How To Do A Selfie Scavenger Hunt For Birthday Parties: Free Printables Included

Give Your Teen’s Next Birthday Party An Upgrade With This Fun Selfie Scavenger Hunt!

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Tweens and teens are constantly taking photos of themselves, so why not put this talent to good use by hosting a selfie scavenger hunt at their next birthday party!

How To Do A selfie Scavenger Hunt

To do a selfie scavenger hunt, the participants will need their smart phones or cameras (either digital or polaroid cameras are perfectly fine because we here at Eco Mom Diaries, realize that not all kids are allowed to own a smart phone).

Each participant will also need a scavenger hunt worksheet that lists all of the items they’ll need to find in and around your home.

We’ve created two types of printable worksheets (one for indoor use and one for the backyard), so feel free to use either one—or both!

As each item is located, the participants will take a photo with the item and check it off of the list.

Optional Rules

To make this scavenger hunt a little more challenging, set a time limit. The typical tween will take forever trying to get that “perfect angle” (LOL), so setting a timer will speed things up!

You can also choose to give a prize to the winning participant (like a set of kawaii scrunchies or a cute reusable water bottle)—something that’s trending amongst teen girls these days.

You can tell participants that certain items require a silly face.

How To Download The Free Printable Scavenger Hunt Worksheets

To download the free scavenger hunt worksheets, simply right click the image, and save it to your desktop. You can also click on the image to open it on another tab and print from there.

Have fun, and remember to stay safe if you are doing a scavenger hunt outdoors!

Free Printable Selfie Scavenger Hunt Worksheets



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