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Big Boy Bamboo T-Shirt Review

A Guide To A Conscious Clothing Brand For Big And Tall Gentlemen

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Are You looking for sustainable tees that are both comfortable and stylish, but nobody seems to carry your size range? Read on!+ Coupon Code at bottom!

The sustainable fashion industry has been making huge strides in the past few years—but, it has an underserved demographic: big and tall men.

Sustainable men’s fashion shouldn’t be exclusive and limited to a certain size range. It should be available for every body type, because men of all sizes care about conscious fashion.

Well, that’s about to change, because I am helping to spread the word about a sustainable fashion brand for big and tall men called Big Boy Bamboo. And trust me when I say “big and tall”, because their tees go all the way up to size 8XL!

However, what I really love about this brand is that they are very inclusive, and also offer sizes for the average size gentleman. So if you (or your significant other) is average size, then you can shop the typical size range from small to extra large—like I did for my husband.

Hence, I’m writing this honest Big Boy Bamboo Tee review so you can see how awesome this brand really is!

Our Experience With A Big Boy Bamboo Tee

I recently ordered a Big Boy Bamboo t-shirt for my husband primarily because we’re working on making our wardrobes minimal and sustainable. Bamboo tees are both durable and eco-friendly, so they fit right in as the essential basics that every wardrobe needs.

I also read that clothing made from bamboo viscose is hypoallergenic. So if you have sensitive skin that’s prone to rash or back breakouts, this fabric is a fantastic alternative to synthetic, pore clogging fabrics.

Black Big Boy Bamboo Tee

First Impressions

You know how when you first un-box new clothing, and a weird smells enters your nostrils? That wasn’t the case when we received our Big Boy Bamboo T-shirt. That’s because bamboo doesn’t require any pesticides, and goes through a less rigorous manufacturing process—resulting in non-toxic fabric with zero stink.

As far as feel, we are so used to the slightly rough texture of cotton, that we were taken aback with how silky smooth the bamboo viscose felt at first touch. They also feel lightweight and breathable when worn!

We ordered the t-shirt in black, and the color is very rich and vibrant—most likely due to the fact that bamboo viscose absorbs dyes a lot better than cotton. And if washed properly, the color will not fade.

Big Boy Bamboo tees also feel a lot cooler when worn. It was a pretty warm afternoon here in Florida the other day, and my husband liked how much cooler he felt in direct sunlight when we went on an outing with the kids.

Overall, this t-shirt was an excellent buy, and I can’t wait to order more for my husband’s new ”sustainable” stash. I am also looking forward to Big Boy Bamboo’s future product line expansion!

Big Boy Bamboo Tee Outfit Idea

About Big Boy Bamboo

Big Boy Bamboo is an eco-friendly, down-to-earth bamboo clothing brand for big and tall men—specifically for big men who wear 3XL-8XL and tall guys who wear 1XLT-4XLT.

The brand’s founder, Andew, created the brand after acquiring a bamboo t-shirt while on vacation, and falling in love with how comfortable it was.

Andrew has since added XL bamboo face masks to his sustainable fashion line, and plans to expand with more products in the future!

We’re here to bring style and comfort to every man, no matter their size. We manufacture comfortable, stylish clothing for all men, from Small to 8XL. We do this through our dedication to using and promoting environmentally-friendly bamboo fabric. 

—Andrew, Big Boy Bamboo
Big Boy Bamboo Tee

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A Big Boy Bamboo T-Shirt?

There are several benefits to wearing t-shirts made from bamboo viscose:

  • Bamboo t-shirts are incredibly soft and feel more comfortable against your skin than cotton.
  • Bamboo is breathable and 3x more absorbent than cotton, and does a much better job at absorbing and wicking away sweat from the body—goodbye body odor!
  • Bamboo t-shirts offer natural protection against UV rays—making them perfect for outdoor adventures, work, or vacations.

Bamboo is great for people with sensitive skin because it does not require the use of pesticides (unlike cotton), and is therefore non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Big Boy Bamboo just added brand new inventory to their online shop with sizes ranging from S—8XL!

