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How To Look And Feel Pretty Without Makeup

10 Ways To Feel Confident And Look Naturally Pretty Without Using A Ton Of Cosmetics

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Are you looking for tips to look naturally pretty without makeup? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Feeling beautiful is something that everyone strives for. Unfortunately, many people believe that makeup is the only way to feel beautiful, but this isn’t the case.

There are many ways to feel beautiful and confident without makeup, and it’s important to recognize them.

One way to feel beautiful without makeup is to focus on the things that make you unique. Everyone is different, and those differences are what make us special.

Embrace what makes you unique and use that to your advantage. Whether it’s your hair, your eyes, or your personality, focus on what makes you stand out and use it to make yourself feel pretty.

It’s important to remember that beauty comes from within, and how you feel about yourself on the inside affects your confidence. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities, and you’ll be sure to feel beautiful without makeup.

With that said, focus on the things that make you unique, take care of yourself, and remember that beauty comes from within. With these tips, you’ll be sure to feel beautiful without makeup.

10 Tips To Looking Naturally Pretty And Feeling Confident

1. Improve The Look Of Your Skin From The Inside Out

GEM Daily essentials
Gem Daily Essentials

Taking care of your skin is an important part of your overall health. One way to ensure that your skin is healthy is to nourish it from the inside out with adequate hydration, proper nutrition and supplements.

Supplements can provide your skin with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that it needs to stay healthy. They can also help to reduce wrinkles and inflammation, improve skin tone, and protect against environmental damage.

Some of my favorite supplements for skin health consists of Omega-3 oils, Irish Sea Moss, Probiotics and Collagen. At 39, I’ve noticed that these supplements have been a great way to keep my skin looking and feeling its best. Gem daily essential bites are a great way to improve your gut, skin and immune health.

2. Stick To A Good Skincare Routine

WittyWellnessExpert | Etsy

One of the best ways to look naturally pretty is to stick to a good skincare routine. This means washing your face twice a day, using a gentle cleanser, and applying a serum or moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Investing in a jade roller or gua sha is a great way to stimulate the lymphatic system. These simple tools help promote circulation and reduce puffiness in the face, helping you look less tired and refreshed.

Additionally, bee venom skincare products can also be used to smooth out wrinkles, combat inflammation, and help achieve naturally beautiful and glowing skin. See my review on bee venom skincare products in my recent blog post!

3. Choose A Flattering Hairstyle

Dutch braid image from Pinterest
Dutch Braids | Pinterest

One way to look pretty naturally is to choose a flattering hairstyle which can make a huge difference in your overall look. The right hairstyle can also help to accentuate your best features, while also helping to hide any imperfections.

Choose a style that best suits your face shape and hair type, and keep your hair healthy and well-maintained, as this will help to ensure that your hairstyle looks its best.

Try something fun yet classy like a Dutch braid, and open up new angles of your face. I absolutely love finding new Dutch braid inspiration on Pinterest. I find so many different ideas and styles that I can use to create beautiful and unique looks.

4. Clean Up And Style Your Eyebrows

Laminated eyebrows
Miya Lash Store | Amazon

Styling your eyebrows can be a great way to enhance your natural beauty without needing to wear makeup. With the right technique, you can shape your eyebrows to frame your face and bring out your features.

Laminating your eyebrows is a new trend that is quickly gaining popularity, and it’s a great way to look like a natural beauty without having to put in too much effort.

This beauty trend involves coating the eyebrows with a special formula that helps to shape, define, and hold the brows in place. The result is a natural, polished look that can last for weeks.

This trend is especially beneficial for those with sparse or thin eyebrows, as it helps to fill in any gaps and create a fuller, more symmetrical look. With laminating, you can have the perfect brows without having to use makeup or other products, and you can even do them at home with DIY kits that are available online.

5. Use A Tinted Sunscreen To Cover Blemishes

Honest Beauty |CCC Moisturizer | Instagram

Using a tinted moisturizer with Sun protection is a great way to look beautiful without having to wear makeup. It is a light and hydrating formula that helps to even out your skin tone and give you a healthy glow.

It is easy to apply and can be used as a base for other makeup products, or simply on its own. The CCC Tinted Moisturizer by Honest Beauty is a favorite of mine, and it’s a great way to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant all day long.

6. Use A High End Eye Lash Curler

Using a high end eye lash curler is a great way to look naturally pretty without the need for makeup. Eye lash curlers can help to shape and define your lashes, creating a beautiful frame for your eyes. Not only will it make your eyes look more awake and alert, but it can also help to make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

7. Find Your Signature Scent

Solid perfume on Etsy
Bee Free Solid Perfume For Women

If you want to look naturally pretty, wearing a light and airy perfume is a great way to help you achieve just that. A light and airy scent is perfect for any occasion, and it will help you to feel confident and beautiful.

Solid perfumes are a great way to feel beautiful and show kindness to the environment. Unlike traditional liquid perfumes, solid perfumes are free of harsh chemicals and toxins, making them a more natural and eco-friendly option.

Vanilla in particular is a beautiful scent that has the ability to transform any woman into a dream. Its sweet and subtle aroma is sure to make any woman feel special and unique, so if you need a signature scent, consider vanilla.

8. Dress Out Of Your Comfort Zone

LYANER Women’s Dress

Another way to look naturally pretty is to dress out of your comfort zone. Trying something new can be a great way to show off your personal style and make a statement. A cute dress in particular can be a great way to express yourself and add a little flair to your look.

Dresses can also help you feel more confident and put together. Experimenting with different styles and colors can be a fun way to find what looks best on you and make you feel beautiful. I love this feminine pink dress by Lyaner—it’s a beautiful design that’s perfect for spring or summer.

9. Paint Your Nails A Light And Airy Color

ILNP Cosmetics | Vegan Nailpolish

Painting your nails is a great way to express yourself and make yourself feel beautiful. Choosing light and airy color can help give you a feeling of lightness and joy. Whether you choose a pastel pink, a soft blue, or a subtle white, you can be sure that you will feel pretty with your new manicure.

Vegan nailpolish is a great way to look both stylish and healthy. It is free of animal-derived ingredients and harsh chemicals, making it a great choice for those looking for a cruelty-free and toxin-free alternative to traditional nailpolish.

10. Accessorize Your Look With Jewelry

Adding jewelry to an outfit can help you look ethereal and make a statement. Rings are a great way to do this, as they can add a subtle sparkle and a unique touch to any ensemble.

Whether you choose a simple gold band or a more ornate design, rings can help you stand out and look beautiful. Adding jewelry to your look can help you feel confident, and some of my favorite feminine rings can be found on Etsy.

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Best Mineral Sunscreens For Babies And Kids | 2023 Edition

The Best Mineral Sunscreen Lotions For Babies And Kids With Sensitive Skin!

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

As a mom of two young kids living in Northwest Florida, I can’t tell you how many sunscreens I’ve tried out until I found a couple of brands that safely work with my kids’ sensitive skin.

When we first moved to the area five years ago, I made a naive mistake of purchasing a chemical sunscreen by a popular brand, and it made my son’s skin break out in a terrible rash. I felt horrible.

That mistake made me “wake up” and start making wiser, more mindful decisions when it came to skincare products for my entire family—particularly sun protection—and mineral sunscreen has become part of our everyday skincare routine.

What Is The Difference Between Mineral And Chemical Sunscreen?

Chemical and mineral sunscreens are two of the most popular types of sunscreen available in stores today. Both offer excellent protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, but there are some key differences between the two that should be taken into consideration when choosing a sunscreen—especially for young children.

Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing UV rays and converting them into heat, which is then released from the skin. These sunscreens typically contain a combination of active ingredients such as oxybenzone, octinoxate, avobenzone, and octocrylene.

While they are very effective at blocking UV rays, some people may experience skin irritation or sensitivity to these ingredients, just like my son did at the time.

Mineral sunscreens, on the other hand, contain physical blockers such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These ingredients work by reflecting and scattering UV rays away from the skin, rather than absorbing them.

Mineral sunscreens are generally considered to be less irritating than chemical sunscreens, and they are also more effective at blocking UVA rays, which can cause long-term skin damage.

What Are The Benefits Of Mineral Sunscreen For Kids?

Mineral sunscreen is a great option for kids, as it offers many beneficial features. As a mom who has tried both chemical and mineral sunscreen on my children, I can honestly say that these facts below are true.

