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A Guide To Zero Waste Gift Wrapping

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Zero Waste Gift Wrapping Ideas To Reduce Holiday Waste

In the United States alone, billions of dollars are spent on wrapping paper each year—and unfortunately, the majority of it is not recyclable, especially the variety that contains specs of glitter, foil and other embellishments.

But the good news is that zero-waste wrapping methods are becoming increasingly popular, and more people are gravitating toward eco-friendly alternatives to minimize holiday waste.

Below are several zero-waste gift wrapping techniques that blow traditional gift wrap methods out of the water. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the end results are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and show thoughtfulness on your part.

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Zero Waste Gift Wrap Material

Furoshiki Fabric

Furoshiki is the art of Japanese wrapping using traditional Furoshiki cloth, which is made out of various materials such as silk, rayon, cotton, nylon and other fabrics. Furoshiki cloth also has hemmed edges to prevent fraying and can cover any shape from boxes to cylinders and more!

Furoshiki is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional gift wrapping paper, and is one of the best ways to wrap a gift because Furoshiki cloth is beautiful and can be reused and repurposed into many items such as: a table cloth, a handbag, a shawl, scarf and more.

If purchasing a Furoshiki cloth is not in your budget this year, you can sew your own Furoshiki wrap using fabric from the store or using an old bed sheet. Repurposing an old baby muslin blanket for Furoshiki works wonders as well!

Shop Furoshiki Cloth On Amazon

Shop Books On Furoshiki Wrapping Tutorials

Brown Kraft Paper

Another eco-friendly alternative to traditional gift wrapping paper is brown kraft paper, which is not only extremeley durable, but also 100% biodegradable and can be recycled up to seven times—no wonder kraft means ”strength” in German!

Gifts wrapped in brown kraft paper look absolutely elegant and the solid color pairs incredibly well with “garnish” such as pine cones, small pine tree branches, dried fruit, and other dried plants that are secured in place with some twine—resulting in an all-natural and organic presentation.

You can buy large rolls of brown kraft paper in stores and online, or, you can repurpose some grocery store paper bags and use them as gift wrap as they too are made from brown kraft paper!

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Burlap Fabric

Burlap is a biodegradable fabric that is woven from the fibers of a jute plant. And just like bamboo, jute requires little to virtually no intervention in order to grow and replenish—which makes burlap a 100% sustainable and eco-friendly fabric.

Just like brown kraft paper, burlap looks incredibly elegant when used as a zero-waste gift wrapping alternative. you can likewise garnish this fabric with some rustic accessories such as pine tree branches, pine cones and cinnamon sticks for some rustic charm.

Burlap has many uses after it serves its purpose as gift wrap. It can be reused by the gift recipient as gift wrap for someone else later on, or it can be repurposed in the garden as a covering to protect plants from frost.

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Cookie Tin

Cookie tins are one my favorite zero waste gift wrap methods because just like furoshiki cloth and burlap, they serve a purpose beyond gift giving. And just like brown kraft paper, they are recyclable.

Cookie tins aren’t limited to just cookies and other food(s). This eco-friendly gift wrap method can hold a charming presentation of socks, beauty products and really anything else that can fit. And just like fabric, can be garnished with some twine and dried plants or flowers.

Cookie tins can be reused as pantry containers—used to store items like rice, beans and mom’s secret candy stash. You can find some nice and inexpensive tins at your local dollar store or buy in bulk online.

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Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Yet another eco-friendly gift wrap method is to use old shipping boxes that you collect throughout the year. Shipping boxes are made from cardboard, which is both recyclable and compostable, so the next time you receive a package, break the box down and keep it someplace like the garage, until it’s time to use it for gifts.

Shipping boxes can be cleaned up a bit by removing labels and securing the contents with twine. You can even ”double bag” by wrapping over it with burlap or brown kraft paper—especially if it looks beaten up.

And don’t forget about the fact that you can get free shipping boxes to use for your gifts from the post office! You can pick some up in person or request to have some dropped off at your residence by going online!

