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First Holy Communion Suit For Boys Review

Shopping For A First Holy Communion Suit? Check Out The One We Purchased For Our Son!

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Congratulations on your child’s holy communion! This is an important milestone in their spiritual journey and a wonderful time for your family to celebrate.

The celebration of a child’s first communion is a time-honored tradition that has been passed down through generations. It is a reminder of the importance of faith and the power of prayer. It is also a time to reflect on the teachings of the church and the commitment to living a life of faith.

As your child continues to grow and explore their faith, may they be blessed with a life of joy and peace. Congratulations again on this special day and may God continue to bless your family.

What Is Holy Communion

First holy communion is a religious milestone that marks an important step in a child’s spiritual journey. It is a sacrament of the Catholic Church that is typically celebrated when a child is between the ages of seven and twelve, and during the ceremony, a child receives the Eucharist, which is the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

The significance of first holy communion is not only spiritual, but also social. It is a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate a child’s commitment to their faith.

What Do Children Wear For Their First Holy Communion?

For many children, their first holy communion is a special and memorable occasion. An important part of the celebration is the clothing that is worn. For many denominations, children wear white for their first holy communion.

White is often associated with purity and innocence, making it a symbolic and meaningful choice for this special event. Dressing in white is a way for children to show reverence for the sacrament and to signify that they are ready to receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

The clothing worn for first holy communion is often a white dress or suit, but some churches may have specific dress codes that require a certain style or color. The clothing should be modest and appropriate for the occasion. It is also important to consider the weather and the time of year when choosing an outfit for the ceremony.

No matter what the clothing looks like, the important thing is that children feel comfortable and confident in their clothing as they celebrate their first holy communion. With the right outfit and attitude, children can make this special day even more meaningful.

How I Found The Perfect Suit

I won’t lie, it was very frustrating trying to find the perfect first holy communion suit for my son. And that’s because compared to the many first communion dresses that are sold online, there really aren’t very many suit options for boys (and the few suits that are available, are very cookie-cutter).

Since this is a once in a lifetime event, I wanted my son to have a suit with a little bit of a “wow factor”. I wanted texture, I wanted a subtle design. Nothing too fancy, but definitely something that stood out.

After what seemed like hours of scrolling through both Etsy and Amazon, I finally found a suit that was sold on Amazon, and it came arrived from the United Kingdom in less than a week.

I was pleasantly surprised because the shipping estimate said “4-6 weeks”, but much to my surprise, it arrived 4 days after I clicked that order button.

How I Chose The Right Size

The seller whom I ordered from on Amazon is called SIRRI, and they are a UK based clothing company that designs and manufactures children’s and men’s occasional and casual wear.

The Suit is available from 1T to 15 years, and they have a sizing chart so that you can choose the correct suit size. This made me super nervous because I really wanted to get the correct size on the first try.

Luckily, I had some measuring tape on hand, so I measured his arms, legs, and waste, and then ordered one size up. It’s always better to get a suit that’s a few centimeters bigger (which you can always hem), than to get something that ends up being too tight and makes your child uncomfortable.

With that said, on the chart, my son fit the size 10 criteria, but I ordered the 11 and it fit perfectly, so I’m glad I went with my gut.

My 9 year old son is 4’6” and weighs 73 pounds, so the size 11 ended up being the perfect size.

What’s Included With The Suit

This charming 5 piece holy communion suit includes a jacket, a matching swirl design waistcoat and tie, one shirt and trousers. The single breasted jacket is fully lined, and has a double vent on the back. The waistcoat comes with four buttons and has a plain satin back.

The tie clips together around the back of the neck, which I love because it’s super convenient. And I love the swirl design and texture of the vest, which matches the little hanky that comes tucked into the front pocket of the suit.

My son looks incredibly handsome in this suit, and I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

My son wearing his first holy communion suit
My son’s first holy communion suit from Amazon
Jacket, Vest and Tie
SIRRI First holy communion suit
My son wearing his first holy communion suit

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Bee And You Skincare Products: Honest Review

I Swapped My Everyday Skincare Products For A Bee Venom Infused Skincare Line And Here’s What Happened— My Honest Review Of Bee And You Skincare

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

At 39 years old, I knew my skin needed some extra attention. I had been using the same skincare routine for years, and I could tell that my skin wasn’t responding to my everyday products anymore.

My skin developed more texture, my tone became uneven, I started to break out again during that time of the month, and the dreaded fine lines started to emerge near the corner of my eyes and forehead—it was definitely time to find a new routine that would help my skin look and feel its best.

I began looking for a way to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on my face without having to resort to Botox injections. I wanted to find a natural alternative that would give me the same results without the potential risks associated with Botox.

And after researching different options, I did find a natural alternative to Botox. It’s a natural skincare line infused with bee venom called “Bee and You”, and I gave them a try!

Bee and

This post is generously sponsored by Bee & You natural skincare products, and I was gifted three products to try. As always, Eco Mom Diaries only works with brands who we trust, and all thoughts and opinions are our own.

How Effective Is Bee Venom Skincare?

Bee venom has been used for centuries as an alternative form of medicine, and it has been found to be especially effective in treating various skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and wrinkles.

Bee venom contains a variety of compounds, including melittin, which has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Studies have also shown that bee venom can reduce inflammation and promote healing of the skin.

Bee venom skin care products are often combined with other natural ingredients such as honey, propolis, and royal jelly to create a powerful and effective skin care regimen, and can be used on a daily basis to help promote healthy, youthful looking skin.

When applied, Bee venom creams and serums penetrate your skin and increase your blood circulation, elastin and collagen production. As a result, your skin looks a lot firmer and plumper. You’ll also notice that your fine lines and wrinkles are minimized—just like with Botox.

Is Bee Venom Skincare Painful?

Despite the fact that you’re putting bee venom on your skin, it is not at all a painful process. In fact, many people, including myself, find it quite soothing.