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The Best Extra Large Reusable Face Masks For Men

Read On For The Best Reusable Face Masks Made Specifically For Big Heads, Bearded Faces, And Long Noses

If you’re sporting a long beard, have a large face or long nose, then you’re probably having a really hard time finding a reusable mask that fits properly—and that can be a problem.

Your typical face mask fits the average human face. And while that’s great for the average humans out there, it’s a little awkward for those with slightly bigger heads and facial features.

That’s why we’ve created a shopping guide to help people like you find xtra large face masks that fit properly and comfortably.

Why Does A Proper Face Mask Fit Matter?

According to the CDC, a face mask should fit snugly over the nose and mouth and under the chin without any gaps around the sides.

When a reusable face mask doesn’t fit the face correctly, it doesn’t do what it’s suppose to do—help protect you and others from spreading germs.

And if you’re a man with facial hair (especially a long beard), then you’ve got a little extra to worry about, because facial hair can trap a lot of other stuff that’s floating around in the air.

Lastly, if you wear eye glasses, you’re gonna have a bad time—because when a mask doesn’t properly hug the bridge of your nose, chances are that condensation will travel to your lenses, fogging them up.

Features To Look For When Buying A Cloth Face Mask

  • Nose Bridge Wire: Look for masks with a nose bridge wire as those help prevent air from coming in and escaping upward (this results in foggy lenses).
  • Snug Fit: Look for masks that are long enough to extend over your chin and provide a snug fit.
  • Multiple Layers: Look for masks with multiple layers as they help stop pathogens from coming through the fabric. Masks that come with a filter are bonus points.
HaloLife Face Masks

1. HaloLife Reusable Face Mask

HALOLIFE is perhaps one of the best reusable face masks on the market . These masks contain a trademarked nanofilter technology which stops 99.9% of pathogens.

The Halolife face masks also contain a moisture wicking and antibacterial bamboo lining which is not only anti-microbial, but greatly reduces condensation.


  • Includes 1 replaceable HALO Nanofilter™ good for 200+ hours. 
  • Replaceable latex nose pad prevents fogging and air leak
  • Chin wrap provides an air-tight seal, even with facial hair & beards
  • Super-breathable poly-blend outer material (80% Polyester, 20% Lycra)
  • Soft moisture-wicking Bamboo lining is ultra-comfortable, even for long wear  
  • Adjustable embedded nose clip and ear-loops make a perfect fit

2. Big Boy Bamboo Reusable Face Mask

Big Boy Bamboo is an online shop with apparel and masks specially made for big and tall men, and their face masks as well as t-shirts are all made from sustainable bamboo viscose.

Big Boy Bamboo face masks are perfect for minimalists, and the fabric is soft, anti-bacterial, and moisture wicking. Plus, bamboo viscose offers natural UV protection, which is great if you spend a lot of time outdoors.


  • Triple Layer Protection
  • 95% Organic Bamboo Viscose and 5% Spandex
  • Stretchy Loops
MASHELE extra large

3. Mashele Reusable Face Mask

MASHELE is a reusable face with a curved design to hug your beard, and a seam at the nose to add some breathing space. This mask is available in size Large to XXL.

MASHELE reusable face masks are double layer textile, and are also great for those who wear eye glasses, sun glasses and eye protection throughout the day thanks to an adjustable nose wire (won’t fog them up).


  • Curved Shape
  • Adjustable Nose Wire
  • Double Layer Textile
  • Plenty Of Breathing Room
  • Does Not Tug On Ears
Gyothrig Face Mask For

4. Gyothrig Reusable Face Mask

Gyothrig reusable face masks are made specifically for men with beards. The quality and craftsmanship is fantastic— customers are literally praising the durability and workmanship of these masks.

Each mask is machine washable and comes with silicone ear loop adjusters for a more comfortable and customized fit. The adjustable nose bar also helps keep your eye glasses from fogging—which is great for those who wear eyeglasses, protective glasses or sunglasses all day long.