  • Mineral sunscreen is made from natural minerals which are not absorbed into the skin, and therefore do not cause irritation or other skin sensitivities.
  • Mineral sunscreen is water-resistant, so it will stay on even after swimming or sweating. This is especially important for kids who are active and spend a lot of time outdoors.
  • Mineral sunscreens do not contain toxic chemicals that can have negative impacts on the endocrine system.
  • Mineral sunscreen has a more pleasant smell, and oftentimes goes on sheer, which means it’s easier to spread and makes life for moms with squirmy toddlers a lot easier.
  • Mineral sunscreen often contains natural oils, such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, and sunflower seed oil, which nourish and hydrate the skin in addition to providing UV protection.
  • Mineral sunscreen lotions can be used by the whole family!

At What Age Can Children Wear Mineral Sunscreen?

Every child needs sun protection, and The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recommends that all children wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. 

When it comes to age, babies as young as 6 months old can wear sunscreen, and mineral sunscreen is recommended due to their delicate skin that is susceptible to irritation and hormone disruptions.

If you have a baby that is younger than six months old, the rule of thumb is to just keep them out of the sun, and have them covered in lightweight, breathable clothing and sunglasses with UV protection.

Bamboo fabric is fabulous for babies, especially since it has natural UV protection, but it’s hard to find swimsuits made from bamboo. Primary is one of my favorite online sustainable clothing stores for purchasing bamboo clothing, and they have a really fun swimsuit collection for babies and kids.

With that said, below are my favorite mineral sunscreens that I have personally used on my two children, and I highly recommend them for anyone with kids that have sensitive skin, eczema or keratosis pilaris (like one of my children).

These mineral sunscreen lotions are also all hypoallergenic as well as vegan, cruelty-free, and reef safe. In other words, they’re safe for your little ones and the planet.

Best Mineral Sunscreen For Kids With Sensitive Skin

Evereden spf

Evereden Mineral Sunscreen Lotions

Evereden has two amazing mineral sunscreen lotions and I own the SPF 50. Both are made with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, and this is by far the best sunscreen lotion that my kids and I have ever worn. It is so sheer and smells so lovely, that we don’t even feel like we are wearing it.

When I first got this lotion in the mail, I tested it out on my son’s arm since he is the most sensitive out of all of us, and it indeed proved to be hypoallergenic. Now his skin is fine after having it on all day long, and he is always protected from the hot Florida sun without breaking out in hives.

Both can be used on babies as young as 6 months old, and when you purchase these directly on the Evereden website, you can get 15% off on your first purchase when you sign up for their newsletter.


  • 100% Mineral Non-Nano UV Filters
  • Serum-like fluid texture that absorbs quickly without a white-cast
  • Time-release technology for all-day, vitamin e-rich hydration
  • Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB and Blue Light Protection
  • Water & Sweat Resistant
  • Non-comedogenic/ Suitable for face and body
  • Must be reapplied every 40 minutes

Hello Bello Mineral Sunscreen Lotion

Hello Bello is a mineral sunscreen lotion made with zinc oxide that my kids and I absolutely love using, and it was the first mineral sunscreen that I ever purchased. It is a great alternative to chemical sunscreens, is easy to apply, and in my opinion has a lovely subtle citrus like scent.

It provides excellent protection from the sun’s harmful rays, and the lotion is lightweight and non-greasy, making it perfect for everyday use. It’s not as sheer as EverEden (above), but is still a great sunscreen to have on hand—I’ve been very pleased with it.


  • Lightweight and non-greasy formula
  • Made with non-nano zinc oxide
  • Made without synthetic fragrance, phthalates, parabens, oxybenzone and octinoxate 
  • Reef friendly
  • Up to 80 minutes of active protection

Think Baby Sunscreen

Think Baby Mineral Sunscreen Lotion

ThinkBaby is an excellent mineral sunscreen lotion made with zinc oxide that is specifically designed for kids, and I used it on my daughter when she was a baby a few years ago. It is made with natural and organic ingredients, and is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes.

With its non-greasy, lightweight formula, ThinkBaby is easy to apply and won’t leave your kids feeling sticky or uncomfortable. It is definitely a great choice for parents looking for an affordable, safe and effective sunscreen for their children—especially babies.


  • Organic and mineral based with Zinc Oxide
  • Non-greasy and goes on easily
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Biodegradable and reef-friendly
  • Up to 80 minutes of active protection
  • Comes in a tube made of environmentally friendly packaging that does not contain BPA, vinyl, or phthalates

Earth Mama Uber-Sensitive Mineral Sunscreen Lotion

I love the Earth Mama brand—especially their uber-sensitive sunscreen lotion made with non-nano zinc and calming organic colloidal oatmeal. If your child suffers from eczema, this little gem is perfect for their “uber” sensitive skin. It’s a little thicker than other sunscreen lotions, but totally worth it.

This is a fantastic sunscreen that is super gentle on sensitive skin, and provides excellent protection from the sun’s harmful rays. I love that it is made with natural and organic ingredients that are safe for children’s skin and the environment.


  • Made with organic colloidal oatmeal and organic Shea butter
  • Reef friendly: made with non-nano zinc
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection
  • Water Resistant
  • Up to 40 minutes of active protection


Babo Botanicals Baby Skin Mineral Sunscreen

The Babo Botanicals mineral sunscreen lotion for babies and kids is made with zinc oxide and 24 plant-based ingredients including nourishing shea butter. It goes on smoothly and has zero fragrance—perfect for sensitive noises who prefer unscented lotions.

Babo botanicals is gentle on baby’s skin, and provides protection against UVA and UVB rays. It is also water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, making it a great choice for those who are spending time outdoors.


  • Formulated with zinc oxide and moisturizing sunflower oil
  • Water Resistant
  • Active for up to 80 minutes
  • Made with 24 plant-based ingredients, including the brand’s certified organic Nutri-Soothe™ Herbal Blend
  • Fragrance-free

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Best Sustainable Smartphone For Kids: Teracube Thrive

The First Sustainable And Safe Smart Phone For Kids That’s EASY For Parents To Set Up And Monitor Remotely

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

Is your child ready for a smartphone? It is a big decision for any parent to make, and there are many factors to consider.

Before making the decision, it is important to think about your child’s maturity level, how responsible they are, and how much access to the internet they should have.

Additionally, it is important to discuss the potential consequences of owning a smartphone, such as cyberbullying, online predators, and the potential for addiction.

By the time you consider all these factors, you can make an informed decision about whether or not your child is ready for a smartphone.

But wait!! What if your child had a smartphone that prevented cyberbullying, allowed you to set healthy screen limits, AND it didn’t require difficult setup?

What if this smartphone already came pre-programmed with safety settings so that even the most tech-illiterate parent could feel confident about their child’s use and safety?

Well, this type of phone DOES exist, and it allows you to set up and monitor everything from the convenience of your phone with an easy to use app.

Reasons To Consider Getting Your Child A Phone (Based On Personal Experience As A Mom)

There are many benefits to allowing your child to have a smart phone, and they don’t involve social media. For example, kids can access educational apps to supplement their learning, stay organized with reminders and to-do lists, and play [timed] apps/ games as rewards.

I recently got my 9 year old son his own kid-friendly smartphone, and I did so for the following reasons:

  • I had already been letting him use an old IPhone of mine and he was able to play games on it during outings where it got a little boring (like in a waiting room at his doctor’s appt, or long drives, etc).
  • Regular phones cannot be configured to be 100% safe, and kids can still browse whatever they want, access certain free apps and you can’t set screen timers that automatically shut off an app or internet site.
  • Smartphones are no different than an iPad, and they’re more portable (I am able to carry it around in my purse and can hand it to him during certain times (mentioned above).
  • When we go on vacations or to the local beach, he is able to take his own photos, and I love seeing how creative he gets with photography.
  • When he gets older and is able to walk home from school on his own, I’ll be able to stay in touch with him and track his location.
  • He is able to use his smartphone as an alarm clock to wake himself up for school which helps foster responsibility.

Which Smartphone Is Best For Kids?

There are a few really great smartphones for kids on the market, but there is one that really stands out, and it’s the Teracube Thrive sustainable smartphone for kids.

The Teracube Thrive is a tailor-made smartphone for kids ages 8-17, and has an easy 2-minute setup that can be done remotely from mom’s phone. So even if you and your child are apart, you can still set timers, approve apps, and monitor your child’s activities in real time.