When I used bee venom skincare by Bee and You for the first time, my skin tingled and got very rosy in color. It looked like I was having a hot flash, and it felt very warm to the touch. You can see how pink my skin looks in the image below—no pain involved whatsoever, and the color lasted only a few hours.

It turns out that this reaction happens because your skin thinks it’s being stung, so it increases collagen and blood circulation. This also creates a plumping effect and smoothes out fine lines.

I therefore recommend putting bee venom creams and serums on at bedtime, that way you avoid daytime redness, and you’ll awaken with beautiful even-toned, plump skin!

Angie, 39, after having applied Bee And You serum and cream

How Is Bee Venom Extracted?

Before I said yes to reviewing the Bee and You skincare products, I researched the extraction process to make sure that it was done safely and did not harm the bees. Fortunately, the extraction process is completely harmless and bees do not lose their stinger.

The process of collecting bee venom involves a vibrating glass pane (with mild electric current running through it) that beekeepers place near a hive. The bees attempt to sting the glass when they come in contact with it, and release a small amount of venom which gets collected at the end of the day. And since their stingers can’t get stuck in the glass (which would result in death), they return home to the hive.

Bee venom skincare bee and you
3 days after starting Bee and You skincare. Fine lines around the eyes are minimal and skin looks plumper.

With that said, it’s time to get to my “Bee and You” skincare review. I am going to discuss my experience using the Bee and You anti-aging face cream, anti-aging face serum, and natural eye contour serum.

Bee And You Skincare Review + My Routine

Bee And You Anti-Aging Eye Contour Serum

The Bee and You moisturizing anti-aging eye contour serum is the product that goes on my face first. I add one drop under each eye, and gently dab it around. Once it dries, I add the all-over face serum and face cream.

The under eye serum is watery in texture, so make sure you’re looking up at the ceiling when placing it on your face. It doesn’t really have a scent, and it comes in a lovely glass bottle that keeps it fresh, which is important for all-natural formulas.

What Does It Do?

The eye contour serum smoothes fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. It also rejuvenates the skin and reduces dark circles and bags. I’ve never had under eye circles or bags, so I can’t say whether or not it works for me in that department, but it definitely smoothed out my fine lines.


The Bee and You eye contour serum is made with a combination of Aqua, Glycerin, Hawkweed Extract, Daisy Flower Extract, Kiwifruit Extract, Corn Starch, Beet Root Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Honey, Bee Propolis Extract, and Bee Venom.

Bee And You Anti-Aging Face Serum

Bee and you anti aging face serum

The Bee and You moisturizing anti-aging face serum is the second product that I place on my skin, and absorbs quite quickly. I fan my face a little bit to speed up the process and finish my routine by applying face cream.

What Does It Do?

The Bee and You anti-aging face serum plumsp skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, minimizes pores, improves elasticity, soothes inflammation, heals blemishes and firms skin.


The Bee and You anti-aging face serum contains Aqua, Glycerin, Raw Honey, Iris Florentina Root Extract, Myrtle Tree Leaves Extract, Laurel Leaf Extract, Kiwifruit Extract, Corn Starch, Beet Root Extract, Rosa Multiflora Fruit Extract, Hydroxyethyl cellulose, Hyaluronic Acid, Propolis Extract, and Bee Venom.

Bee & You Moisturizing Anti-Aging Face Cream

Bee and you facial moistu

The Bee and You moisturizing anti-aging face cream is the last product of the trio that I place onto my skin and it smells and feels heavenly. It smells like sweet honey, and feels ultra moisturizing. I have purchased expensive creams in the past and none have felt as luxurious as this cream (I even lather a bit on the back of my hands).

If I could only afford one of these products, I would definitely choose this cream.

What Does It Do?

The Bee and You anti-aging face cream helps reduce the look of deep wrinkles, including crow’s feet, forehead, and cheek wrinkles. It also hydrates and plumps the skin, brightens skin and diminishes dark spots.

For me, it definitely plumps my skin and gives it a beautiful dewy glow in the mornings (since I use it as a nighttime regimen). I also notice that my skin looks and feels firmer, brighter and even-toned.

I’ve been able to wear a much sheerer foundation whereas before I had a lot of uneven skin tone and redness that I had to cover up with full coverage foundation (which I hated, especially during summer).


The Bee and You anti-aging face cream contains Aqua, Glycerin, Zinc Oxide, Coconut Oil with Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Vegetable Glycerin with a mixture of citric-lactic-linoleic and oleic acid, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Beeswax, Vit B5, Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Vit E Acetate, Magnesium Sulfate, Honey, Jasmine Oil (Parfum), Royal Jelly, and Bee Venom.

Bee and you face serum
Angie, 39, using Bee & You Serum
Bee and you face cream
Angie using Bee and You anti-aging face cream

Overall, I am incredibly impressed with this skincare line. I had heard good things about it, but I was not expecting such a high level of quality. The products are well-made and the results are noticeable. I highly recommend this line to anyone looking for a natural anti-aging skincare solution.

You can find all three Bee and You skincare products on Amazon. And if you can only pick one product, I highly recommended the anti-aging cream. It takes about a week for most people to notice a big change, but for me it took three. And I’ll tell you right now it just gets better and better.

I think that you will enjoy this skincare, but please ask your doctor for the go ahead if you have allergies to bee venom.

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Fungies Lion’s Mane Mushroom Gummies | Honest Review

Are The Lion’s Mane Fungies Gummies Worth Consuming? Read On For My Honest Review With Pros And Cons

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission. Also, I was gifted a bottle of Fungies for this review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Please see a physician before starting mushrooms supplements if you have concerns.

A year ago, I was put on a short course of corticosteroids for inflammation due to a herniated disc in my lower back. The steroids provided much needed relief while I healed, but they had a few adverse effects such as high blood sugar, mild memory loss, and blurry vision.

I was a bit worried about these side effects, so I started researching natural herbs and supplements that would help repair nerve damage and improve my vision.

