The Best Eco-Friendly Dolls For Kids

Organic And Ethically Made Nontoxic Dolls For Sustainable Play

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Are you striving to be a more sustainable parent and making a switch to more natural and nontoxic toys for your little ones? You are not alone!

Many health-conscious parents are coming to the realization that kids spend a lot of time cuddling and sleeping with their toys—teething babies in particular enjoy biting them.

Now, most parents don’t think that those are big concerns, but, mainstream dolls have potential to be filled with hazardous material like flame retardants, BPA and PVC—all of which are considered to be hormone disrupting chemicals.

Because of these concerns, parents are opting for healthier alternatives when it comes to toys, especially dolls. And luckily, many eco-friendly brands are creating nontoxic and sustainable dolls that children can enjoy safely, without sacrificing any fun. Because let’s face it, aesthetics are important as well.


Though they may be more expensive than regular dolls, eco-friendly dolls are worth the investment. They are ethically made out of nontoxic and organic material, are void of synthetic chemicals, and are typically hand-made.

Dolls help foster emotional development and teach empathy, which is an important trait. Hence, it’s a great toy to own!

Below are several hand-picked eco-friendly dolls that were ethically manufactured, are nontoxic and completely safe for play and nighttime snuggles!


Hearts Of Yarn Hand-Made Plush Dolls

These charming eco-friendly plush dolls are hand-made and contain a cotton canvas body. Each doll also comes with a branded reusable cotton canvas bag that contains the doll’s name—which your child will love! You can find a variety of these beautiful dolls on Amazon!

Alimrose Cotton Dolls


The beautiful hand-made Alimrose Dolls are an Australian brand and are made from a combination of linen and cotton—pure fabric that is safe and healthy for little ones to play with. We the love the embroidery and tiny details that make these dolls look so feminine and charming. These beautiful dolls are available at The Natural Baby Company!

Gloveleya Non-Toxic Plush Dolls


These super soft non-toxic dolls are great starter dolls for babies as well as older girls. These eco-friendly dolls are made of high quality safety environmental soft plush fabric and contain super-squishy material filler. They are machine washable and meet and pass CPSIA and CCPSA Standards.

Ogh Organic Stuffed Dolls

The eco-friendly plush Ogh dolls are handmade with organic yarn and stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfill. They are super soft to the touch and make a sweet non-toxic first doll for little ones.

Cuddle + Kind Cotton Yarn Dolls

Cuddle + Kind dolls are hand-knit from 100% yarn, and are stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfill for the softest snuggles. These super soft dolls are sewn in Peru using fair trade practice and are available in two different sizes. The brand also donates 10 meals to children in need with every sale, which is really amazing!

Apple Park Organic Cotton Plush Dolls

These adorable non toxic and eco-friendly plush dolls by Apple Park are perfect companions for toddlers and big kids. They’re made from soft GOTS Certified organic cotton and filled with hypoallergenic corn fiber. The clothing is also removable and washable! These sustainable dolls are available at EarthHero, and you can take 10 percent off of your purchase using code ECOMOMDIARIES at checkout!

Playdate Friends

These adorable fabric Playdate Friends dolls by Manhattan Toys come with a small little animal companion and are completely machine washable and dryer friendly. They can also be undressed when playing dress up! We love all the varieties that these dolls come in and they’re perfect for both genders!

Tikiri Organic Baby Dolls

These eco friendly and ethically made plush dolls are handmade in Sri Lanka and made from 100% organic cotton fabric and recycled polyester for stuffing. These dolls are absolutely beautiful and come in so many different variations! They’re also more budget friendly than other environmentally friendly dolls on the market! Check them all out on Amazon!


Under The Nile Baby Dolls For Infants

These 10 inch eco-friendly baby dolls for babies by Under The Nile are handmade from 100% non-toxic Egyptian cotton. These non-toxic dolls feature a plush body with stuffed hands and feet which are perfect for holding and teething on. These cute dolls are available at EarthHero in different skin tones and you can take 10 percent off of your purchase using code ECOMOMDIARIES at checkout!

Zubels Woven Dolls

These dancing ballerina dolls by Zubels are environmentally friendly dolls made from 100% cotton. These sustainable dolls are hand knit with 100% super soft cotton yarns. Zubels uses environmentally safe low-impact dyes and has minimal packaging to reduce environmental waste. These sustainable dolls are perfect for both genders!

EcoBaby Dolls

EcoBaby Doll

EcoBaby dolls by GaiaTree are made from all-natural rubber (which is biodegradable) and come dressed in organic cotton clothing. The eco-friendly doll featured in the image above is baby Cora, and she’s available on Amazon!


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