The Teracube Thrive is also a sustainable choice because it is designed to last a lifetime. It is made with a blend of recycled and quality materials that are built to last, and periodic updates mean that you don’t have to keep spending money on upgrades (in other words, this smartphone grows with your child).

What’s Included With The Phone?

  • Teracube Thrive smartphone
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Protective case
  • Tempered glass screen protector (pre-installed)
  • Teracube Wireless SIM card (pre-installed)
  • Quick start guide

How Much Does Teracube Thrive Cost?

If you’re considering buying the Teracube Thrive smartphone for kids, you can purchase just the phone for $199 (and use your own network), OR you can purchase the smartphone along with the Teracube wireless plan which is powered by T-Mobile and save $50, as this knocks the price down to $150.

If you choose the phone along with the T-Mobile plan, the network fee is only $14.99 per month (other phones like Gab, charge around $29.99)—So this is actually quite affordable.

Is this a good deal overall? Well, considering that certain smartphones cost over $1k, this is literally a steal—especially since it lasts a lifetime and comes with a lifetime warranty. You can also have a cracked screen repaired for a flat fee of $45 (free repairs for technical and physical malfunctions on their part).

Features of the T-Mobile Bundle

  • Nationwide coverage – powered by T-Mobile
  • Unlimited talk & text plans starting at $14.99 / mo
  • 1st month free  (Bonus)
  • Forever Premium Warranty  (Bonus)
  • No contracts. Cancel anytime!
Little girl holding a green Teracube Thrive smart phone

Teracube Thrive Specs

Dimensions155.2mm x 73.3mm x 10.1mm
Display6.1” HD+ IPS Display
ColorsBlack & Green
ProcessorMediaTek Helio A25 Octa-Core processor 1.8Ghz
Memory4GB RAM
Storage64GB Storage
BatteryReplaceable 4000mAh battery
Rear Camera13 + 8 MP
Front Camera8MP
PortsHeadphone Jack, USB-C Port, Dedicated Dual SIM
Operating SystemThrive OS (Powered by Android)
SecurityPIN, pattern, fingerprint, and face unlock

Why Is The Teracube Thrive Better Than Other Kid-Friendly Smartphones?

In my opinion, the Teracube Thrive beats the competition because it’s more affordable than other phones, it’s extremely user friendly, it saves you money in the long run, and it’s great for the environment because it lasts a lifetime, and is made with recycled parts.

So if you’re looking for a safe smartphone that also allows you to lower your carbon footprint, this is it.

I also love this smartphone because if you have a difficult or willful child, this phone provides a great opportunity for them to learn how to compromise and practice patience.

They can still view certain apps or websites with a healthy limit, and you, the parent, does not look like the bad guy. In other words, no more having to scream “GET OFF YOUR PHONE!”

This smartphone also makes a great transitional object to adulthood when it comes to tweens and teens. According to Katie Davis, author of Technology’s Child, “the phone is a way for parents to give their children some autonomy in their physical movements, while keeping close track of those movements”.

By the way, if you are indeed a parent who is technology-illiterate and need a good book on understanding technology’s role in the ages and stages of growing up, I highly recommend Katie’s book, Technology’s Child. This book dives into cyberbullying, understanding smartphones, video games and more.

So if you’re ready to purchase a safe smartphone for your child, tween or teen, I highly recommend that you consider the Teracube Thrive. This smartphone is available directly on the Teracube website, as well as Amazon.

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7 Best Natural Deodorants For Kids And Pre-Teens

The 7 Best Non-Toxic Deodorants For Kids And Pre-Teens

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

Around the time my son turned 8 years of age, I noticed that his armpits had developed a funky odor—especially on days when he had been really active at school.

I knew that he would eventually start to smell, but this early? I have to admit, I was a little concerned. So at his well check appointment, I asked his pediatrician if it was normal to have funky armpits this early in adolescence, and his doctor said “absolutely”.

Body odor is an unavoidable part of growing up. While some children may start to experience body odor around age 10 or 11, it is not at all uncommon for some children to start having body odor as early as 8 years of age (like mine).

The whole thing is bitter-sweet. You’re celebrating the fact that your child is growing up, but then you find yourself mourning that “little baby”, which they literally were just a few short years ago.

Why Do Kids Stink So Much??

Armpits stink in general because they are a warm, moist area of the body that provide a perfect environment for bacteria to grow. When sweat mixes with the bacteria on the skin, it produces a strong odor.

Now, in more scientific terms, we sweat because we have two types of sweat glands on our bodies: eccrine and apocrine. Let’s get to know them.

Eccrine sweat glands are a type of sweat gland found all over the body. These glands produce sweat that helps to regulate the body’s temperature, and are found in the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, and forehead.

The sweat produced by these glands is composed of water and salt, and it is odorless. The Eccrine glands are important for maintaining a healthy body temperature, as well as for cooling the body down during exercise or in hot weather.

Apocrine sweat glands, on the other hand, are larger than eccrine glands, and are mainly found in the armpits, groin and scalp area. Apocrine glands produce a thicker, more odorous sweat than eccrine glands, and this sweat contains proteins and fatty acids, which are broken down by bacteria on the skin, causing body odor.

How Do I Talk To My Child About Their Body Odor

The body odor conversation with your child can either go really awkward, or it can go really smoothly. The trick is to pick the right time and place, and make it as casual as possible.

After realizing that my little guy was starting to stink, and after doing thorough research on kid-friendly deodorants, I snuck the topic in while we were out walking. I figured that the best time to bring up the topic of body odor was while it was happening—during exercise.

The conversation went something like “man, we both stink right now” (my son raises his arm and proceeds to smell his armpit and gags). “You’re right” he replies. I then ask him how he feels about getting his own deodorant and putting it on as part of his morning routine.

The response? Complete excitement. Something about being able to wear deodorant made him feel like a mini adult with a new exciting responsibility.

“Wow, they make those for kids?” He asked. I told him yes, and explained to him how it all works. We even got into the whole chemistry of body odor and how that all works and he was really fascinated with it instead of grossed out.

What Are The Benefits Of Natural Deodorants For Kids?

  • Natural deodorants are free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances that can irritate sensitive skin.
  • Natural deodorants are made from ingredients like baking soda, arrowroot powder, activated charcoal and essential oils, which are gentle and safe for kids.
  • Natural deodorants are also free from aluminum, which is a common ingredient in many conventional deodorants and has been linked to many health concerns.

Do Natural Deodorants Really Work?

My son, who is 9 now, has been wearing a natural deodorant for a year now, and after some trial and error with different formulas and brands, we finally found the one, and I’ll tell you right now that not only does it kill odor, it even keeps his underarms dry during PE at school (not that he sweats a lot at his age, but physical activity in humid Northwest Florida is nasty).

Every child is different, so you’ll find that not every natural deodorant will work for them. You have to experiment to see which formula works with their body type.

In our case, a formula made of activated charcoal and tapioca starch is what did the trick. The natural deodorant which he uses (and I do too), is PiperWai.

PiperWai is made with a combination of activated charcoal, tapioca starch, coconut oil, shea butter and essential oils that are super delicate on skin, yet still manage to eliminate bacteria which causes BO, and trap wetness without clogging pores like aluminum tends to do.

I’ll elaborate more on PiperWai below, and provide you with recommendations on a few other great brands with similar formulas (because there are some that focus only on odor and not so much on trapping sweat).

All of these natural deodorants are safe for kids, and are made with 100% natural ingredients (made without parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances). They are also vegan and cruelty-free.

Best Non-Toxic Deodorants For Kids And Pre-Teens

PiperWai Natural Deodorant

PiperWai Activated Charcoal Deodorant

I was the first person in our family to start using PiperWai, and when my son wasn’t liking the other deodorants that he initially tried, I reached out to PiperWai and asked if it was safe for children to use. Their response left me more than happy!

A representative from PiperWai stated that “the entire essential oil blend within PiperWai makes up less than 1% of the overall formula, falling far below the <2% safe range.”

My son loves the light and airy scent (which smells like citrus candy), and he stays dry and odor free, even on days where he skips a shower. If you’re a boy mom, you know exactly how stinky those pits can get when they skip a shower. That’s why I LOVE this formula so much.

See my full review of PiperWai, and what it looks like on the skin, here!