That’s when I stumbled upon a certain group of adaptogenic mushrooms that have an ability to improve focus and repair nerve damage, so I decided to give them a try.

Thus began my journey with Lion’s mane mushrooms (capsule form), which I consumed twice a day—and no, it wasn’t Fungies.

At the time of discovering Lion’s mane mushrooms, I happened to be on Amazon, and purchased a random brand. But the amazing thing is that they actually helped with my vision (less blur) and I was more focused and less forgetful.

A year later, a rep from Fungies got in contact with me and asked if I wanted to try some of their mushroom gummies. I was excited because DUH, I already love taking them, and it would be great to compare them to capsules.

So here we are.

Fungies Gummies Review

What Are Lion’s Mane Mushrooms?

Often found growing on hardwoods and resembling the mane of a lion (thus the name), Lion’s mane mushrooms are a type of edible fungus that have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries—often used to improve heart, brain and gut health.

Many people enjoy the unique flavor of Lion’s mane mushrooms. They tend to have a mild, seafood-like taste, and they can be cooked in a variety of ways. Lion’s mane mushrooms are also a good source of essential vitamins and minerals which consist of: B vitamins, manganese, copper, potassium, zinc, selenium, and more.

Lion’s mane mushrooms contain compounds called hericenones and erinacines, which stimulate the growth of nerve cells in the brain. This helps to improve memory and focus, as well as reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.

Additionally, Lion’s mane mushrooms contain antioxidants that help to protect the brain from damage caused by free radicals. By consuming Lion’s mane mushrooms, individuals can help to repair and protect their brain cells, and potentially improve their cognitive function.

Lion’s mane mushrooms are available in a variety of forms, including capsules and gummies, making these supplements easy to incorporate into one’s daily routine (and diet). Capsules are a great option for those who want to take a precise dosage of the mushroom extract, while gummies provide a tasty and convenient way to get the same health benefits.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Lion’s Mane Mushrooms?

Lion’s mane mushrooms are an increasingly popular supplement due to several potential health benefits, making these a great supplement for anyone looking to improve their overall physical and mental health :

  • Lion‘s mane mushrooms have anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce inflammation in the body via special compounds called hericenones and erinacines.
  • Lion’s mane mushrooms contain antioxidants, which can help protect the body from free radical damage.
  • Studies have shown that lion’s mane mushroom can help improve the balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut, improving digestion and reducing inflammation—including reducing your risk for colon cancer.
  • Lion’s mane mushrooms repair brain cells and stimulate the growth of nerve cells and help protect against neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as improve cognitive function.
  • Additionally, Lion’s mane mushrooms have been found to have a positive effect on mental health, as they may also help improve mood and reduce anxiety.

Fungies Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

Meet Fungies

Fungies are functional mushroom gummies that are gelatin-free, gluten-free, Non-GMO, and vegan-friendly.

The Fungies Lion’s Mane mushroom gummies come in a 60 ct bottle, and each gummie contains 500mg of Lion’s Mane (Hericium Erinaceus) mushroom extract. The directions say to take one per day, and they have a rich berry flavor.

The bottle is very secure and child-proof, which is great because I have children, and these gummies taste no different than fruit snacks you’d find at the grocery store. In other words, they’re absolutely delicious, but not at all meant for children.

I have been taking Fungies for a few weeks now, and they are much more pleasant and easier to swallow than capsules. They also contain15 calories and 4 grams of carbs per serving.

Since I’ve taken Lion’s Mane supplements a whole year prior to this brand, I can say that Fungies gummies work because the benefits that I’ve experienced thus far haven’t gone away.

In other words, I continue to have improvement in vision and I’m focused throughout the day.

My only grievance with these gummies is the carb count. Fungies are made with both sucrose and glucose syrup, which contribute to 3 grams of sugar of the 4 total carbs per gummie. It would be lovely if they were sugar-free.

Fungies Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

Fungies is also dedicated to giving back, and have partnered with Vitamin Angels, a charity providing lifesaving vitamins to mothers and children at risk of malnutrition.

“For every bottle of Fungies sold, Fungies makes a one-for-one donation to Vitamin Angels to reach a pregnant woman or child with life-changing nutritional support”.

All in all, the Fungies gummies are worth adding to your daily routine. I have noticed a significant improvement in my overall health since I began taking Lion’s mane supplements, and I am grateful for the positive effects they have had on my life.

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PiperWai Natural Deodorant Honest Review

The Only Natural Deodorant You’ll Want To Buy Over And Over Again

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

PiperWai natural deodorant review

Deodorant is a staple product in my daily hygiene routine, and for years, I was using traditional antiperspirants, until I became more conscious of their chemical makeup. It turns out that traditional antiperspirants contain unhealthy ingredients that pass through our skin and enter the blood stream, which can compromise our health.

Aluminum, as you may already know, is one of the unhealthy ingredients used to create traditional antiperspirants. It turns out that an excess amount of aluminum can be hard on the kidneys, and if you have CKD, like I do, your kidneys won’t be able to filter it out fast enough, causing accumulation, and resulting in health problems like bone disease and possibly even dementia.

This is the biggest reason I switched to a natural deodorant as soon as I got diagnosed. I knew I had to invest in cleaner products.

Traditional antiperspirants also contain parabens, which are chemicals used commonly as preservatives in many cosmetics. Unfortunately, these preservatives disrupt your hormones by mimicking estrogen and increasing your risk of breast cancer and reproductive toxicity. This is still up for debate, but it makes a lot of sense.

That’s some scary stuff, isn’t it.

Why I Chose To Try PiperWai

I went through several natural deodorants in the past year. Some were just ok, and others I completely hated. They either smelled horrible, or they made me sweat. Don’t get me wrong, we as humans are supposed to sweat, but I just don’t like the feeling of having wet underarms.

