Best DIY Breastmilk Jewelry Kits

DIY Breastmilk Preservation Kits For New Moms

Updated on January 11, 2022


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Yes, you can make your own breastmilk Jewelry at home!

Giving birth and becoming a mother is one of the biggest milestones in a woman’s life. And if you’ve chosen to breastfeed, then you know how special a breastfeeding journey truly is—hard, painful and complex, but at the same time so full of love and oh so rewarding.

Many new moms seek to preserve their breastfeeding journey by creating a lifelong keepsake. A tangible memento that they can cherish for a lifetime.

If you’re someone who is into DIY projects and would prefer to create your own breastmilk jewelry or other type of creation, then a DIY breastmilk preservation kit is a great way to go about doing so.

At the same time, not many women can experience a breastfeeding journey; hence, mothers who have lost their babies in childbirth likewise seek to preserve their breastmilk to honor and remember their child by. And that’s what makes breastmilk preservation so special.


How Do Breastmilk Preservation Kits Work?

Preserving your breastmilk and turning it into a special creation involves a chemical process that solidifies the liquid gold and keeps it from spoiling.

All Breastmilk preservation kits comes with the necessary supplies and instructions that make the process as simple as possible.

What Type Of Creations Can I Make Out Of Breastmilk?

Many Breastmilk preservation kits specialize in jewelry. They supply you with pendent molds, lockets and chains. Some will even have earrings and other jewelry available for you to create.

Then there are other breastmilk kits that specialize in skincare products like soap bars, which allow you to transform your breastmilk into a skin cleansing product.

Can I Use Expired Breastmilk For Jewelry Kits?

Yes, when it comes to breastmilk jewelry, you can use old and expired breastmilk that is many years old—as long as it is preserved properly.

How Long Does A DIY Breastmilk Creation Take To Make?

With most kits, after you pour your treated breastmilk into a mold, it takes anywhere from 12-48 hours until it is completely solid and ready to wear.

DIY breastmilk kits certainly save you time and money. The con to doing your own breastmilk jewelry is that there is a chance that things might not turn out. But, if you’re up for a little challenge, then have at it!

Breastmilk Preservation Kits Make Wonderful Baby Shower Gifts

Breastmilk preservation kits are very thoughtful gifts for expecting moms. Most baby gear will only be used for a limited amount of time, but a breastmilk memento will last a lifetime.


Breastfeeding Keepsake Kits For New Moms


LACKTO is another fantastic Brand that sells DIY breastmilk jewelry kits. Each kit comes with one mold, however, you can buy extra molds and receive a very generous discount when you bundle. That way, if you want to create a breastmilk jewelry necklace with some matching earrings, you can!

The LACKTO kit comes with all the essential tools that you need to create your breastmilk keepsake, and comes with easy to follow instructions. Their website also contains a FAQ’s page where you can read all the frequently asked questions regarding the entire process and sustainably of the preserved breastmilk.

One of the things I love about the LACKTO brand is the variety of molds and accessories that they carry. You can also take 20% off with code ECOMOM at check out.

Milky Treasures

The Milky Treasures Crown Necklace DIY Breastmilk Jewelry Making Kit lets you make over 12 breastmilk stones. This kit also includes a beautiful crown necklace base setting and chain, both made of 925 sterling silver. 

This breastmilk jewelry kit comes with easy to follow instructions, and the resin hardens in a matter of seconds under a UV lamp, which is also included in the kit. The only con to this kit is that you can only make one pendant, but you have plenty of extra stones that can be put to use in other fun projects

Earth, Sky & You

This is a fantastic DIY breastmilk preservation kit by a brand called Earth, Sky & You on Amazon with fabulous reviews. And this kit comes with not one, but two locket necklaces in which you’ll hold your breastmilk creation for a lifetime.

The lockets are also two different shapes (one egg, and one heart), and come with two stainless steel chains, plus, a gorgeous bonus necklace that says “mom”.

This entire breastmilk preservation kit comes with easy to follow instructions and is ready to wear 48 hours after you fill the mold.

Best Reusable Water Bottle For Active Moms

Why The Super Sparrow Sports Water Bottle Is My New Favorite Reusable Bottle For Working Out

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If you’ve been on the search for that perfect reusable water bottle to use on your stroller jogs, then check this refillable sports bottle out!

Physical exercise is an important part of my daily routine. It keeps me healthy, it keeps me strong and it allows me to keep up with my two kids. With that said, my favorite way to incorporate exercise into my daily routine is by going on a slow jog—and I take my three year old with me in her jogging stroller (which is very convenient for the both of us). I get to workout, and she gets to enjoy some fresh air.