  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free.
  • Container made from ocean waste plastic (OCP).
  • Aluminum free.
  • Made with a combination of activated charcoal, tapioca starch, coconut oil, shea butter and essential oils.
  • Safe for delicate skin.
  • Lasts close to 48 hours (in our case).
Freedom deodorant

Freedom Natural Deodorant

Freedom is a women-owned, all-natural deodorant that’s great for the whole family. It’s cruelty-free, gluten-free, and made without parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances. It’s also safe for all skin types and sensitivities, including kids.

Freedom deodorants are made with baking soda and arrowroot powder. Baking soda neutralizes odor, while arrowroot powder absorbs moisture—leaving you odor-free and dry.

Other natural ingredients include: Shea butter, natural beeswax, kaolin clay, and a safe blend of essential oils to keep your child smelling great! Freedom is available in a few different scents, and you can even choose unscented.


  • Cruelty-free & leaping bunny certified.
  • Made with baking soda, arrowroot powder, shea butter, natural beeswax, kaolin clay, and a safe blend of essential oils.
  • Aluminum-free.
  • Safe for delicate kids skin.
  • Eco-friendly packaging.
Kidskin Natural Deodorant

Kidskin Odor Fighting Natural Deodorant

Kidskin is one of my favorite children’s skincare brands. In fact, I have them listed in my Top 5 Face Creams For Kids article.

The Kidskin natural deodorant for kids is made with baking soda and tapioca starch—two ingredients that neutralize odor and trap moisture. It also has another interesting natural ingredient, Diatomaceous Earth, which is composed mostly of silica, and just like its friends, baking soda and tapioca starch, is a highly absorbent material that takes away bad smells.

Unlike other natural deodorants, Kidskin is unscented—making it a highly hypoallergenic option for someone with very sensitive skin. So if your child’s skin is so sensitive that they can’t even handle essential oils, this natural deodorant is the best choice.


  • Made with tapioca starch, baking powder and Shea butter.
  • 24 hour odor protection.
  • Aluminum-free.
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free.

BeNat All-Natural Deodorant For Kids

The BeNat natural deodorant for kids contains a perfect blend of coconut oil, beeswax, vegetable emulsifier, cornstarch, baking soda, avocado seed oil, and essential oils.

BeNat was founded by a mom of 3 with a mission to raise awareness about chemicals used in our daily hygiene and cosmetic products, promoting the use of simple, clean, safe and effective all-natural products.

The BeNat deodorant for kids lasts 24 hours, and is dermatologist tested to be hypoallergenic. As far as scent, BeNat has a lovely scent of citrus and tea tree that many find kids find pleasant.


  • Made with coconut oil, beeswax, vegetable emulsifier, cornstarch, baking soda, avocado seed oil, and essential oils.
  • 24 hour odor protection.
  • Cruelty-free.
  • Aluminum-free

Not My Dad’s Aluminum Free Deodorant

“Not My Mama’s” is a really fun and colorful kids’ personal care brand that has a really cute line of natural deodorants for both boys and girls. The boys deodorant has a subtle “clean spice”scent , while the girl version has a sweet lemon scent.

These deodorants are roll ons, and contain strong and unique odor fighting ingredients including magnesium hydroxide, arrowroot powder, diatomaceous earth, probiotics and baking soda.

These make especially fun first-time deodorants for kids who need a little push. The aesthetic labels are really fun, and encourage kids to want to use the product. The video game controller is a super cute idea.


  • Magnesium hydroxide, arrowroot powder, diatomaceous earth, probiotics, baking soda and essential oils.
  • Aluminum-free.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free.
Coco Me Fresh Organic Deodorant For Kids

Coco Me Fresh Organic Deodorant For Kids

The Coco Me Fresh organic deodorant for kids is made with only all-natural and organic ingredients that are actually edible! But, please don’t tell your children that, lol.

This all-natural kids deodorant is made with strong and effective odor fighting ingredients including arrowroot starch and baking soda, which also absorb moisture, and keep your little one dry.

This organic deodorant also contains organic Shea butter to moisturize your little one’s skin. The strawberry essential oil also adds a lovely berry scent that kids and parents love.


  • Made with organic arrowroot powder, baking soda, organic Shea butter and organic essential oils.
  • Aluminum-free.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free.

Dirty Kids Organics Natural Deodorant

I love the Dirty Kids Organics brand, and have listed them in my Best Shampoo Bars For Babies and Kids article.

The Dirty Kids Organics natural deodorant is made with all-natural and organic ingredients, and its combination of baking soda and arrowroot powder will keep your little one dry for up to 24 hours.

You have the option of choosing unscented, forest or lavender, and currently, these are sold in packs of two, with a $2 coupon available on Amazon. They are also a bit more pricier than all the other brands.


  • Made with baking soda, arrowroot powder and Shea butter.
  • Lasts up to 24 hours.
  • Aluminum-free.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free.

Bonus Hygiene Starter Kit

Dirty Kids Organics Daily Hygiene Kit Gift Set

Hygiene starter kits are a great idea for kids. They provide the necessary supplies and products needed to help kids learn how to properly take care of themselves. Additionally, these kits can help to reduce the financial burden of having to purchase all of these items separately.

Dirty Kids Organics has created a really cool hygiene kit for kids that includes all natural and organic hygiene items. The kit above contains an organic shampoo bar, all-natural face wash and a non-toxic deodorant. I think it’s really cool, and makes a wonderful gift.

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10 Best Eco-Friendly Beach Essentials [Family Edition]

Heading To The Beach? Here Is A List Of Everything You Need For A Sustainable Beach Day!

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

Living in Northwest Florida allows our family to frequent the beach year-round. Even in the winter months, the beach is a great place to spend quality time with your children, or on your own for some much needed self-care.

I particularly love the color of the ocean water here on the Emerald Coast. It is a reminder of the power and beauty of nature, and it always brings me a sense of peace and tranquility whenever I spend time there.

The white sands and mesmerizing Emerald color of the water is also a reminder of the importance of protecting our precious environment. We must take care of our oceans and beaches if we want to keep them looking as beautiful as they are today.

The beach is a beautiful place, and it is essential that we take steps to keep it that way. With that said, there are a few simple ways to be eco-friendly at the beach that can make a big difference.

How To Be Eco-Friendly At The Beach

  • First, it is important to be mindful of your trash. Bring reusable or biodegradable trash bags to store and carry your items. This will help to reduce the amount of plastic and other materials that end up in the ocean. The key is to leave behind only your footprints.
  • Avoid disposable drink containers, as well as disposable plastic straws, and bring liquids in reusable containers. The wind at the beach can get very strong, and lots of lightweight items can get blown into the water—plus, they’re bad for the environment, wildlife and your health.
  • Thirdly, be mindful of the local wildlife, and refrain from feeding the birds. Seagulls always land near people with food in an attempt to get fed, but some human food can make them sick, so it’s best to resist the urge.
  • Next, be sure to use natural sunscreens and other skincare products that are biodegradable. Many of the chemicals found in traditional sunscreens can be damaging to the environment—especially corals and marine life, so it is important to use natural alternatives.
  • Lastly, Opt for beach toys that are made from plant-based fibers like bamboo or wheat straw. I can’t count how many times my kids’ toys got swept away into the ocean, and plastic is so bad for the environment. Hence, I started buying non-toxic, biodegradable beach toys.

By following these simple steps, we can all help to protect and preserve our precious environment for years to come. And with that said, below are my recommended environmentally friendly beach essentials for a sustainable beach day!

Sustainable Beach Essentials For An Eco-Friendly Beach Day

Sand and love eco

1. Eco-Friendly Beach Tote

If you plan on visiting the beach, you need a tote bag that holds all of your essentials (towels, drinks, books, sun screen lotion). And if you’re a mom heading out with the kids, you’re going to need a large one.

I love this large tote by Sand and Love on Etsy. It’s made with non-dyed natural jute fibers, non-toxic ink and recycled paper. It’s also lined on the inside for easy cleaning, and spacious enough for kids’ stuff.

If you’d rather not purchase a new beach tote, by all means, use something you already have. I often times use my favorite Farmer’s Market bag, and nobody knows the difference.


2. Eco-Friendly Beach Towels

Beach towels are an essential item for any beach trip. Not only do they provide a comfortable surface to lay on, but they also help to keep sand and moisture away from your skin.

If you’re tired of using traditional beach towels, try a Sand Cloud. These eco-friendly beach towels are made from 100% Turkish organic cotton, are super big, and do a much better job at repelling sand (they were featured on shark tank).