Maps, Newspaper & Magazines

Credit: @erinvfdesign |TikTok

Maps, newspaper and magazine pages are excellent eco-friendly wrapping material because they’re all recyclable and biodegradable—plus, it makes your gift look unique. This is especially a good solid ecofriendly alternative if you are on a tight budget.

You can acquire much of this reading material for free. Places like nursing homes, medical facilities, libraries and schools often subscribe to newspapers and magazines, which tends to stack up over a period of time, and these facilities dispose of them. You can contact these places and ask if you can take it instead!

Eco-Friendly Tying Material & Garnish

When it comes securing gift wrap, tape isn’t always necessary, and a wonderful eco-friendly alternative to ribbons and tape is to use twine, which is a thin compostable rope made from various organic material such as plant fibers (hemp, cotton, etc) and sometimes even animal hair.

Shop For Twine Rope On Amazon

When it comes to zero waste gift wrap, you certainly do not have to add any accessories to your wrapping other than twine, but if you want to give your gift that rustic holiday feel, you can certainly add some natural items like dried fruit, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, pine branches and many more earthy items.

The best thing about this natural and biodegradable garnish is that you can go out into your neighborhood park and forage for free. Foraging is a great way to acquire free gift wrap accessories!

DIY Dried Oranges

If you’d like to make your own dried oranges, simply slice an orange into thin pieces and lay out on a tray (or parchment paper), blot excess juice with a paper towel, and leave them in the oven for 2-3 hours in 250 degree temperature. They make very elegant gift wrap decor.


The Zero-Waste Chef Launches Cookbook That Helps Eliminate Food Waste!

A Cookbook That Helps You Eliminate Food Waste And Creates A Sustainable Kitchen

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The Zero Waste Chef | Source: Instagram

Food waste and plastic food packaging is a huge problem in the United States, and more people are turning to zero-waste gurus like Anne-Marie Bonneau, blogger and Author of her newest cookbook “The Zero-Waste Chef” to learn how to live and cook more sustainably.

Ann-Marie Bonneau has been living waste free since 2011, and via her blog, has shared many amazing tips and tricks to live a zero waste lifestyle—especially in the kitchen, where no plastic is used and no food scraps go to waste.

In fact, Bonneau teaches you how to regrow vegetable scraps by allowing them to sprout in water and then replanting them in soil—a brilliant sustainable solution.

The Zero Waste Chef | Source: Instagram

This cookbook is a much needed staple in every kitchen, because as consumers we overspend on food that often times, doesn’t even get cooked and rots in the back of the fridge. And when we do cook, we tend to throw away large left over portions or food scraps that we think have zero value. In her cookbook, Bonneau shows us just how wrong we are with that kind of mentality!

Bonneau’s book “The Zero-Waste Chef” contains 75 vegetarian and vegan recipes to include simple tips and fixes for storing leftovers and using the scraps for your next recipe. In fact, the cool thing about these recipes is that you plan your next meal based on what you have rather than what you need. It’s saves time, money, improves your overall well-being and fights climate change by reducing your carbon footprint.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Bread Pudding By The Zero a Waste Chef | Source: Instagram

So if you’re wanting to begin a zero waste journey, or are simply looking for healthy recipes that omit plastic and unhealthy preservatives, then “The Zero-Waste Chef” is a great addition to your kitchen.

“In my debut book, I give readers the facts to motivate them to do better, the simple (and usually free) fixes to ease them into wasting less—you can, for example, banish plastic wrap by simply inverting in a plate over your leftovers—and, finally, the recipes and strategies to turn them into more sustainable, money-saving cooks.” — Anne Marie Bonneau

The Zero Waste Chef

Best Reusable Water Bottle For Active Moms

Why The Super Sparrow Sports Water Bottle Is My New Favorite Reusable Bottle For Working Out

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If you’ve been on the search for that perfect reusable water bottle to use on your stroller jogs, then check this refillable sports bottle out!

Physical exercise is an important part of my daily routine. It keeps me healthy, it keeps me strong and it allows me to keep up with my two kids. With that said, my favorite way to incorporate exercise into my daily routine is by going on a slow jog—and I take my three year old with me in her jogging stroller (which is very convenient for the both of us). I get to workout, and she gets to enjoy some fresh air.