  • Soft & stretchy ear loops
  • Adjustable Nose Bar
  • Won’t dent your beard
Tuff Reusable Face

5. Tuff Reusable Face Masks

The Tuff reusable face mask for men is made from cotton and is great for full, round faces. It has a curvy C-design, which provides more space between the fabric, your mouth and your nose. These reusable face masks also come with adjustable ear loops and contain a filter pocket.

Tuff extra large reusable face masks are also especially great with eyeglasses, sunglasses and protective eyewear, as they reduce fogging, thanks to the adjustable nose bar.


  • Soft And Stretchy Ear Loops
  • Curvy C Design
  • Adjustable Nose Bar
  • Great With Eyeglasses

6. Blu Horn Reusable Face Masks

The Blu Horn face mask is yet another extra large face mask brand with big and tall men in mind. This reusable face mask is a two layer design made from a blend of cotton and jersey fabric and contains adjustable ear loops as well as an adjustable nose wire.


  • 2 Layers Of protection
  • Curved to fit your face
  • Adjustable ear loop
  • Contains pocket for optional filter

Best Zero Waste Deodorants For Men

Shopping For An All-Natural Men’s Deodorant? Read On For The 10 Most Sustainable And Plastic-Free Brands!

This post contains affiliate links, which may earn us a commission.

For most Americans, antiperspirants are part of a daily personal care routine. We wear them to block sweat, neutralize odor and to feel fresh all day long.

Unfortunately, the ingredients within traditional antiperspirants are not that great for our health.

According to MadeSafe.Org, most ingredients found in conventional deodorants are endocrine disruptors—mimicking hormones such as estrogen which results in cell mutations (tumors), reproductive toxicity and early onset puberty in children.

With that said, it’s no wonder that many health-conscious men and women are turning to alternatives with natural ingredients to combat underarm odor.

Do Natural Deodorants Really Work?

Natural deodorants neutralize odor, but they do not block the pores to keep you from sweating like traditional antiperspirants do. That’s because antiperspirants contain aluminum—the key ingredient that clogs your pores in order to keep your underarms dry.

Many people do not realize that a deodorant and an antiperspirant are actually two different things. Antiperspirants keep you dry, while deodorants mask odor. So when they switch to a natural deodorant, they become frustrated when they realize that their underarms still perspire.

However, sweating is natural. It’s part of being human. Sweat helps to regulate our body temperature and gets rid of toxins. Hence, natural deodorants allow our body to sweat while neutralizing those funky odors.

And if you’d like to know more details about what to expect when switching over to a natural deodorant, read my article on that here.

Are There Any Natural Deodorant Brands That Do Stop Perspiration?

Depending on how heavily you sweat throughout the day, some natural deodorants may help absorb perspiration. However, this may not apply to someone with an excessive sweating condition called hyperhidrosis.

Natural deodorants that contain arrow root powder as a main ingredient do a great job at absorbing sweat, drawing out toxins, and soothing irritated skin. Many of the natural deodorants within this article contain arrow root powder as a key ingredient.

What Should I Expect When Switching To A Natural Deodorant?

Having switched to a natural deodorant myself, I can tell you in all honesty that you are going to perspire and stink like a teenager for the first two or three weeks.

When you stop using traditional deodorant, your body goes into detox mode, and your underarms push out all of the toxins that were trapped inside due to the aluminum.

Because of this, a lot of people give up on the use of natural deodorant and revert back to conventional antiperspirants. So please know that this extreme odor is to be expected, and hang in there. After a few weeks, every will neutralize.

What Makes These Deodorants Zero Waste?

And in addition to being healthy and nontoxic, many natural deodorants are packaged in plastic-free and eco-friendly packaging—which means that the packaging is biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.

The zero waste deodorant brands in this guide are also all climate pledge friendly, vegan and cruelty free, so you will feel great about putting them on your body!

With that said, read on for the list of best natural and plastic-free deodorants for men.

DIY Natural Men’s Deodorant

I am also sharing a video down below by YouTuber Kalle Flodin on how to make your own natural deodorant using 3 simple ingredients, if you feel like doing a little DIY!