For The Kids: Don’t forget to grab my favorite hooded bamboo towel by Kea Babies! Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton, and provides natural UV protection from the Sun. We use ours whenever we go to the beach, and my daughter stays warm and cozy on the car ride home.

EverEden nontoxic

3. Non-Toxic Sun Screen

Sunscreen is an essential item for any beach day. Applying sunscreen before you head out for the beach is a great way to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable day. However, not all sunscreens are safe for your skin, nor the environment.

Last year, I’ve discovered Evereden skin care, and raced to buy their non-toxic premium mineral sunscreen. It’s reef safe, and it’s the perfect tote bag essential, packaged with a convenient clip-on ring for easy portability.

For The Kids: We love using the Evereden Premium mineral sunscreen lotion. It protects delicate baby and kid skin from the sun’s damaging effects, and its chemical-free ingredients are reef safe.

4. Eco-Friendly Beach Toys

Beach toys are an essential part of a beach trip if you have kids. Not only do they provide hours of entertainment, but they also help keep the kids occupied and out of trouble. However, a majority of beach toys are made from plastic, and many get swept out to the ocean.

After noticing that my kids would lose most of their little shovels to the sea, I decided to start buying biodegradable beach toys, and the brand LoveLotte makes really cute sets out of bamboo fiber. Plant fiber is BPA-free and non-toxic, so these beach toys are perfectly safe for babies.

5. Eco-Friendly Beach Umbrella

Beach umbrellas are an essential item for a day at the beach. They provide much needed protection from the sun’s harsh rays, as well as a bit of shade to rest in. However, not all beach umbrellas are created equal, and some are just made from flimsy cheap plastic that end up in landfills.

The Business & Pleasure Co beach umbrella is a fabulous eco-friendly essential to your beach day. It’s made from cotton, premium teak wood and aluminum, and offers UPF 50+. Currently, you can get this boho-chíc beach umbrella on Amazon for 30% off.

6. Eco-Friendly Cooler

A cooler is an essential item to bring to the beach. It is a great way to keep food and drinks cold and fresh, and it can also be used to store wet items such as towels and swimsuits. A cooler can also be used to store snacks and other items that you may need for your kids throughout the day.

If you’re shopping for one, Igloo has a fun new line of sustainable soft coolers made from recycled plastic water bottles called the Repreve Avery Tote. These coolers are so versatile that you can bring them along to play golf, a softball game and more.

7. Collapsible Beach Wagon

Beach wagons are a great way to make a day at the beach easier and more enjoyable. They provide a convenient way to transport all of the beach essentials, such as towels, sunscreen, toys, and snacks. This can save you from having to make multiple trips back and forth from the car to the beach.

If you’re on a budget like me, you want a great quality wagon for an affordable price. Moon Lence is a collapsible all-terrain wagon that will help you transport your kiddos and your beach essentials with ease. And on days where you’re not heading out to the beach, you can reuse this wagon on walks, in the garden or transporting groceries into the house.

8. Cloth Swim Diapers

Cloth swim diapers are an essential item for any beachgoer looking for an eco-friendly option. Not only are they reusable, but they are also more absorbent than disposable diapers, making them a great choice for keeping babies and toddlers dry while they enjoy the beach.

One of my favorite reusable swim diaper brands is Nora’s Nursery. You can get 3 adorable boho-chíc swim diapers along with a reusable wet bag for storage, for under $30. These swim diapers are really great quality, and they’re so much better for the environment than disposables.

9. Sustainable Swimwear

Sustainable swimwear is becoming increasingly popular as people have become more aware of the environmental impact of their clothing choices. It is also a great way to look stylish while helping to protect the environment.

I love the sustainable swimsuit line for women on UrbanKissed. They use discarded fabric to create sexy beach wear for women: “The fabric of this bikini comes from dead stocks from our suppliers. We give them a second life through recycling, avoiding its destruction and the related contamination”.

For The Kids: it is extremely hard to find sustainable swimwear for kids. Luckily, there is Primary. Primary is a sustainable kids clothing line, and their sustainable swimwear is also UPF 50+, which is amazing!

10. Wildwood Kids Polarized Sunglasses

Going to the beach is a lot of fun, but it is important to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays. Kids need to wear sunglasses when they go to the beach to protect their eyes from the bright sunlight. Good quality sunglasses will help keep their eyes safe from the sun’s UV rays, which can cause damage to the eyes over time.

I LOVE the Wildwood polarized sunglasses. They are super stylish, and they are made with solid wood, and BPA-free recycled plastic. These sunglasses are for boys and girls aged 3 to 9 years, and are lightweight, comfortable and contain high quality TAC polarized lenses that provide full UVA and UVB protection. Match with your child with these polarized bamboo glasses for mom and dad!

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How To Make An Eco-Friendly Easter Basket | 2023 Edition

Tips For Going ‘Green’ With Your Easter Basket | 2023 Edition

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a small commission.

With Easter just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how to make your Easter celebrations a little more sustainable.

From reusable eggs to organic candy and toys, there are plenty of ways to make your Easter baskets a little greener!

Like any major holiday, Easter tends to accumulate a lot of single-use waste—from the shredded plastic grass that fills Easter baskets, to the small plastic eggs that you hide around your yard, and everything in between.

And then there are those over-priced pre-made Easter baskets that you see in stores. You’ve seen them, and I bet you agree with me that they are a total waste of money.

Those things are wrapped in a ton of plastic cellophane in an attempt to look elaborate, but the gifts within are just cheap plastic trinkets that won’t last more than a week.

Now here is the good news. If you plan ahead, you can most definitely go green this Easter, and create the most sustainable Easter basket of your child’s dreams!

What Are The Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets?

Easter is a time for celebration and fun, but it’s also important to consider the environment when making your Easter preparations for several reasons:

  • Going green with your Easter basket helps cut down on landfill waste.
  • Eco-friendly Easter baskets are filled with plastic-free and non-toxic goods, which are much healthier for your children.
  • Eco-friendly Easter baskets are sustainable—the baskets can be re-used, and the contents are often times recyclable and zero-waste.
  • Eco-friendly Easter baskets are more thoughtful because you, the parent, is customizing it.

What Do You Put In An Eco-Friendly Easter Basket?

Easter basket goodies can still remain traditional, but with an eco-friendly twist (think reusable, biodegradable and compostable items). Below are some healthy green swaps that you can make for your Easter basket:

  • Reuse an old easter basket or purchase a wicker basket instead of a plastic pale. If you’re attending an Easter egg hunt, you can buy cute Easter-themed jute bags as well.
  • Give wooden, fabric or silicone toys and books instead of plastic trinkets.
  • Use wooden eggs instead of plastic eggs (or re-use last year’s plastic eggs). They’re re-usable, non-toxic, and can be painted.
  • Give home-made baked goods instead of store-bought candy. You can pack them in these adorable Easter-themed burlap drawstring bags.

With that said, I am so thrilled to be able to share these eco friendly Easter basket filler ideas with you. I hope you find these ideas helpful and that they inspire you to make your Easter celebrations a little more greener.

Ideas For A Sustainable Easter Basket

Rattan Easter Basket On Etsy
Shop On Etsy
Burlap easter basket on etsy
Shop On Etsy

Invest In A Reusable Easter Basket

One way to be more eco-friendly is to choose a reusable Easter basket.
Reusable baskets are available in a variety of styles and colors, so you can find one that fits your holiday décor. Not only are reusable baskets more eco-friendly, but they can also be used for years to come.

Some of my favorite sustainable easter baskets are on Etsy. There are a ton of beautifully handmade baskets and some of my favorites are made from of jute and rattan—two sustainable materials that grow back as fast as bamboo.

Add a personalized wooden name tag, and you’ve got a gorgeous aesthetic basket that’s Instagram-ready!

Personalized wooden Easter Basket tag on Etsy
Available On Etsy

Choose Biodegradable Grass As A Basket filler

Sisal grass for eco friendly easter basket
Shop On Amazon
Shop On Etsy

When choosing items to fill your basket, consider natural grass like prairie or sisal. Natural grass is a great option because it is biodegradable, and can be used to line the base of the basket for a natural and festive touch.

Natural grass is easy to find and can be purchased at most craft stores or online at places like Etsy or Amazon. I personally do not like the edible grass that many other people recommend because it has a horrible taste, and natural grass looks more aesthetic.