Now, whether you work out at the gym, or go running with a jogging stroller, there’s one accessory that’s really vital to have: a water bottle. And if you’re an active mom like I am, then a reliable and reusable sports bottle is exactly what you need to help you get through your workouts. Because you NEED to stay hydrated.

My Jogging Stroller (7 years old btw)

I own a lot of reusable sports bottles, and some I use more than others. For me, it all comes down to taste and functionality. And these days, I’m happy to say that I actually have a favorite reusable go-to bottle for stroller jogging: The Super Sparrow reusable sports bottle. And it has a lot of neat features that I’ll share with you in this article.

Super Sparrow

I’ve been using the Super Sparrow reusable sports bottle for almost a month now and I genuinely have nothing but positive things to say about this reusable sports bottle—from the aesthetics to the functionality. And the very first thing I want to mention is taste. The water tastes really pure with no funky after taste, and that makes me really happy.



The Super Sparrow reusable sports bottle is made of Tritan plastic, which looks like glass, but is incredibly light weight— giving this bottle a very elegant look. It’s non-toxic, BPA free and incredibly durable—I know because I’ve accidentally dropped it onto concrete a couple of times and it still looks like it just arrived from Amazon. Hence, I’m very impressed that it can take a punch, which is great for active moms like myself.


Super Sparrow Flip Cap

Easy To Open Flip Cap

The Super Sparrow Reusable Sports Bottle has some really cool features that are a must-have for an active lifestyle. The first is a flip cap feature. Right now, as I am writing this article, it is pollen season in Northwest Florida, and yellow pollen is everywhere. So when I go jogging, the flip cap protects the mouthpiece and water from getting covered in pollen. It’s just a really useful feature to have, and all you have to do to open the cap is push a button—which is really convenient if you’re running. The cap also makes the sports bottle spill proof even though there’s a tiny air hole on the inner lid to allow fast water flow (I demonstrate its effectiveness in the video at the very bottom of this article).

Super Sparrow Removable Handle Feature


Another great feature of the Super Sparrow reusable sports bottle is a removable handle. There are times when I want to hold the bottle in my hand while I walk, and I simply let the handle hang around my wrist. It’s also convenient because I can wash it.

Super Sparrow With Removable Strainer


A really fun and healthy feature of the Super Sparrow reusable sports bottle is the removable strainer that comes with it (see my video at the end for demonstration). Being able to add fruit to this reusable sports bottle is a really neat way to incorporate some flavor into your water.

Final Thoughts

Super Sparrow


Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this reusable sports bottle by Super Sparrow based on several key features that fit my active lifestyle. It’s durable, the cap opens with a single click, it has a detachable handle, removable strainer, and it’s super easy to clean. I hand-wash it in the sink with a bottle brush.

And I have yet to notice an odd smell that most reusable bottles get. Lastly, how can I leave out the looks? This particular bottle is really pretty and I get complements on it during school pick up when I get my seven year old. It’s a bottle that I would definitely purchase again.

TruEarth Zero Waste Laundry Strips Review

Plant-Based Laundry Detergent That’s Zero-Waste, Fights Stains and Is Gentle On Skin!

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Change can be uncomfortable.

Anytime that we consider doing something new or out of our comfort zone, we tend to hesitate, and not do it at all—missing out on something great. Lifestyle and routine changes are one of them.

Take laundry for example. Like the majority of the population, I’ve done laundry the exact same way for years. You get the water running, pour in some liquid detergent (or soap suds) and then load the clothes. Pretty simple. But what if one day you swapped the liquid detergent for an alternative ‘cleanser’? Would you ever consider making such a change? What would stop you?

I made that lifestyle change not too long ago—about a month ago. I switched from a traditional liquid detergent to eco-friendly laundry strips by a company called Tru Earth . Their eco-friendly “eco-strips” are pre-measured laundry detergent strips that you simply throw into the wash. They’re free of phosphates, parabens, bleach, dyes and best of all, they’re vegan, zero-waste and cruelty free.


And trust me, even though I was excited to switch to a nontoxic laundry detergent, I had hesitations about using them at first.

Some of my biggest questions were “would these even remove stains? Would they cause skin irritation? And would they even dissolve properly? All valid questions, and I was pleasantly surprised after using them on a ton of different loads in different water temperatures with an assortment of different stains.

I’m a mom of a pre-schooler, a first grader and I’m married to a soldier whose uniforms are always in need of a wash! So I was excited to try these zero-waste Tru Earth laundry strips on all of this variety!