Source: Kalle Flodin | YouTube

10 Best Natural Deodorants For Men

Native Plastic-Free Natural Deodorant

1. Native Plastic-Free Natural Deodorant

Active Ingredients | Baking Soda + Probiotics

Hypoallergenic | Yes

The Native plastic-free Natural Deodorant is a gender-neutral deodorant that is certified vegan, cruelty-free, and doesn’t contain common pollutants or toxic ingredients. It also comes in paperboard sourced from responsibly managed forests. 

Papr natural deodorant for men

2. Papr Natural Deodorant

Active Ingredients | Baking Soda, Tapioca Starch, Coconut Oil

Hypoallergenic | Yes

PAPR is a line of all-natural deodorants in zero-waste packaging. These biodegradable deodorants are certified vegan and cruelty-free, and are available in various gender-neutral scents. PAPR deodorants goes on smoothly, don’t leave stains, and feels fresh all day under your arms.

Magsol Natural Deodorant For Men

3. MagSol Magnesium Deodorant

Active Ingredient | Magnesium

Hypoallergenic | Yes

Magsol is a zero waste deodorant made from a cardboard deodorant tube, and is the world’s first natural deodorant to use magnesium oxide to control odor.  This deodorant is also as simple as you can get—made from only 4 powerhouse ingredients that keep you dry while neutralizing body odor.

Zero Natural Deodorant

4. Zero3 Natural Deodorant

Active Ingredients | Baking Soda, Arrowroot Powder

Hypoallergenic | Yes

If it’s odor elimination you’re after, then you’ll really like the ZERO3 natural deodorant, which uses a patented technology to keep odor at bay. Fair-trade ingredients like shea butter and a blend of earthy essential oils also give your armpits a pleasant smell. And you’ll love that this zero waste deodorant ships to your home in plastic-free packaging.

Tom’s Natural And Plastic-Free Deodorant For Men

5. Tom’s Of Maine Natural Deodorant

Active Ingredient | Zinc Oxide

Hypoallergenic | Yes

Tom’s of Maine aluminum-free deodorant comes in all cardboard packaging and offers 48 hours of odor protection and contains a rugged coast scent. This aluminum-free deodorant stick lets your skin breathe and helps you feel fresh and confident throughout the day. Made with naturally derived, sustainable and responsible ingredients, this solid deodorant stick helps men live more naturally.

Fat And The Moon Natural Deodorant

6. Fat And The Moon Sensitive Pit Cream

Active Ingredient | Arrowroot Powder

Hypoallergenic | Yes

Take on stinky pits with help from the Sensitive Pit Deodorant Cream from Fat and the Moon! Made from 100% natural and organic ingredients that contain no aluminum or heavy metals, this natural sensitive deodorant cream uses arrowroot powder to keep your arm pits dry and less stinky.

This natural deodorant won’t leave behind chalky white streaks, and contains antimicrobial essential oils that leave behind a gentle scent. Perfect for sensitive pits, it won’t irritate skin or cause rashes.

Arcadia Natural Deodorant For Men

7. Arcadia Natural Unscented Natural Deodorant

Active Ingredient | Arrowroot Powder

Hypoallergenic | Yes

Arcadia Natural is a hand-made all natural deodorant for men thats free of aluminum and baking soda. The great thing about this natural deodorant is that it is available in many scents, including an unscented option.

The packaging is made from recycled Kraft paperboard tubes and the deodorant is made from all natural biodegradable and organic ingredients consisting of plant-based waxes, Shea Butter, Castor oil, Arrowroot powder, and Vitamin E.

Apple Valley Natural Soap Natural Deodorant

8. Apple Valley Natural Deodorant Creme

Active Ingredients | Arrowroot Powder, Baking Soda

Hypoallergenic | Yes

If transparency and home-made product is what you’re searching for when it comes to a natural deodorant, then check out this Natural Deodorant Creme by Apple Valley Soap Co who specialize in hand-made skin care products like shampoo bars, body bars and more. This deodorant creme comes in scented and unscented and not only neutralizes odors, but moisturizes your pits as well.