Hollow wooden eggs Etsy
Shop On Etsy

Opt For Hollow Wooden Eggs

Wooden hollow easter eggs are a great way to celebrate the holiday season in an environmentally conscious way. With that said, they are becoming an increasingly popular choice for those who are looking for a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic eggs.

Wooden eggs are compostable and more durable than plastic eggs, meaning they can be used for many years to come. I also love that you can decorate them yourself with some paint, and turn them into heirlooms. Wooden eggs can be found both on Amazon as well as Etsy.

Choose Plastic-Free Toys And Practical Gadgets

Bath Bombs | Shop On Etsy
Peeps Bath Bombs | Etsy

Organic bath bombs are a great way to add a special touch to any Easter basket for kids. Not only are they fun and colorful, but they are also made with natural and organic ingredients, making them a safe and healthy choice for water play!

Some of the most unique and adorable Easter themed bath bombs can be found on Etsy, and above are two of my favorite bath bomb picks to add to your Easter basket. Organic bath bombs are a great addition to any Easter basket and will be sure to put a smile on your little one’s face.

Easter Bunny Lacing Toy | Etsy

This wooden bunny lacing toy is a great addition to any Easter basket, and is a fun and creative way to keep kids entertained while they enjoy the holiday. It is also a great way to help children develop their fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination.

Handmade Easter Doll | Etsy
Personalized Bunny | Etsy

Dolls and stuffed animals make really sweet Easter gifts for kids, and they will be cherished for many years. These two dolls from Etsy caught my eye right away—they’re just so pretty and you can have your child’s name stitched on them.

ABC God Loves Me Book By Rose Rossner

Books make a great addition to any Easter basket for kids! Not only do they provide hours of entertainment, but they can also help to foster a love of reading in young children. Easter / Christian books in particular can help teach children about the meaning of Easter. Our current favorite is “ABC God Loves Me” and the illustrations are beautiful.

Easter tic tac toe game etsy
Wooden Game | Etsy
Egg sortinf
Eggs & Bowls Sorting Game

You can include fun little wooden games or Montessori style activities and crafts into your child’s Easter basket for added fun. I love these two wooden games on Etsy which consist of a wooden egg sorting set, as well as a wooden tic-tac-toe game and DIY paint kit.

Personalized Bunny Tumbler | Etsy
Easter Sippy cups etst
Easter Sippy Cups | Etsy

Easter themed tumblers and Sippy cups are practical gifts that can be enjoyed for years to come. I love that you can personalize tumblers and sippies on Etsy, and they’ve got some super cute bunny designs available.

Wooden toys are also a great Easter basket gift idea for younger kids. Not only are these toys great for entertaining children, but they also help to encourage physical activity and motor skills development.

Wooden push toy
Etsy | Wooden push toy
Play dough Tools | Amazon
Wooden Puzzles | Amazon
Crochet Bunny Teether | Amazon

In conclusion, eco friendly baskets are a great choice for those looking to make a positive impact on the environment. Not only are they made from sustainable materials, but they are also often made by hand, and are of a higher quality than their non-eco-friendly counterparts.

Let me know in the comment section if you chose any of these fabulous items for your child’s sustainable easter basket!

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Best Insulated Water Bottles | 2023 Edition

Best “Buy It For Life” Water Bottles That Keep Your Water Cold For Hours

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a Small commission.

Reusable water bottles have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their environmental and health benefits. There’s even an emotional support water bottle trend on social media that began in early 2020 during the COVID lockdown.

Early on, I kind of chuckled at this trend , but then I realized that whenever I leave my house to go anywhere, I always grab my favorite insulated water bottle. It’s become an essential item that seems to be glued to my hip, and it’s become part of my zero waste car kit.

My enthusiasm for reusable water bottles inspired me to write this blog post. And before we look at the top picks, let’s look at why reusable water bottles are so beneficial!

What Are The Benefits Of Reusable Water Bottles?

  • Reusable water bottles reduce the amount of plastic waste that is created from single-use plastic water bottles, which can take up to 500 years to decompose.
  • Reusable water bottles are BPA-free, meaning they do not contain any harmful chemicals that can leach into the water and be ingested.
  • Reusable water bottles are also more cost-effective than single-use plastic water bottles, as they can be used multiple times without needing to be replaced.

Why Are Insulated Water Bottles Better Than Regular Reusable Water Bottles?

Many people prefer Insulated water bottles because they keep your drinks colder or hotter for longer periods of time, which is especially useful for outdoor recreation in extreme weather.

Insulated water bottles are also more durable and can withstand bumps or drops better than traditional water bottles. I have a couple of stainless steel water bottles with lots of dings, and they are still very much reusable.

Additionally, insulated water bottles are often made of stainless steel or other materials that are free of BPA and other toxins, making them a healthier and more eco-friendly choice than hard plastic water bottles.

With that said, below are the Best Buy It For Life (BIFL) water bottles that will help you reduce your environmental impact and keep you hydrated for many years.

Best Reusable Water Bottles Of 2023

1. The Coldest Water Bottle

Redditors don’t mess around when it comes to product recommendations, and this brawny looking water bottle is indeed a Reddit favorite—especially amongst gym enthusiasts and outdoorsmen.

The Coldest Water water bottle is made of stainless steel, contains double wall insulation, and keeps your liquids ice cold for up to 36 hours, while keeping hot liquids hot for 13 hours.

This reusable water bottle can take a punch, and it floats on water. So if you’re looking for that tough water bottle that you can take to the gym or backcountry, consider The Coldest Water insulated water bottle.


  • Stainless steel, double insulation & vacuum sealed
  • No sweat technology
  • Keeps cold liquids cold for 36 hours
  • Keeps hot liquids hot for 13 hours
  • Fits most cup holders
  • Floats in water
  • Available in 3 different sizes
Klean kanteen Stainless Steel Water bottle

2. Klean Kanteen Insulated Classic

The Klean Kanteen Insulated Classic water bottle is perfect for minimalists on the go, and contains Climate Lock double-wall vacuum insulation that keeps drinks hot for 24 hours and iced for 63 hours.

This reusable bottle also contains a chip-resistant Klean Coat powder coat finish that’s durable and safe for people, as well as the planet. Take it with you and stay hydrated during your travels, outdoor adventures or workouts.


  • Climate Lock double-wall vacuum insulation Keeps contents hot for 24 Hours
  • Keeps liquids cold for 63 hours
  • Chip-resistant Klean Coat finish
  • 18/8 food-grade stainless steel
  • Won’t retain or impart flavors
  • Dishwasher safe

3. Hydro Flask 32oz Wide Mouth With Flex Lid

When it comes to vacuum-insulated water bottles, Hydro Flask has been a top selling brand for years. Their eco-friendly wide-mouth water bottle with a leak-proof flex lid, has particularly grown to be a fan favorite.

The HydroFlask wide mouth is made with 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel which ensures durability, pure taste and no flavor transfer. It’s also made with TempShield insulation that keeps your beverage cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours.


  • Ideal size for all-day hydration
  • Fits most backcountry water filters
  • TempShield™ insulation keeps beverages cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours
  • Durable 18/8 Pro-Grade Stainless Steel construction
  • Dishwasher safe

4. Yeti Rambler Stainless Steel Water Bottle With Chug Cap

The Yeti Rambler is made from 18/8 stainless steel construction and comes with a chug cap design for faster drinking. This is a water bottle that pairs well with the outdoors, and can definitely take a beating.

The YETI Rambler is extremely durable, and will keep your cold drinks super cold and hot drinks very hot. With stainless steel construction, double-wall vacuum insulation, and a No Sweat Design, they’re perfect for any outdoor adventure.


  • Made with kitchen-grade (18/8) stainless steel, so they’re puncture- and rust-resistant.
  • Double wall vacuum insulation.
    Contains dishwasher-safe DuraCoat colors.

5. Super Sparrow Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle

If you love the aesthetics of Klean Kanteen, but are looking for a water bottle that’s a little more wallet friendly, consider the Super Sparrow—it’s actually really good quality. I own two different bottles and they have not disappointed.

The Super sparrow stainless steel to-go series are made from 304 food-grade stainless steel and will keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. It also comes with a ton of convenient accessories that you don’t typically get with other bottles.