The first thing I want to address is the packaging. The Tru Earth Eco Strips were delivered in zero-waste cardboard packaging—which is 100% compostable and biodegradable. There was absolutely no plastic in there whatsoever. And then….there was the smell. OMG the smell that shot out of the box was heavenly. It was like a subtle scent of fresh linen, and actually, just having these in my laundry room makes the entire space smell fresh and airy.

TruEarth Packaging


I received five packs of the Tru Earth Eco Strips, with each pack containing 32 strips equaling 32 loads of laundry. Each package was different, that way I could try out the different formulas (scented, unscented, platinum, ultra, and one made just for babies, etc), and see which one worked best for my family.


Tru Earth

How Do They Work ?

The Tru Earth laundry strips come connected in one big square (about the size of a toilet paper square). And you can rip them apart and use 1/2 to one strip on a small-medium load. Or you can throw in two (the entire square) for a large to extra large load. I’ve found that throwing just one in a large load, if the clothing isn’t really that stained, works really well, and there wasn’t a need to use two eco-strips.

Do They Dissolve PROPERLY?

As I mentioned earlier, I was curious to see if these zero-waste laundry strips would even dissolve, or would they just stick to the side of the laundry machine and just turn to goo. And I was pleasantly surprised to see that the strips indeed started to dissolve under running water and even foamed, just like traditional detergent.

Sometimes I’d even throw the strips on top of a few clothes, and they still dissolved once water came in contact with them. So if you have a front load washer and not an old school top load like mine where water shoots down like a waterfall, your clothes will be just fine. I’ve actually attached a video of the eco-strips in action at the end of this post!

Throwing one strip into a small size load


These zero-waste, nontoxic detergent laundry strips are especially great for babies and young children because they are hypoallergenic. My daughter has sensitive skin and she’ll easily break out in a rash when it comes to certain detergents, so I always have to be careful with what I buy and use. I found that the TruEarth Baby Eco-Strips caused absolutely no irritation whatsoever and I love how her clothing smells after each wash. I’ve actually used all of the other strips on her clothing as well, and they all work perfectly with her skin.

Gentle for my toddler’s skin


The zero-waste Tru Earth Eco-Strips are great at removing most stains. My daughter gets food stains on her clothing every single day, and lately she’s been into popsicles so she’s always dripping red popsicle juice on her t-shirts. And my son, who’s in the first grade, constantly comes home with dirt and grass stains on his sweat pants that he acquires during recess. These eco-strips work well to remove stains, and don’t make the fabric fade either. You definitely have to pretreat the heavily soiled items though.

TruEarth Eco-Strips


The Tru Earth Eco-Strips save so much space on my laundry room shelves. Before, I would have several different laundry detergents stacked all across my shelf, but these detergent alternatives can simply be stored in a basket. This saves so much space and I can use the extra space for towels or other gadgets.

My TruEarth Eco-Strips in a basket on my laundry room shelf
This saves so much space!

Overall, I am in awe of how great an eco-friendly laundry detergent actually works. And I genuinely wish that I had heard about Tru Earth sooner. The safer ingredients are great for sensitive skin, they do an excellent job at removing stains, they smell fantastic (though you can get unscented strips as well), and they don’t cause irritation. So would do I recommend these? Absolutely. And as a thank you for checking this amazing laundry detergent alternative out, please take 10% off with code EcoMom10 — just click the Tru Earth link to be taken to their site!

Or Get It On Amazon

Change is hard, but you’ll never know if something works way better than what you’re currently using without giving it a try!

Tru Earth

Would you consider making a switch to a non-toxic laundry alternative such as TruEarth Eco-Strips? What would stop you?

The Best Insulated Wine Tumblers For The Outdoors

The Best Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers To Keep Your Drinks Cold!

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When it comes to drinking wine, some people prefer traditional wine glasses, others chug straight out of the bottle, some attach a guzzle buddy, and others opt for insulated wine tumblers (which are the best choice).

That’s because stainless steel tumblers are considered zero-waste and eco-friendly because they’re reusable. You can take them with you to cookouts, coffee shops and even smoothie stands—and avoid all the plastic “to go” cups. Such a great way to lower your carbon footprint!

However, not all insulated wine tumblers are created equal. Even though they all kind of look the same, some are actually better than others. Two main features to look for are: insulation quality and lid quality.


What’s Great About Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers?

Insulated wine tumblers are great because they aren’t limited to just wine. If you need something to keep your coffee hot in the mornings for a long period of time, then an insulated wine tumbler is actually perfect for the job.

That’s because stainless steel tumblers contain a double wall, and sometimes triple wall insulation, which prevents heat transfer. This technology keeps your drink’s temperature constant—so your coffee will stay hot and your wine will stay chilled.

Stainless steel insulated wine tumblers are also dishwasher safe, and will never rust, making them a perfect addition to your zero-waste lifestyle.