Made with anti-bacterial, odor absorbing ingredients like organic virgin coconut oil, diatomaceous earth, aluminum free baking soda, arrowroot powder, and white kaolin clay—just a pea-sized amount is all you need to stay fresh all day long! And don’t forget to take 10% off with special code AVNSDIARIES10

BeNat Natural Deodorant For Men

9. BeNat Natural Deodorant

Active Ingredient | Baking Soda

Hypoallergenic | Yes

BeNat is an artisanal natural deodorant that’s handcrafted with all natural ingredients and packaged in a zero waste biodegradable and renewable paperboard push-up tube.

This natural deodorant contains organic ingredients consisting of coconut oil, beeswax, vegetable emulsifier, cornstarch, baking soda, avocado seed oil, and tea tree essential oil. So if you enjoy the scent of lemon and tea tree, then this deodorant is an excellent choice for you.

Ethique Plastic-Free Solid Deodorant For Men

10. Ethique Natural Solid Deodorant

Active Ingredient | Magnesium Hydroxide + Zinc Oxide + Bamboo

Hypoallergenic | Yes

Minimalist by Ethique is a vegan unisex unscented deodorant bar for sensitive skin. It is made with jojoba and sweet almond oil for smooth application, and contains Magnesium Hydroxide, Zinc Oxide and Bamboo to keep your underarms dry and odor-free.

The Best Zero-Waste Shampoo Bars For Men

Shopping For Bottled Shampoo Alternatives? Read On For The Most Sustainable Shampoo Bars For Men

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries A Small Commission

Are you wanting to make a switch from bottled shampoo to something more sustainable? You’ve come to the right place!

Men need to have an eco-friendly haircare routine just like women—and now they can! Because the world of men’s grooming now includes shampoo bars.

With that said, we’ve created a men’s shampoo bar guide with the best ethical hair care brands that focus on both quality and sustainability.

Each men’s shampoo bar in this guide contains only all-natural, organic and vegan ingredients. None have been tested on animals, and every bar contains plastic-free packaging that can be recycled, composted or reused.

What Are The Benefits Of Shampoo Bars?

Shampoo Bars Are Plastic-Free

Liquid shampoos are packaged in plastic bottles, and if you take into account one bottle per person, that’s millions of shampoo bottles laying around in your local landfill. Shampoo bars, on the other hand, are packaged in paper or tin, which are recyclable, biodegradable and reusable.

Shampoo Bars Are Made From Natural Ingredients

Shampoo bars don’t need preservatives like liquid shampoo, so they’re free from toxic chemicals and made with all-natural ingredients that don’t strip your hair from its own natural oils—resulting in soft, hydrated hair.

Shampoo Bars Are Multi-Purpose

If you’re in a hurry, shampoo bars are the way to go because a majority of them are meant for the entire body. Whereas liquid shampoo is limited to just the hair on your scalp, shampoo bars can be used for your face, body and even beard. In fact, many can be used as shave soap.

Shampoo Bars Are Convenient For Travel

Because shampoo bars are solid and compact, they are TSA approved and excellent for travel and outdoor recreation. You can easily store them in a travel container and not worry about spills or having to buy shampoo when you get to your travel destination.

Shampoo Bars Save You Money

Though they have a higher up-front cost, shampoo bars save you money in the long run because one bar lasts as long as 2-3 bottles of shampoo, or around 30-40 washes. Just store it properly on a ventilated soap dish to keep it from turning to goo, and you’re good to go!

What Are Some Disadvantages Of Shampoo Bars?

  • Shampoo bars have a time limit and can go rancid due to the essential oils that they are infused with—so make sure to use them up within 6 months of purchase.
  • Shampoo bars are hard to get used to at first and can make your hair feel waxy (which is because your natural oils aren’t getting stripped away).
  • It may be hard to lather super long hair and we recommend a good conditioner bar to prevent tangles.
  • As mentioned earlier, shampoo bars cost more than most bottled shampoo because of the all-natural ingredients needed to make each bar.

How Do You Use A Shampoo Bar?

To use a shampoo bar, jump into the shower and fully soak your hair with warm water. Then, take your bar and rub it between your wet hands to create a lather, or directly onto your hair. Lastly, place your bar aside and continue to massage your scalp using your fingers followed by a rinse.