  • Made from 304 food-grade stainless steel
  • Keeps liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours
  • Comes with interchangeable caps (one sports cap and one loop cap)
  • Includes a neoprene carrying case

6. Crazy Cap 2.0 Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

The Crazy Cap 2.0 stainless steel water bottle by Mycrolyscs contains a UV light built straight into the cap that sterilizes your water up to 99.99 percent. So not only is this water bottle self-cleaning, it’s self purifying (making it especially perfect for camping ventures).

Another great thing about a self purifying water bottle is that it will never develop an odor because germs don’t live long enough. Perhaps that’s why this particular water bottle won Time’s best inventions in 2020. The con is it’s very expensive—but well worth the buy.


  • Maintains hot liquids for 12 hours
  • Maintains cold liquids for 24 hours
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Ultra-durable design
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Destroys bacteria, viruses, cysts, etc
BrüMate ReHydration Insulated Water Bottle

7. BrüMate ReHydration Insulated Water Bottle

The BrüMate ReHydration Bottle is a 25oz canteen that keeps your drinks ice-cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. It contains a 100% leakproof sip-through straw lid, and the durable, easy-carry handle makes this your all day go-to hydration bottle for any occasion or activity.


  • Contains a leakproof straw lid
  • Keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot liquids for 12 hours
  • Contains an easy carry loop
  • Has a non-slip base
Corkcicle triple insulated travel canteen

8. Corkcicle Triple Insulated Travel Canteen

Corkcicle is one of my favorite water bottle brands. It is triple insulated, and their series A drinkware contains a Duraprene coat that’s durable yet super soft, and won’t rub off, chip off, or wear off, even with dishwasher cycles.

This water bottle will keep your drinks super cold for 25 hours and will keep liquids hot for 12 hours. It also contains an Anti-Microbial Rezist™ Coating in the paint that inhibit the survival, reproduction, and colonization of bacteria. Overall, it’s a good looking water bottle with lots of cool features and impressive insulation.


  • Triple insulated stainless steel
  • Keeps cold drinks cold for 25 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours
  • Easy grip flat sides
  • Tough Duraprene finish
  • Non-slip silicone bottom

The Best Non-Toxic Laundry Detergents

Ready To Toss Your Toxic Laundry Detergent? Read On To Learn About The Best Plant-Based Detergent Brands!

This post contains affiliate links which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a commission.

Shopping for a natural detergent brand, but not sure which one to choose? You’ve come to the right place!

One of the most used cleaning products in the home is laundry detergent—and it makes constant contact with our skin via clothing, towels and bedding. And due to this constant contact, a lot of people question the ingredients and how they impact our overall health.

Unfortunately, many popular laundry detergents are made with harsh chemicals that have both short and long term consequences on our health. But, you can easily protect yourself and your family from these scary toxins by switching to a natural detergent.

With that said, we’ve created a shopping guide to the safest laundry detergents on the market. They contain all-natural ingredients, as well as eco-friendly packaging that doesn’t harm the planet.

Why Is Natural Laundry Detergent Better?

As mentioned above, mainstream laundry detergents contain ingredients that are actually harmful to our health—but how?

Well, even in the rinse cycle, detergent doesn’t entirely wash out—it lingers in the fibers. And when we sweat, our pores absorb whatever leaches out, resulting in skin conditions like rash and eczema.

That’s why it’s especially important to at least invest in non-toxic laundry detergent when it comes to your children, as well as undergarments, which are tight fitting, and can actually be the cause of your recurring BV (bacterial vaginitis) due to all the synthetic chemicals.

How To Choose The Right Non-Toxic Laundry Detergent

Choosing an all-natural l laundry detergent can be confusing for anyone—especially because there are so many different kinds like: pods, sheets, powders, liquids and even “berries”. But, there are certain qualities to look for when shopping for eco-friendly and non-toxic laundry detergents and those are:

  • Paraben Free
  • Pthalate Free
  • Phosphate Free
  • Bleach & Dye Free
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • Recyclable & Compostable Packaging
  • Plastic-Free Packaging
  • Hypoallergenic & Dermatologist Tested 

The Best Non-Toxic Laundry Detergents For A Sustainable Laundry Routine

1. Blueland Laundry Tablets

If you’re into refillable cleaning products, then you’ll love Blueland’s refillable laundry tablet kit. The starter kit comes with 60 tablets and an aesthetically pleasing refillable container. Small yet mighty, just one-two tablets is powerful enough to remove tough stains and kill odors while being gentle on skin. Shop directly on Blueland.com or


2. EarthBreeze Laundry Sheets

EarthBreeze laundry sheets are pre-measured laundry strips with a heavenly scent. These laundry sheets are plant-based and toxin-free. I also can’t stress enough how convenient these detergent strips are for travel, and can easily be stashed in a baby wipe box or pencil case. For my full review of EarthBreeze laundry sheets, click here. You can also shop directly on Earth Breeze.com or:


3. Dropps Active Wash Laundry Detergent Pods

If you’re someone who loves the convenience of laundry pods minus the plastic waste, then you’ll love Dropps Active Wash laundry detergent pods. This non-toxic laundry detergent is wrapped in biodegradable polyvinyl alcohol film and packaged in a recyclable and compostable cardboard box to minimize single-use waste. It’s also our detergent of choice for washing heavily soiled active wear.

4. Attitude Plant And Mineral Based Laundry Detergent

The Attitude laundry detergent line is ECOLOGO Certified, and formulated with only natural and vegan ingredients such as green tea extract. This non-toxic laundry detergent will keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean thanks to its advanced deodorizing formula. It’s also biodegradable, and contains no irritating enzymes – making it perfect for family members with sensitive skin who need a hypoallergenic formula.

5. Tangie Laundry Soap Bar Concentrate

The Tangie Laundry Soap Bar is a unique and eco-friendly way to make your own laundry detergent. Just dilute the Tangie Laundry Bar in a container filled with water, and you will have enough non toxic liquid laundry detergent to wash up to 256 loads of laundry. You can easily make one gallon of liquid detergent with just one bar, or cut in half to make less.

6. Nature First Soap Berry Laundry Pods

If you love soap berries, but prefer the convenience of laundry pods, then the soap berry laundry pods are a fantastic laundry detergent alternative for your household. These eco-friendly laundry pods by Nature First are produced using a proprietary natural water extraction method to pull the super-concentrated cleansing agents (saponin surfactants) to create a soap berry concentrate, and they’re packaged in a compostable bag.

Meliora Laundry Powder

7. Meliora Eco Laundry Powder

The Meliora Natural Laundry Powder is made with highly concentrated, all natural ingredients like baking soda, pH boosting washing soda, and skin softening coconut oil, which easily removes stains. This non-toxic laundry powder is packed in a recyclable and reusable stainless steel canister, and the brand donates 2% of all sales to environmental non-profit organizations.

8. Lole’s Natural Granule Soap

Lole’s natural granule soap is made with allergen-free, plant based ingredients and yields 33 loads of laundry. It contains a lovely Savon Marseille scent that is made with halocent technology which provides long lasting fragrance for your clothes. This laundry soap is also biodegradable, cruelty free and has many positive reviews on Amazon.

Best Eco-Friendly Black Friday Sales On Amazon | 2022 Edition

The Best Sustainable Amazon Products To Snag This Black Friday!

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For many people who are on a tight budget, Black Friday deals make eco-friendly products more accessible.

If you shop responsibly, you can find many sustainable products for great deals that will help you save money for the rest of the year—especially because many eco-friendly products are reusable and zero-waste.

Even if you’re a minimalist, Black Friday is an opportunistic time to find many intentional products that you might be in need of.

With that said, we’ve created a Black Friday gift guide for Amazon that is full of awesome deals.

Is Shopping With Amazon Eco-Friendly?

Though there are many eco-friendly online stores offering Black Friday deals, Amazon has the biggest selection of sustainable products with hassle-free returns (and free shipping if you place an order that’s over $25).

You’ll also be glad to know that many of Amazon’s sustainable products have a Climate Pledge Friendly Label, which is an initiative to lower their carbon footprint when it comes to shipping products to customers.

In other words, Amazon makes it a priority to ship products in sustainable packaging, and gives the customer a choice to group multiple orders together in order to minimize shipping waste.

“Customers will now see the Climate Pledge Friendly label when searching for more than 25,000 products to signify that the products have one or more of 19 different sustainability certifications that help preserve the natural world, such as reducing the carbon footprint of shipments to customers,” -Amazon.

With that said, below are the best eco-friendly product deals to take advantage of during Black Friday 2022.