Stainless steel insulated wine tumblers are incredibly durable and pretty much unbreakable. That’s why they make excellent companions to any outdoor recreation adventure—like camping.

Insulated wine tumblers often come with accessories like spill proof lids. And some even come with reusable straws. It all depends on the brand. You can also put your own reusable straw through the lid opening.

Below are several of the best reusable insulated stainless steel tumblers that happen to be the best on the market. They’re the best because of craftsmanship, durability and popularity. So go ahead and indulge. We all deserve a great wine tumbler!

Best Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers

Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask

You’ve probably known for a while now that Hydro Flask is one of the best water bottle brands on the planet. Excellent craftsmanship, durability, and the ability to maintain hot and cold liquid temperature is what makes them unique. And luckily, Hydro Flask makes wine tumblers too, which makes them especially perfect for the great outdoors.



The Yeti brand has been around for years, and they’re known for durability. All of their drink ware are perfect for the ruggedness of the outdoors—from their large jug collection to the smaller 10 oz Rambler tumbler. These stylish wine tumblers are especially great for outdoor recreation and perfect for small hands.



The Brumate “Uncork’d” stainless steel wine tumbler is able to hold 14 oz of your favorite beverage. It comes in a variety of glittery and mesmerizing colors (as well as solid, masculine shades), and is quickly becoming a favorite amongst many wine and outdoor recreation enthusiasts.



The Corkcicle is another fantastic and top notch brand with excellent reviews all across the board. Their 12 oz tumbler is triple insulated, and contains an interesting and practical non slip grip— can actually see it in the image above. Their designs are very creative as well. In addition to their glittery variety, they’ve got some bright colorful ‘block’ designs that you don’t typically see on tumblers.



The 12oz Hitslam stainless steel wine tumbler is double wall insulated and comes in a variety of solid pastel colors—including black and silver. It literally has over two thousand customer reviews on Amazon and customers just love it. It’s extremely durable for the price, and if you own the right equipment, you can get these monogrammed and give them as gifts to friends and family.



If you’re looking for both quality and fun aesthetics, then look no further than Swig Life, who have over 40 different available designs on their insulated wine tumblers. The Swig Life stainless steel wine tumblers hold 14 ounces of liquid and keep your beverage hot for 3 hours, and cold for up to 9 hours. The tumbler also comes with a spill proof slider lid.



Thily is another great brand when it comes to insulated tumblers. With over 14 designs to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one that matches your personality. This wine tumbler has a silicone base, and comes with a spill proof lid, as well as a stainless steel reusable straw.

The Best Extra Large Face Masks For Men

The Best Reusable Face Masks Made Specifically For Big Heads, Bearded Faces, Long Noses, And Where To Buy Them

Prior to Covid-19, our biggest plastic pollution problem consisted primarily of single-use plastic straws, water bottles, shopping bags and diapers. Now, we’ve added disposable masks to the mix—rapidly filling up landfills and posing a threat to marine and wild life. Fortunately, reusable face masks can help stop that threat.

Face masks, whether they’re disposable, or reusable, have become a part of our daily lives. Even if you live in a state where masks are no longer mandatory, your job, military installations, and privately owned institutions (like grocery stores) most likely still require them—especially with new strains of COVID-19 constantly making an appearance—it seems like masks are here to stay for a while.

Hence, it makes sense to invest in a good quality face mask that not only prevents pathogens and other particles from seeping through, but allows you to breathe freely. And luckily, there are many to choose from. However, there’s only one issue that many men (and women) are facing when shopping for reusable face masks: a proper fit.

The Problem With Most Face Masks

If you happen to be in the big and tall department, sporting a long, thick beard, or just simply have a large face or long nose, then you’re probably having a really hard time finding a reusable mask that fits properly—and that can be a problem.

Your typical face mask, whether it’s a disposable or a reusable type, fits the average human face. And while that’s great for the average humans out there, it’s a little awkward for those with slightly bigger faces, thick face foliage and longer noses. And while those characteristics make you the unique and wonderful person that you are, they also make wearing a mask a tad bit awkward and uncomfortable.

Why A Proper Fit Matters

According to the CDC, you should check to be sure that the mask fits snugly over the nose and mouth and under the chin and that there are no gaps around the sides.

When a reusable face mask doesn’t fit the face correctly, it doesn’t do what it’s suppose to do—help protect you and others from spreading germs (especially if you sneeze or cough).

And if you’re a man with facial hair—especially a long beard, then you’ve got a little extra to worry about, because facial hair can trap a lot of other stuff that’s floating around in the air. So it makes a lot of sense that men want to cover their beards as well. Plus, a face mask that’s too tight can cause a dent, making your beard look funny.