If you need more clarification on how to use a shampoo bar, check out this tutorial brought to you by Grown Ass Man Shampoo Bar Co (who happen to be in this top 10 list).

Source: Grown Ass Man | YouTube

10 Best Organic Shampoo Bars For Men

Bossman Shampoo Bar For Men

1. Bossman

Bossman is an organic 4-in-1 cleansing bar for men. But, despite its rugged aesthetic, it’s actually packed full of gentle nutrients that pamper your hair, face, beard and body. It’s great for all hair types, and works especially well to soothe problematic conditions such as dandruff and psoriasis. Also, it works great as shave soap!

Grown Ass Man Shampoo Bars For Men

2. Grown Ass Man

The Grown Ass Man shampoo bars cleanse you from head to toe and are great to use on beards thanks to soothing essential oils and hydrating conditioning agents. The founders of this shampoo bar decided that women shouldn’t have all the fun when it comes to eco-friendly hair care, so they came up with an epic product that has an epic name!

The Right To Shower Shampoo Bar For Me

3. The Right To Shower

The Right To Shower is a head to toe cleanser with an epic mission: each purchase helps flip an old bus into a mobile shower for people experiencing homelessness. This shampoo bar is hand-made in the U.S. with fair-trade ingredients, and produces a creamy lather for a deep cleanse.

Ethique Solid Shampoo And Shave Bar For amen

4. Ethique

The Ethique Tip-To-Toe solid shampoo and shave bar is safe for all skin and hair types. This solid bar combines kaolin clay, cocoa butter, glycerin with orange, and lime and mint oils for a clean citrus and mint scent. It’s a small bar that’s easy to grasp and even more perfect for travel.

And Better Feels Shampoo Bar For Men

5. & Better Feels

& Better Feels is a shampoo bar formulated for men who live a busy lifestyle. This shampoo bar is formulated with organic and fair-trade ingredients that add volume to hair and gently strip away dirt without drying out your strands. The main ingredients in this shampoo bar consist of organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, oat protein and apple cider vinegar.

Duke Cannon Shampoo Puck

6. Duke Cannon’s Shampoo Puck

Duke Cannon’s solid shampoo bar is packed full of essential oils and features fresh citrus, neroli, and oak-moss for a clean and refreshing scent. The puck comes in eco-friendly tin packaging that you can use for travel, and the company donates 5% of all net profits to US veterans on a yearly basis.

JR Liggett’s Shampoo Bar For Men

7. JR Liggett’s

JR Liggett’s solid shampoo bars are handmade and produce a super rich lather that thoroughly cleans yet hydrates your hair thanks to a blend of rich oils like virgin coconut, aloe vera, almond oil, and mango butter. These Solid Shampoo bars comes in various scents and each one is gentle for all hair types. Also available in a sampler pack!

8. HiBAR

HiBAR Solid shampoo bars are unisex and have a very unique ergonomic shape that’s easy to hold. Each formula is gentle for all hair types, and this bar works especially well for curly hair by locking in moisture and keeping strands from becoming dry and brittle. Also available in sample packs.

Apple Valley Natural Soap Cowboy Shampoo Bar

9. Cowboy Shampoo Bar By Apple Valley Natural Soap

The Cowboy bar by Apple Valley Natural Soap is handcrafted and can be used from head to toe. The scent is relatable to camp fires and wide open spaces, smoky vetiver, spicy black pepper, crisp bergamot, and blood orange. Needless to say, this is an incredibly adventurous bar, and sample sizes are available.

And when you shop at Apple Valley Natural Soap, please take 10% off of your entire purchase with special code: AVNSDIARIES10 at checkout!

Bravo Sierra Solid Shampoo Bar For Men

10. Bravo Sierra

Sierra Bravo is a head to toe cleanser that’s enriched with coconut, shea butter, and oat kernel flour for soft, moisturized skin and conditioned hair. Developed with U.S. Military service members, this shampoo bar is a great option for an efficient shower or when you need to pack light. 5% of all proceeds also towards quality of life programs for active duty personnel, veterans and military families.