(Real quick fun fact: we don’t sweat out toxins, we sweat because that’s just our body’s way of dealing with increased temperature)

Moving along, I had been stalking PiperWai for quite some time, and finally decided to give them a try because I was intrigued with their ingredient list which consists of activated charcoal and tapioca starch.

Activated charcoal is antibacterial and combined with tapioca starch, soak up moisture and neutralize odor. Not too many natural deodorants do both, so I was excited to test this out.

Sure enough, even on the first day of wearing it, I stayed dry, and I didn’t stink. I also smelled amazing and was no longer self conscious when outdoors in the humid Florida weather. As far as the activated charcoal goes, no, it won’t turn your skin dark. It goes on very light (a beige color), and fades over the course of the day.

With that said, keep reading as I go more in depth with my experience using PiperWai activated charcoal deodorant and why I love it so much.

PiperWai activated charcoal deodorant review

Six Reasons To Love PiperWai Activated Charcoal Deodorant

1. PiperWai Is Aluminum Free

The PiperWai natural deodorant does not contain aluminum, and that’s one of the biggest reasons why I chose and adore this deodorant. You can feel the healthy difference when putting this deodorant compared to a traditional brand. Words alone can’t express how clean it feels.

2. PiperWai Keeps You Dry And Odor-Free

The combination of charcoal and tapioca starch results in dry pits. I have gone jogging while wearing PiperWai natural deodorant and armpits had very little perspiration. When I wasn’t active, I had zero sweat. I also love that when I did sweat a little from working out, I didn’t stink.

3. PiperWai Has A Magical Scent

I am still struggling to describe the scent. A lot of people swear that PiperWai smells like a “spa”, but I’ve never been to one, so I cannot confirm. But, I can say that the scent very strongly resembles skittles with a very subtle hint of eucalyptus. In other words, a bit of citrus, and a bit of mint (but, more on the citrus side). Sometimes I rub some of PiperWai on my wrists as perfume because it’s so lovely.

4. PiperWai Is So Gentle, My Child Wears It

I loved wearing PiperWai so much that after a while I emailed the company and asked if it was safe enough for children (my 9 year old boy is at the age where he’s starting to sweat and developing some body odor, so it’s officially time for him to wear deodorant).

A representative for PiperWai confirmed that their natural deodorant was indeed safe for kids, as well as pregnant and nursing women, so I was ecstatic. She stated that the entire essential oil blend makes up less than 1% of the overall formula, falling far below the <2% safe range.

5. PiperWai Uses Eco-Friendly Packaging (PCR)

PiperWai natural deodorants are packaged in containers made from Post-Consumer Recycled or Post Consumer Resin “PCR”, which uses resources that would otherwise be in landfills. PCR plastic takes 60% less energy to produce than virgin plastic. The natural deodorant was even shipped to me in all paper packaging.

6. PiperWai Natural Deodorant Is Vegan And Cruelty-Free

PiperWai natural deodorant uses ingredients that are animal-friendly. Vegan and cruelty-free deodorants are a great way to make sure that you’re not contributing to animal cruelty and that you’re taking care of your body in a healthier and more natural way. These deodorants are free of any animal products and are instead made with natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and are much healthier for the body.

PiperWai Natural Deodorant Review
How PiperWai looks on the skin

Final word:

With that said, I am officially a loyal customer. When you find something that works perfectly with your body, it’s exciting—and I hope they never go out of business because this has become my favorite deodorant.

You can purchase PiperWai on both their official website as well as on Amazon.

PiperWai Natural Deodorant Review

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The Natural Organic Family Skincare For Kids | Honest Review

An Honest Review Of Kids’ Skincare Products From Natural Organic Family

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

Not too long ago, I got my two young children (ages 5 & 9) started on a simple skincare routine in order to create healthy habits that will:

  • Build resistance against teenage acne and
  • Prevent unintended damage.

It was important to me that the skincare products which my kids use are as natural as possible, and don’t contain any harsh or toxic chemicals. There are far too many children’s skincare products now a days that contain a lot of carcinogens, which is unfortunate.

Kids have much thinner skin than grownups, which makes it vulnerable to harsh environmental elements. Hence, daily cleansing with the incorporation of a moisturizer adds a protective barrier without clogging pores.

With that said, I was so excited when the Natural Organic Family sent us some kids’ skincare products to try out, and after a few uses, I noticed a few wonderful benefits:

  • The foaming face wash and face creams are hypoallergenic and gentle on all skin types—especially delicate skin. Neither of my children developed any type of skin reaction.
  • The face cream for kids leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized without any greasy residue, which makes you feel good knowing that you aren’t clogging your child’s pores.
  • The product containers are easy for little kids to hold and dispense on their own. My 5 year old daughter feels like such a “big kid” when using these products on her own each day.
  • My 9 year old boy’s rough and bumpy texture around his nostril area has smoothed out because I no longer have to fight with him over washing his face (boys can be so difficult sometimes lol).
  • A little goes a long way, and these products will last you a good while. So while they may be up there in price, they‘re high quality and last a good couple of months before you need to restock.

About The Natural Organic Family

The Natural Organic Family was founded in 2012 by Marili Aitken. After becoming a mom and noticing that traditional skincare products were too harsh for her child, Marili was determined to create natural and organic children’s skincare products that were safe, effective and cruelty-free.

The Natural Organic Family Foaming Face Wash & Moisturizer Review

Natural Organic Family face wash

Natural Organic Family Foaming Face Wash

The Scent: A Lovely Citrus

The light and airy foam of this gentle foaming face wash has an invigorating sweet citrus scent that smells very much like the zest of a fresh orange. My children were pleasantly surprised by this lovely scent and couldn’t get enough.

The Experience: Clean & Fresh

I tried this facial cleanser on myself along with my children so that I can partake in the experience. It was gentle on all of our skin types, and left us feeling clean and fresh without over drying our skin. My children have continued to use this cleanser each night following their baths, and it’s made washing their face a fun activity, rather than a chore.

