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Nature Inspired Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Earthy And Organic Names For Babies That Are Inspired By Nature

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Are you searching for the perfect “down to Earth” baby name? You’ve come to the right place!

Our list of nature inspired baby names for both boys and girls will add some character to your little one’s identity that they’ll embrace well into adulthood.

Are Nature Inspired Baby Names Popular?

More and more members of society are embracing eco-friendly living and minimalism, so it’s no surprise that expecting parents are leaning more toward earthy baby names to compliment a green lifestyle choice.

Earthy and organic baby names are also beautiful and rugged. They have a warmth about them that make a person approachable yet stand out amongst a crowd of cookie cutter names.


What Are Earthy Baby Names?

Earthy names represent many aspects of our environment—from the animals that inhabit our eco-systems to unique plants, landscapes and even gemstones that never cease to captivate the human eye.

When it comes to nature inspired baby names, unfortunately not all will have a cool ”meaning” and exotic origin—but that’s ok, earthy names are meant to be ”in the now” and minimalistic.

Below are our hand selected earthy baby names for both boys and girls to inspire you on your baby name search.

We wish you luck, and if you would like to share a name you’ve chosen (whether it’s from this list or another place), please let us know in the comments!

Earthy Baby Girl Names

Amber (English) fossilized tree resin

Aspen (English) a quaking tree

Autumn (English) fall season

Brooke (English) small stream

Celestine (English) a mineral

Daisy (English) flower; the day’s eye

Dawn (English) sunrise

Gemma (English) gemstone

Hazel (English) the hazel tree

Holly (English) plant with red berries

Iris (English) delicate blooming flower

Ivy (English) climbing vine plant

Jade (English) green stone

Layke (English) from the lake

Lilly (English) lily flower

Meadow (American) field of grass

Olivia (English) from the olive tree

Poppy (Latin) from the flower

Rose (English) woody perennial plant

Sage (English) herb or prophet

Savanna (English) tropical grasslands

Season (English) a period of the year

Sky (Scandinavian) atmosphere

Violet (English) fragrant blue flower

Willow (English) the Willow tree


Earthy Baby Boy Names

Arlo (English) a hill

Bear (American) bear-like

Briar (English) a thorny plant

Canyon (English) a large ravine

Clay (English) fine grained earth

Everest (English) Dweller on the Eure River

Ferris (English) he who is from France

Fields (English) lives near a clearing

Fisher (English) fisherman

Forrest (English) the woods

Fox (English) Wild animal, cunning

Halston (English) hallow stone

Harlan (English & German) rocky land

Hawk (English) like the bird

Jaden (English) from Jade; green stone

Jasper (English) a speckled stone

Knox (English) a small hill

Logan (Scottish) little hollow; basin

Ocean (Greek) the sea

Oliver (English) from the olive tree

Onyx (English) black gemstone

Parker (English) park keeper

Reed (English) a reed or red-haired

Ridge (English) mountain range

Rivers (English) the river

Rockwell (English) rock spring

Silas (Latin) man of the forest

Spruce (English) evergreen tree

Wolf (English) wild animal