Now, whether you work out at the gym, or go running with a jogging stroller, there’s one accessory that’s really vital to have: a water bottle. And if you’re an active mom like I am, then a reliable and reusable sports bottle is exactly what you need to help you get through your workouts. Because you NEED to stay hydrated.

My Jogging Stroller (7 years old btw)

I own a lot of reusable sports bottles, and some I use more than others. For me, it all comes down to taste and functionality. And these days, I’m happy to say that I actually have a favorite reusable go-to bottle for stroller jogging: The Super Sparrow reusable sports bottle. And it has a lot of neat features that I’ll share with you in this article.

Super Sparrow

I’ve been using the Super Sparrow reusable sports bottle for almost a month now and I genuinely have nothing but positive things to say about this reusable sports bottle—from the aesthetics to the functionality. And the very first thing I want to mention is taste. The water tastes really pure with no funky after taste, and that makes me really happy.



The Super Sparrow reusable sports bottle is made of Tritan plastic, which looks like glass, but is incredibly light weight— giving this bottle a very elegant look. It’s non-toxic, BPA free and incredibly durable—I know because I’ve accidentally dropped it onto concrete a couple of times and it still looks like it just arrived from Amazon. Hence, I’m very impressed that it can take a punch, which is great for active moms like myself.


Super Sparrow Flip Cap

Easy To Open Flip Cap

The Super Sparrow Reusable Sports Bottle has some really cool features that are a must-have for an active lifestyle. The first is a flip cap feature. Right now, as I am writing this article, it is pollen season in Northwest Florida, and yellow pollen is everywhere. So when I go jogging, the flip cap protects the mouthpiece and water from getting covered in pollen. It’s just a really useful feature to have, and all you have to do to open the cap is push a button—which is really convenient if you’re running. The cap also makes the sports bottle spill proof even though there’s a tiny air hole on the inner lid to allow fast water flow (I demonstrate its effectiveness in the video at the very bottom of this article).

Super Sparrow Removable Handle Feature


Another great feature of the Super Sparrow reusable sports bottle is a removable handle. There are times when I want to hold the bottle in my hand while I walk, and I simply let the handle hang around my wrist. It’s also convenient because I can wash it.

Super Sparrow With Removable Strainer


A really fun and healthy feature of the Super Sparrow reusable sports bottle is the removable strainer that comes with it (see my video at the end for demonstration). Being able to add fruit to this reusable sports bottle is a really neat way to incorporate some flavor into your water.

Final Thoughts

Super Sparrow


Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this reusable sports bottle by Super Sparrow based on several key features that fit my active lifestyle. It’s durable, the cap opens with a single click, it has a detachable handle, removable strainer, and it’s super easy to clean. I hand-wash it in the sink with a bottle brush.

And I have yet to notice an odd smell that most reusable bottles get. Lastly, how can I leave out the looks? This particular bottle is really pretty and I get complements on it during school pick up when I get my seven year old. It’s a bottle that I would definitely purchase again.

The Best Insulated Wine Tumblers For The Outdoors

The Best Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers To Keep Your Drinks Cold!

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When it comes to drinking wine, some people prefer traditional wine glasses, others chug straight out of the bottle, some attach a guzzle buddy, and others opt for insulated wine tumblers (which are the best choice).

That’s because stainless steel tumblers are considered zero-waste and eco-friendly because they’re reusable. You can take them with you to cookouts, coffee shops and even smoothie stands—and avoid all the plastic “to go” cups. Such a great way to lower your carbon footprint!

However, not all insulated wine tumblers are created equal. Even though they all kind of look the same, some are actually better than others. Two main features to look for are: insulation quality and lid quality.


What’s Great About Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers?

Insulated wine tumblers are great because they aren’t limited to just wine. If you need something to keep your coffee hot in the mornings for a long period of time, then an insulated wine tumbler is actually perfect for the job.

That’s because stainless steel tumblers contain a double wall, and sometimes triple wall insulation, which prevents heat transfer. This technology keeps your drink’s temperature constant—so your coffee will stay hot and your wine will stay chilled.