The Features:

  • Environmentally friendly ingredients
  • Over 80% certified organic ingredients
  • 97% natural ingredients
  • Vegan

The Natural Organic Family Face Creams For Kids

The Scents:

  • Blackberry & Ylang Ylang
  • Pepperment, Lime & Tea Tree
  • Unscented

We were able to try out all three creams, and each one (not including the unscented) had a unique herbal scent due to being infused with natural essential oils. My daughter’s favorite is the blackberry & Ylang Ylang. It has a subtle scent that’s very sweet and calming.

The peppermint, lime and tea tree face cream is a bit stronger in scent and smells exactly like a peppermint candy cane. This scent might not be for everyone, but I will say that it has a soothing effect on the senses. It’s also great to put on the skin when your child has a stuffy nose. It’s not strong like VapoRub or anything like that, but it does do wonders for opening the senses—and the scent does get weaker as the day goes on.

The Experience: Moisture-Rich Skin That’s Not Greasy

We love all of the facial moisturizers and they all go on very easily and create a nice hydrating barrier that’s not greasy. It is easily absorbed by the skin and keeps it from drying out throughout the day which is great during cold seasons.

The Features:

  • Helps soothe and calm the skin
  • Helps reduce redness and inflammation
  • Helps control breakouts
  • Deeply nourishes the skin
  • Vegan

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Abiie Octopod Suction Plates For Babies: Honest Review

Sustainable Toddler Plates That Help Rein In Mealtime And Make Clean Up A Breeze!

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

If you’re shopping for sustainable toddler plates, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve recently introduced some Abiie Octopod dishware to my child’s mealtime routine, and I am very excited to share a first-hand review with you!

If you’re getting ready to introduce your baby to solid food, or you simply have a little one who gets a tad bit messy during mealtimes, you’re going to need the right type of plate to help keep things under control.

Toddler plates (and bowls) that contain a suction device are the very best plates to own if you have a messy eater on your hands. They should also be sustainable, non-toxic, age appropriate and contain a fun design that encourages picky kids to eat.

Abiie Octopod suction plates and bowls contain those specific features and more (which are listed below) —and that’s why we adore them.

10 Reasons To Love The Abiie Octopod Suction Plates And Bowls

  • The Abiie Octopod suction plates and bowls are non-toxic and free of hazardous chemicals such as BPA, PVC, Pthalates and lead which can leach into your baby’s food.
  • The Abiie Octopod plates stay stuck on any flat surface and won’t budge—which means less mess. They are also easy to remove!
  • In addition to less mess, the Abiie suction plates are super easy to clean and are stain resistant. The silicone plates and bowls are dishwasher safe, while the bamboo plate contains such a smooth surface that washing it in the sink is a breeze.
  • The Abiie Octopod plates are eco-friendly and sustainable due to being made from bamboo and durable silicone that will last for years. They lower your carbon footprint and make a great addition to a sustainable kitchen.
  • The silicone bowl contains a lid which makes it great for travel as well as keeping food warm. I often use our Octopod bowl for car trips and fill it with my daughter’s favorite snack.
  • The sections within the Octopod plates are great if you have picky eaters or a child with sensory issues who doesn’t like different food groups to make contact with one another.
  • The Abiie Octopod bamboo suction plates come with matching spoons that contain a silicone tip. These spoons are great to use in yogurt containers as well.
  • The Octopod plates and bowls are high quality and aesthetically beautiful. They make fantastic gifts for new parents or even as birthday gifts.
  • The Abiie plates and bowls are age appropriate and have a fun design (especially the frog shaped silicone plates) which encourage kids to eat.
  • The Abiie Octopod plates are versatile and great for both purées as well as solid finger foods.

With that said, below are three Abiie plates that I own and all about the features that make them so unique and worth buying. Trust me, I know that there are a ton of toddler dinnerware brands just as cute as these, but the quality of Abiie is phenomenal and sets them apart from the rest.

Best Baby & Toddler Suction Plates And Bowls

Abiiebaby silicone bowl with lid
Serving some Greek Yogurt and fruit in our Octopod suction bowl. Image By Angelika Arroyo @ecomomdiaries

OCTOPOD® Silicone Baby Suction Bowls

The Octopod silicone baby suction bowl is thick and durable yet lightweight and flexible, and comes with a convenient silicone lid. I really love this bowl because it’s great for refrigerating left overs, and really great for travel (if you’re flying, these stick really well to the seat tray and prevent spills).

The bowl (and lid) have a buttery soft feel and are very easy to wipe and wash. Most of the time, I place the bowl into the dishwasher along with other dirty plates and it comes out perfectly clean. Other times, I give it a quick rinse with a sponge and some dishwashing detergent.

Overall, this is a great bowl for on-the-go and soft, liquified foods such as soups, yogurts and purées. Moms can even use themselves for smoothie bowls or ice cream.

Octopod Frog plate. Image by Angelika Arroyo @ecomomdiaries

OCTOPOD® Silicone Frog Suction Dishes

The Octopod silicone frog dish is my little one’s favorite. The frog face shape adds fun to every meal, and it sits securely on the dining room table / high chair thanks to the powerful suction cup.

Just like the Octopod Silicone bowl, the frog dish itself is very thick and durable, and has a very buttery soft feel that makes washing it very effortless. I use it for my little one’s main meals as well as a snack spread.

Overall, this is a great plate to use for baby led weaning. It has three sections for three different food groups, it has an amusing design and it stays put so that mom or dad have less to clean.

The Octopod Bamboo Suction Dish is perfect for some dinosaur nuggets! Image by Angelika Arroyo @ecomomdiaries

OCTOPOD® Bamboo Baby Suction Dishes

The Octopus Bamboo baby suction dish is just as impressive as the silicone frog plate.
It is made from sustainable bamboo and contains a strong and effective silicone suction cup. Baby led weaning is a breeze with this dish as well because it contains 3 spacious sections and stays in place no matter how hard your little one tries to knock it over.