Lastly, if you wear eye glasses, you’re gonna have a bad time—because when a mask doesn’t properly hug the bridge of your nose, chances are that condensation will travel to your lenses, fogging them up.

But, finding an extra large face mask that does a great job at covering a large face (especially one with a beard) is not as easy as one would think. I personally know many people with this dilemma, and they literally hate shopping for reusable face masks because they spend hours jumping from online store to online store. And when they think they finally found something worth buying—they read the (not so great) reviews.

Features To Look For When Buying A Mask

Nose Bridge Wire: Look for masks with a nose bridge wire as those help prevent air from coming in and escaping upward (this results in foggy lenses).

Snug Fit: Look for masks that are long enough to extend over your chin and provide a snug fit.

Multiple Layers: Look for masks with multiple layers as they help stop pathogens from coming through the fabric. Masks that come with a filter are bonus points.

The Best Face Masks For Long Noses, Chubby Faces And Long Beards


Material | Polyester | Spandex | Bamboo

Size Range | S, M, L, XL

HALOLIFE is perhaps one of the best reusable face masks on the market right now due to their trademarked nanofilter technology which is more effective than N95 masks, according to researchers. And with the omicron variant being spread around, you need something that’s 99.9% effective at stopping the pathogens.

The nanofilters within these masks are composed of strands that are smaller than a strand of hair, capturing the tiniest of particles and pathogens while still allowing the maximum airflow. The Halolife face masks also contain moisture wicking and antibacterial bamboo lining which greatly reduces condensation.


  • Includes 1 replaceable HALO Nanofilter™ good for 200+ hours. 
  • Replaceable latex nose pad prevents fogging and air leak
  • Chin wrap provides an air-tight seal, even with facial hair & beards
  • Super-breathable poly-blend outer material (80% Polyester, 20% Lycra)
  • Soft moisture-wicking Bamboo lining is ultra-comfortable, even for long wear  
  • Adjustable embedded nose clip and ear-loops make a perfect fit


Material | Bamboo | Spandex

Size Range | One Size/XL

Big Boy Bamboo is an online shop with apparel and masks specially made for big and tall men! And the best part is that their masks and clothing are made from sustainable bamboo which is a soft, antibacterial and moisture wicking fiber.

“Big Boy Bamboo has the goods for dudes with manly beards, masculine jutting chins, and impressive king-sized faces” – Big Boy Bamboo


  • Triple Layer Protection
  • 95% Organic Bamboo Viscose and 5% Spandex
  • Stretchy Loops

Dimensions: 6.5 inches from ear to ear. Yes, 6.5 inches IS big. Most large masks are only 5 inches according to a quick search on the internet.


Material | Cotton

Size Range | One Size/XL

MASHELE is a reusable face mask brand made just for men—particularly men with large heads and big beards. And if you’re a combination of the two, then this mask is perfect for you. It has a curved design to hug your beard and a seam at the nose to add some breathing space. This mask is available in size Large to XXL.

MASHELE has a great mask collection, many of which are summer friendly and made from breathable cotton. These reusable face masks are double layer textile and are also great for those who wear eye glasses, sun glasses and eye protection throughout the day (won’t fog them up).


  • Curved Shape
  • Adjustable Nose Wire

DIMENSIONS: These masks are available in size Large which have a vertical length of 9 inches tall and 8.5 inches wide to size XXL which has a vertical length of 12 inches tall to 11 inches wide.


Material | Cotton

Size Range | Standard, XL

GYOTHRIG is a great brand, and their reusable face masks are made specifically for men with beards. The quality and craftsmanship is fantastic— customers are literally praising the durability and workmanship of these masks. I’ve personally seen similar masks, but they tend to leave a huge open gap on the side of men’s faces—these seem to do a great job at clinging securely to the cheek.

These reusable face masks for men come in a set of four, are reversible, and you can choose from 3 different color schemes: all solids, camouflage or stripes/grid. Each mask is machine washable and come with silicone ear loop adjusters for a more comfortable and customized fit. The adjustable nose bar also helps keep your eye glasses from fogging—which is great for those who wear eyeglasses, protective glasses or sunglasses all day long.


  • Soft & stretchy ear loops
  • Adjustable Nose Bar
  • Won’t dent your beard

Dimensions: This reusable face mask is 14 inches across from ear loop to ear loop and can stretch up to 8 inches vertically (4 inches tall at rest position).


Material | Cotton

Size Range | One Size /XL

The Tuff reusable face mask is made from cotton and is great for full, round faces. It has a curvy C-design, which provides more space between the fabric, your mouth and your nose—which basically helps you breathe easier, talk more clearly, and helps you feel less claustrophobic. These reusable face masks also come with adjustable ear loops and contain a filter pocket.