Stainless steel insulated wine tumblers are also dishwasher safe, and will never rust, making them a perfect addition to your zero-waste lifestyle.

Stainless steel insulated wine tumblers are incredibly durable and pretty much unbreakable. That’s why they make excellent companions to any outdoor recreation adventure—like camping.

Insulated wine tumblers often come with accessories like spill proof lids. And some even come with reusable straws. It all depends on the brand. You can also put your own reusable straw through the lid opening.

Below are several of the best reusable insulated stainless steel tumblers that happen to be the best on the market. They’re the best because of craftsmanship, durability and popularity. So go ahead and indulge. We all deserve a great wine tumbler!

Best Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers

Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask

You’ve probably known for a while now that Hydro Flask is one of the best water bottle brands on the planet. Excellent craftsmanship, durability, and the ability to maintain hot and cold liquid temperature is what makes them unique. And luckily, Hydro Flask makes wine tumblers too, which makes them especially perfect for the great outdoors.



The Yeti brand has been around for years, and they’re known for durability. All of their drink ware are perfect for the ruggedness of the outdoors—from their large jug collection to the smaller 10 oz Rambler tumbler. These stylish wine tumblers are especially great for outdoor recreation and perfect for small hands.



The Brumate “Uncork’d” stainless steel wine tumbler is able to hold 14 oz of your favorite beverage. It comes in a variety of glittery and mesmerizing colors (as well as solid, masculine shades), and is quickly becoming a favorite amongst many wine and outdoor recreation enthusiasts.



The Corkcicle is another fantastic and top notch brand with excellent reviews all across the board. Their 12 oz tumbler is triple insulated, and contains an interesting and practical non slip grip— can actually see it in the image above. Their designs are very creative as well. In addition to their glittery variety, they’ve got some bright colorful ‘block’ designs that you don’t typically see on tumblers.



The 12oz Hitslam stainless steel wine tumbler is double wall insulated and comes in a variety of solid pastel colors—including black and silver. It literally has over two thousand customer reviews on Amazon and customers just love it. It’s extremely durable for the price, and if you own the right equipment, you can get these monogrammed and give them as gifts to friends and family.



If you’re looking for both quality and fun aesthetics, then look no further than Swig Life, who have over 40 different available designs on their insulated wine tumblers. The Swig Life stainless steel wine tumblers hold 14 ounces of liquid and keep your beverage hot for 3 hours, and cold for up to 9 hours. The tumbler also comes with a spill proof slider lid.



Thily is another great brand when it comes to insulated tumblers. With over 14 designs to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one that matches your personality. This wine tumbler has a silicone base, and comes with a spill proof lid, as well as a stainless steel reusable straw.

Best Zero-Waste House Warming Gifts

Eco-Friendly House Warming Gift Ideas For Your Eco-Conscious Friends

Updated March 11, 2022

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Whether you’re a friend, family member, landlord or a real estate agent on a mission to find the perfect eco-friendly house warming gift, you’ve come to the right place!

More and more people are embracing sustainable living and developing a preference for eco-friendly products. So it makes a ton of sense to choose a gift that reflects that eco-conscious mindset.

Moving into a new home, apartment or even dorm room marks a new chapter in someone’s life, so it’s only fitting to help them celebrate by giving a housewarming gift!

How Much Should I Spend On A Housewarming Gift?

How much you want to spend on a housewarming gift depends on how close you are to the recipient.

A safe price range is anywhere between $20 to $50. You can always spend a little extra if you’ve known the person for a long time, and are comfortable getting them something high-quality.

What Do Eco-Friendly House Warming Gifts Consist Of?

Housewarming gifts in general should be thoughtful, even if you don’t know the recipients on a personal level.

A good rule of thumb is to focus on items that are functional and needed . Whenever I shop for a housewarming gift, I always ask myself what I would want if I moved into a brand new home.