I really love that this dish came with a matching spoon, which is also made from a combination of bamboo and silicone. Babies who are teething need that soft padding on a spoon to avoid hurting their sensitive gums, so this a wonderful feature. Plus, a spoon helps babies and young toddlers work on their motor skill development.

Overall, this is a fabulous plate combo set that I would definitely include in your little one’s feeding supplies. It also comes in very nice packaging which makes it a very giftable item for new parents.

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Little & Lively Sustainable Kids Clothing Review

Shopping For Sustainable Kids Clothing? Read On For An Honest Review Of Little & Lively + Coupon Code

This is a sponsored blog post. However, all opinions stated are honest and genuine. I do not promote any product that I do not believe in. This post also contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

Little &

When you come across a family owned sustainable fashion brand with amazing designs, you have to give it a chance and add a piece or two to your child’s capsule wardrobe—which is what happened when I came across the adorable Little & Lively kids’ sustainable fashion line from The Kindred Studio.

This year as I went through and decluttered my daughter’s closet, I took a long hard look at all of her apparel and realized that much of it wasn’t even put to use. Many of her items were impulse buys, and after going through a lot of washes, the colors had faded, and the overall quality of the fabric had diminished. I couldn’t even donate much of it.

So I decided that in 2023, I am going to go the minimalist route, and slowly replace the items in her closet with high quality sustainable apparel that not only lasts longer than traditional fashion, but is much gentler on her skin and the environment. And I was going to start this endeavor with Little & Lively.

A Quick Background On Little & Lively

Source | Little & Lively | YouTube

Little and Lively is a family-owned, sustainable baby & children’s clothing line from The Kindred Studio that is based in Canada. Their clothing is made from a buttery soft blend of durable bamboo / cotton, and each piece contains vibrant earthy colors with whimsical designs that both parents and children adore.

In recent years, bamboo has skyrocketed in popularity as fabric of choice amongst eco conscious designers and consumers alike. And it’s no surprise considering the many economic and health advantages that this resource offers. In fact, there are so many wonderful benefits to dressing your child in Bamboo fabric that I’ve made a list below to show you why companies like Little & Lively (who utilize bamboo) are a great alternative to many popular fast fashion brands.

What Are The Benefits Of Bamboo Clothing?

  • Bamboo fiber is naturally porous and breathable, which keeps your child from overheating. It also absorbs sweat and allows it to evaporate at a faster rate than cotton.
  • Unlike other fabric, research confirms that bamboo is antibacterial, and keeps your child’s sweat odorless because it can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria.
  • Bamboo fabric offers natural UV protection, which is great during those hot summer months when children play outside.
  • Bamboo fabric is buttery soft and hypoallergenic, which is perfect for children with sensitive skin, allergies and conditions like eczema, keratosis pilaris and others.
  • Bamboo fabric is very durable, and can withstand a ton of washes and not fade. The colors remain vibrant, and the material remains buttery soft to the touch.
  • Lastly, bamboo is an eco-friendly and sustainable resource that grows back incredibly fast, doesn’t require the use of pesticides, and produces a lot less pollution than other fabric such as cotton.

Little & Lively Fashion Pieces We Love!

When I received my shipment from Little & Lively, I noticed right away that the bamboo fabric was a little heavier than your typical cotton outfit—in a good way. The fabric also felt silky smooth, the colors looked vibrant, and the stitching was high quality. These were definitely not your typical fast fashion disasters that would last for a limited amount of time. It was obvious that Little & Lively are “heirloom” quality, and could be handed down to younger siblings while still looking new years later.

Below are a few items that we received from Little & Lively to try out, and I’m looking forward to purchasing more pieces in the future. It’s important that my children love their clothing as much as I do, so I was very happy that my four year old daughter enjoyed trying these on and asked to wear them on a regular basis. Luckily, we currently live in Florida, so the dress is a piece that she can wear year round.

The Clementine Dress In Purple Daisies

Eco Mom Diaries Rating: 5/5

One of the items that we received from Little & Lively was this adorable Clementine dress with 3/4 inch sleeve and two front pockets that my daughter thought were very fun. This pattern can literally be worn in the spring, summer and fall, and can be paired with leggings or tights during the colder months (as seen in the photo).

Little & Lively Clothing Review

Baby/Kid’s Overalls In Burgundy + Cardigan In Caramel

Eco Mom Diaries Rating: 5/5

Quite possibly our favorite, these overalls are as comfortable as wearing pajamas, and the straps can be adjusted to grow with your child. I see my daughter wearing these for at least two more years, and I LOVE that I can pair them with any shirt. I also love the earthy burgundy color and big front pocket. We paired these overalls with a Little & Lively caramel cardigan, and a Little & Lively caramel pompom beanie.

Little & Livey p

Little & Lively Pompom Beanie In Caramel

Eco Mom Diaries Rating: 5/5

Speaking of beanies, how cute is this sustainably chíc caramel colored pompom beanie? It’s lightweight and stretchy with a fun faux fur pompom that looks fabulous with just about any outfit. It’s definitely a must-have accessory for the colder months.

With that said, Little & Lively is a sustainable clothing brand worth buying from. And if you decided to visit their online shop, please take 10% off with our special promo code ECOMOM10 at checkout.


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Super Sparrow Water Bottle Honest Review

Is The Super Sparrow Reusable Water Bottle Worth Buying? Read On To See Our Honest Review + 15% Off Coupon Code!

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a small commission.

Source: Super Sparrow | YouTube

If you’re searching for a reusable water bottle that’s high quality yet wallet-friendly, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve had the pleasure of owning and using two Super Sparrow water bottles for over a year now, and have had a very positive experience with this brand. In fact, I really can’t think of any reasons not to like it.

With that said, I’ve created this honest review of Super Sparrow, to tell you all about this brand, and 7 reasons why their reusable water bottles are a great addition to your sustainable living routine.