You can purchase these reusable face masks in a pack of 3, and you can choose from either a set of all black or a variety pack with mixed colors like gray, navy and black. These extra large reusable face masks are also especially great with eyeglasses, sunglasses and protective eyewear, as they reduce fogging, thanks to the adjustable nose bar.


  • Soft And Stretchy Ear Loops
  • Adjustable Nose Bar
  • Great With Eyeglasses

DIMENSIONS: This reusable face mask is 6 inches in vertical length and 9.5 inches in horizontal length (excluding the earl loops). I think that if you were to count the ear loops, it would be around the same horizontal length as the first mask in this article.

Purian Bandit Mask

Material | Polyester | Cotton | Spandex

Size Range | One Size/XL

The Purian reusable face mask is the mask for you if you happen to have a super long beard. And in addition to functional protection, it comes with some pretty cool features like aromatherapy discs to keep your mask smelling fresh all day long.


  • Triple Layer Protection
  • 2 Adjustable Nose Wires
  • 2 Aromatherapy Discs Included
  • 2 Filters Included

Blu Horn

Blu Horn

Material | Cotton| Jersey

Size Range | L, XL, 2XL

The Blu Horn face mask is yet another extra large face mask brand with big and tall men in mind. This reusable face mask is a two layer design made from a blend of cotton and jersey fabric and contains adjustable ear loops as well as an adjustable nose wire.


  • 2 Layers Of protection
  • Curved to fit your face
  • Adjustable ear loop
  • Contains pocket for optional filter


The BLU HORN XL Face Masks are 6.5 inches in length(nose bridge to chin) and 12 inches wide (from ear to ear). 

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Teen Girls

Environmentally Friendly And Trendy Gift Ideas For Eco-Conscious Teenage Girls

Updated on March 9, 2022

This post contains affiliate links which may earn us a small commission.

The current generation of young people are more aware of environmental issues that are plaguing this planet.

We have more young people speaking out against climate change, and striving to live more sustainably, which is really commendable.

Many teens and young adults understand the negative impact of disposable plastic waste, and have embraced the use of reusable products such as water bottles, straws, and other zero waste must-haves to help lower their carbon footprint.

Many teenagers also help with organizing and engaging in community trash pick up, and helping spread awareness regarding single-use plastic pollution through social media apps like Instagram, TikTok and VSCO.


So, if you have a teen who’s eco-conscious and passionate about the green living movement, then you have one inspiring child!

And you’re in luck—because there are quite a few eco-friendly products that kids these days are really embracing—and I’ve listed the top must-have gift items to help inspire you on your ‘eco-friendly’ gift search.

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Eco-Conscious Teen Girls

Brand | W7

The W7 vegan makeup set comes with all the neutral tone “basics”. This makeup set is cruelty free and made from all-natural, plant-based ingredients that are gentle enough for teen skin.

Brand | Urban Kissed

If the teen in your life loves fitness and activewear, then you should check out the recycled activewear collection at Urban Kissed! There are lots of great styles to choose from, and all the brands are ethically made!

Brand | Karma Organic

The Karma Organic nail polish sets are vegan, cruelty-free, nontoxic, and make perfect eco-friendly gifts for teen girls who love nail polish. This brand is great for sensitive skin, and is even safe enough for children and pregnant women.

Brand | LuckyPads

If your teen prefers natural alternatives to disposable period pads, which have so many unhealthy chemicals, get them a starter pack of reusable organic cotton menstrual pads at LuckyPads. The fabric is breathable, non-toxic, and can be thrown into the wash countless times. Plus, the designs are really cute!

Brand | Sinbono

For the older teen who is into purses, check out the gorgeous vegan handbags at Sinbono. There are a ton of styles to choose from (although the Ava bag shown above is my personal favorite) and they are all ethically and sustainably made.

Brand | Merbabe

The Merbabe face mask kit is an awesome beauty gift for teen girls of all ages. Each mask features a collection of organic plant-based ingredients to soothe, cleanse, and nourish your skin. These masks are also non-toxic and vegan!

Brand | Jangoul

Bamboo Sunglasses are incredibly stylish and are becoming a favorite ethical fashion accessory amongst eco conscious consumers. We particularly love the Jangoul brand because of the fun designs that they incorporate into the frame!

Brand | Birkenstock

Kids, teens and women everywhere are wearing Birkenstocks. Thats because these eco-friendly shoes are cute, comfy and sustainable! Birkenstocks are made with earth friendly material such as jute, cork, wool, and felt (to name a few!)