A few ideas for eco-friendly housewarming gifts include:

  • Sustainable cleaning supplies
  • Non-Toxic cookware + dinnerware
  • Zero-Waste Bathroom Essentials
  • Sustainable + Repurposed home decor
  • Plants + herb growing kits
  • Wine + Food
  • Tool Kits

Below are some ideas for sustainable housewarming gifts that are guaranteed to be a hit with anyone.

All of these hand-picked products are functional, environmentally friendly, and just plain neat.

And to make your gift even more eco-friendly, check out my tips on zero-waste gift wrapping!

GreenUp Subscription Box

Subscription boxes make wonderful housewarming gifts because they’re full of assorted products. And one of the most popular eco-friendly subscription boxes is the GreenUp box. You don’t even need to commit to a long-term subscription—you can simply do a one time purchase by choosing a one month subscription option.

Organic Indoor Herb Garden Kit

The Spade To Fork organic home garden is a fun sustainable gift idea that fits in perfectly with a zero waste kitchen. The seeds are non-GMO and USDA certified organic as well.

Conscious Cleaning Kit By The Honest Company

The Conscious Cleaning Cleaning Kit by the Honest Company is a functional and elegant cleaning kit for eco-friendly home cleaning. It comes with a multi-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner and bathroom cleaner so you clean without worrying about toxins. Every home needs a cleaning kit, so this makes a fantastic eco-friendly housewarming gift.

Electric Indoor Copper Grill

Not everyone will have pots and pans—or any other cooking gear, so getting an electric indoor grill like the one by Gotham, is a blessing, especially for the first week or so when they are getting settled.

Tru Earth Zero Waste Laundry Kit

This zero-waste laundry kit from Tru Earth is a purposeful housewarming gift, and contains all the essentials for a non-toxic laundry routine. The bundle includes plant-based laundry strips, a Cora Ball that traps micro-plastics, a laundry stain removal stick, wool dryer balls and a natural mesh bag.

Rae Dunn Subscription Box

If the gift recipient is a huge Rae Dunn fan, then you’ll be excited to hear that they have a subscription box full of awesome assortments that are hard to find in stores. Again, you can do a monthly subscription or just a one time purchase. Personally, I would be stoked to get Rae Dunn items as housewarming gifts.

Reusable Paper Towel Set By Natissy

These reusable paper towels by Natissy are a perfect housewarming gift for a low-waste kitchen. These even come with a roll holder as well as napkin holders—which makes these perfect for picnics or dinner time.

Rechargeable Battery Kit By Tenergy

When you move, you don’t always have stuff that you really need—like batteries. However, batteries are wasteful and really expensive now a days. The solution is to get a rechargeable battery kit, like the one by Tenergy. It’s a little on the higher price range, but it’s a worthy housewarming gift that pays for itself. Plus, the recipient will be really, really greatful.

Bamboo + Ceramic Bathroom Set By Homevative

This eco-friendly bathroom set by Homevative works in both a masculine and feminine bathroom, so it makes a stylish and functional housewarming gift that can be put to use right away!

Bamboo Towel Set By Marmaris Co

This bamboo towel set by Marmaris Co is a nice and simple housewarming gift for minimalists. Bamboo towels last longer and are way more absorbent than cotton, making them a wonderful buy for a zero-waste bathroom.

Natural Wood Serving Tray By Friendshippers

This serving tray by Friendshippers is made from natural wood and makes a cute housewarming gift for those who love rustic and farmhouse home decor.

Coldfire Non-Toxic Fire Extinguisher

An often overlooked housewarming gift is a fire extinguisher. Most new places don’t come with one, and it’s up to the tenant or owner to purchase one on their own. ColdFire is a non-toxic fire extinguisher that’s compact and won’t take up too much room. It’s an extremely functional housewarming gift that will come in handy.

Magnetic Spice Jars By Impresa

Imagine moving into a new home and not having many cooking essentials to work with. These magnetic spice jars by Impresa come in a set of 15, come equipped with dry herb labels, and look really modern on appliances like your fridge—providing a backsplash type of look. They are both a functional and stylish housewarming gift idea.