Some of these Black Friday deals are available only to Amazon Prime members, however, you can easily get in on these deals by signing up for a 30 day free trial.

Best Eco-Friendly Black Friday Deals On Amazon

Clearalif Laundry Detergent Sheets

Clearalif Laundry Detergent Sheets

Listed: $19.69 | Sale: $9.35

If you’ve always wanted to try plant-based laundry detergent sheets, now is your chance to try an entire pack for half the price! For 160 sheets, this an extremely great deal, and very much worth taking advantage of.

qinline reusable produce bags

Qinline Reusable Produce Bags

Listed: $26.99 | Sale: $15.98

If you’ve always wanted to be more sustainable during trips to the grocery store, you can start with these reusable produce bags which are half off today on Amazon. This kit includes six mesh bags and a bonus shopping bag, which is a steal.

Amazon Aware Refillable Cleaner Starter Kit

Listed: $25.19 | Sale: $19.65

The Amazon Aware cleaning kit is officially on sale, and if you’ve ever wanted a refillable zero waste cleaning kit, this is your chance to own one that’s under $20. The refillable solution is non-toxic, and the packaging is compostable.

Reusable Beeswax Wraps By BYTTME

Listed: $14.99 | Sale: $12.79

Say goodbye to plastic food storage because this 9 piece reusable beeswax wrap kit is on sale for Black Friday! Beeswax wraps are eco-friendly, can be reused countless times, and are super cute. They also make wonderful stocking stuffers.

Bars Over Bottles Shampoo Bar Sampler Kit

Listed: $27.95 | Sale: $21.95

Shampoo bars are such a great eco-friendly alternative to bottled shampoo, and this B.O.B Shampoo bar sampler kit is finally on sale. This kit is actually in our Sustainable Gift Guide For Teen Girls because it’s so cute and unique.

Stainless Steel Portable Utensil Set By Bumaco

Listed: $9.99 | Sale: $7.99

Portable utensils always come in handy, and they’re a sustainable alternative to disposable silverware. These good looking stainless steel portable utensils are 20% off on Amazon today!

The Beast 40oz Stainless Steel Tumbler

Listed: $40.00 | Sale: $23.00

If you’re in need of a new stainless steel tumbler, The 40oz Beast by Greens Steel is currently 43% off this Black Friday, and that’s quite a steal for the quality and accessories it comes with.

Carote Non Toxic Cooking Pan Set

Listed: $129.99 | Sale: $105.99

These non-stick and non-toxic granite pots and pans by Carote are eco-friendly and good looking—perfect for a sustainable kitchen. This set is also on sale for 18% off, and makes a great steal this Black Friday!

Greenzla Zero Waste Dental Kit

Listed: $9.99 | Sale: $7.99

The zero-waste oral hygiene kit by Greenzla is on sale, and it’s a great sustainable buy this Black Friday! It contains a biodegradable floss, and four bamboo toothbrushes that come with a bamboo travel case.

GreenWorks 24V Cordless Drill Set

Listed: $128.02 | Sale: $73.50

The Greenworks 24V Drill/Driver is the perfect tool for DIY projects and a smart upgrade from the bulky, slow-to-charge drills of the past. You’ll also save BIG on it this Black Friday!

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Best Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Teen Boys | 2023 Edition

Not Sure What To Get Your Teenaged Boy This Holiday Season? Read On For The Best Sustainable Holiday Gift Options In 2023!

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Shopping for a sustainable Christmas gift? You’ve come to the right place!

Finding the right Christmas gift for a teenaged boy is no easy task, especially since now a days, all they want is cash, gift cards or electronics.

And as a mom of both a boy and a girl, I‘ve learned that raising a boy is a lot more challenging when you’re trying to make your home as eco-friendly and low waste as possible.

So we’ve created this eco-friendly holiday gift guide for teen boys that contains fair-trade, zero waste, reusable, and compostable items that help keep your home sustainable, low waste, and encourage your teenager to appreciate eco-friendly products a little more.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide For Teen Boys

The North Face Recycled Beanie

1. The North Face Bones Recycled Beanie

The North Face Bones recycled beanie is made from post consumer recycled goods. It’s a basic style that’s perfect for minimalists and makes a great sustainable gift for teen boys.

Wood Whittling Kit For

2. Wood Whittling Kit For Beginners By MaiaHome

A wood whittling kit is a great way to encourage your teen to do something creative outside of his electronics. He might even end up really liking it and making it a life long hobby. Wood is also biodegradable, and this kit comes with all of the whittling essentials, including safety gloves.

Pela Phone Grip And Stand

3. Pela Collapsible Phone Grip And Stand

Teen boys are always on their smart phones, so the Pela collapsible phone grip and stand makes a great eco-friendly gift since it’s made from plants, and is 100% compostable.

4. Back To The Future Hand Knit Air Mags House Slippers

Who said house slippers can’t be cool? These hand-knit Back To The Future Air Mags replicas are a one of a kind gift that your teenager will really love. They’re a stylish, comfortable and sustainable holiday gift that wins every time.

Hanes Eco Smart Fleece Hoodie

5. Hanes EcoSmart Fleece Hoodie

The Hanes EcoSmart fleece hoodie for men is made with 5% recycled post consumer plastic bottles. It’s soft, warm, durable and very budget-friendly. If your teen is a minimalist, he’ll love adding this to his closet.

JBL Speaker Made From Recycled Plastic

6. Recycled Plastic JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Flip 5 is a waterproof portable bluetooth speaker made from 100% recycled plastic that gives your teenager 12 hours of playtime. He can use it in his room, the skate park or anywhere else.

7. Dr. Squatch Natural Soap | Star Wars Edition

Your teenager will experience the finest all-natural soap bars in the galaxy with the Dr. Squatch Soap Star Wars collection. Each soap is custom crafted and the entire pack comes in a very cool collectors box. This is a must have gift, especially if your teenager is a huge Star Wars fan!

Bruno Marc Sustainable Shoes

8. Bruno Marc Recycled Plastic Men’s Shoes

These eco-friendly and wallet-friendly casual men’s shoes are made from recycled plastic bottles. They’re breathable, comfortable, and great for everyday wear. They’re unique, and make a great sustainable fashion gift for Christmas. (Available in more colors!)

Terra Thread Fair Trade Certified Gym Bag

9. Terra Thread Organic Cotton Fair Trade Certified Gym Bag

The Terra Thread Fair Trade certified gym bag is made from 100% organic cotton and makes an awesome sustainable Christmas gift for teen boys. This bag can be used for sports equipment, travel and more.

House Of Marley Sustainable Wireless Earbuds

10. House Of Marley Sustainable Wireless Headphones

House of Marley is the first audio brand to craft products that include sustainable materials, and these wireless headphones are not only eco-friendly, but stylish and high quality. Crafted from bamboo and regrind silicone, these headphones will give your teen 20 hours of play time, and come with a really stylish rechargeable case.

Big Boy Bamboo T-Shirt

11. Big Boy Bamboo Organic Bamboo Viscose T-Shirts

If your teenager is in need of some new t-shirts, gift them with some environmentally friendly, fade resistant bamboo t-shirts. The Big Boy Bamboo t-shirts are buttery soft, and available in size Small to size 4XLT. So if you happen to have a big and tall teen, they’ve got lots of options for him!

Hydro Flask Wide Neck Bottle With Flex Cap

12. Hydro Flask Wide Neck Water Bottle With Flex Cap

The Hydro Flask wide neck water bottle will keep your teen’s water cold for up to 24 hours, and comes with a convenient flex cap. This stainless steel water bottle is also incredibly durable, and makes a great sustainable gift!

13. Fjallraven Re-Kanken Recycled Backpack

The popular minimalist backpack Fjallraven Kanken is also available in a recycled version, which is very cool. And your teenager will love using this sustainable backpack for school, vacations and pretty much everywhere else.

EBL rechargeable

14. EBL Rechargeable Batteries With Charger

Your teen will love these rechargeable batteries because it means that he will never run out of power for his wireless game controllers. This set comes with 4 double A batteries, 4 triple A batteries and a charger. Plus, you won’t ever feel bad about throwing disposable batteries away, and you’ll save money.

15. Zoku Pocket Straw

The Zoku pocket straw is compact and fits effortlessly into your pants pocket or onto your keychain. It has a cool minimalist design, and your teen can feel good about using it instead of disposable straws. It makes an awesome Christmas gift or stocking stuffer!

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