Brand | Jungle Culture

This beautiful metal safety razor by Jungle Culture is reusable and comes with a really cute jute travel bag. You can literally use any double edge razor blade brand for this razor, and it will greatly help prevent and reduce razor bumps! More and more young women are making this eco-friendly switch! The packaging itself is very classy and makes a beautiful zero waste gift!

Brand | Converse

Many people don’t know that the Converse Chuck Taylors are actually sustainable and manufactured with eco-friendly material like recycled plastic bottles, rubber and cotton canvas. Girls are also loving the new lugged trend that’s popular right now.

Maker Home Studio

Boba teas are incredibly popular right now, and this super cute reusable boba cup set by Maker Home Studio is BPA free, and comes with accessories consisting of sticker decals and a reusable stainless steel straw!

Hydro Flask

Brand | Hydro Flask

Remember back in middle school and high school when you really had to have a certain brand because it’s what all the other kids were wearing? The same goes with water bottles these days. Everyone has to have a Hydro Flask. I’m not sure how this particular brand gained so much popularity amongst kids, but I will tell you that they have good taste.

The Hydro Flask is actually one of the finest built reusable water bottles on the planet. It maintains temperature extremely well, and it’s incredibly durable. The ones with the flex handle are especially popular, and you will see kids decorating them with all sorts of decals and stickers.


True, it has a funny name that even I have trouble pronouncing, but, this isn’t just any backpack. This is a fashion must-have for middle school girls all across the country. Although this Swedish-born book bag was created in the late 70s, the VSCO lifestyle that so many teens are embracing, has made this bag a fashion icon. But, there’s more to this hipster looking backpack than just aesthetics, the FJALLRAVEN KANKEN backpack is made from sustainable and ethically sourced material, is dirt and water resistant, and will last a lifetime.

Brand | Final Straw

Single-use plastic straws are everywhere, and chances are that your teen gets tempted to use them at school or anywhere else they go to where drinks are sold (like StarBucks). So help her combat plastic straw temptation with a reusable travel straw.

Teens are constantly on the go, so the best type of reusable straw is a collapsible one—and the FinalStraw is one excellent reusable and collapsible straw. Does the name sound familiar? That’s because you might have seen the founders of this brand on an episode of SharkTank. But aside from their popularity, these straws are functional, durable, cute and have a lifetime guarantee.

Brand | Kim Soong

One of the best ways to make a statement, especially as a young teen is with a t-shirt that has a good graphic and solid message. And one of the biggest fashion trends in the last year is a “save the bees” tee. Young girls love sporting graphic art that promotes environmental awareness and animal rights.

Brand | HaloLife Masks

If you’re shopping for a reusable face mask as a gift for your teen, then you need to purchase one that’s stylish, made out of sustainable fabric, and contains nanotechnology! The HaloLife masks are one of the best around because the inner layer is made from soft, sustainable bamboo, and they contain replaceable filters that last 200 hours and trap pathogens thinner than a strand of hair!

Apple Valley Natural Soap

Brand | Apple Valley Natural Soap

Girls love gift baskets full of skincare and beauty products. And based on personal experience (having ordered these products myself), I can assure you that Apple Valley Natural Soap makes the most luxurious hand-made haircare and skincare products! Check out their selections of gift baskets (which sell out fast)! Also, take 10% off with code AVNSDIARIES10

Best Reusable Food Storage Containers of 2022

Zero-Waste Food Storage Solutions To Preserve Freshness And Prevent Food Waste

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Food waste is a major issue in just about every household. We don’t intentionally allow food to go to waste—it jut happens. And even if you compost, there are certain foods that just cannot be thrown into your compost bin. That’s why finding and investing in good food storage containers is an excellent solution to on-going food waste.

Zero-waste food storage containers are the opposite of single-use products. They can be reused countless times, are non-toxic, eco-friendly and in most cases, recyclable. But not all food storage containers are made this way. Some are made of durable and BPA-free plastic material, and that’s fine too. Because if it’s going to last you a very long time, then that’s zero-waste (because you don’t need to constantly replace it).

Reusable food storage containers have really become innovative. I mean, there are some really great ways to freeze and refrigerate left over food without taking up much space in your refrigerator and freezer, and non of it requires single use-plastic bags anymore—and that’s great! Because single-use plastic sandwich bags are no different from single-use plastic straws. Once they’re thrown out, they lay around the landfill for years.

Now, let’s fix your food waste problem, and inspire you to create a new zero-waste food storage system. Below are some really fantastic and top notch food storage containers that will help make your kitchen more eco-friendly. And these containers will last you a very long time.