Eco-Friendly Home Kit By Full Circle

Full Circle

The Full Circle Home Kit is a cleaning kit made with eco-friendly materials like bamboo, recycled plastic, and organic cotton, these products are designed with the planet, and your sustainable lifestyle in mind. It’s the perfect housewarming gift for a zero-waste kitchen.

Gift Card For A Vegan Online Cooking Course

One of the coolest sustainable gifts that you can give as a house warming gift is a gift card for an online cooking course. VeeCoco is a fabulous online course with over 600 tutorial videos for all sorts of delicious vegan recipes. You can choose from a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month membership and apply it to the gift card.

Dish Washing Kit By Earth Hero

Earth Hero Assorted Brands

If you’re not familiar with what Castile soap is, it is soap that is made from plant oils. With that said, it’s non-toxic and completely biodegradable. Thus, this zero-waste Castile dishwashing set, full of assorted dish washing essentials, makes an absolutely functional and much appreciated gift.

Natural Cork Coasters

Coasters are so overlooked as housewarming gifts, and they make fantastic additions to the kitchen and dining room. And these coasters by Galaroes are made from natural cork, which is incredibly sustainable.

Natural Teakwood Cooking Utensil Set


These beautiful all-natural teakwood cooking utensils by AIUHI are a great gift for someone just moving into a new place. Teakwood is a sustainable wood, and these utensils are also hand-made and nonstick—plus, nontoxic!

Bamboozle Kitchen Compost Bin

A countertop compost bin makes a really fun eco-friendly housewarming gift. The Bamboozle kitchen compost bin is made from sustainable bamboo fiber, making this unique countertop bin completely biodegradable. It’s also resistant to heat and moisture, making this eco-friendly kitchen compost bin dishwasher safe and anti-microbial.

The Zero Waste Chef Cook Book

Image Source: Zero Waste Chef Instagram

Blogger Anne-Marie Bonneau, known as “The Zero Waste Chef”, has recently published her long-awaited cookbook full of healthy and delicious recipes that help combat food waste! This is a wonderful and sustainable house warming gift for the kitchen!

5 Reusable Straws Your Kids Will Love!

Plastic-Free Reusable Straws Made Just For Kids

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There are a ton of reusable straws on the market these days. But when it comes to kids, a majority of “reusable” straws that you see online or in the store are made of plastic. Granted, these reusable plastic straws are BPA free and perfectly safe to use, they’re still not eco friendly because they’re not recyclable, biodegradable, or zero-waste.

In my opinion, the best reusable and zero waste straws for kids are made of silicone. Silicone straws are durable yet soft enough on the teeth, and they don’t absorb hot or cold temperatures like metal straws do. Plus, they last a very, very long time—making them sustainable and zero-waste because there’s no need to replace them.


Silicone straws are also dishwasher safe and just as easy to clean as any other reusable straw. And that’s important, because when it comes to kids, a whole lot of goo gets absorbed into these straws. My daughter is constantly using her reusable straws whenever she has a drinkable yogurt, a smoothie or any other thick beverage.

With that said, below you’ll find five of the best reusable straws for kids (all silicone) that your child will really love!




These reusable silicone straws by Amalka + Albert are made from food grade silicone and are adorned with little animal friends, which kids love. They add so much fun to these little straws! This set comes with 4 silicone straws and one straw brush cleaner.



These silicone straws by Nightingale come in a set of 6 and have bendable tips which prevent spilling. They’re made from 100 percent platinum cured silicone which is much softer than natural silicone and are chew mark resistant.



These silicone straws for kids by Softy Straws come in a set of four with a squeegee straw cleaning tool that gets all that gunk out, and keeps your child’s straws nice and clean. These straws are bendy, collapsible, flexible and perfect for thin liquids as well as thick smoothies!



These reusable silicone straws by Tegion come in a set of 6 and include one straw cleaning brush. These straws are designed for sippy cups, but can be used in any small tumbler, mug and other small beverage containers. Mom can even borrow one to use in her wine glass!



These reusable silicone straws for kids by Mood Straws are awesome because they change color in cold liquid! These silicone straws come with a squeegee cleaning tool and are great for both thin and thick liquids. You can get these straws in two colors: berry and ocean.