7 Reasons To Own The Super Sparrow Water Bottles

  • The entire line of Super Sparrow water bottles are very durable. Both the stainless steel and Tritan plastic varieties can take a hard hit and keep on going (I’ve dropped mine on concrete many times).
  • No matter which model you choose, every Super Sparrow water bottle is under $30, which is very affordable considering the quality—which in my opinion is as good as Hydro Flask.
  • They have excellent insulation and keep liquid temperature stable for hours. The Super Sparrow’s 18/8 stainless steel double-wall vacuum insulation technology keeps cold liquids chilled for up to 24 hours, and hot liquids hot for up to 12 hours.
  • The Super Sparrow comes with a generous amount of accessories that satisfy all lifestyles. From interchangeable caps to a carrying pouch, you’ll be sure to enjoy a cold drink during a hike, the gym and anywhere else.
  • The super sparrow water bottles have fun aesthetic designs with a good grip that you’ll want to show off everywhere you go. They even have simple color pallets for minimalists and men who prefer a more masculine design.
  • The Super Sparrow water bottles are available in various sizes, which makes them a great buy for the whole family. They range from 12 ounces to 51 ounces, which makes them perfect for school aged kids.
  • All Super Sparrow water bottles are dishwasher safe, and I have personally ran my stainless steel Classic Series (pictured below) through the dishwasher many times throughout the year with the proprietary powder coat remaining in tact.

First Impressions

When I first unboxed the Super Sparrow Classic Series, I was in awe of the aesthetics and generous amount of accessories that came along with the bottle:

  • A Sport Cap
  • A Loop Cap
  • Carabiner Clip
  • 2 BPA Straws
  • Straw Cleaner
  • Carrying Pouch

My children and I find that the water bottle is super easy to grip, even on days when it’s hot and our hands are sweaty. My 8 year old enjoys borrowing it for school, and often times returns it home with a bit of the original ice water that I fill it with in the morning—still as cold as ever.

Our Super Sparrow bottle has gotten pretty banged up over the past year. It has a dent, which now matches the one on my husband’s Hydro Flask. I once read on Reddit that dents are an honor because it means that you actually use your water bottle.

With that said I don’t see a difference between my Super Sparrow and my husband’s Hydro Flask. Both are wonderful and do what they need to do. The only difference is that one didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Final Thoughts

The Super Sparrow reusable water bottle line is a great alternative to disposable plastic, and a fantastic buy for all sorts of people: kids, moms, gym rats, hikers, nomads, travel junkies and more.

Their mission is all-about sustainability and helping make the planet plastic-free: “Super Sparrow presents a necessary alternative for the way we quench our thirst in a safe and reusable way”.

Which is why they are also Climate Neutral Certified. Super Sparrow has completed Climate Neutral’s rigorous three-step process and is 100% carbon neutral in the manufacture and delivery of its products worldwide.

I personally look forward to many more purchases in addition to my Classic Series and Tritan Sport Bottle, and definitely recommend these reusable water bottles to anyone who wants a quality water bottle for half the price of big brand competitors.

Shop on SuperSparrow.com today and take 15% off using special code ECOMOM at checkout!

Super Sparrow Coupon Code

The Christmas Poop Log Unboxing & Review

Looking For A New Christmas Tradition? See Why Kids And Parents Are Loving The Christmas Poop Log

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Elf On The Shelf, you’ve come to the right place!

My kids and I have had the fun opportunity to review “The Christmas Poop Log” story book and activity set that’s not only fun, but super quirky.

The storybook is beautifully told and illustrated, while the DIY poop log brings the story to life (And my kids couldn’t stop laughing when making the poop log).

What Is The Christmas Poop Log Tradition About?

The Christmas Poop Log centers around a Christmas Tradition celebrated in the Catalonia region in Northern Spain, and it goes back to the 18th century.

Family members go out into the wilderness and find the perfect poop log, bring it home, dress him in festive attire, and name him “Caga Tió”.

Every day, family members “feed” Caga Tió with fruits and nuts until December 24th.  It is then that Caga Tió is tapped with sticks while the family sings a corresponding song asking it to “poop” presents!  

Is The Christmas Poop Log Activity Set Hard To Put Together?

The Poop Log activity set comes with all the essentials to make Caga Tió come to life, and is so easy to put together that my two kids assembled it in under 5 minutes!

Below is a TikTok of my kids putting The Christmas Poop Log together. My youngest stated that Caga Tió reminded her of Forky from Toy Story 4.

This kit makes a great gift not only for kids, but for adults as well ( it makes an epic White Elephant gift ).

Is The Christmas Poop Log Sustainable?

The Christmas Poop Log that goes along with the book is indeed eco-friendly, and the author, Jonathan Chastek, is making sure of that!

“Because the tradition is rooted in nature, a tree will be planted for every purchase through our partnership with OneTreePlanted,” says Chastek, “I very much want to keep sustainability at the forefront.” 

The author hopes that Caga Tió will become a part of every family’s holiday tradition, and be stowed away with holiday décor and utilized for many years to come.  

Where Can I Purchase The Christmas Poop Log?

The Christmas Poop Log

The entire activity set can be purchased on the author’s website (it isn’t yet available on Amazon).

However, if you’re interested in purchasing only the story book, that is available on Amazon, click here to shop for it on Amazon.

Lastly, the tradition has recently been adopted by families and celebrities alike who appreciate its silliness and fun factor including famed former Saturday Night Live Star, Comedian and Actor, Kate McKinnon.

So is The Christmas Poop Log a great buy? Absolutely. I think it’s a fun new Christmas Tradition that every parent should start with their kids. We have our Caga Tió sitting under our tree, and my kids love feeding him cookies until the big day!

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Uproot Clean Review: Does It Really Work?

A Guide To The Reusable Lint Cleaner And Pet Hair Removal Tool You Need In Your Life + Coupon Code On Bottom!

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a small commission. Also, all thoughts and opinions about this product are my own.