Best Reusable Containers For Storing Food

Prepara Herb PODS

Prepa Herb Saver Pods

These innovative herb pods by Prepara store your herbs and keeps them fresher 3x longer. There have been times when I haven’t used cilantro or parsley right away because my meal plans have changed and my herbs would wither and not look or taste as fresh—and I think that has happened to a lot of us. This BPA free storage container prevents that from happening. The hard shell keeps them from getting crushed, while water within keeps them fresh (just snap open the cap to pour in water and change it out every 3 days or so). And if you’ve been searching for a gift for that cooking enthusiast or vegan in your life, these also make a great gift—especially because they come in a pack of 3.


Vodeson Freezer Trays

These stackable and flat food storage trays by Vodeson are an awesome solution to storing food in your freezer—although they can be used for so much more! There are times when I haven’t wanted to use all of the meat that I purchased and have had to store the remainder in resealable plastic freezer bags (because that’s what you normally do), and I really wanted a solution where I could store it in something reusable that resembles meat packaging trays. It keeps meat like chicken breasts flat and and saves a lot of space in your freezer. However, these fantastic trays aren’t just limited to the freezer—you can place leftovers in them (like pizza) and stick them in the fridge. You can also use these for meal prep, and in your pantry for dry foods. They even come with convenient little labels so the rest of your family knows what’s in them.

Collapsibles Silicone Containers

Collapsibles Silicone Containers

I love storing food in box shaped containers—especially if it’s something liquid like soup. I don’t, however, like the space that most storage containers can take up in my kitchen cabinets when they are not in use. These food-grade silicone food containers by Collapsibles fix that problem though—because they’re collapsible! These (5) containers come in different sizes and hold a good amount of food. They’re also microwaveable and dish washer safe—making them great for work as well, because they can be reheated. And when they’re not in use, just squish them down into a flat size and store them away. These awesome silicone storage containers are also available in red and blue for the men in your life.

Cuisinart Silicone Storage Bags

Cuisinart Silicone Storage Bags

Ditch those single-use plastic sandwich bags and swap them for reusable silicone bags! The Cuisineart reusable silicone bags are great because they are made from food-grade silicone, and come in various sizes—so you can use them for items like small snacks and sandwiches. Reusable silicone bags are also extremely durable and can be placed in the dishwasher, as well as boiling water. New moms in particular love using these because they are great for sanitizing pacifiers, bottle nipples, teething toys and breast pump parts.


HONEYALLEY Beeswax Wraps

Another great alternative to cling wraps and single use plastic storage bags are reusable beeswax wraps. The HONEYALLEY beeswax wraps can be reused over and over again and can be washed and stored without taking up hardly any room in your kitchen drawers. They’re great for wrapping sandwiches and other snacks, and they come in three different sizes. And how cute are the designs? Because I am really loving these designs! These have really become popular in the last couple of years, and it’s a truly sustainable way to store food.


Koaland Linen Bread Bags

If you’re someone who enjoys fresh and crispy bread, baguettes or bagels from your local bakery or grocery store, then consider getting yourself a few linen bread bags. These reusable bags are great to take to the store with you and they are a fantastic and eco-friendly way to store your bread in your kitchen. The Koaland linen bags come in a set of 4 and you also get a wine bag with this set, which is really cool.

Ello Duraglass Storage Containers

Ello Duraglass Storage Containers

I truly love glass containers for meal prep and storage. But I’ve broken some on several occasions. I even ordered a set from an online store once and it arrived shattered. It was incredibly inconvenient. So when it comes to glass containers, I recommend that people buy them with silicone sleeves. The Ello duraglass containers come in a pack of 5 with silicone sleeves, and they’re dish washer as well as microwave safe. The sleeves help protect against breakage and they’re great for on the go as well.

G.a. Homefavor Stainless Steel Containers

G.A. Homefavor

If you’re looking for a more durable food storage container, aim for stainless steel. The G.A. Homefavor stainless steel food containers come in a pack of 3 and double as food prep and bento boxes. So they’re great for on the go as well. As with all metal, these stainless steel food storage containers cannot be microwaved, but they are dish washer safe, won’t rust, and will last a very long time.

Stasher SILICONE Bags

Stasher Silicone Bags

Another way to store food in your fridge or freezer without taking up too much space is using a silicone Stasher Bag. The stasher bag has recently gained a ton of popularity for its ability to create an airtight seal—making them perfect for storing liquid foods in addition to solids. The Stasher bags also have a self seal feature, so no need for extra parts, such as clips, that most silicone bags require. You can lay them flat or propped up when you’re short on space—so convenient!

How do save or store your food at home to prevent food-waste? Have you tried any of these products? Let us know in the comments!