantly on the go, so the best type of reusable straw is a collapsible one—and the FinalStraw is one excellent reusable and collapsible straw. Does the name sound familiar? That’s because you might have seen the founders of this brand on an episode of SharkTank. But aside from their popularity, these straws are functional, durable, cute and have a lifetime guarantee.



One of the best ways to make a statement, especially as a young teen is with a t-shirt that has a good graphic and solid message. And one of the biggest fashion trends in the last year is a “save the turtles” tee. Young girls love sporting graphic art that promotes environmental awareness, and plastic pollution is toxic to all marine life, especially sea turtles. You can find cute sea turtle tees in many online stores, but the biggest variety in my opinion is RedBubble. The artists on RedBubble typically also place their artwork on other merchandise—so you can always get a matching set of products if you’d like (such as a t-shirt with matching mask, etc).

Does your child have a birthday coming up? Let us know about it in the comments!

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