Curious about the UpRoot Cleaner tool that magically tackles pet hair, lint and other gunk? You’ve come to the right place, because I’ve put it to the test!

I’ll also get straight to the point: disposable lint rollers are bad for the environment. Everything about them is wasteful—from the sticky roll of paper, to the flimsy plastic handle.

Don’t get me wrong, traditional lint rollers are a cool invention, but there are much better alternatives that perform the task just as well, and don’t pollute the planet during the process.

With that said, I was ecstatic when Uproot Clean contacted me for an opportunity to review their reusable lint and pet hair remover tool.

I had seen their ads all over instagram and was genuinely intrigued about this little tool that made such satisfying scraping sounds while rounding up massive amounts of pet hair from people’s carpets and sofa cushions.

And when I got mine in the mail and started using it on my own sofa cushions, carpet, sweaters, and car, I knew it was the real deal, and I wasn’t going to need disposable versions ever again.

What Is The Uproot Clean Tool, And Does It Really Work?

Source : YouTube | Uproot Clean

The Uproot Clean tool is a multi-purpose reusable lint and pet hair remover that tackles everything ranging from carpets, rugs, clothes, furniture, bedding, backpacks, car seats, cat condos and more.

There are no adhesives to mess with, nothing to throw out, and all you have to do is scrape. Yes, scrape—but, don’t worry, because the creators of Uproot Clean have designed this tool in such a way that it doesn’t snag.

You should also know that the tool does not work on certain carpets and fabric like berber—this is due to the woven loop system that it has going on.

I Use Uproot Clean On My Sofa Cushions

Uproot Clean scrapes up random lint that I didn’t even know exists on my removable couch cushion covers —especially stuff that adheres to it from being in the dryer.

In fact, below is an image of my sofa cushion cover that was accidentally washed and dried with a fuzzy blanket. Needless to say, UpRoot Clean came to the rescue.

We’ve had our sofa set for 4 years now, and over time those poor cushion covers tend develop some serious pilling, even if they’re washed properly. So I use the Uproot Clean tool to get rid of those annoying little balls of lint, and my sofa cushions go back to looking smooth and normal— almost like they did years ago.

I say almost because I have kids, and if you’re a parent, you know what I’m talking about (finger print stains are a whole other story).

Uproot clean sofa cushion demo
That one time we accidentally washed our sofa cushion covers with a fuzzy blanket

I Use Uproot Clean On My Car Seats And Floor

Uproot Clean Review For Dog Owera

If you have a furry friend (like my dog pictured above) that enjoys riding in the car with you, then owning the Uproot Cleaner is a must (especially if they are a mega-shedder).

I used to waste a ton of lint rollers trying to grab pet hair off of my car seats and flooring, and it was NEVER enough. In fact, it was frustrating.

Now, I use my UpRoot cleaner and scrape the hair up with ease. The little bit of hair that’s left over is easily sucked up by a vacuum.

My Sweaters Look New Again

I love my sweaters, but after sometime, they begin to show signs of wear, and like my sofa cushions, pilling occurs as well. So you can imagine my delight when I used the Uproot Clean lint remover on a few of them and restored their appearance!

I find that it works best if you’re wearing the sweater (or any other garment you choose to use your uproot cleaner on), or laying it on a hard, flat surface.

The tiny travel size UpRoot cleaner works especially great on my sweatshirt sleeves near the wrists and armpit area where pilling tends to occur the most.

“78% of clothes & fabrics with lint/pills end up being thrown away” —Uproot Clean

Uproot Clean and sweater

What Are The Benefits Of The Uproot Clean Tool?

  • The Uproot Clean tool is eco-friendly, zero-waste and sustainable. It’s reusable, so there’s nothing to throw out.
  • It saves money because you will no longer need to purchase disposable varieties.
  • They’re a must-have for pet owners who are tired of struggling with pet hair. The Uproot Clean is a beast when it comes to grabbing loose hair.
  • The UpRoot Cleaner tools come with a lifetime warranty.

The Uproot Clean Tool Is Available In Various Sizes

The Uproot Clean is available in 3 different sizes: Pro, Max and Mini. They are available in a bundle that allows you to save a little extra on your purchase.

The Max is great for larger projects like carpets, while the mini is perfect for travel. I like to keep my mini in my purse and use it on my shirt or leggings to get rid of annoying fuzz or pet hair.

One time I was rushing out the door and my German Shepherd decided to rub against my leg. I was wearing black leggings. I grabbed that little mini cleaner (the one that looks like a credit card) and quickly swiped the hair right off.

Uproot clean reusable lint removal tool

The Uproot Cleaner Makes A Great Sustainable Gift

The Uproot Cleaning tools make very useful gifts for pet owners as well as people who work in the following fields:

  • Pet Shelters
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Dog Walking
  • Pet Grooming

These people may not even own a pet, yet are covered in pet hair all day long. The UpRoot Cleaners (especially the travel sized ones) are perfect for these individuals because they can be placed in their pockets, and conveniently used throughout the day.

New! The UpRoot Xtra!

For those of us who can’t bend over, UpRoot Clean has introduced the UpRoot Xtra! With a long attachable handle, getting pet hair from carpets has never been easier!

If you’re ready to ditch that disposable lint roller and ready to try out the reusable Uproot Clean, then check out their website and take 10% off using coupon code ECOMOM10 at checkout (only works on the uproot clean official website, not on Amazon).

And Don’t Miss Out On The New UpRoot Clean Pet Hair Reducing Dryer Sheets! (Currently on Sale)

Uproot clean dryer sheets

I tested these pet hair reducing dryer sheets and not only did they work very well on hair, they also helped to reduce the amount of pilling that my son’s new sweatpants gave off in the washer (and got stuck to his other clothing). After using these in the dryer, all the pet hair and pilling was gone and in the filter.

Uproot Clean Review

Coupon code works only on the UpRoot Clean Official website and NOT on Amazon.

Uproot Clean Review